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  1. More pictures of Afgooye area..
  2. Farms near Afgooye in Benaadir region
  3. Hargeisa city in Waqooyi Galbeed region Abaarso Tech
  4. Northern Bari, where Gulf of Aden meets the Indian Ocean
  5. Baardheere town in Gedo region
  6. Gulf of Aden meets Daallo Mountains (northern shores of Sanaag)
  7. Lol @ the troll tirelessly trying to come off as an "intellectual". Fellas, you've been Troll'd!
  8. fdama;987734 wrote: At least they can build statues and monuments. Hargeisa: LOL
  9. Naxar Nugaaleed;987630 wrote: lol why does this fascinate you? and are you small minded enough to think Somalis should go to wars over grazing land? its 2013 man Just vacate the area, I'm sure Saalax, Wadani and Hawdian will love to settle in the oil wells of HolHol, Taleex and Xudun. I heard Boosaaso has nice refugee camps. It has a port and nice beaches too.
  10. Naxar Nugaaleed;987617 wrote: Ciyaarta ka daaf meesha, dawriish were darwiish. With all due respect, handover your username to Saalax. He is currently moving in into Xudun. His camels are heading towards HolHol iyo Boocaame.
  11. Xaaji Xunjuf;987612 wrote: Because we dont really have memorial statues in Somaliland of people historic figures and i dont see that happening, classified why not ask the Puntlanders to have one for him in Bosaaso? But, he's an "Afro-Heshimite" as you would call it . He is a Somalilander, born and bred in Buuhoodle. The Daraawish were mostly "Afro-Heshimite", originally from Somaliland. If SNM that fought against a Somali regime has commemorations, why shouldn't the Daraawish that fought against Western Colonialists such as Britain?
  12. Hezbullah should end it's hostilities against Israel. Since the 1980s, the only Muslims that have shown any resistance against the West and Israel were the Shia, while the Sunnis backstabbed one another and bend down for Imperialist Western governments and demands. Once the Shia-Muslims sign with cease-hostilities pact with Israel and the West, the Shia economies will flourish. This will awaken the Sunni population to rise up against the Sunni-regimes from Morocco to Pakistan to Indonesia, thus a new revival will emerge in Sunni-Islam like the Shia revival in the 1980s. However, the question is, will the Shias support a Sunni-revival and unite Shia Islam and Sunni Islam as ONE?
  13. nuune;987562 wrote: ^^ I can only imagine when Safferz was looking or searching that image on Google, she typed something like this on Google: "niman qaaqaawan" " niman with kastuumo kaliya " "niman feera yar yar" Cadale , 2002, you were only 8 years old, sxb Yuusan Cali Khalif Galaydh ku maqlin!
  14. Ayeeyo *Ibtisam, don't forget to include Yemen.
  15. Cadale;987423 wrote: She's a queen. She's very attractive! I love what she's wearing. Here is Halima speaking on a panel discussing fostering political stability in the Horn and the Continent as a whole. Start at 0:21:25
  16. Xaaji Xunjuf;987540 wrote: i dont think ileey is from Harshin or allay baday i believe Ileey is from Godey, Naga daa! Wiilku wa inaadeerka! He was born and bred in Xarshin iyo Allaybaday?
  17. Xaaji Xunjuf;987539 wrote: Laa isu abtirsay Ma ka qaybgeshid misa waxba islamahaysid?
  18. Xaaji Xunjuf;987495 wrote: Wiil iyo abtigiis ba labada taalo taagay Maxammad siyaad bare iyo Ileey, marka they are not that different. Ileey miyuusan aheen wiil Reer Xarshin iyo Allaybaday ka soo jeda?