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  1. This website has been transformed to another "" where are those that insult our religion the likes of MADMAC, since our tribal insults have begun already in the POLITICS section
  2. Jazaakallaah Reading the 1st versus make me realize the importance of readiness in all aspects of life, especially in the hereafter.
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    Asalaamu 3alaykum Sisters, your views, ideas, and opinions are highly needed in this forum
  4. Asalaamu 3alaykum This site seems a suspect to me as. I've few problems with what I've read on it so far. I'll say what those are, in the mean time, if someone else can point out few suspicious things I would appreciate it.
  5. Why kill Saddam, what has he done? Killed Kurdis, Iranians you say, who have helped him? Will those people share the blame, I mean those that gave him the WMD? If he is to be hanged what about the rest of criminals - Sharon, Bush Sr, Muabarak, ... Musharaf? What about those guys that chased us from our motherland and those that have helped them?
  6. If he was a non-white the media would've been all over it, and even find an explanation like "That is the way they treat kids, like animals"
  7. Haniif Maashaallaah. Stay strong! ALI SOMALI You wrote "How dare you say that it is alright to enforce the burqa on a person" Laa ikarhu Fiddiini .... No muslim has ever forced religion on another person, but a muslim must adhere to what Al-Islam commands. An ISlamic government has the right to enforce Islamic law upon the Muslim Ummah (nonMuslim excluded) under ISlamic shariah. "Im not against the burqa, but i dont think gov't has the right to sanction religion." The Burqa and religion are two different things. "That type of gov't died with the last Caliph, Ali ( the last of the rightly guided leaders)." Sybhaanallaal, you are implying in here that the Khulaaful-raashidiin has forced religion upon the people, a clear contradiction to the quran and the sunnah, and since they were the rightly guided, and the most authentic that their understanding of Al-ISlam was wrong. How much do you know about Islam? "Nowhere in the Quran does it say the burqa type of attire is required." Hijab is required of every Muslim, the versus form the quran and the sunnah are too many to post in here. PS -- Please, understand and examine what you are presenting, SHIRK/KUFR is a serious thing!
  8. Say prayers for your Iranin brothers and sisters. May Allah reward those that have died Jannah, May Allah give strenght those that have survived, May Allah give them a fast and easy recovery to the whole country.
  9. Attempted Hijack My computer was recently hit with a "Trojan", luckily my IP wasn't hijacked. I found the "trojan" computer source, what would you do if you were in my shoes to this person's computer?
  10. Attempted Hijack My computer was recently hit with a "Trojan", luckily my IP wasn't hijacked. I found the "trojan" computer source, what would you do if you were in my shoes to this person's computer?
  11. MJackson is a Mason, so Is Farakhan so was the founder of the nation of Islam Fard, what does it all mean? I Dunno
  12. Modesty Jazaakallaahu for the article. Taqwa "The Khilafah was destroyed in Turkey 79 years ago; so let the Righteous Khilafah be declared again in Turkey." "This must be a joke." Where is the "joke" , must've missed it
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    Dancing Fever?

    Asalaamu 3alaykum What are your takes on Dikhri (dervish dancing)?
  14. Bush will use Saddam's capture to win the 2004 presidential election. Hopefully he'll set up Somali Council and Robert Oakley as Somalia's civil administrator, and then we'll enjoy freedom just like Iraq adn Iraq(, mind the sarcasm
  15. Originally posted by Tony_Montana: This is the worst physical pain I ever felt? 1.circumcision :rolleyes: :cool:
  16. ...Call it wishful thinking But that man is not Saddam!!!!!!!! Saddam died in March of 2003 Bush had to fake this capture of Saddam for obvious reasons. Catching Saddam's double will make the American public forget about 1)Halliburton -- Well done @^%$ Chenney 2)The GI death toll 3) Osama --- Remember him, he is still alive 4) Taliban -- They almost Killed Musharaf, Karzai is resigning...they enever went away 5) Economy -- The tax cuts didn't really help that much. 6) The Occupation resistance -- they were never fighting for Sadam Of course all of these may not be so!
  17. "The convoy which was attacked while driving through Samarra was not a supply convoy as reported, but was carrying large amounts of new Iraqi currency to stock local Iraqi banks and US greenbacks used to pay for goods and services the US forces need to accomplish their missions in Iraq. This convoy was heavily guarded by Abrams Tanks and Bradley Fighting Vehicles. It was akin to a huge Brinks Truck delivery. The reports of 54 enemy killed will sound great on the home front, but the greater story is much more disturbing and needs to be told to the American Public. When we received the first incoming rounds, all I could think of was how the hell did the Iraqis (most of these attackers being criminals, not insurgents) find out about this shipment? This was not broadcast on the local news, but Iraqi police knew about it. Bing, Bing Bing, You do the math. Of greater importance in the scale of the attack and the co-ordination of the two operations. Iraqi Rebel Guerrilla Units elements still retain the ability to conduct synchronized operations despite the massive overwhelming firepower 'Iron Hammer' offensive this month. Hack, most of the casualties were civilians, not insurgents or criminals ... During the ambushes the tanks, brads and armored Humvees hosed down houses, buildings, and cars while using reflexive fire against the attackers. One of the precepts of 'Iron Hammer' is to use an Iron Fist when dealing with the insurgents. As the division spokesman is telling the press, we are responding with overwhelming firepower and are taking the fight to the enemy. The response to these well co-ordinated ambushes was as one would expect. The convoy continued to move, shooting at ANY target that appeared to be a threat. RPG [rocket-propelled grenade] fire from a house, the tank destroys the house with main gun fire and hoses the area down with 7.62 and 50cal MG fire. Rifle fire from an alley, the brads fire up the alley and fire up the surrounding buildings with 7.62mm and 25mm HE rounds. This was actually a rolling firefight through the entire town. The ROE [rules of engagement] under 'Iron Fist' is such that the US soldiers are to consider buildings, homes, cars to be hostile if enemy fire is received from them (regardless of who else is inside). It seems to many of us this is more an act of desperation ... We really don't know if we kill anyone, because we don't stick around to find out ... the logic is to respond to attacks using our superior firepower to kill the rebel insurgents. This is done in many cases knowing that there are people inside these buildings or cars who may not be connected to the insurgents. The belief in superior firepower as a counter-insurgency tactic is then extended down to the average Iraqi, with the hope that the Iraqis will not support the guerrillas and turn them in to coalition forces, knowing we will blow the hell out of their homes or towns if they don't. Of course in too many cases, if the insurgents bait us and goad us into leveling buildings and homes, the people inside will then hate us (even if they did not before) and we have created more recruits for the guerrillas. The Commander of the 3rd Brigade Combat Team, Colonel Frederick Rudesheim, said after this battle that 'We are going to continue to take the fight to this enemy. This is the most significant contact we have had to date in the city of Samarra. We are going to have to respond accordingly.' This is a great attitude for a combat commander to have when fighting an armored force, but Colonel Rudesheim is not trained in Counter-Insurgency and my soldiers are taking the heat. We drive around in convoys, blast the hell out of the area, break down doors and search buildings; but the guerrillas continue to attack us. It does not take a George Patton to see we are using the wrong tactics ... Much of Samarra is fairly well shot up. The tanks and brads rolled over parked cars and fired up buildings where we believed the enemy was. This must be expected considering the field of vision is limited ... Not all the people in this town were hostile, but we did see many people firing from rooftops or alleys that looked like civilians, not the Feddayeen reported in the press. I even saw Iraqi people throwing stones at us, I told my soldiers to hold their fire unless they could indentfy [sic] a real weapon. Since we did not stick around to find out, I am very concerned in the coming days we will find we killed many civilians as well as Iraqi irregular fighters. I would feel great if all the people we killed were all enemy guerrillas, but I can't say that. We are probably turning many Iraqi against us and I am afraid instead of climbing out of the hole, we are digging ourselves in deeper." Source:
  18. Since Muhammed (PBUH), and the the last Muslim Khalif in 1900s were held no "KINGHOOD" tittle as we now see in Jordan and Saudi Arabia I've these questions -- 1) When was "Kinghood" introduced to the Muslims and by who? 2)Is the tittle "King" or "PRINCE, PRINCESS) Haram under Sharia law?
  19. "Aliases: Cabdi Cilmi Guuleed Abdir Ahman Ilme Gullet Abdi Ali Gulaid Abdo Elmi Gulaid" true faarax "Gulaid has a mustache, wears wire frame glasses, speaks with a distinct English accent and smokes. He has been known to abuse alcohol and is reportedly prone to violence." "Gulaid is under investigation for the alleged forcible rape of a female sailor aboard the U.S. Naval Station at Roosevelt Road, Puerto Rico, on October 24, 1998. He was placed on restriction but fled on October 24, 1998." Let us know when there is a reward for his arrest
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  21. Asalaamu 3alaykum Please pass the following link to all muslim discussion pages...... Jazaakallaah!
  22. Asalaamu 3alaykum Please pass the following link to all muslim discussion pages...... Jazaakallaah!