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  1. 1 hour ago, Tillamook said:

    No Galbeedi, I’m afraid you just to have get used to being a small fish from small Awdal. The day you and folks like you accept their true political weight in Somalia markaas ayaa ummada oo dhan is raaci doontaa


    I want that little Awdal to govern itself, elect its mayors, town councils, collect its own taxes, built roads, fishing ports and functioning courts and police. I am willing to acceptt what ever proportion of my population represents in the federal parliament. 

    We are not one of those who afraid of justice and accountability, because we are not looters, squatters or arrogant and illiterate folks seeking something they are not qualified for. In fact, if meritocracy becomes the rule we might even get a larger share of public servants and know how jobs. Since the collapse of the Somali state, we opened the first university, and in Somaliland, we built the first asphalt roads by private donation. In Borama we have public and private partnership running the city water. We have three major hospitals in Borama. After Mogadishu and Hargeisa, we geo the third largest city in Borama( I am not kidding check the latest reports).

    Besides, we the original people of Adal,  are not new comers in the Somali sphere. The best has yet to come for us both in the republic , Somali region of Ethiopia and Djibouti. Our farms are just 20 miles west of Hargeisa all the way to the outskirts of Jijgjiga. We have more people in Somali Galbeed than in Awdal. We one of the few Somalis who we were the victims of the colonial rule. Just like the OG who crosses from Dolow to Kismaayo and them to Garissa, we want an open border.

    direct democracy will undermine false tribal numbers which is why they might not accept. And if Somali unity comes, we and our SNM Habro cousins will be real allies in Mogdishu to fend off the greedy southern elite. We are not afraid of the future.

    Finally, other those like C/raxman Bayle who deserve to be in the cabinet, what did we get in the so called 4.5 parliament. Those guys in the parliament do not represent us at all. He you seen anyone of them speak?

    By all means get rid of the 4.5 and let the people decide.

    Tuugta ayaa sharciga ka cabsata, budhacadu meesha ay ku badan tahayna waa la yaqaanaa.





  2. 10 hours ago, Apophis said:

    The whole population of Galbedi’s people number less than 700k. No wonder he has inferiority complex.

    That is not a bad number, although it doesn't effect how I see the Somali world.

    Furthermore, when I say Ahmed Madoobe is an usurper, I am not talking about our OG brothers and sisters who inhabit both Lower and Middle Jubba. I have an OG friend who is a vocal critic of Madoobe and he is from Saakow.

    Apophis, don't make this an ugly tribal thing. I just want to be a small fish in the big sea of Somalihood whether it is Hargeisa , Banaadir or Borama.

    Ummadu ha is raacdo oo calanka bulluuga ha wada hadhsato ayaanu leenahay.

    Mida kale Jabhaduhu sodon sanadood ayey soo taliyeen wax khayr ahna makeenin. We need a change.

  3. 3 hours ago, Tillamook said:

    long as you believe Useless Farmaajo will make your unholy dreams of a politically centralized Somalia controlled by dictator to come true.


    This Feberuary of 2021 is the 30th anniversary since Siyaad barre left Mogadishu and Somali state collapsed. Thirty yeas is a long time to organize a coherent and stable state. Dictatorship, corrupt oligarchs, benevolent authoritarian leader, democrats and others between is what nations experience. 

    Why you keep speaking as the Somali military government was the only monster that showed up in our continent or our region. As an educated man you have to measure and analyze things in their context . In our own neighborhood of Horn of Africa, there was Mengistu who killed a king and two president and 60 generals. For 40 years Kenya had two dictators the last one Daniel Moi lasting from 1978 to 2002. He told the Kenyans in 2000 that if they tried rebellion , unlike the Somalis next door,  they would be dying like a cattle. 

    So, military coups and dictatorship was part of live in those era. I know certain communities had suffered when they tried to grab the power from the military government, but nations travel hardships and huge oceans and trails. I bet If Farmaajo was from Boosaaso or Balcad these dictatorship were would have not been thrown out in the field this way.

    Despite the 30 years that the Somalia was ruled by the elite rebel groups that  destroyed the state, we haven't get the so called decentralized government that we were all looking for. 

    Have you seen one single mayor elected in any region of the republics including those who have introduced multi party system?  How about Puntland? after 23 years they could not hold one single election. Don't you think the people of Boosaaso, Qandala and Gaalkacayo deserve  to elect their mayor and have decentralized rule. I do not think you are interested in decentralized rule but a regional tyranny. 

    You had 30 years to bring change and you failed. We are also tired of recycling leaders every four years without the incumbent leader getting enough time to affect change. 

    Finally, the opposition should welcome any election where the ruling party and the opposition have an equal footing to seek votes from 325 members. 










  4. 1 hour ago, Duufaan said:

    Very clear contrast. Some people may say it is about security and Alshabaab, it is definitely more than that and needs to be addressed.

    It is more than that. It could be said that 70% of the Somali population lives between Balacad and Raascaambooni. Shabeelaha hoose alone with seven highly populated districts has more people than the combined four provinces in central Somalia. 

    They are suffering because the locals are denied to organize and rule themselves. Both in Jubbaland and Shabelaha Hoose local join Al-shabaab to get an equalizer to fend of the hungry tribes who loot and burn. These are the richest regions of Somalia. Look at Merka Cadey once a beautiful old town looking the Indian ocean , today reduced captive and unstable.

  5. Tilamook,

    aflagaada jooji.


    For starters, I do not mind demanding to limit the power of the parliament to legislate in this transition period,  so does the idea to curb executive powers to extend the term or those sort of things.

    But to demand the firing of the police, military and intelligence leadership at this crucial time is tantamount to weaken the state when ugly warlords are easing their head.

    Waar waxa hadhay waxa weeye in ay Madaxweynaha dhahaan “ xaaskaaga fur”.

    By the way , the hapless opposition just pasted and copied the Puntland demand toste yesterday and released.

    Waar ninka la tartama oo garoonka yimaada. It was Hassan Sheikh who appointed the election committee four years ago and no one raised a question. This time around the  the regional leaders are allowed to nominate their own men for the election commission. 



  6. I think the Somali state should investigate those who tried to overthrow the legitimate government of Somalia. Most of these people were the same instigators who tried in 2006 to overthrow the TNG government. 

    Shariif Ahmed, Yusuf Indhacade, Cabdi Samater were all involved in the violent overthrow of Somalia's TNG in Baidoa. 

    Now they are blaming general Indhacade who did what he supposed . When you declare publicly that there is no government, and ask your tribal militia to provide security, what is he supposed to do? 

  7. Just like the Kenyans he was expecting chaos. 

    The Somali people had spoken and they want four more years of Farmaajo.

    Afar sano ha loogu daro ayaanu leenahay si looga takhaluso dagaal ogaayaasha, dabadhilfka Kenya iyo Imaaraadka iyo kuwa Soomaalida halkaa dhigay 30 sano.


  8. C/laahi Dani and company had decided not to take part in the election. That is very clear now. The failed coup of Feb 19 exposed their plot. They are 100% sure they would lose the election.

    Puntalnd leaders never learn anything from history. It was C/weli Gaas who in 2016 demanded  one man one vote or else. He eventually accepted after Ethiopia became a guarantor. Rather than find common ground with his Somali brothers, he preferred a foreign nation to give him a false grantee that was illogical to implement. 

    I am afraid  that C/laahi Dani could even go farther and refuse to participate the election which might force the country to assemble the Puntland delegates in Mogadishu without him. 

    THere are unconfirmed reports that the killer and blood thirsty Emirates who have in their hands the bloods of Libyans, Syrians and Yemenis might encourage Puntland to declare secession just like the Somaliland  and intervene just like Libya.  Even the separatists are praising Dani for taking one for the team.

    We all hope that the people of Puntland will rise up in the ugly gulf and their mercenaries show up in their coastal towns.




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  9. One thing I like about Puntlandlers is they are not echo chambers or lemmings who follow one another blindly. Each one of them has his own mind.

    Today I tried to reach out some of my Puntland friends about their reaction of the Dani speech , and I found out how diverse their views were.

    I must divide their opinions in two groups.

    The proud right wingers: they  were very upset that C/laahi Dani didn't say anything about Puntland or the Somali resources Farmaajo spent exclusively in Mogadishu. They were not happy to be associated with Indhacade or even anything related to HAG. One even said, " why would Dani elevating Farmaajo as strongman while he  is secluded in Villa-Somalia". Nin Tabcaan ah oo Ugandha Ilaaliso ayuu ka dhigayaa nin awood leh. They oppose Farmaajo and do not expect anything good coming from his rule.

    The nationalist:  this group are unhappy at all what is going on in Somalia whether it is  related to Farmaajp or Dani. They were very upset about the warlordism raising its ugly heads in Mogadishu and they support the security measures taken by the government. They think Somalia needs tough leadership to extract the current quagmire. They believe Dani is amateur leader who exposed state secrets and confidential private negotiations among regional leaders and FArmaajo.  This group opposes what is taking place in Puntland today. Puntland, Puntland byuu ku celeclinayaa, qarankii dhanaa baa khatar ku jira ayey dhaheen

    There were also very small number who were hostile to Dani and his leadership. They  said, Dani probably has diabetes or other heath related issues and lost his composure. They couldn't believe he kept talking about Gedo the whole time. This group is probably the internal opposition who want to get rid of Dani as soon as possible. They just kept calling him names.






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  10. Imagine if you sit down with your clan and debate about certain issues. It will take years to resolve . The reason parliaments has first and second reading and pass laws is to eliminate useless debate.

    This Dani guy talked more than an hour about a town called Gatbaharey. This is a system where everyone is a king.The president of Somalia is not even allowed to nominate the election committee members let alone election rules.


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    6 minutes ago, maakhiri1 said:

    Ask yourself, what made Gedo issues, Pl/Denni issues?

    These governors have a lot time in their hand. 

    the problem is Somalia has six presidents and no one can overrule the others.

    Yoo yootan aan dhamaanayn. 

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  12. 1 hour ago, Che -Guevara said:

    Puntland sorely misses the late Abdullahi Yusuf. He was a man with a lot of faults, but he was a man with who one can do business. 

    He was the most serious man in Somalia for the last 30 years who put everything to achieve Somali state. Everyone else is a pretender.

    At least the people of Puntland understand the games Dani playing.

  13. Ah, one more thing. Dani is exactly playing the games I mentioned in my other thread which is blaming Farmaajo and trying to save the country.

    ” Farmaajo Dalla dagaal sookeye ayuu ka ridayaa “ ayuu ku celceliyey Dani.

    ciidankii qaranka ee amaanka sugayeyna waxa uu yidhi waa ciidan Farmaajo iska leeyahay. 

    That statement alone makes him part of the warlords who reject the state institutions like the army. 

    why a delayed election which Dani is partially responsible is prelude to dictatorship. 
    “ Doorashada waxa uu dib ugu dhigay dalka ayuu rabaa in uu xoog ku wabsado” That is totally false. 

    I think Dani is fearful that Farmaajo might win the election and dismantle Jubaland and other places.

  14. Mr. Dani spilled the beens . Private off the record conversations should not be shared in public. He could have written a book after many years and share his political moves for the next generation.

    If what he says is true , it shows Farmaajo didn’t had a plan or even a chief of staff to organize his political moves. Discussions started always after C/lahi Dani and company arrives for meetings. Also observing the actions of Farmaajo, Me. Dani realized early to play games and waste his time. Certainly few election committees member issues  would not derail the whole process, but they decided to play games and isolate him.

    furthermore, Dani is proclaiming Mogadishu as the as the foundation of HAG power while ignoring the millions of Somalia who call home Banadir. 
    Anyway, it seems that Mr. Dani is in high sprit. He probably knows something we don’t. I would not be surprised if he was offered the premier post by Unaka. , 

  15. This colonial post called Dubai will go down in the history as feudal killers who murdered people from north Africa, Levant, Yemen, and horn of Africa. Where is the international criminal court.

    Someone should take that file and proceed.

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  16. 8 hours ago, Dalmar1 said:

    There is a reason why Farmaajo gave Galmudug boys the PM post because when it comes to South and Central Somalia they are the movers and shakers, hence why their backing is a must.

    Certainly the Galmudug public in general are backing the government both in Mogadishu and central Somalia, but failed politicians are seeking power and position from the Unaka group.  Galmudug never had a premier since 1960, and Rooble is the first in the last 60 years. You guys have been in the opposition for the last 60 years and it is probably difficult to get used in the other side of the table.

    Yet, we haven't seen any prominent member of that community publicly denounce the opposition.

    If this Rooble guy can not deliver, then Cali Geedi will be called to crush UNaka and company.

  17. 36 minutes ago, maakhiri1 said:

    t is time to genuinely go back to talks and plan national one man one vote election.

    The biggest danger to Somalia's national security is not these dumb opposition  but UAE.

    One man one vote would decimate the 15 man opposition. Other than Dayniile were would Khayre get a vote. Real democracy is a threat to  all. 

    The UAE had contributed the murder of half million Syrians and millions of refugees. The destroyed Yemen and fragmented their nation. It is the greatest threat Somalia is facing today.

    If Farmaajo is a decisive leader, he would convene the parliament, extend one year and call a national election within a year. Yet, I don't think he would do that.




  18. THese group of warlords, greedy politicians,  tribal chauvinists and despots including Cumar Geelle of Djibouti are not agitating for fair elections in Somalia. This unholy alliance is hell bent to change the direction of the country.

    To be a warlord doesn't mean you have to be Indhacade or Muuse Suudi. Your actions and the means you use will determine if you belong this club of losers.

    In order to oust Farmaajo and change the direction of the country, they are using false propaganda, half truths  and illegal means. Here are some of the false propaganda these evil coalition is employing.


    Farmaajo is dictator or he want to be a dictator.



    The only reason these words are thrown around is Farmaajo has the same clan lineage like Siyaad Barre. Farmaajo is elected and will leave office through elections.  In Africa dictators control the army and intelligence through their ethnic groups like the TPLF of Ethiopia or their clan like Omar Geelle of Djibouti. 80% of the army and intelligence in Mogadishu are recruited from the Galmudug,  Mogadishu area clans and South West  regions. THere is no one single prominent general or intelligence officer from the Gedo clan. In fact, many people from Gedo will tell you that before Farmaajo, they used to have chief of the army, ministers, ambassadors and top government bureaucrats. All that has disappeared when Farmaajo became president. For God sake, the man is from Ansalotti.


    " Meel Libaax (Aar) ka kacay Dawaco Fadhiisatay.


     Farmaajo doesn't have the means, the muscle  or the mentality to be dictator. They should stop comparing him  to Siyaad Barre who was not only a real dictator but also was lion compared to the naive sheep called Farmaajo.


    THe term of the government has ended and Somalia doesn't have government.


    This is a lie or at best a half-truth the doesn't hold water.


    Former president Hassan Sheikh supposed to hold election in September 2016. Yet the ongoing negotiations dragged for five months and half and eventually the election took place in February 2017. Neither Farmaajo, Shariif Ahmed or anyone else complained. How could any sane person claim that Somalia has no government and warlords like YUsuf Indhacade have been deputised by Shariif Ahmed and Hassan Sheikh to provide security?


    The so-called negotiations have stalled or dragged because president Farmaajo failed to make the tough decisions necessary to move forward. He yielded the outcome these negotiations to conniving guys like C/laahi Deni and warlords like Ahmed Modoobe. When they signed the deal in September he should have sealed and acted upon that agreements. 

    WE are peaceful protesters.

    If they are peaceful protesters, why would they need their private militia? Peaceful demonstrations are sectioned by the authority and protected by the police and the government. You cannot take over public landmarks in the middle of the night with tribal militia. This was nothing but insurrection to overthrow the legally elected government. This fools probably took a page from the TRump rioters in January 6.


    Now, since we proved beyond reasonable doubt that these guys were are not agitating for elections, what is the real reasons and who are the driving forces of these movement?

    I will divide them in three groups.


    First group: the challengers or the contenders.


    These are mostly from " Unaka Muqdishu Leh" group led by Hassan Sheikh but fronted by the agitating former rebel leader Shariif Ahmed. Having been in the trenches with ICU , he considers himself a tough guy compared to weak links like Khayre and C/shakur.


    When Shariif Ahmed was selected in Djibouti after writing down in a paper 275 members including the unrepentant warlord Ahmed Madoobe, he said, I was hunting for squirrel instead I got an elephant ( Arey Dabagaalaan dabin u dhigtay Maroodi baana igu soo dhacay). He should know that you cannot win the lottery twice. It is impossible. So why Shariif and company agitate? 


    Both Hassan Sheikh and Shariif Ahmed usually expected to win votes through two major groups who favoured the Unaka for different reasons. THe Northern contingent mainly the SNM Habro always leaned toward the HAG politicians for the last three elections. Some were directed from Hargeisa and others were bought and sold like any other, yet they always leaned toward Shariif Ahmed or Hassan Sheikh. Also, most of the Awdalites from the north voted with the Hargeisa group since they have certain northern affiliations with their northern brethren's,  especially  when they are in Mogadishu.


    The second group that always favored those two were the South West members who were directed one way or another by Shariif Hassan and former speaker  Jawaari. At the moment , it seems Farmaajo has got both the majority of the northern, Awdal  votes and South West members. Combined with southern D...r group and half of the Jubbaland members. Thus  the chances of Farmaajo electoral success is going up. Furthermore, the Puntland votes are toss up and Farmaajo is expecting to gain more than his fair share. Furthermore, this Farmaajo phenomenon has dismantled the usual tribal lines that divided the Somali society. Who would have thought people from Sanaag and Togdheer, Bari and even Mudug would be backing Farmaajo?


    The only northern group that are exception to the rules are the Djibouti members of parliament appointed by Geelle to the Somali federal parliament in 2000 in  Carta. Actually except one, none of the these members have born, raised or even seen Awdal let alone represent them. The Jesus community in Awdal has one single member in the Somaliland parliament and 8 in the federal. That is some of the  illegal injustices that must be overturned by a real Somali leader. These eight will always vote under the orders of Omar Geelle, and they are voting UNaka.


    These scenarios had put both Shariif Ahmed and Hassan Sheikh in a difficult position.  The fragmented votes of HAG sought after by Khayre, Shariif, Hassan Sh, C/shakuur, Guuleed and others , plus a dozen votes from Puntland,  Jubbaland and West Hargeisa will not be enough to win the presidency. That is why agitating and anarchy to be the only play book. Reliable sources confirm that when Farmaajo was seeking to find a new prime minister six months or so ago, Shariif Ahmed and others even lobbied behind the scene to gain the post. They were using the play book of both former president C/laahi Yusuf and those from the Mogadishu warlords. C/laahi Yusuf dragged the Nairobi selection of 2004 for two years eventually turning everyone against C/qasim who was defeated handily. 


    Their plan is to drag the country through chaos and anarchy while turning the people and the world against Farmaajo. By agitating and paralyzing the process, they intend to discredit Farmaajo and proclaim that the only way forward for Somalia is for Farmaajo to leave. By repeating false propaganda, and illegal and cowardly threat of storming the palace, some even hope Farmaajo might get frustrated and resign. 


    Maroodi dambe oo dabin Shariif Ahmed ugu dhacayaa ma jiro, Yusuf Indhacadane dhabarka kuma soo qaadi karo Hassan Sheikh.


    The second group: The hopeless instigators working behind the scene.


    This group is led by C/laahi Deni of Puntland while warlord Ahmed Madoobe and Abdi Samater and others are riding along.


    Since the demise of the real leader of Puntland, then president C/laahi Yusuf, what is left behind is fat men ( C/weli, Deni) and washed-up leaders like Faroole who never disappears. THere is no major candidate from Puntland seeking higher office today.  Yet, no one can deny the skills of the current Puntland leader. C/laahi Deni single handily dismantled the so called Dguusamareeb 1 and 2, and proposed a new scheme to weaken Farmaajo while pretending to be king maker.  Last week he convinced Farmaajo to set up a new summit to resolve all outstanding issue and left . Farmaajo told him to write down whatever he sees fit and later called a new summit in Garoowe. The naive president assumed the deal was done,  but Deni deployed his political tactics and said: Waar shir in la qabto ayaan soo dhaweeyey aingu laakiin Garoowe ha lagu qabto ma dhihin".  At the end, he told Farmaajo . " your time is up, and see you in Mogadishu".


    A reliable source told me that C/laahi Deni even embarked a very serious project to dismantle the Somali government as we know it. Usually, the SNM boys used to pronounce these statements while agitating against the D block leadership in Mogadishu.


    Two years ago,  a friend of mine from Burco and I were chatting a guy from Galmudug about The Mogadishu quagmire. While I was pitching my usual line hope and good things to come for that town, the Burco guy interjected and said,  before you talk about Somali government, form your own HAG entity and expel those coming to your land in the name of Somali government" Waar cid walba calan ayey samaysataye, Miyaad Bannadir Land ku dhawaaqdaan oo dawlada iyo dadkan daba socda iska eridaan" 


    My sources told me that a well-attended meeting in Mogadishu was discussed between C/laahi Deni (Puntlanders) and Unaka. Mr. Deni encouraged the Unaka group that once the deadline passes to agitate and force Farmaajo out and demand a caretaker government to hold elections. I definitely believe this rumour to be true. The presence of Farmaajo in Villa-Somalia, eliminates both the chances of anyone in Puntland becoming a president or prime minister. Also, For C/laahi Deni, time is not on his side. Few years ago, he was talking about forming political parties in Puntland and building institutions. It seems that boat has sailed and it's not coming back. When was the last time you have seen Deni talking about rods, hospital or schools in Puntland which is main job?. Getting rid of Farmaajo is a fool time job. Just like many leaders before him, he is striving for the federal crown.

    Since both Deni and UNaka has law chances of victory, they prefer a new paradigm shift similar to those in Nairobi in 2014. They want to dismantle the current government and create a new entity from zero. Folks, this is a very serious issue that most Somalis in the south never considered before, until now.


    Nin Saaxiibkay ah ayaa yidhi , " Puntland iyo Madoobe waxay saaran Yihiin Baabuur coontarabaan ah oo ay Unaka wadaan, waxaana Xamar lagu gelinayaa sidii tahriib oo kale"


    Also among these instigators are Madoobe and Cabdi Samatar. 


    Ahmed Madoobe doesn't need any introduction. He is carrying the water for the KIkuyu. He offered the Unaka group the political and diplomatic cover of the Kenyans. Some among the Unaka had even contemplated of offering the premiership to Mohamed A. Gaandhi to gain the favour of the Kenyans.


    Abdi Samater is the worst kind of professors who want to be a politician. He doesn't even know the basic foundations of politics which is the art of making things possible. Furthermore, he is one of those who publicly proclaim, " I have no desire of public office in Somalia", while circling around and acting like a hired opposition. I will tell you guys some a secret. Abdi Samater is basically a homeless politician who is the guest of honor of Ahmed Madoobe, of all people. He has been to Kismaayo more than three times for the last 18 months. Worst of all he cut his teeth through the Islamic Courts Union. He is not only an arrogant professor,  but he is also out of touch of the current Somali reality. Few years back some Awdalites approached him about some political issue, and he claimed to be a man who doesn't believe about a region or clan. Yet, in a vulgar and load manner he is asking the HAG to help him against Farmaajo. For what? He is a hypocrite who will travel to many places before reality hits him in the face. 


    The third group: Geele, the Gulf and the grotesque.


    The Djibouti despot want to fill the shoes left by Meles Zenawi.


    In 2011, when he was trying to change the constitution and people of Djibouti were protesting, a foreign media asked him what was going on. He said, "the only way you could rule in this part of the world is you either have to be a prophet or dictator, and I am not neither of them"


    Geele is entering his 23rd year of rule and the people of Djibouti would tell only death will do them apart from this despot. The poor people of Djibouti are not asking much. Water, cheap reliable electricity in the 45 Celsius heat of Djibouti and small basic freedom. In Djibouti, you cannot make a living unless you are sanctioned by the ruling class. No one could even criticise him in the diaspora. Somali run internet or television are bribed to the teeth , they will never allow any air time to the opposition. .All those ports and rented bases of the foreign army doesn't benefit the Djibouti people at all. 


    He and his family bankrolled the election of Muuse Biixi in Somaliland. He is well connected to the HAG politicians in Mogadishu while using Djibouti based banks to facilitate money from the gulf and other places. THe only entity that was out of his reach was Puntland under late president C/laahi Yusuf.  Last year he sent a ship to help dig sands from the Boosaaso port and gave them a tag boat to guide small ships to dock, and now his relationship with Deni has grown. He complimented it by allying with Kenya in its dispute in Somalia. As we speak Geelle is manipulating Somalis from Hargeisa all the way to Nairobi.

    Today in Djibouti, an Ivorian  man wearing a huge cross under his chest,  is terrorising people in night clubs, bars and business establishments. This former Paris night club bouncer is married one of the druthers of the president. In the late seventies,  one of Siyaad Barre's sons who went for military training in Czechoslovakia fall in love and impregnated a local girl. He want home and asked Siyaad Barre to marry her. Siyaad told him clearly that the son of the president will not be marrying a foreigner while Somali girls abundant in this land. Waa Aniga la i Odhan maayo caruurtii madacweynaha aysaa ajaanib guursanaysa iyadoo gabdho Soomaaliyeed dalka buuxaan. End of the story.

    For the crime family of Geelle this actions are business as usual.


    . A democratic and independents Somalia is a threat both to the gulf despots and Omar Geele.  Yet, like most small time dictators , he want to be bigger than life. He want to supervise Somalia and deal with the small time lieutenants he helped install like Shariif Ahmed. He knows full well that if a united Somalia comes back Omar Geelle won't be ruling Djibouti for life. Like the Arab despots who fear democracy and people's power, Geelle is terrified of Somalia. So, he want to prolong the misery for another five or ten years.

    The grotesque is not other than the Kikuyu led Kenya.

    The TPLF with 140,000 Ethiopian and other hungry soldiers recruited with %100 dollar a month had disappeared from the scene where they dominated for almost 30 years. They attacked and weakened those who had aided them Somalis and Eritreans, the later being their only way out to the sea. The Kenyans are playing games that might consume them eventually. Two days ago just like the warlords, they declared Somalia " doesn't have a government to talk". Just like the gulf despots, Kenyans probably are carrying someone else's water but they will eventually lose if they keep trying to prop up bad actors.

    No one can deny that Farmaajo is partially responsible for for the current impasse by delaying decisions, abrogating his responsibility and empowering Madoobe and company. Now, to move forward the president must do these important steps.

    He must come to the airwaves and address the Somali public and explain how to move forward. The prime minister has done his duty by affirming peace and stability while calling for dialogue. The prime minister is the manager, but the Somali people deserve the leader to come forward and reassure them. Waar afku fur oo Ummadda la hadal.


    Tell the public that the election will be held within the next 120 days after agreements are reached with the regions. Second, explain to the public that while peaceful protest is protected under the law, tribal militia and warlords will not be allowed to the turn the back the clock to 1995. Assure the public that their property and dignity will be protected. Emphasise that this government will be replaced only through elections.

    In the meantime,  in these 120 days, you must convene a conference for the people of Central Jubba region (Jubbada Dhexe), Gedo , and Jubbaland outside of those controlled by Ahmed Madoobe and for a new regional government. It was your mistake by accepting Madoobe after two years of quagmire. It must be a priority to defeat this usurper who came the power through Kenyan tanks.


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  19. SubhanAllah,

    I never wronged any Somali in my life let alone harm. 

    How many times I have to tell you. 

    Walaahi, Waxaan ahay Xalaal quute and weligii dad dulmiyin. 

    I have never earned one illegal dollar in my life.

    Don't change the channel. The election will take place and your man Shariif Ahmed must be ready. His chances are very slim.

    Soon we will see who is the real contender or pretender. Every fool is running for office, but soon they must decide who is their candidate. All I know they couldn't agree to single one.

    Muqdishu Unaka leh won't be enough.


  20. 3 minutes ago, Apophis said:

    Your beloved dictator will be on the run by the end of the month

    Mate, get ready for the election. There is no short cut to power, either through " Maxakamado" or warlordism.

    Shariif Ahmed will not have another Djibouti style " Shir" where he wrote 275 members in his hand and declared winner.

  21. Warlords in 2021 unacceptable.

    Also, is Shariif Ahmed trying to create another Islamic Court Union?

    This evil coalition between warlords and former " Maxakamado" must be defeated. 

    I do not mind people protesting peacefully, but you can not have Warlord militia with weapons patrolling the streets. If they are armed why not confront Al-shabaab killers among them.


  22. Listen boys, 

    This has nothing to do with elections. This issue should have been resolved long ago. Garbahatey, few election commission and  who should be nominating the Somaliland contingent isn't a life and death matter, unless you are a dithering weasels.

    Indhacade and company trying to takeover  Mogadishu is the play book of the worlotds of 2005 who tried to take over Mogadishu with the help of The American CIA.

    Waar kuwani doqonsanaa. Ma fawdo iyo xaafad Muqdishu ku taalo oo uu dagaal ooge la wareego ayey dan moodeen.

    Dawladu waa in ay gacan bira ku qabataa kuwa fawdada raadinaya.

    Furthermore, I am warning some of these stupid kids around here who think playing with fire is a fair game. Election delays are normal in Somalia.

    In Somaliland, after the first term of Cigaal finished, some opportunistic politicians including SAleebaan Gaal demanded that Cigaal vacate the seat and put a care taker government, hold election and then be replaced by a new government. Do you thing a fragile system that is barely functioning could survive that many changes.

    THis fools when to take back the country to 2005.


  23. It is a good step for our sister Ilhan Omar.

    Yet, since Trump opened the curtain of lies of USA, the era of human right shenanigans are over. Butchers Like Sisi is welcomed at the white house like a conquering hero, while killing in jail the democratically elected president of Egypt.

    In our parts of the world especially the horn of Africa, America and company prefer despots. The African and Arab despots help them loot their resources. Just look at Libya. The current government will not accept billions stolen as usual like before, and in return, France and others  bankrolled another butcher to keep the contracts.

    Furthermore, other than weapons and destruction, America doesn't offer much anymore. They can't even build their own infrastructure let alone other nations.