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  1. This is a well-produced documentary about jariifka.
  2. ^ Point well taken Awoowe. It is indeed a senseless killing by a bunch of thugs hiding under the cloak of religion to achieve a political goal.
  3. Ilahaahay ha u naxariisto shacabka masaakiinta ah ee Lido Beach lagu gumaaday. Samir iyo iimaan Ilaahay haka siiyo qaraabadooda iyo dhammaan ummadda Soomaaliyeed. The resilience of the Somali people is unmeasurable. Did you know that Jazeera Palace Hotels is open for business just months after being completely destroyed by an Alshabaab suicide truck bombing? I am positive the Lido Beachview Restaurant will be rebuilt better than before, Insha Allah, and terrorism will be eradicated from our soil. The poison that doesn’t kill you leaves you stronger. COWARDICE, TERROR, DEATH AND DESTRUCTION Reopening Ceremony RESILIENCE, DETERMINATION AND ROARING BACK BETTER THAN EVER
  4. Puntland journalist Ali Abdi Duale recently visited Almadow district of Puntland. This is a beautiful land. I urge everyone to take a minute and watch it.
  5. That is a big runway. Thanks Dr. Che, all is well Awoowe. I hope you and family are doing great.
  6. Osman, do you know when the next phase will start? From what I was told, the terminal is going to be revamped as well. This is a great project. Garowe is next!
  7. A remarkable win indeed. I actually dismissed his initial campaign as a joke because I didn't think the liberal in general had a chance. I was wrong. The longer the campaign went on, the more attractive the Liberals became. Trudeau's "red wave" plus Ahmed's tireless and masterful campaign gave the Somali Canadian community something to be proud of. Congrats to MP Ahmed Hussen.
  8. Generally, the economic capacity of a state such as Puntland, would be driven by revenues from 5 main areas of income: Personal income taxes Business income taxes Sales Tax or Consumption tax Royalty fees or revenue from government-owned natural resources or entities. Property taxes Puntland's government has failed to implement an effective tax collection or revenue generation scheme from any of the above streams. The state is close to bankruptcy. On top of that, there is little or no Shilling notes in circulation for the general economy. Recently, Puntland printed boats of Somali Shillings to pay the salaries of civil servants and to increase economic activity. Insiders, fully aware of the risk of inflation, argued that the unbearable corruption in the federal government was the real reason why Puntland took these measures. Puntlanders accuse President Hassan of using the nation's coffers as his personal bank without any accountability. Should Puntland continue to print more Somali shillings to kickstart its failing economy. PS: Somaliland's boom is mainly driven by its ability to control is own monetary policy and print its own money at a controlled rate.
  9. How many entities speak on behalf of Central State? It is hard to keep up with the many groups.
  10. Gaas seems to believe that a mere reshuffling is going to change his political fortunes. This is more than a joke. The president needs to articulate a coherent vision for Puntland instead of blaming others for the failures of his fadhiid government.
  11. I am surprised that the same company the SFG was saying it ousted out of the country, is still there digging deep. It seems the Somali government was making empty threats.
  12. <cite> @galbeedi said:</cite> Libaax and Che, with your help we could win the highest seat of of the land of the Somali republic. To know where you going , you must know your history, culture and tradition. Most of the Somalis, especially those ( Kuwii Dumiyey Qaranka) who eliminated the Republic, will never say any thing good about the Nation we lost. The Somali state didn't begin or end in 1988. Libaax, arrintaa maxaad ka odhan lahaydeen? Galbeedi, Awoowe, there is no individual better qualified to run for office than our esteemed nomad Galbeedi. Consider this an official endorsement! SOL, which has always been a hotbed for budding politicians, has so far produced a Prime Minister, Ambassador and a City Councillor. Awoowe, we are ready to help you in any capacity. Send me a PM anytime!!.
  13. It is my understanding that initially this particular project was to be kept under wraps, but somehow the media got hold of the details through a leak, and run with it. It is a mystery indeed!.
  14. <cite> @galbeedi said:</cite> One more thing, Mr.Che, Did I mention that I am running for office? Galbeedi, tell us more Awoowe!
  15. It looks like this was a face-saving compromise for both sides.
  16. Macruuf, Salaan sare Awoowe. Reerkii iyo Nairobi ka warran? Ma hadaaba kuugu horeysa? We hardly mentioned it here because we knew SOL's historic forum appeals to a die-hard group of debate fanatics who like controlled debate and dislike speed or chaos. New media has its unique challenges and it can rub some the wrong way.
  17. Saalax, interesting video Awoowe! Is that Markus Hoehne from #CadaanStudies?
  18. Well done and good luck to the investors. The country needs professional banks.
  19. ^^ :D Hassan M. Abukar repackaged "waxa-la-yidhi" stuff posted on various threads from SOL archives. He is quite late to the game.