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  1. And when you get to Baydhabo Jannay, you might hear this from the radion, so if you are a member of the D...r Woqooyi like our friend Suldaanka, don't feel surprised, because that is the Lingua franca in Baydhabo.

    Here is the legendary singer Hassan A. Samatar.


  2. 12 hours ago, Miskiin-Macruuf-Aqiyaar said:

    Waxba yaala calaacalin. Reer Koonfur Galbeed iyo reerkaan Nayroobi ku shiray have both equal xildhibaanno in baarlamaanka. Wey isbaheysan karaan intee isku imaadaan, along with beesha shanaad and get madaxweynaha iyo ra'iisul wasaaraha haddee rabaan saas.


    Warka waad dhamaysay, Mida kale Reer Koonfur Galbeed iyo Anaga waxa nahahay dad si fudud isu fahmaya. We are natural allies.

    Let us work to gather. The president for us and the prime minister for you guys. We can sideline the greedy Geeljire on these two groups.



  3. On 11/3/2020 at 4:57 AM, Dhagax-Tuur said:

    t.  Handing them presidency is capitulation

    I agree. No one should be given power through capitulation or bribe. In this case we are not advocating for gift, but to break the monopoly of the southern politicians who have been running the country since Carta in 2000.


  4. Che,

    Oromo regional leadership and Mustafe Cagjar are on board. Abiy is using this war to takeover the system before any election takes place. He is accusing the TPLF for taking the power illegally. 

    The problem is the TPLF have been preparing for this for a long time. I do believe that the key for victory rests with Eritrea. If they do not intervene , the TPLF could survive for a long rime.

  5. 2 hours ago, maakhiri1 said:

    If Biden wins, Trumpism is here , he will be back in 4 years, he did extremely well

    I agree.  Trumpism needs  a better person who could advocate for better trade deals combined by antiwar message.

  6. The Democratic Party is very corrupt. What would a Hindu/black womani from California bring to the party in terms electoral votes. They kept talking about having a woman vice presidential candidates. The black people are 13% of the American electorate. If Biden had picked a white deputy from Georgia , North Carolina or  Pennsylvania things could have Been different. 
    Biden is Catholic and he got a Hindu Vice President. We’re are the largest Christian group in America—The Baptists?

    Obama was main stream Baptists. It is very strange to pick  tor select as Vice President for someone who failed to even get 5% of the vote during the  Democratic Party primary. 

    Furthermore, the polling business has collapsed again just like 2016. Two days ago they Biden up 15% in Wisconsin. Exit polls show that Trump got 4% more  black man voted for him than 2016. Also you can’t judge the attitude of the American people by the pronouncements of CNN which eats breakfast , lunch and dinner for Trump


  7. MMA, I am far from being MAGA , yet my main issues are different than what the so called Social Justice Warriors are looking. They are for apportion, same sex, environmental issues and some racial matters on the back burner. I

    These are not our issues. I am for jobs and jobs here in North America and peace and security back in Somalia and I want Turkey to be super power. Those are my issues. 
    It was the USA which lifted Europe after Second World War from poverty through the Marshal plan, building factories, electric grids and agriculture. It was America that opened its huge rich market for Asian nations of Japan, South Korea and others  That America is no longer here. America doesn’t want to build anything these days unless they are destroying things. So , finally we got nation that is willing to build things and create both trade and infrastructure. Anyone  trying to bring down the Turkish axes is our opponent. 

  8. Holac,

    Some old British guy said something like if you are not socialist when you are in your twenties you have no hear, and when you are 40 if you are not conservative you have no head.

    When you have stakes in the world like property (house, business) you don't want instability of protests. With Biden's anti oil policy, we might suffer in this oil country.

  9. Che,

    I wish. It is a good move.The D...r project could easily elect a president , yet the separatists boys lack confidence. This community have 75 members.

    Some in Hargeisa even said that they must avoid the D...r issues which may lead to Somali unity.  

  10. The long awaited day of reckoning will be finally here tomorrow. This is probably the most important election in recent American history. People in Europe, Turkey, Syria, Afghanistan, Somalia and Russia are all waiting the outcome of this election.

    In most western democracies, the election outcome barely affects the security, economy and well beings of the citizens. The system of government, and economy had been long established and elections usually tinker on some social issues, internment and maybe some taxes. Yet, this American election will affect the security and assistance many countries around the world, especially the Muslim world.


    Since Trump declared the banning of Muslims entering the United States, Muslim societies in North America and around the world formed their opinions of the American president based on those loud pronouncements. Yet, unlike many of his predecessors, Trump didn't start a war of aggression against Muslim countries. According to Nazi trails in Nuremberg Germany in 1946, war of aggression is the highest crimes leaders of nations could commit. War of aggression means killing and maiming of millions of people who had done nothing against the aggressor state.

    Despite his loud mouth and antipathy of foreign nations and others Trump is an inward looking president who want to stop American adventures around the world, especially the middle east and the Muslim world. Most of the major conflicts of today are taking place in Muslim nations who denied the ability to elect their own leaders and decide for their future. A despot overthrown by popular uprising is substituted by another tyrant like Egypt and in Libya, those who overthrow Qadaffi are ridding another ruthless criminal called Hifter.. A man who murdered half million people and displaced another twenty million is kept on power in order to keep out the imaginary Muslim leaning movements.

    Unlike his predecessors, Trump is standing up to American military by demanding the end of the longest American war in history in Afghanistan which is raging for 19 years. The Taliban, Pakistan and the people of Afghanistan are willing to deal with president Trump and end the American presences in their country. Too many road blocks have  been thrown to delay the Afghan withdrawal, yet Trump is insisting not only to withdraw from Afghanistan, but also from Somalia, Syria and Iraq. The so called war on terror had destroyed many nations and created huge refugee problems around the globe. 

    Trump is opposed by two main American groups who created the major wars raging from Libya, Syria, Yemen and Afghanistan. Both Neoconservatives and pro-intervention Neo-liberals are against the Trump foreign policy. While the withdrawal of America from certain region might create vacuum, the time has come for America to stop chasing monsters in the middle east and Africa.


     It is really a tough call for the Muslim community to decide. On one hand Trump is not only giving oxygen to right wing movements who target immigrants and Muslims, but has also emboldened them by his indirect support. On the other hand, no major war had started in the Muslim world for the last four years of Trump. In fact, some Muslim nations have risen while others had recovered like Libya and Somalia. Obama presided the mess in Libya, Syria, Somalia and Yemen. 

    So, if you are a Muslim American who are you going to vote? Do you vote for soft speaking interventionist who want to subjugate these nations while smiling? or the crude man who will leave you alone?. Biden had already sided with Armenia over Azerbaijan in the current war, and threatened Turkey. For us anyone threatening Turkey which is literally rehabilitating and helping countries in the region(Libya, Somalia, Syrian people) devastated by the war on terror and western backed despots, is an enemy and aggressor who want to continue the failed policy of Bush Jr and Obama. Today, the enemies of Turkey are the enemies of the oppressed Muslims who are trying to rise from the ashes of despotism and Arab dictatorship.

    Furthermore, Trump exposed what was hidden from the masses in terms foreign relation. Yet, regardless of who is elected, the world had changed. Both wealth, technologies and power is shifting to Asia. Nations like Turkey is no longer a vessel state ordered by others.

    If you want to change the status quo and ditch the old order and the failed policy of Obama and Bush, You have to vote for Trump. If you believe that the world is revolved about race and victim hood and environment and illogical and unattainable social justice, then Biden is your man. Here in Canada, we Liberal government that governs from the center, respects the Muslim community and refrained from jumbling in the failed war of terror. Trudeau pulled Canadian F-18 from Syria mission and replaced with humanitarian aid refugee settlement. 

    It was the Muslim vote that put George Bush Jr. to defeat Al Gore in 2000. I could be wrong on Biden, but this man and his group must be watched very carefully if tries to dominate the middle east and Africa like before. Also, Kamala Harris, the woman pretending to be black,  is actually a Hindu, and these days, the Hindu fundamentalist community is becoming the most hateful people on earth toward Muslims. While everyone was condemning the hateful speeches of Macron, we stand with Macron hashtag was trending in India. Be careful who you wish.

    If I were in Minneapolis, I would have voted for Trump for president and Ilhan Omar for congress. Ilhan had shown to be fearless and independent like most Somalis of our generation and we have to send her to congress again.





















  11. It is clear Abiy Ahmed can no longer hold Ethiopia together.

    12 hours ago, Che -Guevara said:

    There's so much the west could do specially in these difficult times..

    Since Ethiopia leaders are selected , the west could assemble the players and crown  a new premier, especially Bakale Garba, the leader of Oromo Federalist Congress.Or bring Lema from house arrest.

    The TPLF might change their attitude if Lema Magrassa or another Oromo comes. it is clear that the TPLF will never accept Abiy and Abiy can not wage  a war. All out war will be the end of both Abiy and Ethiopia, so I do believe the west make cook another agreeable scheme to keep Ethiopia from disintegrating.