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  1. Che, you back peddled. I'm surprised you're still at it. Just because Safferz is hard headed doesn't mean you have to be. LOL
  2. Let’s see what the new crop produce. In cha Allah they will succeed for the betterment of the country.
  3. Baashi, I'm surprised at you. The man ran a campaign thinking there was a level playing field. He was told you are not a contender because your people are from a different country. You can get the scraps but you cannot be President, or Prime Minister, or even Speaker of Parliament. So what was he to do? He has to go where his talents will be made use of. The fact that someone like Ahmed Ismail Samatar can change course at this juncture in the history of Somalia & Somaliland speaks volumes about the trajectory we are on. Don't hate the man because he has seen how futile the Somali Weyn song is, how shallow, how devoid of anything holy.
  4. Che, actually you were arguing precisely that. LOL In any event, the same question applies. Maybe you two didn't even bother listening to the audio. It is absurd to pose the question whether Somalis can organize themselves into political parties, when in fact Somaliland has, which has Somali inhabitants, unless of course they are not Somali but Somalidiid in your eyes. LOL Now that you have back peddled we can go back to Somalia and understand yes, the environment is not conducive to multiparty politics at the moment as Abukar Arman rightly noted, but it should be what people should work towards. That is the only way that can contain the beast that is has destroyed Somalia's chances, year in and year out. I do agree reconciliation is the first step, but what then? How do you share a country if you do not agree on a system that can bring different people under one banner.
  5. Che, you can't hate what you are. Nobody has exclusive right to the name Somali. In fact if we delve a little further, Somaliland is 100 % Somali, where as Somalia has other ethnicities. LOL If anyone should lay claim to it, it should be those from Somaliland.
  6. Safferz, you're answering a different question. Try again. Here is the question. Remember, context is paramount here. The issue is, once it has been established Somalis can organize themselves into political parties and transcend clan as best they can such as the case in Somaliland, is it legitimate to pose the question can Somalis do this? In that frame work, to pose such a question would indicate Somaliland citizens are something other than Somali, thereby giving the term Somali solely to those from Somalia
  7. Safferz, you enjoy defending the indefensible. I understand being a lawyer gives you the urge to play the devils advocate but in this case no amount of education from Yale or Harvard can save you. The question is not whether or not Che or a citizen of Somalia can be referred to as a Somali. The issue is, once it has been established Somalis can organize themselves into political parties and transcend clan as best they can, is it legitimate to pose the question can Somalis do this? I believe the answer is a resounding no; unless of course Somalis from Somaliland are not Somali but something other. To suggest otherwise is fatuous.
  8. Temper, temper! You sound like toddler throwing a tantrum just because he was told they must share the ball at the day care. The name Somali is shared by all Somalis in the Horn of Africa. It is not exclusively for those from Somalia. Therefore, in a debate in a medium such as the VOA where all Somalis are an audience, when a question is being raised it should be specific to the area it is discussing and not confuse all Somalis. You see it is not only I who would object those from Djibouti, NFD and Somali Galbeed will differ with your misappropriation of the shared Somali ethnicity. Try to be logical, you don't need to showcase share your megalomania. We get it you are from Somalia and therefore predisposed to fraud. LOL Why else would you agree to make a forgery to use the name Somali alone for yourself. Kaftan aside, I truly hope you're not trying to assume the Somali Ethnicity only for Somalis from Somalia. You can't be that daft. Not even you Che. As for your attempt to paint Somaliland as one clan country, this has been disproved eons ago. You're still parroting the polemics of the early 90's. I'm sorry you didn't get the memo. You see the enlightened folk such as Dr. Badiyow know the difference. There is hope yet for Somalia. There is a new discourse and attitude from Somalia regarding Somaliland and we welcome it. The common man will follow in due time, even you Che. LOL
  9. Not cursed at all, they’re just taking too long to learn from their lessons. Well, at least some of us anyway.
  10. Che-Guevara, yes you are a Somali but you don't own it solely that name is shared and you can't claim it alone. Che for you Somaliland is one clan, but those professors will disagree with you as they know the reality. LOL Your smear campaign will not work. Somaliland is a role model for Somalia, just like Kenya, Ghana and South Africa. Democracy can flourish in Somalia, but I do agree it is not there yet today; however, it is the future. To say it will not work is to be short sighted. We have proof in Somaliland.
  11. Taleexi, ever since Somaliland liberated the capital of Sool, you have been reduced to smiles. Saxib sidan isu dhaan.
  12. Che, you're missing the point. Politics based on clan will not get you anywhere. This much is agreed upon. The argument is where does Somalia go from here? Shall it enter the 21st century along with Africa and organize itself based on political parties? Should it follow the footsteps of Somaliland, considering it has proven Somalis can make this leap. You see, what is going on in Somaliland is quite different than what was going on in Somalia in the early 60's. Somaliland actually has political parties that are not only for elections but remain after elections and do their job in opposition, as opposed to all joining the winning party (SYL) in the case of Somalia. Also, the number of political parties has been limited to three in order to curtail clan from seeping into the political environment. Secondly, I don't think someone from Saudi Arabia equates Arabs with Saudi Arabia, and tries to retain what is a shared identity only for them. I don't expect you to understand this, since by your very admission you seem to suffer the same delusion as the moderator of the debate. This point is ever more glaring when it has been established that Somalis from Somaliland have been able to rise above clan in their political arena. To ask can Somalis do the same is to suggest Somalis from Somaliland are not Somali. The better question would be to use the word Somalian, or Somalilander to denote nationality.
  13. VOA held a lively debate between Professor A. M. Badiyow (Former Presidential Candidate), Professor A. I. Samatar (Former Presidential Candidate), Professor A. Abdirahman (Former Professor of Somalia National University) & Mr. A. Arman (Former Somalia Envoy to USA) on Clan & the Politics of Somalia. It was interesting to have Prof Badiyow & Ahmed Ismail Samatar to use neighbouring countries of Somalia and Somaliland in particular to suggest a way out of the clan plagued political environment of Somalia by adopting political parties. It was equally fascinating to have Mr. Arman point out that Somalia needs have necessary institutions in place first like those of neighbouring countries including Somaliland before political parties could replace politics based on clan in Somalia. It appears it is slowly sinking in Somalis from Somalia that the political discourse in Somaliland although not perfect is the way forward. I found it quite interesting that the moderator posed the question can Somalis adopt political parties, after his very own guests highlighted Somaliland is a possible example to follow with regards to a healthier political climate and their experience with multiparty politics. The question should have been rather can Somalis from Somalia as opposed to equating Somalia and all Somalis. Usurping something that is shared, such as our common ethnicity is another glaring example of the delusions our brothers in Somalia suffer from.
  14. Oodweyne, some time back I watched the concession speech of Abdirahman Ali (AUN) & Cumar Carte when they lost to Egal(AUN). It was one for the ages and cemented the peaceful transfer of power between a sitting president and his challenger. You are spot on and have eloquently encapsulated the legacy of President. History will be kind on him and his administration.
  15. Somaliland's achievements are there for all to see. President Silanyo has shown a level of maturity to a) have the country follow him into the first Somalia conference in Feb 2012 to create the 2 state dialogue between Somaliland & Somalia and b) to inform the western powers be it UK & USA that Somaliland will not & can not give up its sovereignty. Things are changing when President Silanyo meets the President & Prime Minister of Turkey, the Prime MInister of UK and the undersecretary of state for the USA. In the past, the Presidents of Somaliland would meet the secretary for Africa.
  16. Axmed Ismaciil Samatar is singing a different tune lately. Listen to the below videos. He is a changed man.
  17. I think it is safe to say Somaliland is not going to the London Conference. The UK government is now also confirming that Somaliland will not attend.
  18. Mintid, very interesting saxiib. Let us see how this relationship develops and what Farole Inc.'s next move is. He's been sidelined but it looks like Italy has thrown him a life line. He's been quiet for some time, maanta neeftii baa ka soo booday. LOL
  19. Mintid, you're quite right saxiib. What do you make of that link Carafaat posted about Talyaani replacing Turkey. What is the special bond there?
  20. Oodweyne very true indeed. There are multiple advantages to having Somaliland remain soveriegn for the Somali people in the horn. As to whether Somalis in Somalia will finally see the light? Only time will tell, but even the border issue has been addressed in this Kosovo/Serbia agreement. P.S. Mintid just because your prognosis is true, it doesn't mean we shouldn't try. LOL
  21. Oodweyne, Gobanimo. Nuune, saxiib runta oo la sheegaa deel qaaf ma aha. Waxa uu soo qoray iyo waxuu soo qori jiray waa la wada arkaa. Gari Alle ayey taqaanaaye wixii lagaga gardarnaana waan sheegay, wuxuu caadada u lahaana waan sheegay. Nina caadadiis ma baajo, bahalna ceydhiin ma daayo. As for the topic, Oodweyne as much as Xiin & Baashi put up a brave face it shows those at the helm of power in Garowe were not pleased about the meeting between Somalia & Somaliland in turkey. This displeasure is not new even on the same day as the meeting was taking place Garowe online did an interview with Ahmed Ismail Samatar. In the summary of the report the following sentences was written on April 13th: "Waa kulankii ugu horeeyey ee dhexmara Xasan Shiikh iyo Siilaanyo ,waxana Puntland horey uga soo horjeesatey wadahadalan u dhaxeeya labada dhinac oo aysan qaybta ka ahayn." LOL
  22. Mintid, I got what 336 posts in 9 years? LOL If it pleases SOL, they can ban me if they like. Truth be told though MMA is sick individual and has been for some time. I've been here a long time and he's been at it for some time. It is nothing new; he just disrobed fully that is all. :D So much for ciyaal xaafad & beesani and what not. LOL Regardless of what he is though, I think Oodweyne did him a favour for engaging him; I wouldn't have even given him that dignity. His politics is what his uncle told him and his social aptitude is what is before us today.
  23. looooooooooooooool@Odweyne...rageedii....doc ka yeedh waa loo dul qaataaa.... Surah Al Furqaan Verse 63 And the servants of (Allah) Most Gracious are those who walk on the earth in humility, and when the ignorant address them, they say "Peace!"
  24. By NAFTALI BENDAVID And GORDON FAIRCLOUGH BRUSSELS—Leaders of Serbia and Kosovo reached a preliminary accord aimed at transforming relations between the estranged Balkan neighbors—a potentially major step toward healing ethnic animosities and boosting economic growth in one of Europe's least-developed regions. After months of talks brokered by the European Union, Serbia tentatively agreed Friday not to obstruct Kosovo's efforts to integrate more closely with the rest of Europe, in exchange for pledges of significant autonomy for Serb communities in Kosovo, where the majority of citizens are Muslim ethnic Albanians. If Serbs can come to terms with plight of northern Kosovo, I think the Somalia-Somaliland issue is a cake walk.
  25. Ilahay hakala qaboojiyo. May the residents of Gaalkacyo see reason that they are closer to each other than any one else and must find a lasting solution. This can't continue. Carafaat you seem to be enjoying this. You shouldn't act like it is business as usual. AUN intii dhimatay.