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  1. 14 hours ago, Tillamook said:

    Galbeedi, Ma maantaad ogaatey bar caaqiiba ah inuusan laheyn odeygii Saaxiib kaa ahaa ee Farmaajo? 😁

    I wanted him to  succeed for the  sake Somali people.

    Waxa uu nagu siray aamusnaanta, oo waxaan islahaa wax weyn baa u qarsoon, hawshana hoos ayuu kai wadaa. 

    I thought he has secret weapon some where to use when things get tough. Instead what you get is what you see. 

    He is probably a good man who is not prepared for the throat cut Somali politics. 

    THe prime minister he trusted for three years sold him for the last minute and challenged his seat, yet he couldn't even see that coming. The  current  prime minister from Galmudug couldn't even get the support of his base.

    Unfortunately, I was one of those who was rooting a prime minister from Galmudug and bring these trouble makers to the ruling party and the government instead of being always in the opposition. 

    Imagine if Farmaajo selected Cali Geedi. He would have been a heavy weight prime minister breathing in the necks of the likes of C/laahi Deni and company. A fragmented group like the Galmudug boys could never see the big picture. He got Qoor Qoor but the Mudug branch and the Dhuusamareeb anarchists can't get along.

    The only loyal and hard working group the punched above their weight were the northern Somalis.

    When you get a president that  couldn't make any tough decisions, coupled with a reclusive prime minister who no body knows, that is a recipe for disaster.

    Waar weli miyaad aragteen nikan raiisul Wasaaraha oo ummadda inta uu hor yimid dadka la hadlaya. Dhawr bilood ka hor ayaan waxaan nin saaxiibkay ah oo reer Galmudug ah weydiiyey waxa uu ka yaqaano raiisuwasaaraha cusub. WAxa uu igu yidhi: " waa dadka hay'adaha iska dhex socda , waxna ma qaban karo"

    Another strategy Somalis learned from Aabo Siyaad is they always choose the weak links. Ahmed Siilaanyo did in Somaliland and evetyone else from Djibouti to Somali Galbeed.


  2. Why are they complaining and raising the alarm now?

    They were in the middle of every meeting held from Kismaayo to Dhuusamareeb while also footing the bill. This is their government. Neither Puntland, Galmudug or Farmaajo could afford an airline ticket to Nairobi or Dhuusamareeb. 

    Four years ago we thought the foreign forces will finally leave and Somali forces could secure  Mogadishu and surrounding area.

    Folks, it is square one. Again.

    Raadkii aan shalay maray

    Miyaan dib ugu soo laabtay.


  3. Herd immunity has been reached in Somalia already in last fall around October 2020. I have a friend who come back from home and he said no one is talking about Covid-19 anymore. He said prayers both in Hargeisa and Borama Masjids were full of people. 

    19 hours ago, Miskiin-Macruuf-Aqiyaar said:

    the vaccine will cover 600,000 frontline health workers, which is 3% of the Horn of African country's population.

    Somalia doesn't even have 10,000 health care workers let alone 100,000.

    He said Covid talk starts during departures to the outside world and airlines.

    He said the virus probably came early in January and February of 2020 which saw many people dying a pneumonia type deceases. 

    Personally, I would prefer the herd immunity to extinguish the virus. Both the Pfizer Biontech and Moderna vaccine need storage temperatures of -70 and -20 Celsius respectively which is difficult to achieve even  in the developed world. Furthermore, two shots of four weeks interval is need for each person. I think that is huge task.

    THe W.H.O and the western world must understand that there is a different world that needs a different solutions. IN Egypt crowded trains are running between cities and towns. 



  4. 3 hours ago, Tillamook said:

    Garoowe  ii geeya!”.

    I heard C/laahi Deni rejected " Garoowe I Geeya". He said he wasn't consulted.

    Well, I think the time has come for Farmaajo to surrender the leadership and let others to decide and prepare the election. Indecision is the worst calamity that could happen for a leader.

    Ninkaas wareeray ee meel uu dhaqaaqa garan la' ayey ku odhanayaan waa dictator. 

    No Somali leader had ever gotten the kind of goodwill and support Farmaajo received without even lifting a finger. And where is the so called prime minister? Is he became a secretary of the president?

  5. 8 hours ago, Mastermind said:

    It does not work on the Somali psyche, period!!

    Everyone including Farmaajo knows there will never be a dictator in Somalia. At the same time if we keep Pickering for these useless things, we might never get leader let alone a dictator.

    Somalia is failing because of indecision and dithering leadership. If Farmaajo has any bone of toughness or even  authoritarian tendencies, he would have disarmed the tribal militia of Mogadishu long ago.

  6. Whom ever in their mind thought that there will not be a government in Somalia after February 8 was not only playing politics but was also inciting failed tribal emotions.

    That day came and went.

    Having said that it is the duty of the president to prepare the nation for the election and make the tough decisions. 

    By the way, where is that midget American ambassador who was shuttling between Madoobe, Deni, Qoor Qoor and Farmaajo for the last 12 months. The time has come these internationals creatures to leave Somalia and let their leaders make the necessary tough decisions. 

  7. Even the opposition needs time ? Because, if the election is held today they will lose big time. 
    knowing the slow moving Somali caravan, it could probably take a full year to hold the election .

    who knows, within a year we might get a new or a third party opposition that could defeat both Farmaajo and Unaka. We need one year to topple the corrupt southern oligarchs.

  8. We were there just four years ago. 

    Nothing changes in this town. I was talking last month a guy from Dayniile. He was the government spokes person when we were debating the issues  at the coffee hose last year. He even used to say , " Farmaajo Ilaahay ayaa Ummada u soo diray'. 

    Fast forward DEcember 2020 and he was arguing the incoming dictatorship of Farmaajo and his military in Mogadishu while knowing well that most of the current military conscripts hailing from south central Somalia. I wouldn't be surprised if Daynille becomes another Al-shabaab hot bed again.

    Marba koox baa cimaamada soo qaadata.

  9. Che,

    my friend, Somalia can't afford a political vacuum or the opposition proclaiming the end of the term. 

    The logical move to avoid another unnecessary crisis is for the parliament to extend the term for another six months.

    A whole year was wasted for nothing. Could you imagine the prime minister of Somalia had yet to come in front of a live microphone and explain to  the nation the goals of his government.

    Weli miyaad aragteen Raiisul wasaaraha oo dadka hor yimid oo sharaxaya waxa uu qaban doono iyo hawlaha ugu muhiimsan ee horyaala.

    WAlee dadkan maskaxdu mar hore ayey ka tegtay.

    Why not come out in public and tell the Somali people that the government is under trust-ship of the UN and you don't have the capacity to make tough decisions. 

    Farmaajo lost the whole year while arguing with Ahmed Madoobe. What a shame. 

  10. Allah ha u Naxariisto.

    Al-shabaab waxaad moodaa in ay khibrad gaara u leeyihiin in ay dadka siyaasada isku haya, ama qabaa'ilka gaajadu hayso ee hirdamaya madaxa isku geliyaan. 

    mararka qaarkood waxa uu dhaqankoodu muujinayaa in ay bartilmaameystaan dadka dawlada ka soo horjeeda si ay u abuuraan colaad fogaata. 

    Ama arrintu iyagaba way dhaafsan tahay oo sirdoon siyaasadeed oo ajaanib ah ayaa lufgta kula jira.

    With all the foreign mercenaries and intelligence rooming in Somalia, it is difficult to sort out who is responsible. 

  11. This is either an out right incompetence from the Somali collective leadership or some kind of scheme to to delay the election fro both sides.

    Farmaajo had always planned some kind of extension, and he might get tomorrow or the day after from the parliament.

    Also, the opposition is not ready yet for an election at the moment or next month. 

    If these people can not even fix minor issues like election commissioners who will not be deciding ballot counting or even election---that job belongs to elders---how can you defeat Al-shabaab or other complicated issues.

    These losers keep going back to Dhuusamareeb for almost a year while fixing nothing. They must stop pretending to be a government and call the Somali UN Trustship people and force them to agree, as usual, again.

    Could you imagine I decided not to flow the elections shenanigans for the last three months and just check when the decisions are made finally.

    Well folks, we might have another year of elections shenanigans until February 2022.


  12. A member of Parliament can not fire another.

    Unless they are convicted of a crime, it is all illegitimate political move.

    Haday xeer hoosaad jebiyeen waa laga hakin karaa hawsha baarlamaanka dhexdiisa ka socota, lamase eriyi karo.

  13. On 12/11/2020 at 1:15 PM, Holac said:

    Where is @Old_Observer?

    We need that guy now.

    Thanks to new drone technology, it will be tough for TPLF to wage a long guerrilla war. Yet, the would be seventh king of Ethiopia, Abiy Ahmed has to tackle now the Amhara issue if he want to rule Ethiopia. 

    I can't imagine how TPLF had wasted the opportunity to dismantle Ethiopia. THey even attacked Eritrea in 1998, their only exit option.

  14. A large segment of this group didn't vote for Farmaajo last time in 2017. Mahdi Guuleed is a rising star.

    Now I know Farmaajo is going to win.

    On 12/9/2020 at 12:29 AM, gooni said:

    Mucaaradku waxay dhaheen ciirtaada dhame yaa caydaada yaqaan oo ay ula jeedaan reer waqooyiga.

    Mogadishu Anagaa iska leg kooxda ku taameysa waa in laga guuleystaa. Waa haddii la rabo in dalkan loo sinaado. Xataa waxay garan waayeen in ay Muuse Suudi meel iskaga qufulaan inta ay hawshooda dhameysanayaan.

  15. On 12/11/2020 at 7:32 PM, Saalax said:

    Kolay   somaali khat iskama daynayso so why not plant it yourselves            so the hard cash can circulate    around the country.

    It was widely cultivated in Somaliland in the eighties, especially Arabsiyo region. As a young high school boy , I want to Arabsiyo, just 20km from Hargeisa,  with a friend of mine and spent few days chewing fresh Khat from the farm.

    Why send millions of hard earned dollars to Ethiopia and Kenya?

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  16. Cajiib.

    Waar tolow muxuu gabankani damacsan yahay.

    I heard some unverified news that the largest share holder of SomOil company,  which Khayre used to run before being appointed prime minister, is a Russian oligarch based in Moscow.

    I think this Khayre is probably working for his former boss Hassan Sheikh. He doesn't care about being elected, but he might want to get back to his former business and install a friendly government in Mogadishu. It was under Hassan Sheikh the so called Somoil was arranged.

  17. Proff. Afyare Cilmi had summarized well the main contentious points.

    The problems is that these days Somali politicians never agree on any thing without the being ordered or pushed by the international community.

    1- Technical committee members should be appointed by the federal government based on geography. at the same time they should be independent and neutral members. They should not be holding any current government position.

    2- In peaceful regions , people should elect their representatives in their districts. People like Madoobe who failed to liberate one single district beside KIsmaayo should not be rewarded to have a say if people of Garbaharey want to elect their own representatives. The same thing goes with Jawhar.

    Certainly the people of Hiiraan got a bad deal in terms of Hir-Shabbelle. How can you make Jawhar, just 60 miles from Mogadishu to be the capital he capital of the region? Heck, those from Jawhar have already near the real capital. The people of Hiiraan were cheated when they told them to be take the leadership and give the capital to Unaka. 

    It is one of the reasons we should scrap the two or more state criteria for a federal state. I want Hiiraan, Sool, Sanaag, Awdal, Gedo and Lower Shabbeele to have their own lone standing state.

    3- Somaliland delegates should follow the way it was held last time. Neither Farmaajo nor Cabdi Hashi should appoint the technical committees. By the way, what right does this Cabdi Hashi guy has to appoint the Somaliland committees? He has one single vote in the senate and when election is called his position doesn't exist anymore.

    4-The so called 30% women is none issue if they had already agreed to that quota. I do believe that 30% is too much, and should be reduced to 20%. No country in the world puts aside that many seats for female members.

    50 should proceed just like last time.

    Here you go folks. 

    The only debatable issue is #2.



    Brother MMA, 

    This is a great memory for your family and the Somali nation. Now I understand your outlook n Somalia.

    This were the old good times. It was the time no blood was shed for power or politics., 

  19. Here we have ten or men from one single clan running for president. "Mudisho anaga leh" must be defeated in a fair and free election.

    On 11/26/2020 at 9:00 AM, Tillamook said:

    – In iyada oo la cuskanaayo mabaadi’da ku xusan dhammaan faqrooyinka qodobka 127-aad ee dastuurka KMG ah uu taliyaha hay’adda nabad-sugida Fahad Yaasiin uu baneeyo xilka hay’addaas, maadaama uu yahay madaxa ololaha dib u doorashada musharax madaxweynaha Soomaaliya Maxamed Cabdullaahi Farmaajo, si loo sugo dhex dhexaadnimada hay’adda NISA.

    Now they are demanding the firing of the NISA chief. 

    Waar baroorta iska daaya oo doorashada gela. 

    Furthermore, the election commission doesn't decide for the election outcome. It is up to 325 men and women who are probably bought and sold by the candidates.If the government can not even appoint election commission, then what is its role ? just a bystander as Muuse Suudi demands illogical things.

  20. 9 hours ago, Che -Guevara said:

    Other cyber warriors and 'analysts' Farmaajo is gunning for Kismayo Mekelle style. 

    It will take two or three days to take over KIsmaayo unless the Kikuyu intervene.

    Ciidan xududihiisa soo xidhanaya oo sharci ku taagan cidna ma horjoogsan karto. Anigu beri hore ayaan sheegay . Qabaa'ilka Soomaalida iyo maamuladu laba saddex cisho ayey wax isku turtuuraan kadibna way kale joogsadaan. Tukaraq ayaa tusaale kuugu filan. 

    Let us see how Kenya reacts. How a foreign army serving under Amisom confront a Somali army going to its border.

    Folks, the era of separatism is probably over in this day and age. Armenian separatists with 30 years presence in the so called republic of Arthsak was taken over by the legitimate owners of the land , Azerbaijan. The Kurds in Iraq by now realized that despite the 92% referendum result, they can not dismantle Iraq. THe TPLF had plans for their own state but never declared openly in this war.

    Even MUuse Biixi is defending his cousin Cabdi Xaaji of the Somali senate to have influence in Somalia. The future is more integration in the horn of Africa than separation.



  21. 9 hours ago, Che -Guevara said:

    P.s. The TPLF cyber warriors are accusing Somalis trained in Eritrea to being part of the war.

    I met a Tigray guy yesterday and he said they have captured Somali soldiers in the north. THere is probably this narrative of the TPLF saying that they are fighting Ethiopia, ERitrea, Somalia and UAE.

    The TPLF are hated by  everyone. For 27 years they didn't cultivate any meaningful relationship among other ethnics. Now they keep talking about others flowing their lead and leaving EThiopia, yet when they had the opportunity to help others leave Abyssinia, they did the opposite thing. Having despots and tyrants in Somali regions and other places had helped them stay in power, but they never gave the Somali people any freedom to have a say in the future. I even heard that Cabdi Illey asked them in 2017 to allow Somalis to prepare for an exit. THe TPLF thought they would control Abiy just like they did in Hailemarium Daselegn.

    In 1998, they even attacked Eritrea, their only exit to the sea in the north. Even the Oromo agitating against Abiy just watched as the TPLF is invaded.

  22. By the way, yesterday Abiy Ahmed addressed the Ethiopian parliament and spoke without reservations. The speech had shown why Abiy had decided to crush the TPLF once and for all. He said that for almost a year he was prime minister just in name only. He narrated how they even had the keys to his office, how they disarmed his own security detail. He feared for his life with his own residence and decided to send his wife and children to America. He said, " they planed foreign visits and my travels without my knowledge , and they used to tell me when and where to go". He said Hailemarium Deselegn was a puppet .

    He said, they put him under full time surveillance from the moment he left his house to his office. He said, they almost succeeded to kill him twice. He talked about how he felt liberated When the TPLF leadership went to Makale in September to organize their local election. That was when he replaced them and openly challenged.

    In conclusion, he claimed having being a hostage of the TPLF for almost two years. He spoke like an angry man to justify the war.

    Anyway, with the Oromo leadership in jail since the spring, Abiy could only trust the Amhara. Some Ethiopian Somalis believe that if the Somalis and Oromo do not support him , he could be a hostage for Amhara.