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  1. With the sinking of American economy due to Covid- 19 , the chances of Trump re-election is going to the tank. In some American polls including those from Fox news, Joe Biden is leading in double digits. Uncontested strong red states like Texas are in play in this November. Trump and his enablers the , the Republican party could face the worst defeat in the last 40 years. 


    That is why Trump want to delay the election which never happened in the American history whether they faced civil war, depression or other calamities. Folks, Joe bide is leaving from his basement to the white house without lifting a finger this November. It seems Americans had made their mind to get rid of the con artist president. The unforeseen problems are America could have to presidents by December or even January. With virus devastating many states, mail in ballots are the favorite for many states than going polls in person. Ballot counting could takes weeks or more, and people expect Trump to drag the outcome and go to courts to challenge the results. 


     Queen Elizabeth II once referred to 1992 as an “annus horribilis” for the royal family, yet this year of 2020 will be remembering like no other before it. It has destroyed trillions of dollars from the world economy and things will not be the same even after vaccine is developed by the end of this year. Dr. Anthony Fauci, the man who keeps contradicting Trump on weekly bases thinks a vaccine will be ready by end of the year, probably late November or early December , just  before Biden assumes office. After vaccine is announced by the end of the year , we might see some midnight crazy tweets from Trump claiming the virus was a hoax perpetuated by the democrats to unseat him. By some estimates, Trump and his family might end up in prison to make up the damages they caused to the republic.


    Another curious issue is the Covid-19 disaster unfolding right wing-controlled countries around the world. Brazil is second only to USA in terms of death and infections rates, so does India. In America , some republican governors even believed the virus to be targeting the poor and minorities and rushed to reopen quickly , and now facing the worst of it. It seems the virus is becoming the great equalizer to level the playing field and check the powers of the right-wing nuts who happen to be out of control. In Italy, the devastation was centered in Lombardy, Veneto and the bases of the anti immigrant Northern league, while the Iranian president said a quarter of the population could be carrying the virus. Those who created the global free Market and nurtured the liberal democracy system throughout the world are happy the way things are unfolding globally. Everything they worked so hard had been dismantled within few years by the like of Trump, Bolsanaro of Brazil and Hindu nutcase Modi. For these powerful people, the virus in an opportunity to expose the incompetence of the right-wing leaders.


    Even in our own good old Canada, those who tried to flow the red American states are losing the battle. Here Alberta  we had 20 0r 30  cases by early May and we were winning. Yet, the right wing premier of Alberta decided to flow Texas and Florida and rushed to open the economy. Now we are having 130 or more a day. The flattened curve is rising again. Conservatives used to be people of sound ideology on economy, family and business, but they are reduced to be xenophobic, corrupt and unstable leadership seeking revenge.Former conservative prime minister Mulroney sanctioning South African government during apartheid while his close friends Reagan and Thatcher supported the regime. He welcomed Mandella in 1990 and gave him the order of Canada. While Canadian right government respect the rule of law and have good relationship with the immigrant communities, some might tempted to flow TRump.


    Farmaajo is a dead man walking.


    Early in 2017, some us had complained that the current government is not moving for the  needed speed to affect real change. We were amused when they appointed over 60 members of cabinet in a nation that can't even function outside of Mogadishu, yet many said that is a necessary evil to please clans and special interest groups. Well, having a quarter of the parliament in the cabinet might have prolonged the tenure of the prime minister, but did not help the straitening of the institutions. 


    It was eight years ago yesterday in August 01 2012, the provisional constitution was approved by the parliament. After eight years and two presidents nothing has been done on this file. Consultation and drafting of constitution don't need an army or Amison troops to protect them. Most of the national agenda and issue that need to be fixed are dragged for political and financial reasons. Like foreign mercenaries both Somali government members,  Amisom troops and NGO's work overtime to extended their projects as long as possible.  Some of you might have seen the Russian mercenaries who reached within 7 kilometres of downtown Tripoli ,but decided to camp in their zones, bring tons of food; booby trap their surrounding with mines and wait. Then Turkey came to help the locals. For them, a frozen conflict is the best advantage since they get a thousand dollar a day salary from outlaws of the gulf.  As an American citizen and former CIA protege, a victory by  Hafter  will not be the interest of the Russians, so, the project continues.


    Farmaajo could not do or finish things he didn't do four years ago today. He is appointing a judiciary council just before the end of his term. Every fool who becomes president tries to tailor made the rule of law as his jacket in order to avoid the rules being applied justly. Every entity where Somalis had established a false government these problems exist. In Somaliland, after thirty years, there are no judiciary system or even a supreme court to adjudicate cases. The supreme court is a one-man Shaw appointed and fired by the president. The highest court supposed to be where a diverse opinion was debated by wise men.


    We don't know the next moves of Farmaajo, but those who observe his moves said he keeps surrounding himself with insignificant people and sometimes with fools (Doqmo ayuu isku wareejiyey). What is the use of talking about popular elections without even securing the national capital? At least draft a new constitution and pass through the parliament for the next Somali leadership. It is important to replace the Meles Zenawi draft constitution passes by C/raxman Faroole and Shariif Hassan. Farmaajo could talk high of some of the minor geopolitical victories thanks to Ethiopia being a partner than antagonists like in the past, but if you look carefully, he didn't achieve anything meaningful. Of Courses Khayre had selected the current leadership of Galmudug which proved to be really good, yet if the achievement of every president is the creation of one regional administration, we are long way from succeeding . The only consolation Farmaajo has is unlike Trump, he could extend the election and buy some time to fight another day.


    He might not realize , but Farmaajo is a dead man walking. Giving Banaadir a name only administration and 13 members of the useless chamber will not help the cause of his government or the future. If a leader cannot show real improvement in the first 18 months and shake things down, he cannot achieve anything in the last 8 months. Folks, the era of Farmaajo will be over, but the alternative could be even worse at the moment. 


    The frozen conflict of Somalia is entering the fourth decade after 30 years. This nation needs extraordinarily leader who looks beyond silly debates, NGO contracts and the protection of others. 


    KHayre has a future.


    Unlike his predecessors, prime minister Khayre had free hand of not only managing the cabinet, but he also appointed and selected key government leaders like the governor of the bank and the intelligence leaders. According to international media, former prime minister Khayre sleeps only four or five hours at night. He personally supervises every government projects. Some say his great achievements were the rebuilding of the army, paying salaries of the security people and civil servants. On the other hand, his dictatorial attitude toward cabinet colleagues has slowed down government decision making. The biggest weaknesses of the Khayre cabinet is that most of the ministers are busy procuring contacts with the Nairobi based NGO's.  According to insiders, Most of the Ministries are dormant or stagnant. The only few ministries functioning are : the finance, transport and air aviation, foreign and petroleum resource. The rest doesn't have much to do. They mostly focus NGO contracts and when they leave office,  they lock the office and take their keys with them. There are hundreds of employees hired through foreign governments which pays their salaries.  For example, the Norwegian government pays the salaries of the people who work at the prime minister's office and other government Ministries. They reside $105 dollar night hotels beside the airport (over $3000 a month)and are taken  to these offices with security guards opening the office in the morning and closing after they have done the day. They do not have keys to their offices since they are private contractors. The Norwegians will not give the accommodation money directly to the employees, but the contract to the hotels are managed by people connected to the cabinet members. 


    THese people earn close to $7500 American dollars ( $10,000 Canadian) which they never earned in their life while residing in the western countries. Soon a new prime minister and cabinet will show up and will be busy creating his own new contacts with the NGO's. These are the Mogadishu business everyone is busy with while national issues are put at the back burner.  Almost every Ministry employs this kind of people paid by foreign government. Yet, the regular Somali civil servant in Mogadishu earns $400 dollars if he is connected. Even people like C/raxman Bayle said while ago that Somalia is a project ( Somalia waa mashruuc).


    Despite all that,  Khayre could be hundred times better than Farmaajo if he becomes president. If khayre ditches his NGO style of managing things and acts tough as he did in his early years (2017-2018) , he could achieve more than Farmaajo.  Unlike Farmaajo, Khayre seemed confident and well-spoken throughout his term as prime minister. Yet, in his last 12 months , he seemed to be dragging his feet or planning something else. We don't know what happen between Farmaajo and Khayre. Why would a prime minister oppose the extension of his government and contradict the president?. Who knows, maybe Farmaajo had agreed to serve one term and give way to Khayre for the next term, and then changed his mind. 


    One thing is for sure,  If Khayre was the man who organized the election of Farmaajo behind the scene in 2017, he could definitely undo his work and defeat Farmaajo easily for himself or for his former boss Hassan Sheikh. 


    Finally, Khayre has made history for the first time in current Somali political climate since 1991. He is the first prime minister who lasted more than three and half years since the Carta government of 2000. Second, when he was deposed by the parliament in illegal manner without the needed debate , he saw the writing in the wall and accepted defeat with grace and honour( Ilbaxnimo ayuu muujiyey). He could have put the country in protracted and losing battle through parliament while wasting money. You remember former prime ministers, Saacid, Sharmaarke and others who dishonorably fought a losing fight to keep their  job. . The Saacid guy even brought his family to the chamber and even recited useless lament to convince others.


    By bowing out Khayre had made history and because of these actions, he might have another shot to seek the highest office in the future. 



  2. Reer Bari are traditionally hard working people.

    I am glad these people have found homes, but you should remember, they are our own people relocating from unstable part of the country to another. They are not strangers or refugees from somewhere else as the headline implies.

    Waa dad dadkoodii u yimid. 

  3. Khare and his few loyalists were holding at least for the last four weeks. If Farmaajo is bold and tough, he will make Khadar Guuleed the next prime minister and shake up Somalia including Somaliland. I am getting a lot of calls about people saying it is time to shake things up.

    If Farmaajo rewards the spoiled boys of Mogadishu (Unaka) he will be branded as a coward who is under pressure.

    If he want to flow the usual road it is Galmudug, if wants to shake things up it is Khadar, if he want to hide under the Unaka it is Mogadishu boys. 


  4. Khayre ordered cabinet members like school children and spoke in vulgar way. He earned loyalty through bribe or intimidation. When the non confidence vote came only three members of the cabinet voted for him to stay including the national security minster who was representing the Cosoble men and their interest.

    The prime minister had zero support within the cabinet and parliament.

  5. Regrets and concern are what America could only deliver. THey have no teeth. 

    The weak man in Villa Somalia must change course and once in his life time a be leader. He has been flowing Uncle Sam for the last three years and they could not deliver anything other than few drones targeting Al-Shabaab.

    The world had changed, and America and company do not build things anymore, all they do is send social workers (NGO) and toothless failed diplomats. 

  6. What do you know anyway. You are hiding in your London lot without even checking the obvious. This is not a secret, it is known throughout the politicians in the region. Do you only listen to Radio Hargeisa.

    Everyone knows that Muuse Biixi had read the wrong paper, and after Djibouti made bold moves. The British flowed and approved more foreign aid especially the Somaliland fund while bringing the Dutch and the Danish.

    The British had told Muuse to resist despite the pressure and he accepted the advice and delivered. Why would the British spend all these energy including training and advising  the security  agencies without being consulted of any moves with Somalia?

    Stop farting and act like an adult. Okay?

  7. I was trying to write this article a week ago when the cabinet was divided on the Dhuusamareeb issue. Half of the cabinet including heavy weights like Dr. Bayle, deputy vice premier  Khadar Guleed, Foreign minister Ahmed Cawad, Jplanning minister Jamaal and others objected the moves Khayre made on the issue. Furthermore, like most doomed former Somali prime ministers before him (Cumar Sharmaarke, C/weli Gaas) , he decided to challenge the president and jump ship at the last leg of the journey.

    Khayre has been playing with the fire and was appearing to maneuver on possible challenge to the president. Three weeks ago, the president wrote a letter to the finance minister to save guard the treasury and notify the president and major government expenditures from the national bank. Dr. Bayle forwarded the message and informed that any major expenditure other than salaries must be approved by the minister. The bank governor showed Dr. Bayle a letter overidding his concern written by the prime minister. That was when I realized the long journey of Khayre to be over. 

    The Farmaajo government and his leadership was faltering for the last six months. Since Khayre realized that he will not come back as a prime minister for the second time and was unwilling to push for an extension of at least one year for the government, he begun to slow down the government process. While he succeeded to hold elections and form a viable leadership in Galmudug, it took over a year and half to set up the Galmudug administration.

    Since Khayre is unwilling to extend the government for one more year to prepare the election, Farmaajo has no choice but to appoint a new prime minister. It is the duty of the next prime minister to gain the confidence of the parliament and get extension to prepare for the next election. Khayre must be praised for his quick acceptance of the new change. 

    The agenda of the Farmaajo government was weakening due to the rivalry of the prime minister which was hidden from the public. Many of had head the rumors loud and clear, but were willing to hold the fire and wait for the sky to clear. The disaster at the Djibouti conference has shown the weakness of the Somali government. A British diplomat visited Hargeisa and encouraged Muuse Biixi to reject everything he agreed before the meeting and read a letter highlighting the British and former protectorate. The British diplomat argued that the whole affair was concocted by America and Ethiopia without their input and told Muuse to reject the pressure and promised him diplomatic cover.

    The farce Dhuusamareeb conference also had exposed the whole affair and their ability to agree on anything. How can you spend two weeks , especially for the regional leaders and one whole week for the top leadership and all you proclaim is to meet again in few weeks? It shows that there are no work, process or agenda going in Somalia and in Mogadishu. If a the top leadership, including president, prime minister, some of the cabinet and others could spent weeks out of their office without in worry of the job they left behind, you know there is no work being done in Mogadishu. 

    At this stage, the next logical move of Farmaajp is to nominate a prime minster from Galmudug. The new leader of Galmudug Mr. Mohamed A. Kaariye , Qoor Qoor,  has shown a great leadership and patience in peace and building the needed compromises among the Galmudug people.For the last few weeks he was acting like a natural Somali leader open to dialogue and brotherhood. His ability to reconcile with his opponents and even appoint some of them within his cabinet has earned him a great deal. The dusty town of Dhuusamareeb has shown its hospitality and its ability to host the current Somali regional and federal leadership. Thanks to Mr. Qoor Qoor, Galmudug is on the map for the right reasons. 

    While certain politicians of Galmudug agitated against Farmaajo, its public , mostly abstained from any conflict and supported the president. While Fiqi, C/raxman C/shakur and others campaigned, most of the Galmudug people never took a tribal turn and have shown to refuse any open warfare. Some of my Galmudug friends say that they were tired of conflict since 1991, and are willing to concentrate on business and creating wealth. One of them told me that any new conflict in Mogadishu or their region will devastate their economic well being. In fact, others will openly say that, " we are not interested in power but on trade and commerce".

    When six members of the security detail of C/raxman C/shakuur was shot dead by Banadir intelligence members, they did not retaliate, but decided to be peaceful opponents of Farmaajo. Also, despite the agitations of the opposition, Farmaajo also was never discouraged to engage the Galmudug people and visited their region as loyal Somalis who should be treated with respect. The time has come for Galmudug to be rewarded with leadership. We have not a prime minister who hails from Galmudug  since 1959, when late premier C/laahi Ciise held the post.

    Galmudug should be the natural base of Farmaajo and his government to move forward, thus its imperative to nominate the next prime minister from Galmudug. It is only natural. At the moment it is hard to point the finger to one candidate . The current crops of Galmudug politicians do not reach at the level of being prime minister including Fiqi, Mahad Salad and others. 

    At the moment, I do not have a list, but my first choice will be Dr. C/nasir Mohamed.


    Dr. Abdinasir Mohamed is a Somali-American doctor who lived and worked in US state of North Carolina.

    He said his motivation to join the race was due to injustice, poverty, lack of strong governance and level of unemployment in Somalia.





  8. I am really tired of teaching history lessons for these ugly Somali tribes who never learns.

    Ma gudnayaashan daadsan Xamar , Garoowe ilaa Hargeisa waan ku daalay sidii   aanu marba cashar cusub u dhig u lahaa.

    First,  In the years of  1987/88 in Hargeisa, general Morgan was not called butcher on thing close to that. He was called " Mooge" which means in rough translation " Absent minded", lost or don't know what is going on. 

    In 1987/88 he staged a beauty pageant in Hargeisa theater were beautiful women competed for a price. Members of his entourage  were trading business and contraband  from Djibouti to Hargeisa ( Especially the Dhafoor qiiq). Unlike those before him like general Gaani, Morgan was a play boy interested to smooth things down in the north. He wasn't interpreted in military affairs.

    Some serious Somali military leaders believe without Morgan the storming of Hargeisa and the destruction of the city could have been spared. He was told about rebels pretending to be surrendering and giving up after Mengistu and Siyaad Barre made agreements in the IGAD conference held in Djinouti. Some 20 years ago a Somali historian and authority in the horn told me that weapons were smuggled openly with the busses and trucks bringing milk and people from villages outside Hargeisa ( Baabuurta caanaleyda ayaa hubka lagu soo qaadi jiray).

    THere were no check points to check these things. In fact, that historian believed that if the border were enforced and intelligence were deployed, the destruction of Hargeisa could have been avoided. The suicidal rebels entered homes, made holes through neighborhoods and created a guerrilla warfare in urban area. How could you dislodge a rebel who have no mercy for the locals and willing to fight in the middle of towns. According to him, these could have been prevented if simple search and seizure methods were used. If city perimeter were controlled, there were no chance of large number of men penetrating to city. THat is what learned general beloved then.


    After that disaster, the playboy general was revealed of duty. Thanks to his inaction a war was fought in the middle of civilians. It boggles the mind that a loser commander who was not qualified to manage major war theater in the north is still courted by Puntland and other D block chauvinists who should know better. What would a washed up general Morgan add to the Issue?.

    Morgan wasn't different than most  ruling class losers and rich kids sent to get education , but failed to achieve anything. When I was in Dallas , Texas many years ago, I met a Somali resident of the city who narrated how a drunk Morgan, who were sent to learn the highest military collages in America, crushed to a toll collection booth in the highway in north Dallas. THese were people who bacame gerelas while their mother still feeding her youger ones. THe late Proff. Caalin of Sool , " Jeneral Hooyadii weli Caano leedahay Somalia ayuun baa lagu arkaa". 27, 28, 30 years old generals. 

    So, since history teaches nothing to these fools, we have to keep writing and keep repeating the obvious that some might get a second thought.

    In other words, a general who was called , " Mooge" in Hargeisa in 1988, is called the butcher of Hargeisa  today by the children of SNM, while the general who failed his duties and failed to defend the nation is feted in Garoowe and asked for help to defend PUntland.Is he the only general Puntland got? What is wrong with Puntland these days? Is this the begining of the decline?

    Liibaax Sanka taabtee iyo ragii la mid ahaa weligiina karti ahaan uma dhawa.

    Imisa book ayaan qoraa tolow?

  9. Guys, Egypt is not the kind of country that could around places to build bases and project power. Of course they have strong military, probably top 20 army in the world, yet this Egyptian army and most of the armies of the Arab world including the Saudi, Syrian, UAE and other were built to fight their own people and keep the dictators and despots in power.

    I asked a former Somali army colonel,  who was in the military intelligence, the possibility of Egypt intervening next door Libya. He said traditionally dictators or those who rule by gun doesn't like the mobilizations of army, especially large amount of men and materiel going out of the country and assembling neighboring countries.

    At the moment Egyptian army conscripts who hail from the masses can not challenge or refuse orders to kill innocent civilians or protesters, but if they have an opportunity to express freely within their comrades in the context of war, they will. A returning army have always men who are motivated and angry, and will do something with their trusted friends. That is what happened to Siyaad Barre in 1978 or Ethiopian ruling class in 1977.

    The butcher of Egypt was threatening to intervene Libya for weeks, and today, he changed course and said, " He will not stand idle while Egypt's security is threatened, and Will army Libyan tribes against the Government of National Accord (GNA). That is how week the despot is. 

    Soon we will take over Sirte and Jufra without much destruction. Egypt,  a nation which is not at peace within itself, and ruled by despots could not lift a finger. 

    JUst like those in Mogadishu, Somaliland is ordered by NGO's all the time. THe so called election is ordered by the NGO's . There are no debate  to improve the ballots, demarcate the districts or fix what went wrong last time around. 

    IN the last municipal election, a party that had 38 members in the parliament found themselves without a party. At the current parliament, no one knows who these 82 members represent. THey are bought and sold by the ruling class when they need something to pass. So, rather than do the basic things and improve the rule of law and institutions , they are creating false narratives.

    I heard that the so called Taiwanese issue is nothing but a plot to bring these guys to mine minerals in Awdal and other places vacated by the Chinese companies who were ordered by the federal government and China to flow legal channels for resource extraction.




  10. 1 hour ago, Suldaanka said:

    If they are able to guarantee Somaliland's security and give Somaliland access to their markets, then Ethiopia is not needed at all.


    That is good assessment of the advantages that could be gained from the gulf boys. Yet, these guys never give anything for mutual exchange of interests. They would have helped the Yemenis next door or the suffering Syrians.

    The day of reckoning for the gulf boys is coming soon. Bin Salmaan has been advised to depose his own father and take the throne before Joe Biden takes the helms of US Of A. Qatar is thriving since the blockade while the UAE has been defeated every where.