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    We all insecure.....on some level. Some of us are more insecure than others. When it comes to successful relationships of all sorts you have to be confident in Allah and then in yourself. Insecurities brings very bad qualities in to surface......do you call it quits , hit therapy or seek the answers within God's counsel. lets face it most plp do not do the latter.....and the insecurities inside stay dormant all your life and you dont get to deal with them. so how do you deal with your personal insecurities? [your dreams are only dreams : wake up and smell the bills]
  2. i really like your comment....but also add the fact that although a muslim lady who chooses this modest lifestyle of covering her self up and all can be sweet and loving (if she tries to be for the sake of God) , she is timid and shy and that does not mean guys can take advantage of that quality. but well done for stating it...its good there are guys like who do appreciate women like that....and does not think about the superficial aspects of beauty.
  3. Thats really cool......like i wish things over in London are as organized as this conference you mention. This is not to say that Somalis are not as active over here in London, undoubtedly we have many dedicated people.....and i dont like to compare, and sure we do have a social forums and all that. But i can't help wondering that based on what i have heard and read from what goes on in America, the situation with somalis is (seeminlgly) infinitely better interms of education and community networking. Maybe im wrong. Maybe im right. All i have to say is that if the latter is true then i would like to know why. Any suggestions?
  4. i totally agree with Sophist there (for once - lol lol ) - defintely her natural character. Not all women are as what u described Scorpian Sista - actually when u think about it ur not really describing what a real woman is but perhaps WHAT THE PERFECT WOMAN IS or should be. For example there are alot of women out there that are not great wives or mothers or friends etc. to define what makes a woman beautiful is definetely her natural character - her true self , her imperfections , her weaknesses, her hopes and dreams and her personal losses aswell as gains. i think thats what makes a woman beautiful......that is that a woman is only beautiful when she is real to herself and does not try to be something that others tell her to be. not all women are good and kind.....but the beauty comes when a woman tries to be. peace ....always be true to yourself and to others cos beauty is a word invented, and not a quality that is innate.....
  5. I TOTALLY AGREEE ...THANK U...Agree is not even the WORD....too many repetitons...hurts ma brain cells
  6. Miskin...Higab as Yasmine usefully pointed is obligotary. I understand that there are some who may see it as a choice....i think thats because they live in a secular place and they dont have Islamic rules enforcing them to put the higab on. What interestin is that they see it as a choice because they have no fear or humility for God...but for those who may force them to wear it. Remember any act u do in life generally must be an act that works towards strenghtening your bond and closeness with God.....it just has to be that way otherwise your life would have been for nothing. Those who see Higab as an option are those who are not interested in nourishing their relationship with God. Hey we are not all perfect though....some of us pray and dont wear hijab, some of us wear hijab but prayer is difficult.....whatever the reason being a good muslim is not an easy thing to do .....its a life committment filled with tests and trials...this is the condition of what a muslim means and God has stated this in His Holy Book The Quran. Though it gets easier in the end the journey one goes through as a muslim is unique to every individual and is relativey difficult So be supportive towards those plp .....i think its because they dont know much about Islam that they think that way....beause usually the more you know about God the more you are aware of his presecnce and Judgment. So be supportive and help them. None of us are perfect.
  7. Yasmine.....if i have this right (and plz do correct if i dont)....your suggesting that Somali men are better today than they were in the past in terms of their treatment towards their women......or u talking about generally cos that would be a different case alltogether im sure. I don't really accept that claim fully. you said that you will in the future try to not generalise....i think thats a wise move. The issue is so wide, without any sociological/demographic research on the matter its really hard to say. But you do make an interesting claim.....i wonder if Somali WOMEN were better 50 or 60 years ago than they are now? Sophist....just cos women these days are more educated doesn't necessarily make them less motherly/gentle and subservient to their husbands as they should always be. Amusing to hear it from you though! Great topic Yasmine!!!
  8. Great topic!!! Evidently you have strong feelings about this! I agree with some of the things you said, i think that there are men who abuse their God-given rights. However on the other hand, women abuse them too. Not all men abuse this right though. You will get situations where the man is married to two wives, and in the end, its turns out ok, and sometimes it can be pretty cool to have an older brother to protect you, whether he wasnt given birth my ya mom. I am in this sitaution and i consider ma self lucky, my farther is a great man whose kindness and love is unlimited and extends to us all ( we are 14 alltogether). I consider maself lucky to have so many brothers and sisters around me to advise me. Ok....so its not all peachy sometimes, resentment and jelousy does creep in...but doesn't always... in which ever relationship/marriage u are in. I have 3 other uncles back at Somalia too and they all have three wives.....i have so many cousins....these men are good plp and i feel lucky. Be careful sue....not all men are as what u described and not all non polygamous marriages end in paradise, there are some polygamous marriages which are lasting...and i am proud to say i am apart of it. Though recent decades may have confirmed your thaughts, its doesnt mean what you say is the general formulae. Great topic again.....keep it coming....i must say i do admire your sense of conviction on this!
  9. id have ta agree wit the truth shall ste u free.....its weird but not that weird, at the end of the day its the consequences that really matter and affect us. peace
  10. i would NEVER marry a non somali. Even if my life depended on it!
  11. U make it sound soo simple think tank! u SURE THATS ALL it takes lol
  12. Admittedley i dont know much about somalian politics, but from my modest knowledge of the status quo, it seems to me that gabiil and politics should not go together in the persuit of stabiltiy and political reform and reconciliation in somalia. Perhaps i am stating the obvious, if i am, my opologies, i know many of you are well read, more then me for sure. having both ie gabiil and politics, presents itself as a dangerous mix. If the political infrastructure of Somalia is to be established , it should be formulated under the ethics of Islam and constituted outside the boundaries of Gabiil relation, it is only then we can see our economy developing, because money and business will be directed not at a specific gabbiil area, but where the market is most welcoming Even in economics, its not valid to have a gabiil system, if economics goals are aimed at affecting certain gabiiil interests, it will blatantly not be favourable in the longterm . What is economically viable and profitable has to be intended for the greater population and the general market , irrespective of their gabiil affiliations. Politics and economics are forever intertwined, and, it is soceity that has the potential to change both of them, my theory: once the somalian society averts from the gabiil mentality (no at all , but to the extent it becomes racist and unislamic), it is then that politics and economics will be determined by general fairness and consultation. im probably talking crap. However, my farther, with his critiscms, thinks for once i may be on to something. he is secretly suprised that i have managed to form a thaught which for once does not include me or bags, shoes and what shade of lipstick i should experiment with next time i go to a Somali wedding. lol - Jaamal-11 will know what im talking about. lol what do u think oh ye nomads and aliens? what is the formula that somalia is desperately missing in achieving peace?
  13. Ya thats mine too, right there, but i also like Michael Mooore, Gandhi, the list is endless
  14. This world is full of perils and struggles. There is more pain and, war and hardship than there is peace and joy. Our Prophet Mohamed (may be peace be upoun him) is our ultimate hero of all time. Besides our great Prophet (may peace b upoun him) and his example, i would like to know.... who is your hero and why? How have they influenced you? It could b a political figure, scientists , anything. It doesnt have ta be from this time either, I am always looking for inspiration from others so who inspires you, oh ye nomads and aliens?
  15. ooh i wonder what i am, i was born in december....