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  1. <cite> @nuune said:</cite> Yes, you all forgot that every cent of Norway's oil goes to USA, this was an agreement between the two countries back WW2 when Norway was about to be annexed and the US offered its hand, in return, the US demanded every cent of any oil that are operational or would be operational to be handed over to a sovereign wealth fund(not located in Norway), the article misled people to believe that sovereign wealth fund is in fact in norway. So how does Norway survive, well it uses it's higher tax revenue to keep her alive, and that snow tourism, and that is why you would not see fancy cars, or fancy buildings, or even fancy shopping malls. Where did you get this from? That the US handles Norway's oil money? Norway has its own national oil fund (oljefundet) that has been investing over 60 percent in the international stock market in the recent years, as well as in other commercial cooperations. They've decided to use the fund so as to counter the inevitable decline of oil production in the coming decades. Simply a prophylaxis measure against eventual reduction of oil income and as their other income avenues such as the fishing industry, tourism, ship construction (a global trader in this area), export of exploration expertise and the traditional income tax can sustain the day to day budget of the country. Norwegians live comfortable lives with the average family possessing a holiday cabin by the beach or mountain and small leisure boat. Health and education is free. They're naturally down to earth people and hardly showcase or superficially brag about their wealth even for the wealthiest.
  2. I'm with England tonight, never have I supported them. But with the dirty tricks of Uruguay, I would rather have the 'no-gooders' win..
  3. <cite> @Miskiin-Macruuf-Aqiyaar said:</cite> Miyir, don't mind our official Kuukuuyo apologist on SOL. He would defend Kuukuuyo interest more than Kuukuuyada would. By the way, Xabashada don't bother with Soomaalida degan ama u qaxday Adisababa iyo meelahaas. Waa see ay rabeen, to incorporate Soomaalida tartiib tartiib into their dominion ay xoog ku heystaan. Xadbeenaadka from Dooloow to Wajaale, it is always open. Soomaalida wey sii galaan, kasoo galaan; unlike xadbeenaadka Kuukuuyada, there is a very minimum control. Waa Xabashada see rabto, oo ay ku balaariso dhulkee xoog ku heysato ilaa ay badweynta Hindiya ka gaaraan -- Xeyle Salaase's ambitious dream. Not many Soomaalis do realize this, though. I see you're still bitter over our earlier encounters on SOL, oh boy it's been long! Anyhow, you've maimed, raped and slaughtered more Somalis than a Kikuyu would ever. Bearing the ignorant biped you are, I doubt you ever gave a thought of that! No one compared Kikuyus and Somalis, Mr. Birdbrained. Safferz, having glanced over your posts on historical relations of east Africans, I would come back with queries inshallah. Enjoy your holiday/field work.
  4. Galbeedi Your public soliloquy seems to portray you as a typical Somali and betrays you as one of them if you didn't know. Now, were you complaining about late comers or addressing Somali teenagers' career choice or was it about the gar dheerayal. Or was it about the social issues facing Somalis or the making of Somali middle class ( of which are non-existent)? So now what were you on about? Congrats on your son's graduation. Wow you must feel proud and old:)
  5. <cite> @Miyir said:</cite> Saf Questions for you, wanted to Holiday in Kenya but changed may mind since they started abusing Somalis badly( why would i spend my hard earned money where i'm not appreciated) 1- how expensive to holiday in Ethiopia? give me a figure (hotels, meals, sight seeing and usual things) 2- what is the main attractions? Night life and entertainment where decent local folks hung out? not interested the usual western tourist hung outs. Are sure you going for holiday per se with your 'heard earned money'? Isn't Ethiopia worse than Kenya as oral tales go? If interested in night life while on your 'holiday', I suggest you give Nairobi a shot.
  6. Glad tidings, indeed. That a province in Somalia be considered so is incredible, considering Somalia's reputation for the last two decades. We should appreciate what North Somalia has achieved!
  7. Who said Somaliland detest Somalia I wonder the same. Who said so, Xaaji?
  8. War meesha maxaa ka dhacay. Waryaa Xaaji, why do you always hide behind Somalia-Somaliland banter whenever one directs or comments on your opinions and personality? Get a grip and get out of the dark hole of tribal cuqdad you've confined yourself in! And seek help regarding your obsession with the imaginative existence of a new country in the Horn. I am sure there must be some kind of intervention for such illness. Haatu;991854 wrote: As for S/land splitting, I have absolutely no problem with it, but waa in shardi lagamamaarmaan ah laga dhigaa that only the Durriyad is allowed to leave. Why should other clans be condemned to your clan project. You wanted independence, there you go and good luck to you. Sadly such comments agitates them, but unfortunately is the only plausible way. Xaaji Xunjuf;991865 wrote: Tallaabo kikiuyuada walaalo yihin inagu waxba iskuma nihin:D Weren't you claiming Kenya's own minister the other day? You hardly notice your own contradiction so ma'ahan? Weren't you not showering praise on NFD people in other posts? Or now that some of them question your delusion-created Island, they are suddenly bad people? And for your Cigaal's assertion, wasn't he representing Somalia's policies as an employee for the then Somali government? Mise shekadaadu waa; any individual that belongs to your clan embodies 'Somaliland' irrespective of who or what unit he works for? In your logic let's say 'Somaliland' is in Jubba now trying to mediate South Sudan, as in your logic flow, the Kenyan minister is an ethnic 'lander' and represents 'Somaliland' just as Cigaal did in the 60's. Do you grasp your desperation, yaa Xaaji? PS; Kenya hardly know of your existence.
  9. ^^What people questioned your presence? My earlier post was a specific reference to Xaaji's assertion in a long lost thread that people tend to frequent forums that have connection with their countries. Hence my questioning on his presence. Not yours! Did you just say neighbours? Somalia's borders are well defined with the four countries it has with. Marka aan ku weydiyee a simple yes or no question ee isn't Somaliland North Somalia? Yaa Xaaji, are there Kenyans here? One can be a member of any forum as long as he feels he shares something common with the original members, but what would one do in a forum (country in your context) that he detests to be associated with? Ps; Admin should work on quotes, smileys etc on SOL's mobile version..
  10. Kudos to Affey, it was long overdue. Nuune, Mahboub is a Kenyan Somali too, but not from Sarrif as Affey.
  11. Hehe...waryaa Haatu, odayaasha haku kicin wadna hanuun...let them dilly dally and enjoy their daydreams! Xaaji, Kenyan Somalis has as much say on Somali lands as any other Somali would on NFD ( as it's a Somali land). By the way, don't you think it's ironic that that you find yourself (in abundance for that matter) in a Somalia forum yet you claim to be from another 'country'. I happen to remember your assertion ( in another long lost thread) that people tend to frequent forums from their countries, so when are you going to free yourself from SOL ( a forum of which it's country you so much dislike with desire) and embrace a 'Somaliland online' or so forum? I would love to come there as alien. You being here attests your country of origin to be Somalia (following your logic). You ARE from Somalia till the international community, UN & co ( bodies you fondly like to refer to) recognises you otherwise. Marka, can you and your ilk get that in your head and acknowledge it. It would've spared the dregs you spew here day in day out. I hardly engage in 'Somaliland is a country' gimmicks ( as I acknowledge only known and recognised facts) but your antics borders ridicule and call for my ridiculous side. Again, Haatu, don't bust their bubble or you bear the oldmen's curse. You take SSC and Awdal from them, maxaaba soo harayba dee? nothing but three clan towns! Xaaji, you should try to eat Ugali na Nyama Choma often and I promise you'll get rid of your typical Somali or should I say 'Somalilander' ( choose what boils your Ugali, hehe) chicken chest and legs. Not mentioning the taste is heavenly. My cravings are already on high alert! Nyama Choma and Ugali it is this evening!
  12. nuune;989824 wrote: What happened to the previously launched health plans, si isku dhaan niyahow, me and you know that very well ineysan meeshan waxba ka soo socon, aayar dibigaaga suuqa xoolaha ka iibso oo tukaan doqosh ah ku furo, Abti! Milk processing aa, haye qaad regulation aa, waayahey stadium aa, waa runtaa co-operatives aa, naga daa dee polytechnics aa, bas bas, intaa ka badan dambi waaye, Baydhabo, Kismaayo, Baardheere , Hiiraan, Galgacyo, and even smaller towns in Somalia have higher education such as universities a nd what, Garissa, got NOTHING, calculated underdevelopment ayaa laga dhigey waxba kuu noqon meyso plus this Nadif guy aad ku qafiiftey, runta iska sheeg Abti, Garissa iney noqoto Nakuru ama even Mwingi haka yaabin, sababtana waad taqaanaa, calculated colony waaye not calculated underdevelopment. runtoo la cadeeyo Rabbi baa jecel ee taas ogsoonooow, beenta iyo himilada raqiiska aad ku indha-kuulaneysid iska daa gobolkan anagaa kaa naqaanee few seminars and clips of videos lagu dhuuqaayo the system run ha moodin, markaad fakireyso sidii aboorka u fakir oo dhaldhalaalka Japaan yuusan kula tagin ee dudunta qumaati u fano! Waryaa Nuune maxaa ku dabadhigey Gaarisa? Garissa do indeed have several uni campuses by Nairobi University and KU. Not mentioning the Teachers and Medical colleges. Did you just compare Mwingi to Garissa? For Nadiif, cut the guy some slack! He hasn't even finished a year. Let's talk after his plans fail. Don't mention Bardheere, Baydhabo in the same sentence with Gsa as far as hormar is concerned. Xishow ninyahow, meesha waad ku caano maashaye. Mise sarrif ayaad Garissa ku qaldeysa?
  13. Good that they let him off life support! He was just another fabricated 'hero' that was glorified after sleeping with the enemy. Of course, the victors dictate history! Mourn Steve Biko instead!
  14. tutu

    Movie websites

    Safferz, thanks. Some of them require you to register and ask for card details for verification. Apparently my local video shop (an expert in piracy) got hold of Captain Phillips and expects 12 years a slave in a couple of days time. Jacaybaro, that site you provided has been blocked by a court injunction. Thanks anyway.