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  1. The guy was a senior official in Siad Barre's government up to 1991. Doesn't this completely contradict Somaliland's claims against Siad Barre's government committing genocide against the Hargeisa clan? There were/are high-level former officials from Siad Barre's government part of the Hargeisa-Administration since 1992, namely Riyaale Kahin, Qaybe and others. lol
  2. Xaaji Xunjuf, she looks like what you would consider a "Southerner" or "Konfuristan". Ileen all Somalis are Afro-Hashemite hadaba.
  3. Jamaame area in Jubbada Hoose region
  4. Somewhere in Mudug (Indian Ocean)
  5. Muqdisho/Mogadishu/Xamar city (Capital of Somalia) in Benaadir region
  6. Historic ruins and landmarks in Zeila (Saylac) in Awdal region
  7. Cadale, you sure that's Mudug. Subhana'Allah, bal quruxda biyaha eega!
  8. Cadale;987863 wrote: I think thats north Mudug Which picture are you referring to?
  9. Gudmo Biyo Cas in Sanaag region
  10. Somewhere in the South (Shabeelada, Galgaduud or Mudug shores)
  11. Oasis in the North-East (Bari region)
  12. Cadale;987848 wrote: Ceel-Huur, Mudug Damn Mudug region has one of the best beaches in somalia look at that water hayaay!! The color of the water! I am burning inside. Wish I was there.
  13. Alpha Blondy;987841 wrote: so much for holidaying, ma istidhi? do you know what happened the last time a waloweynian tried to go to Gabiley? What is a "waloweynian"?
  14. Somewhere in Sool region (I think it's around Caynaba area)
  15. Look at that smooth paved road. Gabiley and it's surrounding area is an ideal place to build a cabin, a vacation home to be specific. Cadale, I thought Jubba River would be wider than that?
  16. Gabiley area in Waqooyi Galbeed region
  17. Berbera city in Waqooyi Galbeed region
  18. Xiis town in Northern Sanaag region