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  1. That was just beautiful jazzakumullahu Khayran walaal for sharing it with us
  2. When i first saw those pictures’s it real tore my heart out...It’s really sad pictures to see wallahi . Ya ilaahi. I pray to Allah to reunite our Muslim umma in order to fight against these kufaars. Amiin Ya Rab. How can we expect to defeat these kufaar’s if we (the muslim umma) are not even united within ourselves? :confused:
  3. Are you for real? I never knew that before...ok from now on i am going to restrain myself from saying mosque and try to say masjid more often. But it’s going to be so hard since i am already used to it, but inshallah with time i'll learn. Ain't it funny how gaalada twist things around? Well anyways thanx for letting us know.
  4. Nice poem It reminds me of my days back in Saudi Arabia... Wallahi if there is one thing i missed about that country hearing the Adaan it was so....
  5. well i guess us women are just too curious , i guess we just love to be updated about the past so we can have a better understand of the present na'mean. And Indhadeeq has pointed out the other reason why. Well i guess its good know about the past, you might be surprised at you'll find out, you never know .
  6. walaalo can you explain it in more details? What you mean when you say insecure? Like how?
  7. without a doubt speaking generally girls mature earlier than boys, but eventually as we get older it evens out. spot on! And Nuune walaal halayaabin about the girls aa islasoo korteen & them having 8-9 kids now, this has absolutely nothing got to do with Somali girls maturing fast, but rather that our girls tend to get married at a young age. That's all.
  8. looooooool @ samiira. You made me laugh. And who are these Gabriels having the SHAAH talk about young girls? They need to be brought to justice. LOL LST good suggestion. But u know what, nowadays aniga nagahaas hoyadeey ma ugu tabto, xagii Ilaahay ayaa ku dhaafey. There is always a positive why at looking at things, so in this situation they are the ones who are getting into danbi from Allah, anigane ajarkeeyg ayee increase greenoyaan. So basically its their loss, and my gain . Haruun- yeah you right. Anyways do you want hoyadeeda inee aniga igu qeeliso lol common now. Besides my mum raised me to respect my elders, and if they do anything wrong to me try not to stoop to their level and show them that I am a better person. So in this case that’s what am trying to do.
  9. Well it depends on to what extant does the spanking go, and if it leaves marks on child’s body or not. Sometimes a little spanking might teach the child to behave. And also it various on different types of children’s and their behaviors, sometimes a little spanking might be need or not. It really depends on the situation that you are in and what action is reasonable to take at the very moment. But leaving a bruise mise a mark on the innocent child’s body is a big time NO, NO from my perspective. Personally speaking, I don’t like to lay a finger on the children reason being that I don’t believe that, that is the way to go on about it. Talking to them and telling them what’s right from wrong sincerely without screaming or hitting them, does the job for me all the time. And alhamdulilaah that works for me on my Aunties kids, and I pray to Allah that same technique works on my kids if Allah gives me any in the future. why would Allah want us to beat our childern Sh*TLESS ...when our religion promotes love and peace Heavenly sis where is a prove of the Ayah that Allah has stated that? And if Allah has stated that, please sis do not question why Allah said such a thing because, only He knows what's best for the children that He has created more than any of us will. Note that everything that Allah mentioned in his holy book is for a reason, and Allah (swt) will never command his slave's to do such and such if their isn't any good reason behind it. So walaal don't ever argue over what Allah says, but rather take it and follow it.
  10. I was about 9/10 and everyone in my family waa suxuuranaayeen, and I was like am going to suxuur with you guys tonight too. And my parents were like what :eek: "Hell NO, u are too young". Well anyways long story short they let me suxuur with them coz they go she ain't going to last long anyways so there is no point trying to convince this thick headed girl . And the only reason why i wanted to fast was because i kind of felt left out coz, everyone in my family would be fasting and am the only one eating breakfast, lunch etc... well anyways the first day i last till 2:00pm but familigaayga waxaa ugu sheekeeye that I lasted till 5:00pm 2 and half hours before maqrib lol. I tried 10 days later and i succeeded in my mission Alhamduilaah And I got the world most biggest reward at the time $20 . Nice topic by the way EzMaCiL, it brings back wonderful memories.
  11. What's up with old women who but into young girl's life’s and spread rumors about them. My Lord have mercy! i can't believe to what level these ladies stopped these days... They gather together drink a cup of shaah and all they do is backstab the gabdhaha ee 10 geer dhaligaraan. Now that is SAD Get a life ladies :rolleyes: And on top of that they have the nervous to call you habaryar/eedo macaaney & give you that fake a*z smile, like as if she wasn't spreading rumors about you yesterday :mad: :rolleyes: :mad: :rolleyes:
  12. For a while now i was considering of piercing my navel, and i was hoping to get it done somewhere next year. But the thing is am still not sure of the Islamic ruling to this subject some sheekhs say you can and some don't so i am a bit :confused: at the moment. Lakkad- Its funny how you brought this topic up, around the same time as i was thinking of about it. Quit reading my mind yo
  13. Am stunned & speechless :eek: Well as for me, there is nothing under my bed.
  14. Wa Alaykumu Salaam warhamatullahi wabarakaatu Likewise brother
  15. Assalmu Alaykum, Personally am a person who loves kids totally, they are just soo adorable. The thought of adopting a child and raising it like my own has always been in my mind. But it was just as an option, if Allah doesn't give me any kids of my own, than inshallah i'll adopt one. Other than that, i don't know whether or not i want to adopt a child if i already have kids of my own. wa salaam
  16. Assalmu Alaykum, OG_Moti Now common aniga sheekada ha igu soo jeedinin, it obvious now that you are the real reporter, now common admit. Xafsa, Mizz-HurriCane, Cushtic_Cutie, Rahiima_as-Somaali and nice thank you all for you replies. Wa salaam
  17. Assalmu Alaykum, Basketball all the way, no doubt. Wa salaam
  18. Assalmu Alaykum, Spot on sister mashallah ....very explicitly written. Thanx I enjoyed reading it . Wa salaam
  19. Assalmu Alaykum, Jazzakumu'llah sister, May Allah (swt) reward you for your input. wa salaam
  20. Salaam All, Personally I don't have any problem with others dating outside their race. Aniga Wax ma iga galin, it’s their life, it’s their choice na'mean. As for myself its a big no, no simply because guys from the other race's ma i cajabiyaan :rolleyes: . Wa salaam
  21. Assalmu Alaykum, Kamila- walaal mashallah I love your positive attitude & thinking towards this subject, keep it up . Mind you in the other hand walaal not all of our sisters think like you, let’s just say some sisters are not strong like your self to let go of their loved ones. As you know not everyone is a like and it’s easier for some than it is for the others. OG_Moti- Samira & FBI? LOL bro you know that I wouldn't do such a thing to my sister kamila now common Hana isku keeyn dirin hee Xamdiya- Walaal spot on! You nailed. Thanx for your feedback I appreciated. BTW I thought you'd be at the table studying your brains out watsup? Now get back to it, you know I am expecting high marks from you . May Allah help you succeed in this world and hereafter. Aamiin yaa rab. Buubto- Amiin sister thanx for the du'aa. Jazzakumu'llahu khyran for your feedback. BTW I love the illustration of bismillah rahmaani rahiim. Wa Salaam
  22. Assalmu Alaykum, The mother of Hassan and Hussein is Fatimah the daughter of prophet Mohammed (pbuh). My question is, how many years was prophet nuux (pbuh) calling people into islam? Wa salaam
  23. Assalmu Alaykum sisters, Ok sisters I got a question for you all. Aight lets just say if Jihaad were to happen sometime in the future, and by that time you have a family of your own and everything and your lives are so perfect and all. Anyways my question is would you encourage your husband to go to jihad for the sake of Allah knowing that there is 50/50 chance that you won’t be seen him again? Wa salaam
  24. Assalamu Alykum, lets see when do I want to settle down and make a family of my own mmmm... inshallah when I am 22. Allahu Aclam wa salaam