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  1. there is no excuse for this these people are somali just like you and me these people are muslim just like you and me these people are humans just like you and me
  2. i want to talk about a sensitive topic which is racism in the somali community which is diasppointing because the people who are discriminated because they a bit darker and kinky hair is really disappointing i mean like what the hell they fucking burned a human being alive because he was from a clan who have more of what they call african features. for those who dont know why he was burned alive is beacuase he married from a person from another clan and the people from that clan said how could a jareer an adoon marry a women from our clan. how could you burn someone alive, how could you burn a fellow somali alive even even if you dont consider him somali or some one equal to you how could you burn a muslim alive a muslim even if he was not muslim( which he wasnt he was muslim) how could you burn a human alive he had a mother a father people who loved him just like you. just so you know here is a picture of him. here is a link to great man talking about racism(
  3. talking about the subject of the flag is a flag represents the culture language and religion of a country its a rectangle which a person see it it tells a whole story about the country the only one i see in our flag is showing religion not only religion but an arabic country which i dont appreciate if its about the religion it should show the shahada in somali or we can use the emblem of the islamic religion. if you dont agree with me please feel free to try and change my mind. in conclusion i dont hate arabs or arabic i just want to promote the somali culture the somali people the somali people
  4. some somali people say we are not african because we dont look like other africans but what these people dont know is there is diffrent types of people in africa know as bantu, cushite, nilote, semite, they all look diffrent to each other some darker than others and some lighter, bantus are know to have dark skin nilotes are known to have a very darkskin and very tall people one of the tallest people on earth and cushite are the group where somalis come under along side the oromos and the bejas and other people so i hate when somalis say our ancestors where arabs and i dont agree with it. if you dont agree with me feel free to try and change my opinion on this
  5. i dont get why the somali people hate on darkskin and other african people. ill tell you a story of me and my cousin we where playing a game of fifa when sadio mane a senegalese player scored a goal and ooh the big nosed black guy scored in racist way so i told him why are calling him why dont you look at yourself as he was infact darker than sadio mane and he told me dont compare me to this african and i told him many somalis are darkskined and he told no we have brown skin. so can someone please explain why the somali people worship white skin and hate darksin, another time i was watching this youtube video of a somali guy interviewing the somali community and asked them if they were arabs or african most people said they were arabs and the he asked them why there skin was black and they started saying that its because of the religion and somesaid its because of the sun which really dumb the somali people not all arent comfortable in their owns skin.
  6. i didnt say that the shahada belongs to the arabs but what i said was it should be written in somali as the country belongs to somali people first and arabic is not apart of our culture. i hope you get my point
  7. first of all i wanna say that i was born and raised in hargeisa, growing i always hated how some of our people tried so hard to be arabs but what they dont know is that arabs hate somalis. i personally experienced this when i when to saudi arabia as somali people are constantly called african go back to your country. one time a friend told me about a story of him that happened to him, he came late to prayer so some him and his freinds decided to do jamac on their own and this arab guy said he would lead, so he lead but it turns his quran was poor and and the somali guy exited prayer and told him let me lead instead but the arab guy told him that he is african and cant lead him. theres more examples which i would rather not talk about enough of that and back to somaliland i think that our flag doesn't represent somali people why it looks too arab as theres the arabic language all over it instead of our own language even on our emblems its arabic and english and no somali which is very embaressing. which i wish would be changed and am not saying that we should take the shahada of the flag but what am saying is we should write it in our language or use the emblem that is on other muslim countries flags like pakistan and turkey.... i would like you to post alternative flags somaliland should use. here is mine