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  1. This website has been transformed to another "" where are those that insult our religion the likes of MADMAC, since our tribal insults have begun already in the POLITICS section
  2. Jazaakallaah Reading the 1st versus make me realize the importance of readiness in all aspects of life, especially in the hereafter.
  3. Thunder


    Asalaamu 3alaykum Sisters, your views, ideas, and opinions are highly needed in this forum
  4. Asalaamu 3alaykum This site seems a suspect to me as. I've few problems with what I've read on it so far. I'll say what those are, in the mean time, if someone else can point out few suspicious things I would appreciate it.
  5. Why kill Saddam, what has he done? Killed Kurdis, Iranians you say, who have helped him? Will those people share the blame, I mean those that gave him the WMD? If he is to be hanged what about the rest of criminals - Sharon, Bush Sr, Muabarak, ... Musharaf? What about those guys that chased us from our motherland and those that have helped them?
  6. If he was a non-white the media would've been all over it, and even find an explanation like "That is the way they treat kids, like animals"
  7. Haniif Maashaallaah. Stay strong! ALI SOMALI You wrote "How dare you say that it is alright to enforce the burqa on a person" Laa ikarhu Fiddiini .... No muslim has ever forced religion on another person, but a muslim must adhere to what Al-Islam commands. An ISlamic government has the right to enforce Islamic law upon the Muslim Ummah (nonMuslim excluded) under ISlamic shariah. "Im not against the burqa, but i dont think gov't has the right to sanction religion." The Burqa and religion are two different things. "That type of gov't died with the last Caliph, Ali ( the last of the rightly guided leaders)." Sybhaanallaal, you are implying in here that the Khulaaful-raashidiin has forced religion upon the people, a clear contradiction to the quran and the sunnah, and since they were the rightly guided, and the most authentic that their understanding of Al-ISlam was wrong. How much do you know about Islam? "Nowhere in the Quran does it say the burqa type of attire is required." Hijab is required of every Muslim, the versus form the quran and the sunnah are too many to post in here. PS -- Please, understand and examine what you are presenting, SHIRK/KUFR is a serious thing!
  8. Say prayers for your Iranin brothers and sisters. May Allah reward those that have died Jannah, May Allah give strenght those that have survived, May Allah give them a fast and easy recovery to the whole country.
  9. Attempted Hijack My computer was recently hit with a "Trojan", luckily my IP wasn't hijacked. I found the "trojan" computer source, what would you do if you were in my shoes to this person's computer?
  10. Attempted Hijack My computer was recently hit with a "Trojan", luckily my IP wasn't hijacked. I found the "trojan" computer source, what would you do if you were in my shoes to this person's computer?
  11. MJackson is a Mason, so Is Farakhan so was the founder of the nation of Islam Fard, what does it all mean? I Dunno
  12. Modesty Jazaakallaahu for the article. Taqwa "The Khilafah was destroyed in Turkey 79 years ago; so let the Righteous Khilafah be declared again in Turkey." "This must be a joke." Where is the "joke" , must've missed it
  13. Thunder

    Dancing Fever?

    Asalaamu 3alaykum What are your takes on Dikhri (dervish dancing)?
  14. Bush will use Saddam's capture to win the 2004 presidential election. Hopefully he'll set up Somali Council and Robert Oakley as Somalia's civil administrator, and then we'll enjoy freedom just like Iraq adn Iraq(, mind the sarcasm
  15. Originally posted by Tony_Montana: This is the worst physical pain I ever felt? 1.circumcision :rolleyes: :cool: