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  1. Only Ronaldo has scored more goals than Oscar in the Champions League! Take a bow, son!
  2. On the other hand, it buggers me why anyone would ever enjoy a film like Taken!
  3. In Time -- isn't that the one where time replaces the utility of money? Awfully forgettable! A really good film that was mentioned is Cosmopolis. It's really good. I like that type of films!
  4. NGONGE - Early days, but who do you think is going to win it?
  5. People hate him, but I love Suarez. He can make defenders look like jokes. Delightful to watch. LOL @ N.O.R.F on Torres. Come on, man. He's having hard time, but not that bad surely!
  6. Apophis;884553 wrote: Yeah but all the girls want to be with the heretic and all the guys want to be like the heretic so we got the world covered. But don't feel too bad, you guys got heaven. But then again, all the cool parties/people will be in hell so... That had me in stitches! Brilliant!
  7. Cambuulo iyo bun;884505 wrote: im not intrested in haram intercourse:mad: There lies your problem. You are the type who would ask a girl her father's number rather than hers.
  8. Miskiin-Macruuf-Aqiyaar;348364 wrote: Were you there? You don't need to have been there. You can hear it all in the background.
  9. N.O.R.F;884229 wrote: Movement? Is that why Chavski couldn't get through the Utd midfield for 60 mins of the 90? Is that why Utd closed down space so easily most of the game? He had a header, put Mata through, kicked someone in the chest and then got sent off. Waar he had a rubbish game ee bahasha soo ciyaar Do you even watch the games, mate? United had a good first 20 minutes. After that, they got completely outplayed till the sending off. They actually had 2 shots on target for the whole first half. The two were from Van Persie -- one distant shot that was saved and the goal (the shot that resulted the own goal wasn't on target). Even with 30 minutes of playing against 9 men, in the end Chelsea had nearly twice as many shots on target as United. Bahasha baro, as NGONGE kindly suggested, and watch the games. ;]
  10. Apophis;884165 wrote: You can't call few faraxs prancing about niiko. Besides why is this bothering you that much? Let the kids have some fun. This.
  11. NGONGE;883946 wrote: ^^ His movement was really good and he set Mata up with a very good chance. I'm not sure what "nothing" means here. It's a team sport, saaxib and he did his part. Also his header which De Gea managed to save somehow was brilliant. De Gea is having terrific games against us lately. He also saved a very good free kick from Luiz yesterday. Mata's free kick was pretty much unsavable, yet he went close to doing so. He actually saved last year a Mata free kick that was even better than yesterday's one:
  12. Garnaqsi


    Deep philosophical question you are asking there.
  13. This is legit if he's really well-off and either of the following two conditions are met: He knew you were looking for a place or knows that you live in a bad place/not good conditions. You're very good friends, in which case you should be ashamed to be questioning his intentions. By the way, he wouldn't be able to take you to court without there being a contract.
  14. Gutted my bid didn't win (a couple of quid). Che, you are a breaker of bad news, mate.
  15. He also links up well with the attack and holds the ball. I would really be worried if they tried to replace him with one of those strikers who just score goals. Goals will keep coming with this attacking style, but no lazy striker waiting the ball in the box, please.
  16. People in this site are surprisingly liberal for Somalis!
  17. Oz;881588 wrote: Bale and Dembele missing changed this game completely. PS:Embrace MATA I would say the sheer brilliance of Juan Manuel Mata García turned the game upside down! Man United is coming to The Bridge next week. Oh, boy they are in trouble! Bring it on!
  18. Apophis;881431 wrote: Your advice would be great if we were living in 1899 in the dusty but emerging towns of Somalia. You're speaking of marriage iyo wax lo joogin. That stuff is for later. Real talk!
  19. *Blessed;880249 wrote: ^ do you get this sense of delirium when you get to the exit? LOL. Haha, yes. I always laugh when I see clueless tourists who are too impatient to wait for the lift taking the stairs, sometimes with significantly heavy luggage. The fact that they always ask for directions outside the station might have something to do with losing their spatial awareness in the stairs.
  20. Chimera;879120 wrote: I prefer taking the stairs. Relinquish that habit if you ever get off the train at Russell Square.
  21. The Zack;879944 wrote: ^Well it all depends the school you go to. Try OSU's graduate admission test and tell me it is easy. The author has a point, we are not in Italy. President should know that. Saacid is not a doctor. A link perhaps? Their website says: All students applying with Ph.D.-degree intent have to take and submit scores for the GRE Subject Test in Mathematics in order to be considered. That's the same test as the one I was talking about.
  22. LOL @ American graduate admission tests being hard. They are a joke. I've seen the GRE maths test (which is apparently considered to be the hardest of the GRE subject exams) and the exams that high schoolers in Britain take to get into Oxbridge for maths are harder. There was this question that made me laugh. It basically said, if f(1) = 2 and f(n) = f(n-1)+(1/2) for all integers n > 1, what's the value of f(101)? Another was asking to sum k²/k! as k ranges from 1 to infinity. Asking that a potential maths grad!
  23. Quality of threads in the politics section is disgusting.