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  1. Has the president yet been asked about the constant rape and abuse of under age girls yet? If so what was his reply and what does he intend to do about it. Sure the criminals who committed those heinous crimes be they Somali or AMISOM soldiers will brought to justice?
  2. <cite> @YoniZ said:</cite> This government badly need someone with common sense to advice them how to present their case to the media and to the public at large. See the picture of this captured Shabab insider responsible for the last two attacks against Villa Somalia - what is wrong with the pic!!! What is this late madness of Mogadishu about the big Sofas and why nobody looks serious about the tragic events!!! He seems to be bothered by the fact that they are wasting his time with useless questions. Its as if he has somewhere else to be, and that they are needlessly holding him back lol.Only those confessions are enough, I think they should publicly hang him. Dulli fowqal dulli, and what kind of person sends his brother in law on a suicide mission? The world about to end me thinks.
  3. There is nothing wrong with this picture.In fact I thought he spoke rather well. He said the minster of inormation will fill you in on the details, and contrary to the al shabab propaganda I'm in Villa Somalia and did not run away. Whats wrong with that? Ok, so him laughing from time to time in the midst of this clamity was not proper, but what else? And isn't that why he is called qoslaaye lol?
  4. For those of you who happen to live in North America, are your commentators English or Australian. Please tell me they are. It would be horrible if you had to sit there for 90 mins trying to listen to someone with that American accent.
  5. Why did the guy from Somalia have to embarass himself like that? Laba kelmedood xitaa iskumuu aadin karin hadan aduunka oo dhan buu soo hor fadhiisanayaa. Dadkan Somalia ka yimid horta indha adkaa oo xishood daranaa lol
  6. Lol, CidanSultan, although Saalax can not be said to represent folks from West Burco, at least Saalax is making alliances on his own. Can you not see that Amin Arts is quiet a srong and a reliable friend lol
  7. Saalax buufiskii aduunkaa kugu dhacay ma is tidhi? So all the other people in the guurti's judgement and input accounted for nothing miyaa? So in your opinion Xaaji Cabdi waraabe who is called to mediate almost every problem that occurs in Somaliland was just sitting there on this occation and watch the two guys from East Burco cheat Muuse Biixi? Sua'al serious ah aan ku waydiiyo Saalax: habeenkii markaad seexatid dad East Burco ka yimi makuu yimaadaan oo maku baac baacsadaan? Lool, where as normal people dream about snakes, lions, dangerous birds chasing them adiga ku Eas burco ka yimi baa ku caydhsada ayaan u malaynaa.
  8. Lol meeshiiba xero ciyaal bay noqotay. Waa one multincker and two others oo kusoo dhex lumay oo isu jawaabaya. Markaasay hadana ku leeyihiin weliba "why don't you post a rebuttal?" Waa nala qaso oo af carabi ah, war anigu nin weyn oo sharaf leh baan ahay dee.
  9. And isn't it funny how the usual suspects came out of the wood work? When I said, "some people just deserve to get banned" I actually had you 3 trolls above me in mind. Only I couldn't remember your names but yet here you are, loool. And strangely you all have the same writing style! Or may be you are the same person but who knows? consequently, all I have to say to you is get a life and stop managing your midlife crises online.
  10. <cite> @galbeedi said:</cite> Tallaabo, I agree. Hiiraanonline is where those who are looking for a job from the Somali government put their resumes. I do not read that part anymore. In fact I get my news and analysis from Somaliaonline. Another major issue with Hiiraanonline is no body is either moderating or cleaning the trash from their content. If you want to see that someone elses mother is called a hoor, just get there. It shows the worst of Somali people. Somaliaonline administration, thanks for keeping these forum a place were nomads respect one another and exchange ideas. Thanks. With all due respect I'm not sure if the mods here are doing their job either. With the exception of mentioning clan names anything goes. I remember a time when I used to look forward to visiting this site about 10 years ago, it was both informative and intereting. I was in high school then. But sadly, the place is now full of the likes of you, Saalax, dr Osman and few others who appear to have Asperger syndrome lol. I know the admins do this in the name of freedom of speech but com'on! Some people just deserve to get banned. Some of the rubbish that get posted here are cringe worthy.
  11. War maxaad sheegeysaa hadda? Maxaad la nac nac leedahay bal wax no sheeg. Why do you assume we know what in the hell you are talking about? Hordhac/introduction/saldhig/aasaas iyo waxyaabo noocaas ah baa la sameeya horta intaadan hadal bilaabin. "I have been a member of non governmental organization..." baad sheekadiiba nooga bilowday. Dee waa yeelkaa maxaa naga galay anaga waxaad ka mid aheyd. Ilaahay amarkiis badanaa!
  12. So for all the death and estruction this terrorist has caused, his only punishment was that he was placed under house arrest? Not only that but he also had access to computers, mobile phones and the latest electronic gadgets? No prison or death sentence all in the name of his clan? And would the world be surprised if Ina Godane ends up in Hargeisa and was treated the same as this guy? Unbelievable!
  13. <cite> @CidanSultan said:</cite> Salaxs take on it is that East burco should be wiped off the map and that anything east burco touches turns to poison. Wa Iska East burco hate salax Walahi I promise you if west burco was president he would be singing its praises. Even mental patients are at times able to make posts on forums like this. I find it really funny he comes up with garbage like this and still believe people will find it credible lol. Salax the good news for you is that the elctions will happen on time, the bad news however, is your western Burco folks will loose yet again lool.
  14. What hooliganism! The police should arrest these trouble makers, including these homeless looking 'gudoomiyeyaal' of the opposition parties.
  15. Saalax;992201 wrote: .. he also changed the police commander of Togdheer region so there would be less obstacles to his plans. And you don't think if he has secret plans and the locals are opposed to them Sillanyo will fail no matter what kind of police commander he brings? After so many years in politics you don't think he knows that simple fact? And what about the one or two poor people who died, is their life not more important than some police man who was moved else where rightly or wrongly? Reer Burco are just too backward and both of those families who reside there are addicted to violence and trouble ilahay amarkis.