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  1. What will Barwaaqo take? Adeer la isma hafro. Something are too precious. Lakiin I know some of you do not believe it. You will be waiting until Yomil QIyama. Iska suga.
  2. Guulwade is the worst insult anyone can give another person. It pretty much means you are an opportunist. Welibana the lowest of the low. In fact for those of you who are not aware a "Guulwade" in Somaliland was known as a "Green Dog". LOL It thrills me immensely that the green dogs have been eliminated from the Soil of Somaliland. Allahu Akbar.
  3. Saalax the video you loaded and what you wrote don't add up. They said one man did this. LOL You keep cheering on One Man armies. You remind me of this one chap called Something Yabarag who used to write long articles that concluded with the LAST NAIL ON THE COFFIN of Somaliland. LOL The past 4 years you've been doing a one man halgan and you are not anywhere nearer to your goal. You didn't even move on inch. Maxaa talo ah? Sidan caafimaadkaaga wax bay u dhimaysaaye. Ma haboontahay inaad isa soo dabiibto? Talo qof kaa naxaya weeye. Ha sharaysan.
  4. Suldaanka...Puntland are good people. It is tragic their politicians keep on this madhalays baali xoofto. Iyagii baa dadka isku soo jeedinaya. The tukaraq issue has largely died down. Goobta dagaalka has changed to the attempts by Somalia and its federal member states to try to put the squeeze on Somaliland by lobbying to have its aide be cut. There is very little Somalia hasn't done to poison any kind of future friendly relations between Somaliland & Somalia. Fortunately, the people of Somalia are not the same as their political leaders who are parasites that have not allowed them any kind of peace & progress for the past 50 + years.
  5. Happy Independence Day Somaliland. In sha Allah may you continue to prosper.
  6. He really believes that nonsense. LOL Isma yeelyeelayo. It pretty much explains why we can't seem to come to any respectable terms with our neighbours. Our definitions for the same thing are totally different. For them up is down and down is up.
  7. Galbeedi show kama koro habaarka iyo calaacalka.... soo tii la odhan jiray xitaa hadii aad dhimanaysid dhereerka waa la iska duwaa?
  8. Coldoon said his life is in danger. He ran away to Qatar. He wants to come home. Mogadishu is not what its cracked up to be. His eyes has been opened and it seems he finally sees things for what they really are. I welcome this new found maturity from his part. He should get back to what he does best and that is help those less fortunate.
  9. If I got five cents for all the time I heard people discount or wish Somaliland ill will I'd be rich by now. It is really tragic, we wish Somalia well and they are busy trying to make our "Kaffan". I guess misery loves company. There is a reason why Allah instructs us to not be a "Xaasid". It will only delay Somalia's prosperity if they continue with their hate and evil in their hearts. Somaliland in badan bay soo kaafa kacaysay. We take 2 steps forward and one step back, one giant stride and one step back and so on. We've seesawed along the way. We've built institutions that have been proven resilient despite the complexity of the situations we've faced. We've always come out stronger, more experienced & more determined than ever to perfect our consensus building. We are after all an egalitarian society. It is something in our DNA. We sit, we deliberate, we debate and finally agree on a way forward. Unfortunately, along the way we have had loss of lives. One life is one too many. We mourn and grieve and hope to see a better tomorrow where we no longer see people die due to protests. May Allah have mercy on those who passed away a few nights ago. May their families find the strength to carry on. The eventual winner will have to deal with how to control demonstrations. We must ban the use of live ammunition. Too many times we've lost people from Lascaanood to Borama and all the other cities in between due to stray bullets after police fire into the air. I want to thank Suldaanka & Barwaaqo for their even measured tone in providing us updates. It is clear you want Somaliland to succeed while other are hoping we miss the mark. Alhamdulilah, Allah is the best of planners. We trust in Allah SWT and are confident in His grace that Somaliland will continue to progress. We await the final tally of the NEC........
  10. Somaliland is making strides. This is the level of maturity we want sustained and advanced. Campaigning door to door, calling voters and requesting their support and the candidates walking about and mingling with voters ala Faisal in Wajaali. That picture of him squaiting in the traditional Somali stance is pure gold. The campiagn is almost over. May the best man win In Sha Allah
  11. The good thing about our democracy is that every one is entitled to their opinion. It doesn't matter who is President, Cirro, Faisal or Muse as long as they are advancing Somaliland's interest. It is a good thing the world does not run on Galbeedi's calculations. Waa Ilaahay mahadiis. Galbeedi waxan aad xoqayso meelna kuma gaadhaysid. Waa iska hadlow ina igare. Somaliland people are past your score settling and ciil kama kor attitude. If Riyale can be president of Somaliland and voted in democratically, there is nothing that will bar Muse Bihi if he wins. Wax kale la kaalay min fadlak.
  12. Suldaanka, although Silanyo's administration has not accomplished many of the things we as a nation were promised, we can at the very least say that his term and a half has moved Somaliland in the right direction. The presidents who come after him will need to step up their game or they will only have one term.
  13. Suldaanka, Are you seriously expecting Mr Farmaajo to govern Somalia when he can't even read the word radicalization? You expect too much of him. The person who calls the shots is Mr. Keating and he doesn't want the charade to stop. The merry go round is not going to stop until the citizens of Somalia proper learn to take back their dignity. It is truly tragic. May Allah help these people. They are way in over their heads.
  14. Oodweyne, Galbeedi is a toad, but in this regard he is quite right. MMA waa looma ooyaan. He tries to make himself feel better by having a go at "Somaliland" or as he likes to call them "Qaldaamiin" or "Qawdhan" or what have you. You see as you have described him he is naked and the only garb he can use to participate in the zero sum game of what is passed off as politics in Somalia Proper is to bleed "Soomalinimo". It is no wonder he alone every year for the past nearly 2 decades waves around that blue rag just so he would get some kind of sympathy from the mafia that are busy with the tug of war that will decide who will play care taker of Villa Somalia under the occupation of AMISOM and their front line states. So you see, he soothes his non existence by trying to play the comedian so that the mafia can clap for him and tell him "good boy". Galbeedi plays a similar role in SOL. Although Allah made him an important part of Somaliland, he some how feels inferior and lets out his frustration by writing endless drivel. Let them breathe. U daa ha iska tuur tuuraane, meel fog ma gaadhayaane. Oo dee ka dhin, Ilaahay yanuu sidooda kaa dhigine.
  15. Suldaanka, Barwaaqo & Mr Oodweyne thanks for the updates. Please keep them coming. In terms of who to support this election I'm really not sure who to support yet as I have not finished reading all the party platforms. It looks like whoever becomes victories change is coming. Waddani has a candidate who is diplomatic, witty, shrewd and knows when to draw the dagger (i.e. when he punched Bashe's lights out). Kulmiye has a candidate that knows the terrain and the people of Somaliland very well and who will defend home & country if need be. Lastly, Ucid has a candidate that is a visionary and dares to dream the possibilities that can be achieved. If we were going to base it only on the person at the helm most people would vote for Faysal, but since Somaliland's institutions are still in the developmental stage it is important to base one's decision on who the team is that will support the would be President. Unfortunately this is where Mr Warabe comes in last between the three candidates. It is a toss up, but I believe like myself most people are still undecided. Let the campaign begin! @ Che...after 7 pages of updates and analysis all you could come up with is that? but then again you've never been one to bring much to the table.
  16. OdaySomali, Adeer cidina kaama akhrisanayso all this doom and gloom about Somaliland's prospects. Somaliland already faced an existential threat & survived. There is no need to live in fear, the worst is behind us. Haday Soomaliya haadaan ka dhacaysona waa yeelkadeed, iyadaa sidaa isu gashay. Ta kale, hadaad diiday Somalinimo xuduudo leh, ana Somalinimo aan xuduudo lahayn waan diiday. Markaa adaa cirka roob ku og. Somaliland works, and it is enough for us. Hadaad adigu u bukto world class education,health, economy etc, samayso yaa kugu haysta. Lakiin wax igu darso dambe ayaa dhamaatay. Stand on your own two feet. Wax noqo. Isku kalsoonow. Oohinta iyo ilmayada yaxaaskana iska yaree.
  17. Che I can't help you my friend. May Allah help you.
  18. Photo: Mohamed Amin Jibril/IRIN Saida Mohamed with her child, Habon Ahmed, who was injured in a landmine explosion in January HARGEISA, 2 February 2011 (IRIN) - Somalia's self-declared independent region of Somaliland has experienced an increase in landmine and unexploded ordnance (UXO) explosions in the recent past, with officials calling for mine awareness education in schools, as children have been the main victims. "Child victims of land mines have increased in Somaliland in the past two months," Ahmed Ali Maah, director of the Somaliland Mine Action Center (SMAC), told IRIN. "Some 93 children have been killed by landmines in the past three years." Farhan Abdi Saleban, a child protection officer with Comprehensive Community-Based Rehabilitation in Somaliland (CCBRS), a local NGO, said three children died and five were injured by landmines in January; and two others were injured in December 2010. "Case fatalities and injuries associated with mine and UXO explosions have lately increased in the country," Saleban said. "A high proportion of the victims are children, according to comparative data/information recorded for the past two months." Saleban said strategic interventions, including effective continuing mine-risk education and psychological rehabilitation of landmine survivors, were needed. The latest incident occurred on 27 January in Sheedaha settlement in Hargeisa’s Kodbur District: One child died and two others were injured when a landmine exploded in a playground. "My son had gone to play football in the evening, as usual. Suddenly I received a phone call telling me my son had been injured following an explosion," said Ibrahim Ahmed, a father of five, whose son Farhan Ibrahim was injured in the chest. Photo: Mohamed Amin Jibril/IRIN At least 24 types of anti-personnel mines from 10 different countries have been identified in Somaliland No minefield records According to SMAC, landmines were laid in Somaliland over two decades, and during three different conflicts. The first conflict (1964) and the second (1977-78) were between the Somali Democratic Republic and Ethiopia over what is now Ethiopia's Somali Region. The third conflict (1981-91) was when the Somali National Movement waged an armed struggle against the Somali National Army of the then Somali president, Mohamed Siyad Barre. According to the UN Development Programme (UNDP), 400,000-800,000 landmines were laid in Somaliland between 1988 and 1991 alone. At least 24 types of anti-personnel mines from 10 different countries have been identified in Somaliland. At least half of the landmines laid in Somaliland are plastic. No records were kept by those who laid landmines in Somaliland. Subsequently, several landmine impact surveys were carried out, but many of their findings turned out to be unreliable. SMAC is currently verifying the results of a 2009 survey carried out by the HALO trust. One of five children injured in an explosion on 20 January had been herding livestock when the explosion occurred. "I was with my daughter; we were looking after the sheep when a huge explosion erupted where my daughter was. I ran to her but I was too late. Her legs and her hand were cut off and she was bleeding profusely," Saida Mohamed, a mother of seven from south-central Somalia, said. Civil society organizations and the national demining agency have called for awareness-raising mine education programmes, especially in schools. SMAC mine education officer Hibaq Mujahid Abdikadir Kosar told IRIN mine education programmes should be included in the national curriculum.
  19. Wiil Cusub, Thank you very much for the videos. Somaliland has come a long way. It makes me immensely proud that our can do attitude and by the will of Allah we have built our country from ruins of the past. Allahu Akbar Allahu Akbar Allahu Akbar
  20. Che, You must be mad those landmines didn't take enough people. As recently as last year a landmine exploded in a playground seriously wounding or killing a boy. I pray you tell those children they're emotional and mentally trapped. A more sober mind that is not full of hate would be a little more introspective. The people who are trapped emotionally and mentally are the ones who are crying about the return of the 1991 civil war and cannot reconcile still fighting old wars in Kismaayo & Gaalkacyo. Somalia has not moved an inch for the past 23 years and you talk about Somaliland being trapped? The pictures and the governance speak volumes about how far Somaliland has come. The contrast is real. The entire world is a witness who has moved on and who has not and needs foreign troops to keep the peace.
  21. Baashi, Well, you see before Ahmed Ismail Samatar ran all the way home to his home town of Gabiley, he was told you are not from around here. There is nothing here for you in Mogadishu but scraps. Therefore, it is not he who left Somaliweyn, the so called epicenter of Somaliweyn left him. Logic dictates to go where you are welcomed. In order to understand the situation, you have only to look at history. Many people here tend to speak about how Somaliland left Somalia, when it reclaimed its sovereignty. The truth of the matter is Somalia gave Somaliland no choice, when successive governments be it under democracy, or dictatorship, or anarchy (during Ali Mahdi's tenure) where Somalia decided to dictate to Somaliland. If we put it in a context you can understand, if your company demotes you (Somaliland came into the partnership as an equal) and treats you as a mere province, then you have been "Constructively dismissed". You have the right to quit and sue. In the same token, if you are discriminated against and passed up for promotion simply because of your perceived otherness, then you can once again quit and sue. The employee would rather stay with their company, but because the employer has made their stay inhospitable they have effectively been pushed out. What you should be worried about is the proponents of Somaliweyn are getting less and less by the passing day. Somalia itself is cracking under its weight; you have all the different fiefdoms gearing for a perpetual conflict. This conflict can be through politics or through the battle field. Unfortunately, Somalia is finding it hard to be a cohesive entity, and in all fairness, there is no place for "outsiders" who have their own country. This is the reality. So for someone like you, maybe you should be focused on finding a way to stabilize the capsizing ship, as opposed to finding fault with someone who has found another ship to sail on.
  22. Baashi I guess you haven't listened to the man speak. Ever since September 2012 he has spoken about his experience in Mogadishu. He didn't lose the presidency of Somalia because he didn't have the credential; he lost because he was not of the right clan, the right geographic area, the right constituency. He has been discriminated again and in this very interview he says, I've gone the last mile to find Somaliweyn and those from Somalia have forsaken our attempt at unity. Now having come home and witnessed how the people of Somaliland feel about their sovereignty, he has very little choice but to work with them. Somalia spat him out, and told him he is from another place. How unfathomable is it to go seek that other place you hail from?