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  1. Assalamu Alaikum I think that the main reason is that the parents themselves do not know the answers to some of the questions and also they find it difficult to give answers to their children---because they know that they will not like it (Ex. "thats not fair" <---try to convice a little kid when their mind is already made up). And also its cultural too---a lot of parents do not feel comfortable discussing some topics with their children.
  2. Femme Fatale You brought tears to my eyes walahi. I have always heard from pro and anti-abortionist both men and women...but this is a totally different side to the abortion issue. MOst people dont realize that the fetus experiences pain during the abortion. Unbearable pain.
  3. ^^I dont think she made up the question. Thats how it was worded and you only have two choice. (I think I saw this somewhere before ). But I think if you have a different slant on this...you can offer it to. Case 1: Yes I think so. Then people would take more responsibility for the welfare of others. Although there should be laws in place to protect them against frivilous lawsuits. Dark Angel: There was a case where a woman was being raped in a PARK during DAYLIGHT and no one came to help her. Passed her by..men and women. Its scary walahi..how everyone is looking out for themselves only.
  4. Cause an Idle mind is the devils playground. There is something about the anonymity of the net that makes pple act out. 4) WHy does Bush resemble a monkey?
  5. :eek: :eek: You dont like shopping? What!!!ITs like in our genes to shop girl. Havent you heard quote from the Emperess/Conqueress when she came to Someplace (forgot the name) I came, I saw, I did a little Shopping Starbucks coffee ....I tried so hard to resist...but cant.
  6. If a man is standing in the middle of the forest speaking and there is no woman around to hear him, is he still wrong? Why do somalians claim everyting has vitamins? OR everything contains keemikaals?
  7. :eek: :eek: Somali parents talk about Sex?? yeah right, not in a million years. It's not part of our culture or religion. So how should kids be educated about sex?? well just send them to Osama's boot camp...he will for sure teach them..alright! :mad:
  8. WOW A MAN BEATER!! Thats a problem now...if anywomen is in that kind of situation, i suggest you to get out your baseball bat and start beating his *** . No women deserves that kind of violence from her husband and if these men dont want our violence then they should think again the next time they lay their hand on us.
  9. loool, wow a what a great plan to excape, they were almost out! well too bad boys...maybe next time you will find a fence there.lool
  10. loool, wow that was off the hook! i love it.
  11. Somali_chick, so what your saying, is that you will marry a guy that has his deen hoping that he will aslo be kind, smart, caring and stuff like that. Sis just because a man knows his deen does not actually mean he will automatically have all these other characteristics. Anyhow sis, you would marry for deen even though you say that love is needed in a relationship? Well i agree with you that deen is important but you also need to consider how the person is ...dont assume that just becasue they are religious they are also kind, smart, and caring. peace
  12. Man of Freedom, you are always talking about how it's impossible to please somali women; well nothing is impossible, however if your having trouble pleasing us, may i suggest you start looking else where.
  13. OG_Gril,sister, i understand what your saying but even if the person has the best of manners and really respects you, there is a chance that you might not still love them. People usually hurry to marry when they meet someone saying that they have a better chance of getting to know the person. well i believe that you should take your time when u meet the person and really get to know them. You dont have to marry them inorder to really know who they are or to see if they are meant for you...stuff like that. When u marry someone thats it, there's no going back. so before u marry the person u should decide if they are good for you. To get to know the person, you can go to areas that are public...i'm not saying to do the gaalo way. You can still follow the islamic way and yet get to know the person.
  14. OG_Moti, sorry to break apart your theory but your theory is not true for everyone. I'm a living prove that there can be love without hate. You say that it was "scientifically proven that without hate love does not exist", however you should know that science is not always right. It was scientifically proven, also, that humans evolved from apes. So bro, not everything sceince says is true. Did you had to hate your parents/someone esle in order to love them. Inorder for them to love you, did they first had to hate you? When we are first born, we know that the feelings we get when our parents kisses,feeds and change us is a good feeling. So how did we know that these feelings are good feelings and later associate it with love? Did the infant had to hate inorder to say this is a good feeling? Hate doesn't need to tell me that love is a good feeling. Hate is a disease and it blackens the heart. Give love not hate.