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  1. Get ready for this story.... ...I was sitting on the train the other day. Just minding my own business, hoping that I'll make it on time to my morning classes, when all of a sudden, I'm hit with this smell. Like, man, you talk about overpowering! I swear I thought I was gonna pass out! Anyways, I'm looking around, you know, to see where it's coming from, but everbody was acting all normal, so I thought that maybe it was me. maybe I had stepped on dog poo or something, so I'm looking at my feet when I noticed that there was poo on the man sitting next to me. But it wasn't UNDER his shoe, it was on top. WHAT? I know I was like that too, until I realised...BRACE YOURSELVES...that this man, sitting right next to me, had SHAT all over his pants and it had dripped down onto his shoe. Yes, my folks, I had sat down next to a PANTS-SH!TTER. SO GROSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  2. I stand with Lexus. It was the dumbest thread out, but it was funny to read all the other dumb replies
  3. Hey Halima-Abdul, welcome to SOL, it's nice to have you on board the mother ship. Anyways, don't be too disheartened by the replies you have recieved. Actually, there should be a smile on your face, cos I thought they woulda hacked u to bits for wat you wrote. I guess they are getting a little old, and their tongues aren't full of the useful acid they once were. Oh the good old days
  4. New girls, don't mind the freaks of SOL, there are a few in here. But as the spokesperson of the sane SOL users, I say a BIG WELCOME to all of you, and to anyone else whos new out there, come on out and say hello, you might get bombarded by the freaks, but don't let that scare you away
  5. Oh man, I heard about that. Bishaaro, you said it that lady is truly sick....or it could just be the whiteness coming out of her, JK
  6. Farax-Bond, If a frown is what makes you happy, then a frown is what your gonna get just follow these simple steps, and your there! 1)Go to your local SAFEWAY/COLES/BILO and buy yourself a BIG cake, perferably chocolate 2)Go to the ICE CREAM isle, and buy some ice cream, again preferably chocolate. 3)Then go to the chocolate isle and buy some of that too, oh and don't forget the chocolate biscuits. 4)When you get home, take a seat on the coach and eat EVERYTHING at the speed of light. Thats gaurenteed to make you feel sick,have you got a frown on your face yet???
  7. MuslimYouth, I swear you are so right about some of those muslims, cos you tell them you can't shake their hand and they take it all personal and after a few days -sometimes hours you hear that they are whispering about you calling you an 'extremist' or whatever. Man those people piss me off! :mad:
  8. WELCOME Dark Cloud, I see by your interests you'll be one of the smart ones of SOL, and seeing that you're a smart one, then you must have figured out that NGONGE is the retarded weirdo of SOL. hahaha, I was just kidding. A BIG WELCOME TO YA!
  9. Sorry Umayma, but I'm with Bishaaro, I really didn't understand the point in sharing that post with us. :confused:
  10. hot_chocolata


  11. Ohhhhhhhhhhh man, you talk about ANNOYING! Did you find the d a m n button? What the hell was that anyway?!!!!!
  12. Modesty, now that I read on the last reply I posted it did seem kinda harsh. So truly sorry about that, and I really hope that you didnt take it in the wrong way. And to hear that you went to the interview covered, we all have to clap to was something tough for you and alhamdullilah you made the right choice. Inshallah you get that job
  13. Amiin, you always have good posts, Nur. Inshallah you get the reward for them.
  14. Modesty, you know I used to be exactly like you. But then I listened to this lecture, and the shiekh was saying how the muslim girls who hang out with boy's their attitudes towards islam changes. And how they won't take off the scarf, but their ideoligies are the same as the west. And I think thats wats going on with you. That or it might be cos your hanging off each and every word your non Muslim friends seem to say and think. My advice; stay away from the'll see the difference. And keep your friends..but just try and reach for the quran once in a while. And trust me, you'll never ask questions like that again. PS~ NO OFFENCE INTENDED. :cool: