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  1. wyre;849467 wrote: I Know :D :D :D It's not what you think!
  2. Che -Guevara;849453 wrote: Do you literally follow the whole season? I watch the big (and most of my team's) matches, and Match of the Day for the rest. At one point I even used to attend the matches, but I no longer have that time. To me, the Premier League is more interesting than the World Cup, Euro, ACN and all the rest of it! :]
  3. It will start in about a month. Any predictions? Which teams will challenge for the title/champions league spot? Last year had probably some of the most shocking results in history. I hope we get a similar season at least. Newcastle looks good, Tottenham is making some good purchases, Chelsea have fixed their wing problems, Man United brought Kagawa (wonderful player), and Man City needs no one (funny that they want RVP). What's going on with Liverpool and Arsenal?
  4. The-freeman;849401 wrote: All wrong! Our good friend is the one with the blue shirt in the first picture! Hiding in plain sight are we?? To be honest, with Abtigiis anything is possible. I wouldn't be too shocked if he turned out to be white!
  5. Abtigiis;849241 wrote: The gentleman with the red shirt and matching tie! He is the one closest to the most beautiful girl in the pictures you posted. Logic dictates Abtigiis gets next to these things, so if I were you, I would have started from there!!! This made my day! :D :D
  6. From Amadeus: From Malice: From Pulp Fiction: From Some like it hot: But there is one film that I adore so much that I keep my adoration secret, even on the internet!
  7. I think Somalia will like this one:
  8. Bluelicious;848554 wrote: Now it's your turn find me a Mr Darcy since I don't fall into your 25 year old blonde girl requirement. Oh, the old billionaire's fancy. You don't have to worry about that for the next few decades. I shamelessly present myself!
  9. Miskiin-Macruuf-Aqiyaar;848309 wrote: Waxaa ku lablaboodaa oo mar mar xataa inaa hunqaaco iga keento kuwa qoraalada Afsoomaaliga ah warbaahinta ku qoraayo haddana adeegsado ereyo qalaad iyagoo og kuwii Soomaaliyeed jiraan. Tusaale iyagoo rabo inay qoraan Muqdisho ayee ku qoraayaan 'Mogadishu.' Soomaaliya waa 'Somalia' Soomaali waa 'Somali.' Gafka ugu weyn waa shaqaldheerkii dhan ayee meel iska dhigaayaan. Qaarkood warbaahinta dowladda u shaqeyaan. Waxaa ugu wacan qoraaladooda malaha tifaftire. Kii qoray ama tii qortay ayaa iska soo giliso, qof ka daba tifaftiray ma jirto. Waxaa iigu yaab badnaa markaa arkay qoraalo badan oo ciidamada badda ugu waceen 'mariiniska.' Yaq. Maxaa ku xigo? Madaxweynihiina 'barisideentaha' Soomaaliya maala soo wadaa? While we are on this subject, I find your usage of sentences containing both English and Somali clauses just as strange. Yacni, why do you do that? Aniga aragtidaydu waxay tahay in qofku uu isticmaalo one or the other (but not both) in any given sentence.
  10. Xaaji Xunjuf;848731 wrote: Garnaqsi i post most of the time from My phone but i dont like working out as i said in the first post i cant do dhidid stuff You said you gained lots of weight for the last five years. Looking at your 'join date' you have been on SOL for about 4 years and 6 months. Correlation does not imply causation, but at the same time I wouldn't rule it out, to be sure. Good luck on losing it, though.
  11. Get off SOL where you appear to be on 24/7 and post probably every news article you come across. Your health will in all likelihood be better if you spend less time on the internet and create an outdoor lifestyle of sorts. A serious advice --- hope I wasn't too rude.
  12. The-freeman;848685 wrote: Let us kill talks of choosing a degree subject because it "might" be useful in Somalia. The idea that a majority of Somalis living in the West will go back is laughable. Yes, few have; but for most that country will be nothing more than a place for the occasional holiday. Also because it gets one's priorities completely upside down, as I've said earlier. Talking about helping your country not only before you even get a degree but making that the reason for your choice of subject is so laughably naive and unrealistic, to say the least.
  13. Somalia;848610 wrote: I hope one day to rule of it. I came to it because I thought the admin was more likely to approve it. To his mistake, I was right, and I abandoned by previous registered unapproved one. I was like "Assalamu Calaykum brother, I was wondering why I cannot post on this topic in the the Islamic section", and he was like "Normally you have to be recommended but I will approve it". And I was like "JazakALLAH brother, thank you very much". It was beautifully cunning, and my journey began and has yet to end. Smooth!
  14. :D *Leaves the thread with the facial expression of failure*
  15. Bluelicious -- Fair enough. Somali philosopher;848598 wrote: i have seen that happen to students, where many of their courses were denied. but since i am going to UofM one of the most respectable schools i dont have to worry about that. and i dont plan on leaving until i get a degree. Cool! But they made you an offer before you even decided what to study? The American system is weird!
  16. DoctorKenney -- Talk about getting your priorities completely upside down!
  17. Bluelicious;848530 wrote: I agree with Freeman. You should choose a course that your interested in and are passionate about and not because it's a popular course. You need to live your own life make your own choices don't let other people tell you how to live your life. Your more likely gonna be happy and succeed with your work if it's something your passionate about and love doing that's the real fact. I suggest you first find out what you're interested in and what you wanna do in the future and then do your research in courses. To be honest, I find this advice of doing whatever you enjoy as destructive as the one where parents pick their children's subjects of choice. One of the pitfalls of going to state school is that students make their GCSE/A-level choices under this guidance only to later on learn that almost all good universities don't accept many of the subjects which they have studied or that the combination doesn't suit what they wish to study. I think the important thing is that one's subject choices should be decided not only on whether or not one likes the concerned subjects but also their academic status; that is, the important thing is making an informed choice.
  18. Somali philosopher -- I don't understand why you're putting economics under the 'business field'. Maybe things work differently in the States, but over here in Britain a business degree is considered a doss subject while economics is considered a rigorous degree. DoctorKenney;848580 wrote: Have you ever thought of studying Engineering and then doing your Masters in Business Administration? This would combine whats useful (Engineering) with what you enjoy (Business). Its a very competitive world out there and you need to make yourself stand out Getting a master's degree that's completely different to your degree wouldn't make you stand out in any good way.
  19. Aaliyyah;847919 wrote: Blimey, where is your sarcasm detector? EDIT: My apologies Aaliyyah. I mixed up the posts. I didn't realise that was in reply to ElPunto.
  20. Valenteenah.;848080 wrote: The kind where missionaries are free to do their business and athiests can spout their 'I was blind and now I can see' speeches? (LoL...couldn't help that dig). Weird dig at atheists given that it's a biblical reference.
  21. The-freeman;848465 wrote: I'm looking forward to the remake with Harun Yahya, with Dr Zaki as his assistant!
  22. The-freeman, a great film indeed! 'An idea is a greater monument than a cathedral.' What more can be said? Bluelicious;847085 wrote: I've got the right guy for you who's the Somali version of Mr Darcy: *Drum roll* It's Garnaqsi (don't write him off yet just because he's an atheist maybe he will change in time). He has it all even likes to act older then his actual age which is a plus. Like how you are working with me, Blue.
  23. I agree with the above post; the only really good subject you mentioned is economics.
  24. The-freeman;846968 wrote: And to bring the discussion back to the original posting-two humans who appear to like each other and who express that like by sharing a kiss should not be something of concern unless one is fuelled by absolute dogma. Very well said!
  25. Wadani;846946 wrote: Her assertion that Islam allows for religious freedoms and the building of Churches in Muslim countries does not mean she negates that the issue of religious freedoms is inextricably tied up with culture, which vary widely in terms of their oppenness and tolerance. In fact she states that if a certain Muslim country doesn't allow the bulding of churches it doesnt reflect the teachings of Islam, from which you shouldve easily been able to deduce her affirmation of the role of culture. I didn't say she negates it either. My problem was with the following. She asked for an aspect of Western culture that's superior. The opponent replied with in that it allows 'religious freedom'. Her reply was 'first your argument was about culture, but now it is about religion?' This doesn't make sense as an answer because, as I've said, whether the culture of a particular society admits the existence of religious freedom is one of the merits of that culture. Well for us Muslims, we don't subscribe to notions of moral relativity and complete laissez faire in the realm of social freedoms, because we have an objective (because it is divine) source from which we derive our moral and ethical precepts. So we believe in social justice within the legal frameworks of Islam, thus there is nothing ironic about wat she said, only that her definition of social justice is different than yours. I don't understand how you can describe the source of your morality as objective 'because it's divine'. I was taught that a statement is objective if and only if the truth-values of all its propositions can independently be verified. Besides, if certain practice falls outside the vicinity of your moral framework, then the existence of that practice of that in some other society doesn't mean that society is 'crumbling'. For example, polygamy doesn't fall within my moral framework yet I don't characterise moral frameworks in which it does as 'backwards' or 'crumbled'. In fact almost everything she listed demonstrates the fallacy of western cultural superiority, even when judged from a secular humanist standpoint. Can you explain how it doesn't? I'm not aware of any secular humanists who view, say, homosexuality as a negative social behaviour -- nor who hold the view that Western moral values have 'decreased' (I would say most hold the opposite). The same goes for abortion. These views are more likely to be from conservative Christians than secular humanists. Almost all the top countries in any 'least corrupt countries' study are always Western. There might be a point in, say, aggressive foreign policy but it isn't that good. It's not that I think Western culture has no criticism; rather, it's that (a) better examples can be given than have been provided, and (b) it's far more progressive compared with the other concerned culture. But this has nothing to do with the issue being discussed. The Nazis almost took over all of europe because of their scientific and technological supremacy, yet they were a rascist, murderous regime that cannot even begin to be described as progressive. Also, you must be well aware that all civilazations in this world wax and wane and that at one time not too long ago it was the Islamic world that was basking in the glories of a golden age, while Europe wallowed in the barbarity of the dark ages. It's only after the relatively recent industrial revolution in Europe that the West's hegemony was cemented, and we are already seeing the signs if its gradual demise and the rise of Asia and its partners (BRICS, etc). The argument was along the lines of whether Western culture is more progressive than Arab culture; so the progress of human knowledge within both of these cultures is not just a point that should be considered, but rather, in my opinion, the point. If your point with Nazism is to illustrate that a scientifically progressive society can be a morally bad one, then I would say, while this might be true, Nazi Germany wasn't really scientifically progressive. They came to an academically progressive Germany and left a bad one. It went to a state that most academics had to leave and migrate to other countries. I personally do no indentify with Arab culture, because simply im not an Arab, and I even resent it to a degree because its slowly supplanting aspects of my Somali culture, which I absolutely love. And i even agree with u that many aspects of western culture are superior to that of the arabs, like the issue of blatant racism for example. But nonetheless I disagree with u that the Western world is more culturally superior to that of the Eastern world, even including many non Muslim nation. I for one will be taking care of my parents in old age and will expect my kids to do the same for me, and I have my Somali/Islamic culture to thank for that. I would love to see where you end up in your 70's I didn't go so far as to argue that Western world is culturally more progressive than Eastern world, but I think a case can be made for that as well (of course the inclusion of Persian/Indian/Oriental elements would make my case all the more difficult). With everything else in that paragraph, I more or less feel the same way. In my 70s I'll be a filthy billionaire married to a 25 year old Britney Spears lookalike blonde. The tragedy of course will be that she's waiting for me to die so that she inherits the wealth, and not that I'm in an old people's home somewhere, having last seen my only daughter a year ago when she visited and stayed for about 20 minutes, thereby living the ironies of embracing and arguing for Western culture, as you would wish. Hehe!