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  1. I knew the separatist st boys were desperate to get noticed by others, but I didn't know they were suicidal. 

    Let me make few quick points here:

    First, Egypt doesn't need Berbera or any Somali air space to attack the Ethiopian dam. THe distance between the Dam and Egyptian border is almost the same as  flying in the Red sea. Second , the separatists do not  dare to welcome Ethiopian enemies in Berbera or any where else. It will be suicidal both politically and economically. Ethiopia could finish off this project in half day in so many ways.

    Don't they know that there are many people waiting for a Kurdish style base in EThiopia to do what they did few years ago. 

    Third, Egypt can not offer anything to Somaliland in terms of trade or business connection. If they want to recognize other nations in the region, let them start with South Yemen.

    The Egyptian despot has no choice but to negotiate with Ethiopia. They had an opportunity to stop the dam ten years ago when it was started and while the international banks  refused to lend money to the project for fear of Egyptian attack.

    Furthermore, any attack in Ethiopia will make Abiy a martyr and he might even use a cover to consolidate power and defend mama Ethiopia. Mengistu Hailemarium was desperate and cornered  in 1977, until the Somali Galbeed war started. He used the war to galvanize the people, hold on to power and eliminate his enemies. An attack to the dam will be God sent gift to Abiy.


    If the despot Sisi want to play games like the fat gulf boys of Dubai and court who ever is detractor of Somalia, he should send an airplane and  pick up Faysal Waraabe and company and entertain them for few days. He could even send a ticket to C/raxman C/shakuur and Ina Sharmaarke to boot even more. He can find another Raila Odinga looking few cash and some attension. 

    THese Arab fools  keep playing the same discredited old games. History has shown the gulf despots only respect power and those who steps his foot in their neck. Do not show them any mercy. THey pedal the blood of other Arabs to be irrelevant.


    Now you get our attention since we are all debating a non existent Egyptian delegation. Certainly the Landers love drama . They think being in the news and getting some attention is probably what the doctor in HArgeisa has prescribed. Now, you got our attention and it is time to go home and take care of the real job of feeding the poor and creating something real.

    WAar waan idin aragnay naga fadhiista oo ummadda maasaakiinta dhib kale ha u keenia.

    HUnguri wadkii ma arko ayaan maqli jiray.



  2. 4 minutes ago, Timacaddeh said:

    Tell me, when was the last time parliamentary elections were held in Somalia?

    We are not comparing Somalia and Somalilands. No one can deny the efforts of the Somaliland people to achieve peace and community building, but you can not compare to Galmudug or Banaadir infested by Al-shabaab

  3. OOdweyne,

    THere is no bombs flying in Borama, Berbera or Hargeisa. There are already football stadiums in these cities. 

    Tell me why these simple footbal games can not be played? It is not about money. In Somalia in the eighties, " Ciyaaraha Gobolada" players were placed in other families. People in Berbera can come to Borama and will be welcomed to play while staying with other families since the money is already looted by the minister or the so called : Agaasime"

  4. 28 minutes ago, Dahireeto said:

    Good move by Erdogan. Erdogan just delivered a blow against the French crusaders crying about Libya. This is all double play politics. Erdo is sending an indirect message. 

    LOok at the hypocrisy of the French. They bombed Libya to remove the so called dictator Khadaffi  whom Sarkozy was the beneficiary of millions of in illegal campaign finance. In order to hide his crimes, the French leader pushed everyone , including reluctant Obama.

    Yet, he want to bring now another worse butcher to steal the resources. Today democracy and representative government is a threat to old colonial forces. Under the new Libyan government, the National Oil Company which is state owned and the national bank would control all oil revenue. UAE and their corrupt oligarchs will no longer steal resources. 

    Furthermore, the French will have to give their stronghold of North Africa and Sahel region. A stable and free Libya will change the Arab world. THeir population is well educated and they already have enough infrastructure to move to the next level. For the last century or more, the Arabs never had anyone who cared about their well being, they have been exploited by everyone. 

    Labeling democrats as Muslim brotherhood or other names will not stop the people to seek representative democracy. the GNA had fought ISIS and others in Sirte and TRipoli in 2016 and defeated them with help of Americans, and now to accuse them of being terrorists sympathizers will cut it.




  5. Hargeisa is becoming what Mogadishu was in the nineteen eighties. A place where NGO and donor money is burned. Today in Somalia, the most expensive place is Hargeisa. People are leaving Burco, Gabiley and Between to find jobs in Hargeisa. 

    THe poor is getting poorer while those who have connections are filling hotels. 

  6. The Amhara and Oromo population is over hundred thousand now. Walaahi Djibouti men had given up life, because of the harsh climate and unemployment. Also, those who born in Djibouti would rather remain celebrate than worry about raising family  in tough climate.

    If Ethiopia occupies for just ten years and relocates a million, they could take Djibouti easily. Besides, today Amhara run most of the bars and service the foreign troops in Djibouti.

  7. THey should ask money for the NGO's to hold football games. 

    YEt, the fake ministery of sports and youth has budget , a building , minister, general director, Xisaabiye iyo boqolaal shaqaale oo gobolada jooga. 

    Isiduwaha wasaarada isboortiga ee gobolka Awdal, Togdheer iyo Daadmadheeh. 

    THe game continues.

    What does it take to organize few football marches for ten days in the whole year.?

  8. Duufaan,

    Djibouti was declining for years. The population has been between 500,000--700,000  for the last 30 years. 

    It is the most expensive island in the world. Traditionally, in Djibouti, men do not get marry until early in  their  thirties. In southern Somalia, despite unemployment young men tend to marry early because the cost of living and housing are cheep. 

    In Djibouti, the electricity alone is more than double of the salary of a working class man. THe middle class need over $1000 to raise a family. The young men grab anything for lunch and head to the Khat session to kill time. In the meantime Ethiopian migrants do most of the manual  jobs including domestic work.

    The Somali migration from Somali especially the north has ceased long ago. In fact, many Djiboutians are moving back to Somaliland for better climate and lower cost.

  9. 38 minutes ago, Oodweyne said:

    n other words, it's easy to go down that road, and say we are converting anything we like back into mosques, or back into churches, or back to Indian's temples. For that road lies nothing but "sacrilegious vandalism", as I said it already.  

    For Israel will be well within its power to ignore UNESCO's regulation by turning Al-Aqsa's Mosque into a museum.


    This is not your cup of tea, and I would suggest you leave these issues for those who know. This is not Shakespeare. Al.Aqsa is inside west Jerusalem which will be the capital of future Palestinian state and the logical conclusions of  two state solutions. It is also against the international law for an occupied power to change the legal status of the occupied land. 

    So, before you open your colonial water carrying mouth check things and learn history. Furthermore , we do not give a hoot about the Russian butcher called Putin or his former communist archipelago, or the dirty Greeks who denied its MUslim community of Athens a place of worship for the last hundred years. 

    THese so called Orthodox guys are not the civilized western Christians ( Protestant and Catholic) who are the foundations of freedom and faith. Have you seen anyone migrate to Russiia , Greece or Serbia? no one does. Go and check how many Masjids these creatures razed to the ground.

    . I like and welcome the statement Talaabo made about MUslims refraining changing the legal status of churches and places of worship. It was the second Khaliif of Islam Umar Ibn Khataab who told the conquered Christians of Jerusalem that their churches would remain the way  they were before Islam. That is why the church of nativity and many old churches are still standing in Jersulam while Muslims ruled the for over thousand years. That is why there  are Coptic Christians in Egypt for thousands of years. 

    The Ottoman Empire was a place were cultures and people of different faith thrives and prospered. It was Suleiman The magnificent who welcomed the the persecuted Jews in Spain after they were ordered to either convert or die. Despite the advent of Wahanism and other forms of Islam created by colonial powers to saw discord, Islam has been always tolerant of people of different faith. That is why we have tens of millions of Christian communities living in Egypt, Syria, Iraq, Lebanon and Palestine for .centuries.

    . In nineteen twenties and early thirties Bolshevik communists and secular nationalists had banned religion and transformed Masjids, Synagogues and Churches in  to Museums, especially in Russia. Mustafa Kamal the great Turkish nationalist who is the founder of the republic of Turkey  jumped this band wagon and changed many Majids to museums. HAgia Sophia, a place where the conqueror of Istanbul , Mohamed Fatih, opened as a Masjid and as a symbol of Ottoman power and seat of the Khilaafa. It has been a Masjid for over 500 years. The Turkish higher court just answered the petition of private citizens who wanted to overturn that decree by Attaturk in 1935.

    The Ottomans never changed the interior of the Masjid even after 500 years. When foreign dignitaries, especially women visit Haggia Sophia,  they cover their head o respect the place where MUslims worshipped. Nothing is changing, and people could still visit.

    In Turkey, prime ministers were beheaded by allowing symbols of Islam including Mendes. For those generation of Muslim Turks , who have to preform their prayers in fear, this a great symbolic achievement, and it shows  of how far the nation came.

    In the mean time, I would say to  the small minded separatists boys who measure things on tribal council minds, to grow up and leave Sultan Erdogan and seek favors from others like the stinking Greeks. Everyone knows that Erdogan had built and renovated old churches and Synagogues throughout Turkey. THeir over 400 churches and places of worship for small tiny Christian community which is less than 1%.

    Why would these fools root for the debacle of the Sultan.?




  10. I do not understand why Ilhan Omar should be labeled with Ayaan Hirsi or anyone else.

    Boys, leave the Honorable woman alone and find other things to debate. 

    Some people are intentionally leading this forum to gutter.

    Waar hablaha Soomaaliyeed faraha ka qaada.

  11. How did I missed this piece?

    This will give our young generation a good moral boast. Mogadishu, Adal and Zaylac is the foundation of the Somali civilization. I met Asli Hassan the first Somali pilot in Africa in DAllas TX.

    If things settle down and peace rains in the land we will be unstoppable. 

  12. OOdweyne,


    The uniniosts are not anyone's guests.

    Have you seen the speaker of the Senate Cabdi Xaashi hold the court . Faroole and company are asking him to hold the rules and stop Farmaajo. Deputy premier Khadar Guuleed is not only tall and bold, but speaks the language of the leaders. Sometimes, he acts as the leader of the place.

    Furthermore, Without Bayle N&N will be toasted since financial management is probably the only main ticket Farmaajo will be using for re-election.

    Heck, without the unionists this place could be a dysfunctional southerns masquerading as a government. 

    Does anyone know who is the minister of defence, foreign affairs or interior? . these are the key cabinet positions held by southern boys and so far they haven't shown any thing tangible. 

    I know it may look awkward, but we will get our 250 delegates and select capable men and women to hold the country together. Alo, deep down, some of the southerns worry about us taking power in Mogadishu.




  13. 3 hours ago, Oodweyne said:

    And the other will be a mind-numbingly absurd fiction concocted from thin air just to give some folks a "bogus representation" in Mogadishu. 


    Nimankan reer koonfur odayaal Garoowe, Cadaado iyo Kismaayo jooga ayaa soo magacaabaya, anagana 250 reer Somaliland oo Mudqisho iyo koonfur jooga ayaa na soo magacaabaya. What is the difference?.

    THey have no choice but to accept our representation , otherwise this wiill be Koonfuria parliament and government.

  14. I think there could be a mistake here. Nine people might have died in Somaliland this week of car accident, but that doesn't mean 9 people die every day or even a month. 

    In Somaliland, the media reports major accidents and crashes. I bet 9 people a month is even too much. THe roads are not maintained or repaired. The worst road is probably Hargeisa --Gabiley where cars travel high speed with narrow road.

  15. We know we are facing pressure from Suldaanka and company but now others are joining the campaign.

    Since when those in Bu'ale, Sakow, Dhuusamareeb, jalalaqsi Sabaale and Jamaame went to their home towns for support.

    For the last two parliaments more than have of southern politicians could not go home get elected, just like those of us. Even today, there are districts in middle and Lower Shabeele, Hiiraan and JUbba members could not visit.

    Anyway, I do not see any good candidate among these charlatans. Those who say Muqdisho Unakaa leh, are hated by most Somalis these days. If there is any ambitious northern politician,  now is the time  to grab the torch from the lame duck guy and Unaka Leh.

    By the way, the Benadiris had three members among the 13 SYl. Dhere Xaaji Dheere, Saqaawadiin and Sheikh Mohamed Huseen , the first SYL chairman. The seats for Banaadiri should be allocated and Muqdisho city should be different from Gobolka Banaadir.

  16. Here is how it could happen.

    THere won't be direct vote. voting will be held not only in regional level but also in district level. Every member of parliament will be elected by about 250 people. Those vying for a seat ( member of parliament) has to run under the banner of a political party.

    Nabad iyo Nolol and others will fight for that seat, yet the seat will still belong to certain clan under 4.5. Which means the seat contested in Diinsoor will be for grasp among those sub clans in Diinsoor.

    Then those elected will proceed to Magadishu and will congregate under their political party. The party with majority of members will elect the president or a coalition of parties might elect the president and share the prime minister.

    That was what Farmaajo and company will eventually agree after failing the illogical idea of one man one vote.




    A Somaliland delegation led by foreign minister Mr. Faratoon, had proposed a union with Republic of China (Taiwan). For the Taiwanese , since they do not share a border with Somaliland , it was a welcome joke, but the minister insisted that sharing borders with another country is not a requirement for this union to happen. He suddenly put on the table a document signed by his president and told the audience to be serious and hear him out.

    The Taiwanese hosts were shocked how serious the minister was and decided to give him the floor.  Minister Faratoon acknowledged the seriousness of the issue and said he have to stand up to deliver the sales pitch of the century. As he begun his sermon and the merits of this union, Dr. Edna who was sitting beside him sensed that Mr. Faratoon was some what hesitating in his delivery, and jumped to eloquently set the stage. As she sat down, another member of the delegation Ahmed Yasin,  jumped to the fray and said, " as the speaker of Somaliland parliament" ( he is not the speaker but the deputy , but what do the Chinese juniors know) and said we got your  General Assembly seat in silver plate.

    The delegation explained the steps to be taken to achieve a seat at the UN for the united countries of SomTaiwa. Here are the steps:

    Somaliland: First, Taiwan have to spend money for Somaliland recognition in Africa. Since everyone is saying Africans should be first decide if Somaliland is to be recognized, we will buy African votes within the African Union. THere are already enough candidates willing to recognize us if the price is right. South Sudan, Guinea, Gambia, Chad, Kenya are among those who could give as the first votes.

    Taiwan: How much money does it take to buy these votes?

    Somaliland: Few hundred million dollars..

    Taiwan: that is a bargain. less than a billions for a UN seat, that would be the best deal ever. We are willing to spend 5% of our sovereign wealth which is billions to achieve a UN seat. Having said that how could that translate a victory for Tiawan?

    Somaliland: If you are willing to pay, we could get two dozen Africans, and then repeat the same plot in Latin America places like Guatemala, El Salvador, Peru and son. Within few years we could get 50 countries who would recognize Somaliland.

    Taiwan: of course., but you did not answer my question. How could that benefit us?

    Somaliland: WE will become one united country before we start the journey. When we get the recognition you will get too. A vote of recognition for Somaliland will be a UN seat for Tiawan.

    Taiwan: What should we call that country?

    Somaliland: didn't we said earlier? It will be called SomTaiwa.

    Taiwan: We like the idea but we want our name Taiwan to be before yours. Like TaiwaSom. It is only fair since we are bankrolling the whole campaign.

    Somaliland: give us a minute, we have to discuss about this new development of the name, because we assumed SomTaiwa was the name we agreed upon. 

    Well, now the debate had started among the delegation. Minister Faratoon and another one from west Burco insisted that we are not willing to lose the Somali word in this name change. Dr. Edna and Ahmed Yasin who are close to Biixi disagreed. They said, " We do not mind losing this Somali thing, because some us had even had  thought many years ago that instead of calling us the colonial name  Somaliland , we should have called ourselves Maandeeq or even Shankaroonland.

    Saleebaan Gaal who did not say a word in all this debate , stood up and said, I can not allow Somaliland to be swallowed by these small eyed people, let us go home and debate this back home in Somaliland.

    Dr. Edna jumped and said, " how do you intend to debate this in a public forum?

    Saleebaan Gaal: we will tell the people the usual lie and explain that Taiwan is willing to make economic integration and future free trade with us.

    The delegation went back to the room and told the Taiwanese, " we will be back" and left.

    Folks, the debate continues.






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  18.  3

    TIMACADDEH, Tallaabo and Suldaanka reacted to this. Since all the Duriyada including Oodweyne, agreed that I might have " voices in my ahead", I intend to share with you. please check my thread about Taiwan.

    Having said that , i see a lot of creativity and imagination in Somaliland. Since the north is where authors and Somali composers are plenty, i expect many new idea. By the far the Taiwanese how to write Somaliland is great creativity.

    Who knows since the west especially USA is gearing up to confront the Chinese and contain their future hegemony, it seems Somaliland is allying itself with the right people. Our friend Oodweyne who is more British even than the Englishman will soon set the plot of confronting China.

    Somalia as usual is reacting on these moves.

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    54 minutes ago, Timacaddeh said:

    It is not a rocket science, for me Muuse Biixi and SNM are angry tribal criminals who murdered my people, while Suldaanka holds them to be heroes.

    damn, they just hijacked the thread.

    I shouldn't have made that quote. Now, the  boys are unhinged and out of order. Ok Folks, let us leave that thing for now and talk about Amxaaro unless you like them.

  20. 8 hours ago, Khadafi said:

    Galbeedi,  the question for you is Soomalida maxaa u diyaarsan? Another  mad-max clan chewing lawless clan fiefdoms or  a stable Somali regional state? Kolley the TPLF plan B wey diyaarsadeen but  Mustafes singing  tunes to Amxaaro in  BaxriDahar might backfire once Cabeey Amxaaro becomes the emperor with clothes.

    It is a good question.

    THe Somali regional state is already a tinder box just waiting for the fire to ignite. Clan hegemony and rivalry is apparent as we speak. Somali opposition politicians in the region, especially those who are in Addis or close to the Ethiopian system are not working to prepare for the future. THey are spending their energy how to replace Mustafe Cagjar and take his place. They want to be appointed from Addis and carry the water better than the current leader.

    Mustafe cagjar is becoming just like most Arab leaders whose power emanates from foreign powers to rule their people. He spends his time courting Amhara and others in Addis and Bahar Dar. He might not have the power of the TPLF but he could prepare his people by uniting them and shielding Somalis from the incoming Ethiopian civil war and disintegration. He could reform the current regional party and put Somalis who are pro independence and pro regional autonomy. He could heal the tribal animosity among tribes and strengthen the bond among the people.

    He could help the displaced Somalis within the region who needs housing and re-settlement. He could have plan B, C and D if the Abyssinian empire collapses.If there is anyone who should be separated from Ethiopia, it is the Somalis not the TPLF. 

    We might need probably sophisticated Somalis to design a plan to save Somalis from the incoming civil war. The current Oromo upraising instigated by the Amhara will give huge boast to the TPLF. Yesterday, Abiy could have threatened to bring the TPLF to the fold of Mama Ethiopia , but today, no Oromo will shed his blood to save the decaying corps of the empire. I have no idea, but let me suggest few things for Cagjar:

    1-Make the regional political structure separate from Addis.

    I mean, make it difficult for Abiy and company to replace the regional leader with decree from Addis. Today, no one can replace the TPLF president of Tigrai except the Makale executive . I know as an NGO man, Mustafe is not tough enough to confront the Addis criminal enterprise who are deadly, but he can assemble like minded Somalis who could help for that confrontation . I might even call back some the Illey people who know few things in Ethiopia.

    Last year while ridding a taxi cab in Jigjiga, I had a conversation with the driver about the past and the present, and somehow we talked about Somali regional government separating. He said, If there was anyone capable of standing up to Amhara it could have been Cabdi Illey, but he destroyed himself by killing his own brothers.

    He could take the initiative and create non tribal based executive group that would pretend to be pressuring him to make the Somali region more autonomous.

    2-He should reach other Somalis without aggravating the so called clan hegemony.

    I know the OG clan acts differently and named the whole region after her clan name, but if the shit hits the fan no clan can survive or even would be able to rule the vast region with diverse Somali clans. He must leave his comfort zone and make everyone feel at home or the Mad Max thing will start and some clans might even join the enemy to gain some scrums..

    3- To avoid the repeat of the last Oromo-Somali conflict, he should reach out to Oromo and stop going to Bahar Dar and courting Amhara in general. In politics optics are important , and Mr. Cagjar should reverse his Ahmara centric pronouncements. 

    And finally try to control the Somali regional borders and keep out the trouble makers to harm Somalis.

    In another news, the killed singer Mr. Hachalu had given an interviews about ten days ago, and he was asked about statues referring of what was going on in America. He said he hates seeing the Menelik statue in Finfinee (Addis).

    A month or so ago no would have thought the statue of Christopher Columbus , Ted Roosevelt and Cecil Rhodes to be the incarnation of racism and slavery. The Amhara knew this statement was endangering their deeply held Amhara narrative about the old emperors who had massacred people in south west and eastern lands. Without Menelik and the last king Amhara would be one among many ethnics of the empire. It is not a rocket science, for me Muuse Biixi and SNM are angry tribal criminals who murdered my people, while Suldaanka holds them to be heroes. This interview alone is the smoking gun. Some Somalis might not know history , but it was just over hundred years ago when Menelik and company captured Harar and took our land by the barrel of the gun provided by the colonial powers of the 19th century.

    The Amhara could take Menelik and Haile Salsie to Gondor but not in keep them in Finfinee.

    Folks the world has changed.


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