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  1. We should all not take our great religion for granted if we are not perfect Muslims. I interpreted his replies as Oomaar avoiding to be seen as carrying the baton of righteousness or acting like a hypocrite. Being a true Muslim carries great responsibilities and he knows he is not perfect. Omaar is a Muslim. He said it in the interview. That is all that really matters.
  2. The article was written by a Somali guy. Who is "they"?
  3. Somalina;732800 wrote: I think it's doing pretty well for 17th spot in Macleans's rankings for 2011. 17 out of 22 among a low ranked 3rd category is bad. 44th position out of 49 when 1st and 2nd category Canadian schools are counted is, in many ways, scraping the bottom of the barrel. The point I want to make is, the author made the entire Somali female crowd boxed in with that statement. This is a single story and there was no need to add the "the first ever female of Somali descent" drool in the mix.
  4. the first ever female of Somali descent to achieve this important feat in the western world . Was that comment needed? I saw Fariid Omar as belittling Somali sisters with that comment. Ryerson is a low ranked university possessing one of the lowest reputation in academic circles. I don't think Ryerson University is particularly a pleasing way of promoting Somali female excellence and intellectual prowess. Fariid Omar's bombastic article failed to put things in perspective. Somali girls compete against the cream of the crop of this universe in terms of academics at some of the world's top universities. Few I know here in America are doing it right at this moment burning the midnight oil at top schools. Anyhu, awguulyo to Nasra for finding a job in Dubai.
  5. India is the place to be if you are single. Look at those beauties. Mashalah.
  6. After a long day in the office, I took a metronap. First for me and it felt 100% complete.
  7. Zack, no other power exists other than the mighty green (dollar). It is the only game in town. If Somalis would be able to pay their bills, there would be no Amisom, Mahiga, Muzaveni or any other middlemen. Somalis are beggars. Beggars depends on providers. Providers run things the way they see fit. Want to run your own show? Come up with your own cash. tata
  8. Duke, Mahiga himself has superiors higher up. At the Somali level, Sakiin is the lead wolf in the pack. All TFG power is delegated to him at the moment and the rest are hostages (Sh.Sharef), bystanders (Faroole) and demonstrators (Farmaajo). Reading about his autocratic history, Musaveni is not a man who likes to take back his statements. Farmajo needs to be very careful not to overplay his cards. I am concerned the Prime-Minister may be listed as knotty if AU commanders deem his behavior a threat. Demos should carry on to limit Sakiin's power flexes in the future even even though I believe the original deal won’t be overturned. tata
  9. ^^ None of these cats can walk freely in the streets of Muqdisho without AU protection. They are not even safe in their homes as Cabdishakur and Macalin killing validates. What power you ask? The power to fire the Prime-Minister without merit, the power to pick and approve the next Prime-Minister and all important ministers. The power to organize the next election. The whole nation is at the mercy of this imbecile at this juncture. Sh.Sharef is a hostage. That is the very fact his supporters are on the streets crying faul. He caught the bad end of the falling knife. He is finished as a politician. The only face saving act on his belt at this moment is to pour children on the streets to possibly change AU thoughts and reverse the original deal, but that will not happen because Mahiga's ego will be demolished. This is his baby and pet project. tata
  10. Sakiin is a crook. People should never accept the way he consolidated all power to himself.
  11. Judging from that pic you posted, you may have a point. :D These politicians are all cheaters. If they tell you they care about Somalia, run for the hill. It is a lie.
  12. Big damage it looks like. What is true about the rape story? Was a girl from Al-Shabeb raped?
  13. Farmaajo probably deserves this shenanigan. Ishiisa laga arkaa, ushiisa lagu tumaa.
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    miskin, when I read online content generally I don't look for exclusivity in one style of content. i look for balance and as a reader I think somalia online has a balance of everything. Trolls, serious discussions, and somewhere in the middle. it just depends on the day or what is hot in the week. At the very least the trolls keep it busy and entertain us readers. additionally I know Somalis will always disagree because that is in their genes so I am not bothered by heated exchanges. Just like you (in 8 years you managed to post 100 posts), I don't enjoy writing as a person but I like to read every sytle of nacnac. Call me a freeloader. loool. I am 31
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    This is Holac. welcome me with open flames.