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  1. Aliya, ani maka hadlaayi dresskeeda. wixii xumaan u eg ma noqdaan role model. gabar sidaa nin cadaan oo ku dhegan isu soo sawireeso ma aha Somali role model. Adiga waxaa doonto aaminsanoow. I used to think same way as you but these days I see it differently. hakuu macaanaato hee.
  2. This abaay heeleey is partying in Dubai kama qasnobo. Uuuf. Intelligent Somali girls are modest and cultured unlike midaaneeyto oo cirka mareeso partying with white men. http://www.timeoutdubai.com/images/content/ill_communications_presents_thomas_schumacher/portrait/trilogy0227_7_portrait.jpg
  3. this spoiled little girl make a sturpid video about murdering men. And what is up with the excessive amount of autotune horta? it is not even a human singing anymore. Weey ka waalen tan maahonoo? criminal aa la iska dhigaa eey maqashey. " frameborder="0" allowfullscreen> Here is a real woman protecting a man , not some little rich little brat trying to kill him. A Somali girl holds a gun for a guard while he prays in a compound in Mogadishu March 8. REUTERS/STR News
  4. Chimera;711598 wrote: A As for Somali capacity; you can't compare the Yeey era where Somali soldiers didn't receive proper training or salaries with the current loyal army that has been established and that continues to grow in strength. hahahaa. Adiga ma xishooneesid? cabdulahi yusuf established the best army the nation ever had since the fall of Siyaad Barre. if you want to be biased (i know you like Mr. Cheese) but don't be so obvious cunuga. xataa his enemies give him credit for that. farmaajo ha la iska daayo. dhibta isaga maaho. madoobe waaye meesha wadanka ka sheqeen la'ayahay. in xarig madaxa looga xiro oo villa somalia laga jiido maahe si kaleeto ma ku baxaayo dhuxuloow.
  5. what is up with the ugly blue dress horta? uuuf! Muslim naceeb wexeey ku darsatey style xumo. By 2021, they will be dangerous kulahaa. Labadaan foolxumo, muslim naceebkeey isku raaceen. shimbirta shimbirteeda la duushaa.
  6. This Arab billionare is so lame. Janet Jackson is a grannie. ""Janet's new love is a 35-year-old Wissam Al Mana, billionaire industrialist from Qatar and has homes worldwide." walee carabtii weey tageen.
  7. This Somali girl thinks she can make it. Dhurwaayo aa ku wareegsan, waiting for her skin. loool. Sida loogu camiraayo aabo ka daran. Italian and Somali ahoow hadaad rabto, but you still suck Francesca theboss.
  8. could this explain the high autism rate in the Somali community? By Liz Szabo, USA TODAY Having babies close together appears to increase the risk of autism, a new study shows, and the more closely babies are spaced, the higher the risk that the younger one will be diagnosed with autism The findings, published in today's Pediatrics, are the latest clue in doctors' efforts to unravel the mystery of autism and its causes. The disorder, which affects one in 110 American children, has baffled experts and sparked controversy for years. Researchers say autism is a family of related disorders — probaby with different causes — that impair communication skills and social interaction. In the study, children who were born less than one year after an older sibling were more than three times as likely to be diagnosed with autism, compared with children born at least three years after their mother's last pregnancy.Children born less than two years after an older brother or sister were almost twice as likely to be diagnosed with autism. That's a "substantial" increase and "more than many of us would have thought," says Thomas Insel, director of the National Institute of Mental Health, who was not involved in the study. The National Institutes of Health, though, helped finance the study. It's possible that pregnancy depletes mothers of vital nutrients, such as iron and folic acid, so that women have less to give their next baby, says study co-author Peter Bearman, a sociologist at New York's Columbia University. Closely spacing pregnancies also has been found to increase the risk of schizophrenia, premature birth, low birth weight and other conditions. The new study, which involved more than 660,000 California children born between 1992 and 2002, adds to growing evidence suggesting that autism is related to events in early pregnancy, Insel says. Researchers have identified a number of risk factors for autism. Children at higher risk include those born prematurely, those with older parents and those who develop congenital rubella syndrome, which can occur when a pregnant women contracts German measles, says Andrew Shih, vice president for scientific affairs at Autism Speaks, who described the new findings as "interesting and provocative." Autism rates today are at least 10 times higher than they were just a couple of decades ago, Insel says. About 25% of that increase is the result of changes in the way the condition is diagnosed, Bearman says. Genetics also appears to explain about 15% of cases, Insel says. Scientists long ago dismissed vaccines as a cause of autism. One small but influential 1998 study in The Lancet, which launched a global vaccine-autism scare, has since been retracted and last week was labeled an "elaborate fraud" in an investigation in the British Medical Journal The journal's editors wrote that the vaccine scare has diverted critical resources away from researching the real causes of autism, as well as studies of ways to help children and their families. http://www.usatoday.com/yourlife/health/medical/autism/2011-01-10-autism10_st_N.htm?csp=34news
  9. But the real issue is one of legality and morality. K'NAN may have erred there, and it was stu.pid of him to go to the neighbour to pilfer, especially to a hostile neighbour. But even more stu.pid is to think dead music will enliven his career. No wonder he is not going anywhere with the new releases. He should go and use Ahmed Mohamed Godh 'Shinbir's waist-moving classics. lool abtigiis. xabashi can say whatever they want all day. aniga i am now more disappointed by his love affair with the xabashi music. to have 6 songs sampled from ethiopian artist is quite big maahinoo?. xabash are cursing him accusing him of stealing their music. lool. you get what you deserve. there is no originality i think. i as a somali was even shocked that many beats were from ethiopian artists. something about k'naan and ethiopia. here is k'naans dressing up as one of ethiopian christian kings.
  10. found the full version of the original classic by Alemayehu Eshete which k'naan was accused of not giving proper credit.
  11. their websites are writing these accusations. Somalia-Canadian rapper K'Naan stole beats from Oromo singer http://www.jimmatimes.com/ Why would an African steal songs and beats from another African? I just heard this week that one of my new favorite singers/rappers, Somali-Canadian K'Naan, stole the beats of Oromo-Ethiopian singer Tilahun Gessesse. Even worse, K'Naan is getting millions of hits, awards and fame from these songs at the same time while the great legend Tilahun recently passed away. Tilahun was one of the best muti-ethnic singers in Ethiopian history, very talented and the first Oromo singer to use modern mass media technology for Afan Oromo songs. Especially for those who love oldies tunes, Tilahune's songs will surely live forever. It is sad that K'Naan did not respect Tilahun and other singers which he copied beats from. It is one thing to casually acknowledge that he was influenced by music from Ethiopia, which he had admitted before on the sideline. But it is completely another thing to copy and paste full similar themes and exactly identical beats from other singers WITHOUT GIVING FORMAL CREDIT to the original composer (s). The somali rapper K'Naan should respect fellow African singers instead of making money from other people's work or not giving credit.
  12. hey guys, internet was buzzing lately with K'naan and how he stole music from Ethiopian artists. I didn't know the guy loved Ethiopian music this much, but he should never pass stuff like this as his own eey aniga ila tahey. to give no credit and no mention of original source is more than shamelessness. some angry amhara people put together music k'naan stole from some well-known ethiopian artists . Very funny video. http://www.diretube.com/knnan-beats-are-stolen-from-ethiopian-singers/is-the-copy-right-law-only-for-the-selected-few-video_e4703e88d.html# i know rap artists sample old songs but they give credit. i read k'naan never gave proper credit. since i didn't buy his album, i can't say if it is true or not, but originality is the last headache K'naan needs after his recent problems with South African media where he was called names.
  13. who cares haduu imaado iyo haduu kaaraan ku meereesto. He is irrelevant as far as puntlanders in puntland are concerned. they don't pay attention to him at all. ma noolyahey, ma dhintay, ma joogaa , yaaba war u haayo sheekoyinkiisa. Mr. Somalia, adiga lee lagaa maqlaa shariif, maahinoo?
  14. caaliya, kaama fogo. he is a puntlander oo reer xamar eh. his name is odey cabdille.