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  1. Not really. Now that you mentioned that, I'm laughing.
  2. Farmaajo-Saakin-Gaas-Faroole have all united to fight against Cali Khalif Galaydh and making sure he doesn't get the Speaker of Parliament position. Shariff Saakin has been bribed by Puntland to ensure that the Speaker Parliament goes to Juurile. Saakin, along with Puntland has gather about 75 votes for Juurile so far, thru loyalty and bribes. Farmaajo on the other hand, blind from what Faroole-Gaas are doing behind closed doors with Saakin is fighting to keep his hopes alive. He has been given false hopes by Saakin and Gaas to stay in the candidacy and fight against Cali Khalif to gain any votes. Basically, Farmaajo's supporters will vote for Jawaari. Saakin knows Jawaari won't get enough votes to beat both Cali Khalif or Juurile. The final battle will be between Cali Khalif and Juurile. Juurile is working for Faroole and Puntland, while Cali Khalif is against Faroole (allegedly) and is there on behalf of Khaatumo. If Sheikh Shariff wins, he will most likely choose Abdikarim Jama as his Prime Minister. For Khaatumo, it's a winning goal against Puntland. I'm officially on Team Cali Khalif:
  3. Inside sources are saying Faroole's camp (Puntland) are holding serious negotiations with a lot of the Parliamentarians. They're trying to bribe their way into winning the Speaker of Parliament position. Everytime a Parliamentarian that was bribed finds out that another Parliamentarian has been bribed with more money than him, the isqab-qabsi begins, thus the postponing occurs.
  4. Somalia;860536 wrote: Stop with the cuqdad, wallahi too much cuqdad in the movement, no one hates you, no one attacked you, for example remember Tukaraq incident, PL troops were attacked, they retreated instead of fighting cause if there was a fight you would have said you were attacked but then Khaatumo movement moves out because Somaliland orders them, it was a remarkable yet telling case. Let's agree to disagree. You're against Khaatumo, so am I. It's all politics. The day you and your associates (Mooge, Duke, etc) denounce the likes of Faroole and Co, will there truly be understanding and unity between the two sides. I apologize if I offended anyone. I'm 100% against Faroole, but not the idea of Puntland.
  5. Somalia;860532 wrote: No one attacked your clan, people attack your Khaatumo movement, you have to learn to understand the difference or you will get the Puntigitis disease of which I can only cure! How many Clan Elders support Puntland? 1 or 2? Majority of SSC clan elders are with Khaatumo, so by attacking Khaatumo, you're attacking the clan elders as well. Right?
  6. ^ Lol Abdimalik wa raaggeedii. Lacaag baan udiiriyayee bal yaa numberkiisa haya.
  7. ^ Sulaiman, You went from "Let's wait till sunday" to talking about my previous short-lived Snet moment where I fought side-by-side with Udun against any Non-Puntlanders. Your attempt in trying to defame my character is an epic fail. Bluelicious, What are you talking about?
  8. Bluelicious;860514 wrote: Hmm.. interesting, you remind me of someone I know too. From Snet, Khaatumo ding ding we got a winner! Who may that be?
  9. Only in Somalis would you see such Islaweyni iyo self-confidence. The most illiterate Somali thinks of himself as being the most intelligent Professor/Politician/Doctor and Entrepreneur on the face of the Earth. A curse and a blessing.
  10. ^ Don't misquote me. I said, no one amongst us in here was present with Meles at all times. The possibility of Meles embracing Islam on his death bed is equal to the like of the Russian Spy Alexander Litvinenko, the Russian spy that embraced Islam few days before he died on his death bed. I say this, because I'm 100% sure Meles was very familiar with Islam.
  11. Sulleiman The Great;860497 wrote: Conqueror you remind me of another conqueror from SNEt, he had the same level of paranoia and habit of hyping things too much then latter being proven wrong, I remember in one particular thread Conqueror from Snet was so utterly defeated by a fellow Khatumite Udun , he even sought the support of the Waqoyi members and was shot down, after that he changed his nick to executive and now starts nac nac threads on the PL section and doesn't even reply to them..Sadly most of the PL members of the site have left it all together due to administrative deference...It must be getting lonely for him over there.I wonder come this Sunday if there is going to be a new nomad by the name of executive. Allahu aclam. I am the same Conqueror from Snet. However, neither was I against Udun from Snet nor did I ever supported Somaliland and it's Foreign Internet gangsters on Snet. As for Executive from Snet, we're not the same person. You see, I don't support Khaatumo nor Somaliland. Believe it or not, I was a staunch Puntland supporter few weeks ago. But, when I see Non-Khaatumites attacking my clan then I am obligated to come to the defense of my clan, no matter what political differences we have. I might not agree with many SSC clansmen, but no Puntlander (MJ) has the right to criticize a fellow SSC member, while glorifying their own criminals.
  12. This isn't a competition. Juurile and Jawaari running against Galaydh? This is an insult to Galaydh. lol
  13. Somalia;860463 wrote: This Conqueror character reeks of insecurity. Kulahaa bribing, it's because he knows he will lose he will pull out the bribing card, a supporter of KHALIIF GALAYR of all people yaa allah! I'm not a Cali Khalif supporter, but today, today I have to give him a standing ovation and recognize the guy's ingenuity and top-class siyaasadnimo. He truly brought his nickname "Galaydh" to live.
  14. Abwaan;860456 wrote: Xiin, beleive me or not warka Xamar ka soo yeerayaa dhegahaaga uma roona cause Gallayr ayaa hoggaanka u haya so far.