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  1. Mooge;877486 wrote: you have a misunderstand of how somalis make money. if you think the most competent have the most money, then you should just leave this forum because you are not intelligent enough to go head to head with mooge and the likes. i don't talk with people who don't know the basics ninyoow. Sxb horta I did not come here to go head to head with mooge or anyone else. Secondly, please do tell me how Somalis make money, I promise to leave this forum and run for the position of PM in four years time. Hell, I might even go to Nairobi, become a babysitter, make loads of money in two years and claim this saacid dude's position before he drags us all in the mud. Now please share those secrets if you don't mind:D.
  2. Mooge;877466 wrote: i must break to everyone that the man that is named is just incompetent. you can go around nairobi and ask anyone who knows this babysitter. xasan qoslaye had an opportunity to pick someone that is not from his close damjadiid circle. he failed and on top of that wasted valuable time. out of all the competent somalis out there, this is qoslaye's final pick? it is disaster without bounds. Wait a minute! Just how did this incompetent babysitter make millions of dollars? Does he manage world class child care centers or something? If so, then that would make him somewhat competent would it not? May be he was solely chosen to babysit Somalis lol.
  3. ^^ Right! Do we start with the children or the elderly?? My adeer didn't get the seat god damn it!!
  4. 8 posts and so far no one mentioned his qabiil, impressive start for the PM here in SOL, lol.
  5. Ilka-dahable;876392 wrote: dadkaan filalka madaxwaynaha akhrisanaya waa in wax laga qabtaa Some are claiming that its the president's head chef who is causing all this mischief. Apparently, all the other presidential staff are closely supervised, but the president's main cook frequently puts food and drinks on the presidential table then nonchalantly examines any file that happens to be sitting by. As if that wasn't bad enough, he goes back to the kitchen, shares the private info with his assistants and they in return share that info with their relatives in the evenings and the next thing you know is that we are reading it here on Somaliaonline. If there is anything we Somalis do effectively is sharing information, although the accuracy of the information shared is always questionable.
  6. A true legend indeed. May he forever rest in peace!!
  7. This is a fake list, Hadraawi is not in it.
  8. Abtigiis, Can you buy books online and get them delivered within two weeks in Hargeisa, or any where else in Somalia for that matter? Well may be not Mogadishu just yet, and most definitely not kismaayo while those lunatics are around, but the rest of the country I mean?The only thing I worry about if I moved back home is whether I would be able to acquire books, internet connection and may be Danish Custard. I can get used to the cold shower, and dusty streets though, lol.
  9. Lool@ cabdi habe one. Markuu cajiladda duubayaan ku qoslaa anigu. Aabahayna waanu kuu sheeg sheegnaa hooyadayna waan ku ogaysiinaa kulaha; classic.
  10. I purchased the book having absolutely no idea what it would be about; all I heard from colleagues was that it was good. Then I got up to chapter 8 only to find it was about sex and hand cuffs. What a disappointment and a waste of $9 dollars! Looking on the bright side though, it was on special when I bought it and I didn't have to wait until the end.
  11. For some reason I had the feeling that one of the usual suspects might come back. Its a relief to see a new face at last. As Malika said he has his work cut out for him but I hope he succeeds.
  12. Congrats to the new speaker though I was hoping Cali Khalif to win. Its politics though, you win some and you lose some:cool:.
  13. ^Dude, with an avatar like that you can hardly be taken seriously:D.
  14. Mooge, In that case I trust the Puntland administration will not try and sabotage the future government if they fail to get one of those three positions I mentioned? They have a tendency to do that you know:D. And with regards to Faroole, he can't just say "anything he wants", he is the head of a whole region and should act accordingly.
  15. The news from back home is that Cali Khaliif is going to be the winner for the top post in the parliament come few hours time. And Thats certain. Sheikh Shariif will be the president; reliable sources say he has 80% chance. The prime minster could be chosen from any group although most experts suspect he will be from Somaliland. Now, as a result of all these, some experts are saying Puntland may secede from Somalia for they may leave empty handed despite all their efforts in attaining one of those top three posts in these past few weeks. What do you guys think, please lets discuss in a civil manner.
  16. Che, If all 15 million of you do niiko on my behalf, you could say I do it by default as well.
  17. All 15 million Somalis baa xabashi u niikiya markaasay gabadh yar oo miskiin ah bilaash ku garaacayaan. Dadkani ma cawaan baa horta?!
  18. And what does finfinne yaa nura kenya mean tolow? Sonkor nasiiya miyaa yacni?
  19. ^ No they are not corrupt. Are you crazy?! We have not had a corrupt Somali leader since 1950, what in the hell are you talking about sir?
  20. ^^ Why do you feel the need to call her a rebel if your truly serious about wishing her a quick recovery? Somalis simply can't stop being hypocrites.
  21. *Blessed;836941 wrote: Layzie, You're losing your touch, intaad laba website soo eegtid sowdigii sidii a real expert u hadli jiray? Waa maxay little tuulo? waa maxay Burco iyo anarchy after Siyaad in the same sentence? Huuno, google u soo sheekee, Burco soo yara baro, markaa ii soo noqo. Lool@ google usoo sheekee. blessed ninkani si uu google ugu sheekeeyo wuxuu u baahanyahay inuu luuqadda Java la yidhaahdo si fiican u soo barto marka hore; burco hadduu is yidhaahdo kala barona markuu Lazy G baa la i yidhaahda sheekada ka bilaabo bay caadi u miisamayaan. Adduunyada wuxuu ilaahay magac badiyey yartan lazy la baxday waa maxay bay odhanayaan lol.
  22. People like to blame Xirsi for no reason these days. The way things are going, if tsunami or some other natural disaster hits Somaliland Xirsi better be prepared for he will most likely cop the blame for it aswell.
  23. But doesn't that go both ways? Infact I was told women are far better at instigating fights than men. Kolley waa sida aniga la igu yidhi run iyo been waxay tahay laakiin ilaah uun baa yaqaan.
  24. ^^ Why are you pretending to be two different people??
  25. His statement about the similarities between the events in 1968/9 and and the late 1980s was really interesting. He confessed that they extended their term in office unnecessarily, and that the people were getting fed up with his adminstartion just like they were with the civillian government in the late 60s. All in all it was an informative piece, and would've been even more interesting only if the journalist wasn't so horrible. He should get a job at mcdonalds or something cause he really really sucked!