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  1. 12 hours ago, Suldaanka said:

    . Organising of mulitiple peace conference from corner to corner from Sanaag to Awdal and in between. 

    2. Peaceful elections/selection of Parliament and President/VP President.   

    3. Demobilisation and disarmament of clan melitia 

    4. Printing of Somaliland Currency 

    5. Opening up of major road networks including Demining of roads, removing of clan melitias checkpoint

    6. Creation of Police force and National Army

    etc etc


    All that is true and any decent person should applaud.

    1 hour ago, Suldaanka said:

    The old saying goes 'you don't know what you've got, til it is gone'. The folks from Awdal should really be thankful that the wise heads prevailed and peace won the day

    Compared what is going on many places in Somalia, Awdal is relatively a peaceful place, and we all thank Allah. Certainly the south had went through a lot in the early nineties in bigger scale compared to Somaliland.

    Yet, peace is not only the absence of war but a peace of mind. In Somaliland we did better than many, but 30 years is a generation and we must think for the future of the next generation. We need to move to the second stage. 

    Mr. Dharbaaxo,

    If you want me to take you seriously in this forum , just think a little bit before writing. The world did not star today.. Before jumping what is true or lie, just do a little research. 

    It is on the record that C/raxman Tuur Allah Ha u Naxariiste was stripped of his car in the middle of Hargeisa by "Dayday". There were 20 Checkpoints between Hargeisa and Borama. Any way that was the past.

    There was no major war inside  Burco in 1991. The only time a war took inside the city was when SNM stormed the city in May 1988. That war lasted less than a week. Most of Burco was destroyed in 1994-96. I will give you one more assignment and check how many people died in that war. 

    The 1994-96 was a tribal war. Just as Caydiid refused Cali Mahdi been selected, Mr. Tuur disagreed and his supporters were accused of disloyalty and the war raged on.on until reconciliation ended. No one is denying the reconciliation efforts of the Somaliland Guurti that created the system and saved many lives.

    If you can not accept that Mr. Tuur was violated then we have nothing to discuss . 


  2. I am not denying the peace building efforts of Somaliland. For me Ceel Afweyn is an orchestrated tribal and political war, yet as you said , it is very small in scale of things. Southern Somalia is much bigger not only in terms of population and  geography, but also  large mix of tribes while in the north there are three or four groups.

    Also, what is at stake in Mogadishi and Somalia is much bigger in the eyes of the world and Somalia around the world and the region.. That doesn't mean Somaliland is insignificant , but stable Mogadishu will mean the conclusion of of the past.That is why America intervened in Mogadishu and not Hargeisa. 

    The problems of the south is exasperated by Wahabi and religious politics combined by the schemes of our neighbors, the gulf boys and the west. It is the combinations of many things.

    Yet, I do believe most of the blame should go to the southern leaders who can not srr the big picture and make tough decisions.

  3. In 1991 Djibouti conference elected Cali Mahdi.

    In fact, after Caydiid and Cali Mahdi reconciled in late 1992 things were calming down before America intervened which targeted the most eligible man to lead Mohamed F. Caudiid.

    By 1994 when a war was ragging in the north, there were conferences and other constitutional moves to establish government. 

    While everyone was talking about warlords in the nineties , trade and people moved from coast to coast.

    Before the Wahabi elements were introduced in Gedo in 1997, Southern Somalia was semi stable while tribal wars were raging in the North from 1994-1996.

  4. 6 hours ago, Suldaanka said:

    What 1991 means for Somaliland:

    1. Liberation of Somaliland from Mogadishu's dictatorship

    2. Return of Somaliland refugees from Ethiopian Refugee camps

    3. Peace Conferences and Rebuilding of Governance and rule of law

    4. Rebuilding of economy and infrastructure 

    5. Welcoming of Somaliland citizens fleeing Mogadishu

    etc etc

    I am too old for this , but I have to keep correcting the record and save some of these kids being brain washed.

    What did happen in the north in 1991 and after.

    1-Tribal war was raging in the coast.

    2- late 1991 and early 1992, tribal war was going on in Berbera and Hargeisa,

    3-C/raxman Tuur the SNM president was stopped in the middle of Hargeisa and his car          was taken by militia.

    4- Bombs, guns and mortars were flying within and most of the city was destroyed by                   tribal  militia.

    5-AWdal elders went to Berbera, Hargeisa and Burco to reconcile the Waring Habro tribes.

    6-Borama conference was hels in 1993. 

    7- The tribal started again in 1994.

    8- Burco was destroyed and refugees left the city and formed another town called Yiroowe.

    9- Militia belonging to our own Suldaan occupied the airport and refused to give back to       Cigaal administration.

    10- a war to take back the airport begun and destroyed south Hargeisa.

    This are the few things that took place after 1991.

    Now I shall retire.





  5. On another note our ow MMA and his cousins also scored big in Djibouti. When the discussion started the last day, the Landers kept talking about refrendum iyo laba dawladood baan ahayn iyo nsheekadii Hargeisa,

    Nimankii reer Baydhabo way is eegeen markaas yidhaahdeen. Ma Fadaase. Adeer dastuurka la raacayo waa kii lixdabki , ' Hal gobol oo soomaaliya ayaa tihiin sida koonfur galbeed".

    The norther boys said, " Dad aanan na garanayn ayey noo keeneen'.

    I hope oue MMA will be in the next meeting. 

    Somaliland : we were British 60 years ago.

    MMA; British who? I thought you were misguided Somalis (Qaldaan).

    Somaliland: Waar meesha inaga wada.

    MMA: Waa idin Sugaa.

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    Muxuu yidhi doqonkii: Maxaad igaga Faan faani Beriba waan Halaabiye.

    Before I start the article , Somalis back home and around the globe all agree that a single tribe in northern Somali could not break up the republic. Period.

    Now, the main question is how this summit was suddenly moved to the express lane and moved to Djibouti?

    It seems Mr.  Omar Ghelle was trying to be irrelevant in Djibouti again . He contacted ambassador Yamamoto and Abiy Ahmed without preparing the necessary requirements to bring the two sides together. Also, Muuse Biixi was looking badly needed cash since Covid-19 lock down kept away the state within the Somali state (The NGO) to provide their largess as usual.  For Gheelle, it was simple. When a dictator overstays and rules over 22 years, he might think that every uprising could be the one that could finish him off for good. The last uprising was not  instigated by the opposition or a grieving sub clan but a public outcry across Djibouti. 


    Usually , before any major reconciliation summit takes place, technical committees pave the road and discuss the outstanding issues and leave the major sticking points to the leaders. Here in Djibouti,  the summit failed the first day before delegates entered to the major points.  Cumar Ghelle tried to save face by creating toothless committees to discuss the issues the second day. .. Both Abiy and Farmaajo  were shocked when the unstable Muuse Biixi read the wrong statement at the conference. 


    Before the summit started Cumar Gheelle made major mistakes by pushing some of the illogical demands of Muse Biixi including the exclusion of northern politicians in Mogadishu and those who hail from Puntland. Furthermore,  Turkey and AU were also missing for same reason or another. W


    Somaliland demanded not to politicize aid (cash), share air space , fulfil all previous commitments and so on.. Unlike the earlier reports of mine which quoted a member of Farmaajo delegation, the Somali delegation was unprepared. Yet , having the legitimate power of the Somali state, they were confident to recuperate any mishaps. The instability and paranoia of the Somaliland delegation was visible already as soon as the process started. Saleebaan Gaal went to the airwaves and declared the frailer of the summit (Madaxweynaha anaa la joogay oo waa lagu kala tegay). Foreign minister Faratoon tried to correct him and safe face.  Dr. Edna flowed and went to her usual rant.


    At the committee meetings, Somaliland seemed to be getting some concessions from the summit. The federal government accepted everything and wanted only to straighten the unity file by demanding an open society were people should travel without restrictions. That was huge No from the Somaliland delegation. If there was no Berlin wall, the people of east Germany would have abandoned communism long ago, and Somaliland politicians understand that an open society will be detrimental to the false history created for the last three decades.


    At the end the summit failed and we are back to the status quo. Yet, only a delusional leaders will celebrate the failure of their efforts. It was Somaliland that needed to resolve the air control issue, it was them who badly needed the money to build infrastructure and provide public services with this donor money. It was Somaliland who supposed to gain something and get out of the quagmire and economic stagnation. Yet, in Hargeisa Muuse is celebrating . He is presenting that Somaliland was not swallowed by the Farmaajo and his team including Abiy. 

    For Muuse Biixi, why would you go to a conference without even gaining the minimum requirement? What did Muuse bring back home? nothing. After their refusal, all Farmaajo has to show the so-called international community is that the North doesn't have a capable leadership that could make deals. 

    Although he did not give up anything, Farmaajo too has lost a lot of ground on this fake summit by despot Omar Gheelle. As usual, he is led by the nose by the American ambassador Yamamoto. Why you call yourself a president if you can not even take any major steps without your supervisors?. If the main reason was to get votes from the northern politicians in Mogadishu, Farmaajo is dead duck without knowing. It will be just circling the wagon again without sound leadership. 

    These two men are minor league players who can not pass to the next level.


    Muuse handraabkii buu dib ugu noqday, qudbadihii Hargeisana halkii ayuu ka wadaa.

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  7. How many times I told you guys do not debate historical facts with those of us who have PHD in that category.

    The Wikipedia page says she left Somalia in 1981 and later joined WHO. Why not find out what she was doing from 1969-1981. Go serve the internet. All you will get is generic recycled material.

    7 minutes ago, Suldaanka said:


    As with regards to Husseen Ali Ducaale (Awil), he was appointed as an ambassador to Kenya in early 1970s and defected in 1977.


    Ambassador Cawil defected in 1977 as you stated but that wasn't the end of his game. Since Siyaad Barre sidelined many capable military officers in 1969 and surrounded himself and the  two dozen or so well trained junior officers joined the Supreme Revolutionary Council. Thus he needed to re-activate the dormant officers who were senior officers before the 1969. He released many from jail including Colonels C/laahi Yusuf and Aideed, and since Cawil was a graduate of Sandhurst elite military college and probably specialized in intelligence,  he was called from ambassadorship and asked to serve  in the Doolow military zone. . 

    He was carrying military intelligence dossier and rather than join the Doolow unit and cross to Somali Galbeed he defected to Kenya and then proceeded to London. Not only he defected, he held a press conference and accused Siyaad Barre and Somalia for not only instigating war against Ethiopia but also have plans to invade Kenya soon.

    Yet, in 1978 ambassador Cawil came back to Mogadishu to the surprise of everyone. Everyone thought Cawil will be executed or sentenced a long prison term since he released national secret.

    Again there was another surprise. He was re-appointed to another ambassadorship and went about to his business. People say he became informant and might have even kidnapped anti government SNM people and others  to Mogadishu. THere is more , but now is not the time to rehash all again. Yet, today he is among the loudest critics of South and unification.

    Listen guys, politics is an art of deception, misrepresentation and on another level an art to make things possible and work with people to make things happen.

    The main issue here  is these people like Dr. Edna and Saleebaan Gaal who are over eighty years old are the past can not be part of the future.

    Nabad iyo Caano.





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  8. 6 hours ago, cadnaan1 said:

    but you forget waran cadde  he was also another nss officer


    You are correct. Waran Cadde is the same category. He was not only " Nabad Sugid", but some people placed him at the villa-Somalia beside Siyaad Barre the night before he left. He was what the security people called the senior guard comander of the night . Waxa uu ahaa sarkaalka heeganka ee habeenkii dawladu baxday.

    Waar dawladii way dhacdee meesha iskaga teg ayaa lagu yidhi. Now he is Mujaahid and extreme Lander in Hargeisa.

    3 hours ago, TRO - AJT said:

    Evidence please that Edna Aadan was working with Siyaad Barre while he was massacring her people in the north.

    Listen kid, when the bombs were flying in Hargeisa in 1988, she was out of the country. The irrefutable evidence is she prospered and did well under the Kacaan while her former husband was languished in jail. 

    What I stated here about Dr. Edna is the truth,. Siyaad Barre had given her huge land near Asluubta in Mogadishu. Her big house in Hargeisa was built by Salxaan., but if you want hear say, here is one.

    I heard that she was informant for Siyaad Barre.



    Before I start this article, I want to declare that as a Somali nomad, I will not engage anything that undermines the honor and dignity bestowed by our tradition to Somali women in general. I will strictly abide by that rule and only engage on the political side of the argument. 


    Soomaalidu waxay tidhaa, nin durbaan tumay cilaaq dalabay.


    The reason I am writing this article is the false impression the Somali people took from the actions of Ms. Edna Aadan during the reconciliation conference in Djibouti last week. . While her defence of the secessionist cause might be applauded by those she represents, many Somalis feel that her over kill victim statements and description of Southern Somalia as a foreign land inhabited by murderers , could have been shaped  by her past history of victimization at the hands of the military regime.


    Some even suggested that Dr. Edna could have been traumatized by the long incarceration of her former Husband and statesman " Allah ha Naxariistee" Mohamed Ibrahin Cigaal. 


    Yet, the truth is further from what most people believe or told.


    Dr. Edna was one of the first Somali women to earn a degree in nursing and healthcare. She is a pioneer in her own right. Her maternity hospital in Hargeisa which was opened in 2002,  has trained many Somaliland young women to be midwifes and nurses. The sun cannot hide her achievements in terms of healthcare and helping women. Dr, Edna was a person of privilege since she was a young woman. She was the wife of one of the most successful politicians in Somaliland and former prime minister . Unlike many who may have suffered during the war instigated by SNM in the eighties, she had a comfortable life both in Mogadishu and Hargeisa from 1969, when her husband was incarcerated by the military regime to 1991 when the Somali state collapsed. While she left Somalia in early eighties, she frequently came back,  stayed and worked well with the military regime. 

    She never suffered one single a day after  Cigaal was overthrown by Siyaad Barre . In fact, as soon as premier Cigaal was booked to jail, Ms. Edna married another man immediately. Cigaal shared visitor food and other prison needs with the help of other relatives of incarcerated leaders like general Mohamed Abshir, Berda Cad and others. During the Kacaan years , she was taken cared of as those who were the closest to Siyaad Barre. The military government built for her a huge house in Mogadishu and when she moved to Hargeisa in the late seventies , the commander of 26th division general Salxaan was instructed to build another house in Hargeisa for the former first lady.


    To set the record straight she wasn't traumatized about the incarceration of then premier Cigaal.


    Ye, looking her statements and over exaggerated victimization and the way she describes other Somalis as evil, the good doctor might be over compensating something we might not know. In America, it is not difficult to discover the hypocrisy of certain right-wing politicians who accuse other of infidelity while they themselves were guilty of that same crime. Newt Gingrich, Robert Livingstone and others come to mind during Clinton Impeachment.


    In Somaliland, there are few actors who usually very loud on the issue of denigrating southern Somalia or showing extreme hatred toward unity or understanding. For example,  Cawil Cali Ducaale, Dr, Edna Aadan and Faysal Waraabe,  to some extent,  fit perfectly to this category. Yet, they never suffered one single  during the Kacaan years. In fact, they prospered during the military regime. Cawil was dishonorably dismissed by the civilian government of Aadan Cadde and Sharmaarke in 1962. The civilian government was elected, goal oriented and confident back in those days. Imagine,  officers were arrested for a coup and after court proceedings they were found to be young, angry and overzealous. That government never even felt threatened and the court found them gulkity and dismissed them dishonorably.  that all. Yet, today we see people like C/maali Coldoon and others sentenced and incarcerated for years by saying the current regime of Somaliland is traveling the road of failed regimes. It is all about paranoia and being the wrong leadership.


    Cawil Mucjiso flourished under Siyaad Barre as an ambassador in Africa. Faysal had worked for the state in different capacities for 20 years. Yet, this group is louder than those who have lost loved ones during the civil war or witnessed the agony of war.


    They could be compensating their past actions of being close with the former regime they despise at this juncture of history. Today in Somaliland everyone has carved his/her own history and story. Politicians and pretenders go on TV and record their own narrative with no one second guessing or correcting the record. The southern Somalis, except the few educated do not even know most histories other than the collapse of the state.  


    One day some us might get the right resources and uncover about these false prophets.


  10. Oday gooni got the point.

    This was probably a boy holding a party or a typical teenage girls holding court or dancing in clandestine place. Other boys probably  had fled. 

    In our culture,  no ten girls would collectively agree to be owned by a boy, let alone in Puntland were the Somali culture is strong despite certain incidents.

    I would have investigated the ugly police who probably had broadcast false narrative to convict some one he dislikes. 

  11. He has a point. Farmaajo has no authority to appoint the Jubbaland leader. Either he have to accept the election Ahmed Madoobe crowned or reject it.Reconciling with Madoobe is fine, but the letter is illegal as pointed by others.

    How many people this Farmaajo guy have to betray in just few days.

    If he thinks the Habro in Mogadishu will give him votes he is dreaming.

  12. Every few years Faysal Rooble puts on a different jacket in order to hide his agenda. We all know he has an axe to grind with Farmaajo. Just like those from Jubbaland who were supporting secession of Somaliland as means to oppose Farmaajo, Faisal Rooble is traveling the same road. 

    Last week he was advocating the boycotting of local roads passing certain towns within Somali region of Ethiopia. In fact, the road was designed to pass through his own village, yet he was vehemently opposed for that same road to reach or pass another major town either for tribal motivations or jealousy.


    1 hour ago, Suldaanka said:

    She also never missed an opportunity to remind the world the pains and sufferings Somaliland people experienced in the hands of the former Somali Republic.

    Here the so called Somali intellectual  is accusing the Somali republic of committing atrocities. Rather than say the former Somali regime , he generalizes the whole republic. Since when is the name of Somali republic committed any crimes. In fact, the most horrendous crimes that took place  in Somali history was committed by the so called Alphabet Somali rebels unleashed by Mengistu Hailemariam from 1978-1991. No Somali regime will be even close if you combine the crimes of SNM, USC, SSDF and SPM.

    Their victims stretch from Raascaambooni to Lowyacado. Just like the communist regimes of yesterday, we only hear the propaganda of the Somali rebels. Except the current Farmaajo regime, Somalia was ruled for the last 26 years by the same rebels who destroyed our country. THese people supposed to be brought to justice for their betrayal of the republic and the crimes they committed against innocent civilians for their tribal cause. These ugly and angry tribes were unleashed by one of the most ruthless and bloody leaders of Africa Mengistu who personally murdered two president and the king of Ethiopia.

    Yet for their all false sacrifices, they could not provide basic needs of the people like water, electricity or health care. For 30 years, they could not move the state to a better place. 

    By ridding the Jubbaland horse, Faysal , like our Kenyan friend Apophis , had forgot his loyalty to the republic. 

    Yuusuf Garad made some valuable points about the inability of the southern politicians to add northern unionists to the debate, because we know where the body is buried and we would dismantle the secessionist argument in New York Minute. That is why , we the unionists have to get to power and dismantle the false Babylon created by evil Somali rebels.

    Yet, Yusuf Garaad himself is a weak link just like many HAG politicians who doesn't understand the sacredness of the unity and the price our for fathers paid to achieve it. In one of his earlier blogs, he mentioned his desire for unity, but added, " Haddi ay go'aan ku gaadhaan in ay go'aan waan u hambalyn oo fasaxayga booqan".

    What many people don't understand is most Somalis including the secessionists know that it is impossible to separate, but if the issue became serious, expect the real war we were avoiding all this years.

    In my book, a small conference held in a dusty part of Burco in 1991,by group of rebels and few elders ,  guarded by Ethiopian tanks,  could not dismantle the republic. 

    I listened the speeches and as an observer you can not miss that Muuse and company are broke and they are seeking some badly needed cash. They just kept talking about the money that they supposed to get from last meeting, because by 2014, even Hassan Sheikh who was sympathetic to the secessionist victimhood story had realized their agenda was nothing but a scheme to get cash.

    The next few months will tell us if Farmaajo is willing to pit his foot down or he will circle the wagaon just like those before him.




  13. Folks, we just got a word from a member of the Farmaajo delegation from Djibouti. Since this news is from the horses mouth, I would like to share with SOL readers.

    He said, through third party that unlike the former Somaliu leaders Farmaajo get a full briefing from the unity commission he appointed about accurate facts and figures from Somaliland. He took with him a dossier not only about history of the region but also all the crimes committed by various Somali groups including the SNM. 

    He siad Farmaajo is well prepared this time.

    He said the opening statement supposed to be just a formality and welcoming remarks for those who were present. The real negotiations will not take in public or open microphone. It will be behind closed doors. They asked him about the Somaliland delegation members already making accusations and inaccurate statements, he said, the old man Saleebaan Gaal has lied, and no formal negotiotions had taken place. This was just an opening statements and meeting of the minds. It was just the first dance and Biixi and company just spent their days complaining what Farmaajo did or didn't. They put their case in the open before even the game started.

    According to this gentleman those with weakness make the load noise. He also said that Farmaajo is intended to expose Biixi and company as outlaw groups that intend to keep the people of the north in unattainable situation for long time. He said if Biixi and company abandon the table without concrete solutions , they will pay a heavy price in the next 12 months.

    Folks, the main question is why Biixi and his group, especially the chairman of the Guurti lie about the nature of the conference and say, : we all done here and we are leaving tomorrow when the conference begun?

    You guys should answer that.




    There is a huge fear among the Somaliland delegation already. Both Saleebaan Gaal and Edna went to the airwaves to cry foul and act as victims as usual. Why jump to the media before the conclusion of the meeting?, because they can not sell any deal to the local agitators.

    Either this Yamamoto guy is a weak link with no teeth or this is just the beginning of the first dance. A country like United States of America would not allow people they  bank roll to leave the negotiations table without consequences.

  15. Oday Gooni ayaa hadalka dhameeyey:


    "Saleebaan-gaal, adna iyo muuse biixi waxba u keeni maayaan waana shir tacab khasaara.

    Khudbadooda dhagaysta markuu shirku dhamaado hadii alle idmo.

    Waxay oran doonaan si gaara yaan beesha caalamka u qaabilnay waxbaana kala socon doona, sodonka sano ee soo socda.

    Cadaawad aan shacabkoodu qabin bay gaalada ka iibinayaan waa macruuf la wada ogyahay."


  16. Are we getting here many  double twins of Suldaanka?

    1 hour ago, Mr X said:

    A just question. The idea of moving the capital to Hargeysa will solve any problem is laughable.


    1 hour ago, TRO - AJT said:


    Why would reer Muqdisho, Puntland, Jubbaland, Hir-Shabelle, be happy with this? How does it solve anything for them?

    Well, let me try to answer these questions.

    Let me start with the second one. These state you mentioned and Mogadishu have been circling the wagon for 30 years. Every Somali political arrangement was centred in Mogadishu despite its insecurity and problems. Rather than start the rehabilitation and pacification of the nation from the peaceful regions and gradually liberate and secure hot spots, successive Somali governments were forced to put up shop in hostile Mogadishu and spread the insecurity to the peaceful regions.

    If Garoowe is stable and peaceful why would a Somali president ride a tank and hide in Villa-Somalia where Al-shabaab mortars could reach him?. 

    In fact, I was talking last night a guy from Puntland who told me that when Farmaajo was welcomed to Puntland few years ago with the most enthusiastic crowd ever  a leader received, an elder  told him to establish a second presidential palace in Garoowe and live part time and avoid the tank of Mogadishu. Since Farmaajo is paranoid of everything Puntland , and he refused.

    Cabdiqasim was advised either to go to Villa-Somalia and clear the gangs who occupied or settle Baidoa. Yet, he decided to settle in a Hotel in Mogadishu, and finished his term without leaving the hotel. C/laahi Yusuf tried to go different way, but the stakes became high due to many reasons.

    So, my friend,  the so called regions have nothing to lose by relocating the capital. In fact, the people of Mogadishu will  lose the billion dollar cash cow siphoned with the Nairobi based NGO's , but they might get a peace of mind. Besides, other than Puntland the rest are just getting out of the gate, and Puntland itself is going no where these days in terms of development and institution building. Every thought Puntlander knows that the tribal contract of 22 years ago can not go on unless real change comes to the Somali situation. They might not even survive another four years if the same status quo.

    On the first question of Somaliland gaining nothing nothing, I beg to defer. If one is in the diaspora sipping coffee Late, all is well, but for the average citizen, stagnation and unemployment is the norm. There is no upward mobility. Both Biixi and the one before him realized that  after 30 years , they could not grow the budget little  motr than  $200 million which is pennies compared with potential of Somaliland.  Without being a real nation, Somaliland can not export the huge livestock trades , and extract the huge coastal minerals and other resources . Somaliland leaders are tired of being governors while Somali leaders are accorded the highest level of statesmanship while they are debating village or town type issues.


    Did you hear Muuse Biixi firing the director of Hargeisa hospital and replacing the one he fired two years ago?. Why would a president of a country even bother to micro manage a local hospital? where are the regional governor or city mayor, or the director general of the health ministry?. It is the nature of the job of the governors.

    The people in Somaliland are tired of stagnation, huge youth unemployment and the useless debate of the elite that doesn't improve their lives. With a national capital in Hargeisa tens of thousands of the youth could get jobs and the bride that was lost could come back easily. THe people in Somaliland a decent people who prioritize peace and stability more than anything. The people even tolerate with Biixi and company who are doing nothing to improve their lives. Compare to the Mogadishu crowd who despite getting all the billions worth of  infrastructure from around the world, yet do not appreciate the status given by Somali people.

    The people of Somaliland are tired of waving the flag with nothing in exchange. They are tired of their kids dying in the high seas after graduating from school. 

    The only downside would be people the  like our Suldaanka and others who say " Hargeisa Unaka Leh" like those in MOgadishu have to accept the new status.

    Look just Biixi at the moment. Everyday he is accused of stealing someone else's little blot of land. Habarta dawlada hoose dhul ka qaadato ama Mayorku boobaba waxa ay leedahay Muusaa i boobay. 

    You guys might realize, but if the virus lock-down keeps growing many mayors and politicians will in Somaliland will steal  land and issue multiple land licenses and others fraud means to survive.  All that will be put on Muuse Biixi in the nightly news. It is happening both in Borama and Hargeisa right now. Biixi will leave the the Habro quarrel behind, leave the kids table and sit down with big boys as the leader of free Somalia. 

    It is an opportunity that will never come back. He knows he will not get re-election and  that position will be accorded to Chairman Cirro or who ever is the next leader of Wadani party. 

    On the propaganda side, all you do is hired some of the old guard composers like Mohamed A. Dacar and the rest will be history. 

    They will create a new " Waaba beryey bilicsan.




  17. 4 hours ago, Tillamook said:

    We will see if, this time, Farmaajo and his entourage have the essential negotiating and leadership qualities to bridge the divides and keep our nation matching forward

    As you said the price might have been difficult to agree before, but now the equation has changed. Biixi will leave soon the Somaliland scene without achieving anything, Farmaajo is besieged by two failed presidents Shariif and Hassan. The best way to pre-empt the Mogadishu quagmire is to bring the capital to Hargeisa and resolve the issue once for all.

    The opposition in MOgadishu, especially the HAG dsection keep repeating about talking to Somaliland or treating them well. You know what, I ask Farmaajo to give the HAG boys their medicine and take the capital to Hargeisa and wait their answer.

    Meesha ma hadal lee maam wadaynaa noo.

  18. The more things change the more they stay the same. 

    I always thought if change has to happen, it should take place the first two years. 

    Who is courageous enough to break the cycle?

  19. Arrintu lacag way dhaaftay. 

    The cash I was referring was about the donor money that usually passes through Mogadishu. 

    Since all the principles are here , it could be big. Since the Guurti are key on some of these issues Saleebaan Gaal is here. He is 80 years old and knows few things.

  20. 2 hours ago, Tillamook said:

    Qaar ka mid ah madaxda maamul goboleedyada, Guddoomiyaha aqalka sare iyo wadamada saaxiibka la ah Somalia ayaa ku baaqay in shir ay isugu yimaadaan madaxda federaalka iyo kuwo dowlad goboleedyada si looga hadlo arrimaha doorashada ee 2020/2021

    I did not flow this thread for a while but it seems Mr. Tilamook probably knew the end game. Back in March when we were mesmerized by the the so called one man one vote , he wrote, 

    ?It seems, the country is officially under another road map for elections. The security council has said “jump!” and our so-called representatives have obliged and said “How high?”

    Well, we are finally reached that road.