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    Amaan Dumar

    <cite> @Cabdow said:</cite> Timahaaga dheere by Giriig<br /> <br /> been laguma dhaartee<br /> dhan loo dayaba gabaryay<br /> jacaly iga dhab weeyee<br /> timahaagan dheeree<br /> dhabarkaaga joogee<br /> ilaahay dhameeyee<br /> ilkahaaga dhuuxiyo<br /> dibnahaaga dhuxushaa<br /> dhakafaar ka qaadee<br /> <br /> waxa aad u dhigantaa<br /> dhibicdiyo cadceedo<br /> isu soo dhawaadee<br /> <br /> dhaqan kaama luminoo<br /> dhismahaa ma liicine<br /> waqti kuma dhirbaaxine<br /> sidii aad u dhalatay<br /> dheehii u leeyiin <br /> wali dhabanadaaduye<br /> anna waxa ii dhaawacay<br /> dhaayaha u rooney<br /> dhoola ka qosolkaagee <br /> <br /> waxa aad u dhigantaa<br /> dhibicdiyo cadceedo<br /> isu soo dhawaadee<br /> <br /> sida dhool gu' oo kale<br /> ama dhicirta hawdoo<br /> geed sare ku taalaa<br /> qurux loo dhameeye<br /> dhalankaagu waa ubax<br /> aan la kala dhantaaline<br /> anna labada dhinac baan<br /> kaa dhuganayaaye <br /> kuma dhaafi karayee<br /> <br /> waxa aad u dhigantaa<br /> dhibicdiyo cadceedo<br /> isu soo dhawaadee<br /> <br /> Hablaha soomaliyeed maxaa amaan loo dhameeyey... Mexey kuku taalaa laakin waa ungratefull creatures, oo hadhow oran somali men are not romantic :mad: I found this topic on Google. I will use this.
  2. Only a stone could endure what the people of Mogadishu went through in the last 20 years. They are still full of life and joy. The deserve much more credit than others give.
  3. This constant violence is destroying whatever little confidence many of us had about returning and rebuilding the country. The government must stop the violence and pacify the city. It has enough army and AU support. What is wrong in Mogadishu lately?
  4. Dr. Osman, what other countries have consulates in Puntland?
  5. <cite> @Tallaabo said:</cite> You and the other Southern Somalis may find it difficult to understand our obsession with justice, but in Somaliland we have a culture of attaching great value to human life. Is that the only reason why this is done?
  6. I can't believe this woman is 58 years old.
  7. Warlord Indhocade is a symbol of tyranny and lawlessness. The closer he is to the current government, the worse this government gets. Why is he cabaadin? He destroyed many houses over the years.
  8. Puntland ministers should visit Mogadishu and the relationship must be improved. Peace Action, what needs to be answered is why a minister left Garowe without letting his own staff know where he was going? What was the purpose of the trip? What did he accomplish by going to another city. These are accountability questions. There is a cost associated with these travels and the state and people of Puntland are footing the bill.
  9. A peaceful transfer of power based on one vote is rare in the world let alone Africa. Somali elections are full of fraud and ballot stuffing. Good for him.
  10. It is an amazing picture. Did anyone picture a more deeper meaning with the photo? Reaching for the sky but falling short? Trying to catch a glimpse of hope?
  11. Norf, I was surprised as well, but this is a historical fact. As ciyaalka xaafada, we called each other "regeedii" but I didn't know its origin.
  12. This kid is on a roll. What is left there for him not to conquer? Good for him.
  13. This is cool. Is that a live gazelle or a taxidermied animal?
  14. <cite> @ElPunto said:</cite> ^Why not question the merit of every social community organization and the funding they receive? Why just the Somali ones? Somalis always like to bring other Somalis down. If a non-Somali organization saw fit to give money to these folks what basis do you have to question that? Why can't we be satisfied that a few Somali men will get extra money to pay for their post-secondary education. Sheesh. I concede my response came off belittling . I stand corrected. I am only a human. But, my general question still stands. Do these organisations actually help?
  15. RAGEEDIII-The Perfect Men The Ancient-Egyptians named themselves "Rageedii": "The perfect men" in their language and the Somali People use still now this name "Rageedii" with the same ancient-egyptian meaning "The perfect men". For example in somali language : " U dadaal sidii Rageedii"= Make efforts as Rageedii ,the perfect men. Here, Some historical and linguistic proofs : The Famous French Egyptologist Christiane D.Noblecourt , in her book "Hatshepsout ,the Mysterious Queen" detailed the expedition of Queen Hatshepsut to the Land of Punt and she said that the Ancient-Egyptians and The Puntites used to speak and communicate with the same language. Again the representations of the early Puntites, or Somali people, on the Egyptian monuments, show striking resemblances to the Egyptians themselves. » By Brian Brown New York: Brentano's [1923] In “The Making of Egypt” (1939). Petrie states that the Land of Punt was “sacred to the Egyptians as the source of their race" "The King Sahure (2458-2446 B.C.) from this Egyptian Old Kingdom, Dynasty V (2498-2491 B.C.) made a trade expedition to the Land of Punt . Egyptian ships also reached the shores of the land of Punt on the Somali coast to procure highly valued cargoes of myrrh, ebony and animals, among other goods. " Text Reference: The UNESCO General History of Africa: Ancient Civilization of Africa, Vol, II, General History of Africa, G. Mokhtar, 1990, p 64-68 . "The Egyptians sometimes called Punt land Ta-Netjeru, meaning "Land of the Gods," and considered it their place of origin ." (Richard Pankhurst, The Ethiopian Borderlands:1997) The greek historian Diodorus of Siculus in his book "Universal history "said that in 6th century before-J-Christ , because of a political crisis in Egypt and the euro-asiatic's infiltrations in Egypt , more than 200 thousands of Ancient-egyptians migrated in the south of the Nile By crossing Ethiopia-Nubia with their boats ,in the direction of North-Eastern of Africa (Now, Sudan, Somalia ,Djibouti,Ethiopia ...) This last historical fact can explain why the somali language is a survived ancient-egyptian language ,according to the british linguist : "The language of ancient Egypt belonged to the Hamitic group; Surviving Hamitic languages are spoken across a large part of North Africa and include Somali." (The english language ,A Historical Introduction," by Charles Barber,british linguist .) All the symbolical ancient-egyptian names : "Horakhty, Aton, Horus, Isis, Nebhet ,Hâpy etc... " were preserved in Somali language and still now , the somali people use these names with their original egyptian-puntite pronounciation . For example : "Oraxthy" means" the sun" in Somali as the ancient-egyptians. "AAR" means "lion" in ancient-egyptian and also in somali . There is a huge somali-egyptian linguistic and historical and cultural proofs . Thanks for reading and sharing ! Short Egyptian-Puntite Research made by Abdisalam Mahamoud ,Master II degree of Philosophy :History of Civilisations and Religions. somaliegyptianpuntite
  16. What an honorable man. This is the kind of leadership the country needs. Most politicians would be scared of touching poor malnourished kid.
  17. I would have felt better if I saw him reading the New York Times or the Economist. It is embarrassing to see a head of state reading Facebook. You want to hear a joke? Question: What is the average IQ of Facebook user? Answer: Below the threshold of retardation!
  18. Khayr, what happened to your morals and religious values? You care more about perception than doing what is right. Who cares if someone thinks you are a snitch. Do the right thing.
  19. They look more like Eritreans. There are way too many of them here in Virginia. But most are Christians.