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  1. Somalis love voilience and humiliating each other that includes muse Bixi the khat chewing "president".
  2. I told you people before; Somalia as a country is finished and will not be allowed to recover. Too many people have made fortunes from the U.N concept called "Somalia". And those fortunes are more important than a country called Somalia. We are watching Somalia bleed out. let it go.
  3. Mute point. Soleimani (among others) is responsible for turning Iraq into Mogadishu 1991. Not to mention the force behind propping up Assad in Syria. Killing of innocent people, slavery and human trafficking is his crime and thus killed for it.
  4. Fools rush in. Typical Somali reasoning without brain.
  5. I have come to the same conclusion. The local population are in league with Al shabab and use its services to kill rival business owners. This behaviour is not found in hargeisa.
  6. Notice the emotions Anderson Cooper is using to describing the situation in Southern Somalia 1992 man made fame. The emotions are of alarm and horror, but what were the emotions of the Kacaan government troops as they bombed hargeisa? Watch the other video that I posted and tell me that you see. If a white man from America can have compassionate emotional responses to a situation he shares no kinship with. What does that tell you about the witnessing facilities and mental state of the people in the South. Notice In this Following clip a former Somali solider of the Kacaan government is asked question but watch his emotional responses. No remorse, no guilt, no compassion, no humanity. Just projection and deflection this is the character of a narcissistic. And then watch the response of the people from the same sub clan as the solider. This is a window into the soul of these people and i wish to flee from them.
  7. Indeed. The Clan, whose name shall not be named, who reside in Mogadishu by squatting in other people homes that they do not own like common criminals.
  8. no such thing as Somali you are fishing for my clan. Which I will not reveal. Now stop derailing my thread and get back to the question at hand.
  9. Slogans like "make Somalia great again" won't work because in truth Somalia was never great. The only resilient people are see are the Somalilanders and djoubuti people. People that have no remorse or guilt about the things they have done will not amount to anything. The kacaan propagandist need to come clean about their crimes. Also the southern clan that reside in Mogadishu need to come to terms with their evil nature.
  10. I do not include myself because I am not evil.
  11. Do Somalis not feel embarrassment? What I mean in the last 30 years Japan became an industrial titan. China raised 500 million out of poverty and India is doing the same. UAE transformed into a modern society. The story is the same in nation like Nigeria, Botswana, Rwanda and Ghana. But Somalia with just 12 million people can not build a central government. This is truly shocking. Do Somalis not feel embarrassment, any sense of self refection or analysis? When was the last time you saw a South African, Botswana, Ghanaian, Rwandan or Nigerian needing food aid?
  12. If Zeila is a Somali founded city then how do you account for the myth that Somalis come from across the red sea? If Mogadishu is named after an Arab king then were did the Somalis come from? Were Somalis just watching while their coast was being invaded and new cities build? lol
  13. Oh look a Somali that wants to silence free speech of another Somali. Kacaan filth.
  14. It amuses me what Somalis find beautiful. Mogadishu is a pile of shit.
  15. This is a 2019 update and the Nigerian project is doing very well. The doubters and haters are simply that. Somalis are not capable of building anything close to this mega project. Nigeria is on the rise.
  16. looks like its not just a rumour but a real policy that Sool, Sanaag and Cya will be formed into a new federal state of Somalia in the near future. Here is xenophobic Faisal Ali Warabe talking about it.
  17. Amigos thanks for the answer. I was getting the impression that Sool and Sanaag were majority Darood.
  18. Fish is good for IQ development, but with a 68 iq, they can't see the coast is full of free fish.
  19. What if the Harti decide to join Somalia? Would they be told to leave the land and enter Puntland or allowed to form their own state. Serious question.
  20. Gooni, the proof is in the pudding. Barre relied on AID income from western countries. There was no real economy. Barre destroyed private enterprise with his socialism madness. Barre was not about sharing but enriching himself and his inner circle. The economic record of socialist Somalia is plain for all to see. If Barre had access to Billions of $$ of oil money, only Allah know what he would have done to the minority clans.
  21. The point is the Somali Republic was suppose to be a merit base society that would allowed people from all walks of life to rise and fulfill their potential. The darood decided to turn it into a patronage and then open warfare against the nonconformist.