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  1. Xaaji Xunjuf;946672 wrote: ^^ Raxanreeb is a Puntland website Are you blaming the bomb blast on Somaliland:D somaliland is the known hub for the terrorist leader amir godane....I am not blaming them for the blast per say I am however pointing out their complacency..The thing about splinter groups is when they lose foreign battles they tend to regroup at home lets just hope, the amirs warning not to attack the homeland dont fall on deaf ears.
  2. did your dear amir godane tell you this. secessionist and their love for death and destruction. Somalia is moving forward and no amount of raxanreeb fake news is going to change that.
  3. oba hiloowlow;946600 wrote: Tarzan is unuka arafaat kala saarka daaya. Its not Tarzans fault about the Banaadir admin its the system which is focked we need to change the system, you heard the xamardaye folks when they attacked Tarzan for saying Banaadir belongs to every somali... walahi Tarzan is sincere and a patriot he's just surrounded by waraabeyaal patriotic this wadani that, it seems as tho people have equated giving up all they've worked for and exposing themselves to swindle and thieves as wadani-nimo , PL has worked for its peace ground up , without the need of foreign troops, nor the IC holding their hands at every juncture, and not only that it has supported and facilitated the process that has led to this current administration, and the International communities recognition of the current somali government. I know secessionist ( who have a sever case of mistaken identity) and those who have benefited from the looted capital and who have been endowed with, privileges they do not deserve because of the dominance in the capital would love to see federal states down played and chaos rule the land, lets just hope for the future of somalia these people never see the mugdishu ruled siad barre era idea of governance come to light.
  4. That goes against everything that has been agreed upon thus far...the articles if the federalism charter state clearly the right to self determination by locals, we must bot mess with the constitution as it is the foundation of somalias rehabilitation . Thus seems like the usual gutter gossip, let's just hope that is the case . As for caarafat we are all African saxib lets not lose gratitude toward the people who govern our capital our AMISON neighboirs.
  5. oba hiloowlow;945238 wrote: Waranle's reaction: waranle boowe oohinta jooji there is no way in hell the president and his government is gonna accept this shimbirayahow heesa meeting orchestered by warlords and kenyans. most of your people are living of the stolen properties in their clan fiefdom while being guarded by uganda and burundis your whole government is a foreign project, and yet you speak of others with your own self reflection.
  6. future generations will look back and refuse to accept us as their ancestors, like how the somali say "jareer illahay maanaaga dhiigo".
  7. I pray for closure for the families and justice for the innocent lives lost, the matter of execution is a permanent one, this is nothing more than muscle flexing and the military judge should at least be thoroughly investigated to make sure this kind of thing never happen again.
  8. this government needs to distance itself from this jubaland thing, focus on more important issue and let the situation play out. Focus more on economic recovery and infrastructural rehabilitation. I think the president is doing well by letting this jubaland thing playout.
  9. it truly is something to be marveled at ,when those accustomed to lighting their huts with embers, gloat with the same poise as corpulent kings of yesteryear. your attempt at word play is a kin to the troglodyte who needs to arm himself against the dark figure that follows him wherever he goes, and while one can laugh at this pitiful display of mental prowess its is perhaps more fulfilling to let it seek shelter in the dark crevices as they alone keep at bay this immortal in-destructible foe.
  10. any article that refers to the president of the somali republic in such a disrespectful manner is not worth reading. These people want Djibouti out of Somalia but Kenya to stay I cants help but laugh at your statement.
  11. Oodweyne;943284 wrote: :D Why don't you humour me and tell me in straight two paragraph lines, the reason you think that pirate-land have not once tried to recapture that city of Las-Anod from us ever since 2007? I mean really, if you think I am clueless about what it's holding back the pirate-land "blitzkrieg" then I am sure of it, I will be grateful with your instruction in here. And therefore tell me in a straight forward way, the "mystery" that is stopping pirate-land to recapture what they used to tell us was their land as late as 2007... Oodyweyne your name fails you.. let me be the one to "humor you" 2007 was a rude awakening for the PLers because they essentially defeated the SNM militia and were thanked with armed conflict, they saw the idea of PL map they had drawn wasted and blood shed for men who were easily bought, ( I.e Pl military equipment stationed around the region stolen and loyalties quickly changed) the truth of the matter is the desert triangle that you and the rest of the grass fiends cling to, weather you believe it or not is nothing but a hoax a temporary permanency caused by dire times, such is the case of the somali people. It shares the same strife as the rest of the "tuulo states", in its limited resources and finances, and among its greatest victories is the unity among clansmen , its the glue that keeps these canoe states afloat it also serves as a firewall to keep enemy clan at bay, Pirateland has defeated khaatland in every manner when it came to real armed conflict as we saw you ilk run for cover leaving the bodies of their brethren in the sand, the defeat of pirateland did not come from khaatland but from weakness within (the people of SSC not wanting to be part of PL) and the new regime (farooles in particular) saw no use in wasting valuable resources on people who did not want to be part of his village kingdom. As for pirateland recapturing those lands honestly to recapture wouldn't take much but to maintain and govern would be something worth pondering perhaps when faroole's term is over (if the new regime sees it fit) you shall get the death and destruction you wish for and your facade exposed, again and again.
  12. I see what faroole is trying to say if turkey can easily change it stance on promises made to federal states there is nothing stopping it from changing promises made to other parties (including FGS). That being said faroole needs to get his house in order, and increase civil and political institution that have only wasted valuable resources that could have been used to improve the lives of the average somali in the region. He needs to demand equal share of infrastructure and military Aid from the federal government in somalia rather than trying to compete with the FGS he needs to show that the days of clan juntas are over, instead of saying why did the turks not deliver on their promises to puntland, he needs to say why did the turks not deliver its promises to somalia and in this case a federal state . It would have been much more mature and shown a sense of cohesion if faroole delegated this matter to the federal government and it was the federal government that was demanding turkey fulfill its promises. Sadly somalia has not reached that maturity, its everyman for himself and foreign parties get a free pass. On another note I see XX and the rest of the secessionist are still attempting to create conflict between the federal government and federal states, it wont be long before all turkish Aid to their region is also going through the capital, one should not rock the boat especially if they have a seat in it. Nothing makes me more happy than to see secessionist grinding their teeth, and shouting at the top of their lungs, in the politics of what in their own words is a foreign country. the Irony is too much. I will leave this thread with the following Quote from ghandi. First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win.
  13. Secessionist cannot be dealt with in an emotional manner as they are themselves emotional people, with ideas of grandeur due to the progress they have made in their lands (which I acknowledged and applaud), the fairy tail of the Phoenix rising from the smoke of the siad barre regime, is what defines them (at least in their mind) , their whole house of cards is built on the notion surviving and striving , they see their small feats as giant leaps, and one needs only to have them reflect on their own doings to dissuade them. You do not fight them with arms such as the case of the nigeria V. biaffara conflict (which to this day has left mistrust between the people of nigeria), the FGS need only to re-structure itself and make lasting progress toward a stable somalia, they need to rise higher, builder faster, and be more honest and transparent, they need to show a resounding and firm stance on seccesionist , they need to show the people of that region that they are their government and let them make the final choice. Pressure domestically and stagnation in the political front will see the seccesionist dream crumble under its own weight, I am very enthusiastic about the somali government, the president is on the right track and federal state (such as PL, galmudug, JUbaland, XX, etc.) have shown support and loyalty to their government, if the FGS is weak on secession i fear we will see somalia castrated into many small nations all at war with each other and for that reason we must all show a strong stand against secession even if we disagree on many things we must all say NO!! to this parasitic ideology.
  14. Miskiin-Macruuf-Aqiyaar;940087 wrote: HAG lagu haayo maxee tahay horta? Teeda kale maxaa been cad loo sheegoyaa. Cajalkaas Soomaaliweyn dhan ka wada muuqdee. Beenta badan ha laga dhaafo meesha. its a canadian based welfare organization that is being perpetuated by the those at the bottom of the barrel and who have profited from somalia suffering as well as the secessionist whose sole purpose in life is to cause mistrust between the somali people...They are currently riding on the clouds, of the current administration victory..they are on a campaign to make this president a clan based puppet of a particular canadian based welfare organization.
  15. they say those who speak with two tongues need two pairs of ears..the reason you and the rest of the secessionist perpetuate this HAG propaganda is to de-legitimize the somali federal government , and the president of the somali republic by insinuating that he is somehow loyal to a shadow tribal society. When the fact of the matter is somali from all walks of life and from every clan were responsible for him being elected president..."pirates" and "unuka" alike all for the sake of a better future for somalia selected this man to be the president..It is a dishonor to portray him as a puppet for a canadian based welfare organization, my god cure your illness.