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  1. Maaddeey;875819 wrote: MOST COMMON QUESTIONS ASKED BY NON-MUSLIMS WHO HAVE SOME KNOWLEDGE OF ISLAM The answers is given by Dr. Zakir Naik, haddaad ku qanacdo waa kaa, haddii kalena... Zakir Naik? No thanks.
  2. Apophis;876275 wrote: Ps: do not embarrass yourself in real life by saying "people come from monkeys according to evolution" to anyone. :D People who wouldn't even get an F in 8th grade biology have stern views on evolution!
  3. Great poet! May he rest in peace. I love Fad Galbeed. It's beautiful. Gabbal-dhaca cadceed-yahay U sii faano-guratee Casar gaaban liiqii Godka weeraraysaa! Go'e fuley miyaad tahay? Waa maxay garmaamadu? Ma googooska sagalkiyo Gamasyada shucaacaa, Gaade kaa horreeyiyo Gurigaad ku hoyan layd War ku gubay ka soo direy? Mise gabadhan dhoolkiyo Gu'goo shaalka xaytiyo Fad galbeed la moodaa, Kolkaad gelin is-dhugateen Guluubkaagii shiikhoo Dib-u guradku waa baqe? Mise ganac-jabkaagiyo Waxaad galabta mudataad Intay goori goor tahay, Dayax soo lug-gu'i laa Sii war-geli is-leedahay? Gedgeddoonka hirarkee Iyagoo garaaro leh, Gaatin-socodka laafyaha Xarragada u gaarka ah Goonyahaaga tiiciyo, Gaardiga daruuraha Kugu gaaf-wareegee, Gumucaad ridaysiyo Goolli-baadh fallaadhaha, Shafka kaga garaacdee Isu rogay guduudkee, Dhiiggooda gobo'liyo Giirgiirka caadka leh, Ku sibbaaqday guudkiyo Gara-saar-dabtoodii Maxaa maanta gaasirey? Miyay kugu giriifeen? Mise waxay ka giigeen Gobaad haybaddeediyo, Gantaalaha jacaylkiyo Kalgacaylka beereey Indhaheedu ganayaan? Afartaa siddiri-gam Waxaan gocanayaa weli, Tiiyoo gareyskiyo Marta debec u gunuddoo Guranaysa hoobaan, Oo aan geyaankeed Geesaha ka filanayn, Dabayshii gadoodee Uurkayga garatee Gaadmada ku qaaddee, Gosha iyo horaadkiyo Gaaddada u faydiyo, Garba-duubka maraday Durba "geb" isku siisiyo, Gabbashada xishoodka ah Gorodday lulaysiyo Ugubnimo-gandoodkii.
  4. Miskiin-Macruuf-Aqiyaar;874438 wrote: Shiid also means dhagax. But that is double 'ii' between sh and d and not one 'i,' I guess. No, shiid is actually a verb with the meaning to throw stones antagonistically. Shid too is a verb, not a noun, meaning to turn on. It doesn't only refer to lights -- you say 'shid raadiyaha' when you want to say 'turn on the radio' (you can of course use daar instead).
  5. *Ibtisam;874304 wrote: Speaking of working with Somalis, I once had a Somali boss, who after two months in my job found out I was Somali and automatically become super overprotective. Every guy ila hadla department kale or shift kale ayuu uu badli jirey. I remember there was an OZ guy who was a such laugh, and he actually not only changed his work scheduled so we dont cross paths, but he also told him to keep away from me or else! lol Are you sure you didn't have Chimera as a boss?
  6. Narniah -- Be prepared to hate humanity!
  7. Don't really bother with history. It's going to end-up being an unproductive endeavour in the end. The thread starter is one of those people who never finished a book. I had a debate with him once and presented the OED as a source and he complained that it's stuff that's written by white people. There are many people with whom there can be productive debates (ElPunto, for example), but there also those who are completely hopeless (Sharmarke, N.O.R.F, Miskiin, too many really). I'm learning to avoid the latter group!
  8. Keep dreaming guys. You'll know my source was right pretty soon.
  9. Sulleiman The Great;873896 wrote: I call B.s on this I also have a friend whose cousin is very close to the president and I was actually talking to him yesterday and he told us that the PM would be from puntland, the president should make the announcement by this Monday. This is not true. I have a friend whose cousin's mother's friend's brother's uncle is closely connected with the interworkings of Villa Somalia and he has informed me that the prime minister will be from Baraawe. I was on the phone with him just few minutes ago.
  10. oba hiloowlow;873876 wrote: Garnaqsi with all due respect, I can guarantee if they were Muslims, it would be a major breaking news covered by major/minor networks, radios, newspapers, magazines, etc. But, since they are Christians, it's a non issue. these days you see christians burning witches, jews sucking baby dicks but when a muslim do something ama when they badmouth our beloved prophet its called freedom of speech.. Filthy world we live in.. I'm just pulling your leg, mate. Are you sure though this is now? Maybe the footage is old.
  11. oba hiloowlow;873866 wrote: Apo its intresting, if muslims would have done this it would be everywhere in the media but when these people are christians waa laga amuseyaa So this is a way of displaying someone else's dirty to cover your own? Interesting, indeed.
  12. LOL @ NGONGE as an honorary atheist! Raamsade;873308 wrote: I would go to the wedding in my latest wig and pantaloons with marduuf in my right hand and Charles Darwin's Origin of Species in my left hand. Brilliant! :D
  13. Nonsense. A fairer poster would have read when you attack Jesus, they call it X, when you attack Buddha they call it Y...
  14. oba hiloowlow;872794 wrote: loooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooool i drink but im not an alcoholic :D funny stuff.. The guy has a strange accent it aint somali english for sure He pronounced p as b and v as f in his first sentence (fery disabbointed lol). He also pronounced Nairobi with an overstressed r, and th as t in 'thousand'. In my experience that's how Somali people whose English isn't good speak. I like him, btw. Such a badass!
  15. Freelance web designer Kevin O’Brian says his hacking days are over after prying into his neighbour’s computer – and losing some important sections of his humanity. “I don’t want to talk about what I saw. I’m still not ready to do that without professional supervision. Let’s just say there is somebody in my building that needs to be put down. Like a dog.” Though O’Brian admits to having a certain status within the hacking community, he is leaving that world behind. “I simply cannot risk subjecting myself to that sort of customized digital content again. Ever.” “One minute I was flicking through someone else’s photographs – the next I was having my faith in mankind incinerated.” “The worst part is that there are 60 flats in my building. The wifi accounts are just numbers. I don’t even know who it is. I could be walking past them every day, sharing the lift, saying ‘hi’.” “I don’t deserve this. Nobody deserves this. Once you’ve stared into the chasm – that’s it – you can’t unstare it.”
  16. Garnaqsi


    guerilla, I like you. We should meet up.
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    You fell for a famous scam. Here's what really happened: the card wasn't his; he used you so as to avoid the camera.
  18. Bluelicious;870634 wrote: Ps that song is ok it's one of those songs that you have to listen alot to start liking it. This is true. It's been on BBC Radio 1 a lot lately and grew on me somehow.
  19. LOL @ making JB search for it and download it! :D
  20. This one is for N.O.R.F Record set: the first player in the premier league to win Man Of The Match 4 games in a row (and his first 4 games at that)!
  21. No, not the erotic novel! What a dirty mind you got there! :] I'm talking about the new Delilah song. It's so awesome.
  22. Nin-Yaaban;869933 wrote: I use the same camera also....and i find out NAL helps too. Check this out... Nice one, mate! Bluelicious - you're up next.
  23. Apophis;868248 wrote: You must follow it closely unless you want to end up at the University of Wormwood Scrubs (I'm impressed with their 'individual study areas') :cool:
  24. Jacpher;869588 wrote: ^yes there may be some truth to that on your side of the world but certainly not in the neck of our woods. Are you always this classless and trashy?