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  1. This has to be the most awkward interview since the one Abdullahi Yusuf described Hussein Aidid as not normal for suggesting that Somalia & Ethiopia should not have a border. Every time the interviewer tried to get her to discredit Somaliland, it got so quiet you could almost hear crickets. For a hired gun Fowzia has found a way to get paid without soiling her reputation. Kudos to her.
  2. Che, are you denying that lack of de jure recognition has not affected Somaliland's economic potential? Is it not true a number of youth from Somaliland were enticed to join Al-Shabab. One of the most interesting cases is the former Somaliland's Financ minister's Son died in the wars for Islamic Courts, yet the person who declared Jihad is the President of Somalia hiding behind AMISOM. Were there not bombing in Hargeisa financed by Al-Shabab using some local residents in Somaliland? The risk is there. I think she also should have mentioned that if you do not allow people to live in their communities and homes with their rights to exist, they will continue to come into Europe illegally. It is in Europe's best interest to a) give Somaliland de jure recognition and b) help Somalia find peace. Piracy, Terrorism and Illegal Immigration would be significantly reduced which what Europe wants.
  3. Che...I think this is logical.... Who in their right mind would want to unite with Al-Shabaab. Who in their right mind would want to unite with Pirates? I think if Somalia had an alternate choice, they too would distance themselves from the failed state that Somalia is. It is pretty logical to me. It is good to take a good look in the mirror once in a while. These issues are no secret. Maybe Somalis have become accustomed to their own stench that Somalis from Somalia no longer see what the entire world sees. May Allah help us all in these difficult times.
  4. El Punto, Politically, Somalia has only produced warlords, pirates, and corrupt politicians. Somalia today is a failed state and not only that but also occupied by foreign troops. It has lost all sense of sovereignty. It might be a little hard to digest, but this is the truth. This is the sum of all the millions of Somalis in Somalia could muster an institution called TFG where things get divided by a system called 4.5 or 5.0. This is plastered all over the media if you were not privy to it before.
  5. Carafaat, is Faisal a warlord? Is Dahir Riyale? Is Silanyo? Surely you cannot be serious. In any event, suppose you're right. All three are criminals. The question is how come Somaliland is able to exist as a de facto nation state? It is the collective will of the people to make institutions and build a political entity. This is the reason that although Riyale would have liked to get 5 more years as president, he stepped down not because Museveni told him to, but because the people of Somaliland voted him out. In any case, I think you're trying real hard to veer the topic at hand. 1. What exactly did Edna Aden say that is untruthful? Somalia is a failed state. Somalia has only produced piracy, terrorism and starvation and chaos the last 21 years. If you feel this is not true, please share with us the alternate reality.
  6. Aaliyah, I like you. If the world had more Aaliyah's it would have been a better place. Having said, I would beg to differ on how you see the issues at hand. I hope you understand we can disagree without shaking our heads or rolling our eyes. 1. Al-Shabaab has spawned from the instability in Somalia. They are not an organization that neither the citizens of Somaliland nor their government has created. They are a bi-product of the Islamic Courts. I fail to see the connection. I really tried, but unfortunately there is no evidence to what you have asserted here. Unless of course we are going to play pin the tail on the donkey. 2. Awdal is by the far the most peaceful part of Somaliland. It is where Somaliland's institutions were ratified and its sovereignty shaped. Borama today is a cosmopolitan city which boasts a number of universities. Many Somalis be they Djiboutian, Somalian or what have you come and live there. Many Somalis of all nationalities take their kids there for Dhaqan Celis. I doubt if there was oppression people would not flock to live there. 3. Contrary to popular belief there are a sizable percentage of people who want Somaliland in these areas. It would not be possible for Somaliland to remain in Laascaanood for one day if it was not because of local support. Before Somaliland took full control of Laascaanood there were revenge killing based on clan. This is no more and the safety of the city has been much improved. Nevertheless, the issue of Sool is an internal issue for Somaliland to solve. Surely this is something that will have to be addressed in a meaningful manner for Somaliland to continue to prosper, but again I fail to see how these internal problems of Somaliland have made Somalia synonymous with piracy, starvation and theater for foreign troops. 4. Your last point went over my head. I doubt it very much that Somaliland's stance not to get involved in the quagmire that is Somalia, is the reason Somalia is a failed state today. In fact, I think it was the humane thing to do for Somaliland not to get caught between the myriad factions of Somalia.
  7. Carafaat, common sense dictates that leaders are a reflection of society. If Somalia has only produced warlords, pirates, and wanton destruction how is that generalization? It is Somalia's leaders that have asked Ethiopian tanks to be stationed in Mogadishu, who hide behind AMISOM troops and welcome Kenya into their country. Edna is not the first one to say it, it is written in most major news papers of the world, Somalia is a failed state, it harbours terrorists, and it is starving. Let’s focus on the message. This isn't new. If it is new for some, then maybe this will give them the opportunity to correct themselves and try to put an end to this misery that has gone on long enough.
  8. Abwaan ha inaga qarin. Soo daa waxaad gocanaysid. Maxay Somaliland ku samayay Somaliya ee aad tirsanaysiin? Si cilmiyeysan bal iiga jawaab adoo raali ah.
  9. As-Salaamu 3alaykum Blessed. Its been a while walaal. I hope everything is good on your end. You are quite right walaal the challenges are many, and there is yet a long way to go. However, we must take stock of what we’ve achieved and value what we have already. We must say Alhamdulilah, the worst is behind us. We can only go up. The momentum is with us.
  10. Abwaan stop dancing around the issues. Somaliland has withdrawn from the union in 1991. What has Somaliland done or contributed to make Somalia the failed state that it is today since 1991. Let’s hear your grievance.
  11. Carafaat, are you sleep walking? Granted there are laws for hate speach, but I doubt Edna Adan has not called for genocide, nor has she asked Morgan and the SNF to loot Bay & Bakool causing the starvation we all witnessed in 1992. She didn't instigate Ali Vs Aydiid to destroy Xamar. Neither did she ask the TFG to embezzle millions instead of using that money to prepare for the drought that caused the recent starvation in 2011. She does not lead Al-Shabab, nor does she control Farole to deport people from Bosaaso. She certainly did not put a green line between Beledweyne and the other one in Gaalkacyo. She has not called for Ethiopian troops to enter Mogadishu and is not the one requesting Kenya help them form something called Azania. Call me myopic but I fail to see how what she said has caused this Failed State we know as Somalia.
  12. Abwaan I'm actually quite versed with our history, and I doubt I'm XX's junior. If you don’t mind, please indulge me. How did Somaliland cause the starvation, piracy and chaos in Somalia?
  13. XX, Edna aadan ayaa qaska ka taagan Somaliya loo aanaynayaa. Walee waa yaab iyo amakaag.
  14. Man I love Edna. She tells it like it is. Enough with the excuses, Somalia shape up. Somalia is synonymous with Piracy, Terrorism, and Starvation. It is time to make a U-Turn and get off the path of destruction. Don't hate Edna for stating the obvious nobody wants to be part of Somalia. In fact if Somalia had an alternative they too would not want to be a part of this failed state. P.S. Abwaan I fail to realize how Somaliland contributed to the chaos that is Somalia. Maybe you could explain to us why Somalia should blame their failings on Somaliland. I'd really like to hear this one.
  15. The spirit of Somaliland & its future lies in the path set by Dr. Jowhar. On this joyous day, let us pray for our brother and the countless other Muslims we have lost. He was truly an inspiration, spending half the year in Hargeisa to treat our fellow citizens and non citizens alike. To get to know more about him read Jama Musse Jama's tribute on the life of Dr. Jowhar.
  16. Wassalaam NGONGE, Alhamdulilah I’m well. Inshallah I pray the same for you and your family. You’re right I am being optimistic. The there is a long journey ahead before we can claim “Mission Accomplished”. However, there are many things worth celebrating amidst the things we’d like to change. I welcome your critique and agree with your sentiments about the issues we’ve yet addressed. Now let me in on why I am so optimistic. Since the inception of Somaliland, whenever there is change in the horizon the electorate has been resistant. I’d be worried if we were being stagnant. In 1993 the great change was giving power to civilians. The second wave of change was going from clan gatherings to multi party democracy & ratifying a constitution. There were many at the time who wanted to continue the clan gatherings. Now comes the next wave of change in our young democracy where we’ve come of age. The next local elections will be based on voting for individuals rather than parties. Another change coming is the ability to form new parties if the old ones haven’t delivered. I also believe in the next elections, we will see the things you mentioned namely the media and fighting of corruption being the bread and butter issues rather than the old yard stick of how much money/contracts will supporting this political party earn me. In essence Somaliland is maturing, and in human terms, has become an adult. No one adult accomplishes their life’s work at the tender age of 21, but we can safely say we are well on our way. The greatest optimism is the new found do it yourself attitude of our people. A number of road projects, from hargeisa to Djibouti, hargeisa to borama, hargeisa to to buroa, buroa to ceerigaabo, hargeisa to salahley, hargeisa to baligubadle are being built by the locals and diaspora. Long gone are the days we’ve only contributed politically but I feel there is a renaissance in the making of helping Somaliland become self sufficient. There is so much foreign NGO’s can do. I think the new formula is public private partnerships. So far, that formula has worked on a limited scale but it is the green shoots that I see for the future. As you’ve agreed, that Masjid looks a lot better today than it did 1991. We’ve indeed come a long way.
  17. Somaliland – The past, present & Future. Happy May 18 every one. We’ve lost a giant among men in Dr. AbdiShakur Jowhar, Allah yarhama on all the Muslims who passed away. We will continue the work of our heroes and pick up where they left off.
  18. Somalia, I guess everyone gets to go to 10 Downing Street for an official visit with the Prime Minister? If this was the case, why hasn't any President before Silanyo not given the same audience with a sitting PM? Let us not get side tracked. So far, the attendance of Somaliland was a success. It even managed to put Somaliland's quest for statehood on the table by having one of the outcomes talking about Somaliland & Somalia's future relations. I'm sure if the TFG was concerned it would not have liked to entertain such reality. They would have much preferred to have the world say, Somaliland must agree to the territorial integrity of Somalia. Instead, the international community will support and by extension will get involved in assisting Somaliland from withdrawing from this monstrosity called the Former Somali Republic. Just like the road map for Somalia’s recovery, the sovereignty of Somaliland is now also on the Agenda. High time, Somalia decided to wake up to the reality on the ground.
  19. Somalia;794117 wrote: You don't make sense. If it asserted its so-called "sovereignty" then why did it attend as part of Somalia? He didn't get a statesmen's status. In your haste to reply, I believe you didn't read what I wrote carefully. Without going into great detail, click on the link I provided where it says " Read More Here". You will be guided to the office of the president of the Republic of Seychelles. In that press statement it clearly says The Republic of Somaliland. Here is the link again:
  20. A week in London: 1. A lot of officials from Somaliland getting a much needed working holiday in the UK. It was nice to see Cadami & Xaabsade finally leaving Africa and getting a taste of the west. 2. Demonstration held at 10 Downing Street – A lot of coverage by the press. BBC, Press TV, Al-Jazeera. 3. Somaliland President Silanyo receiving statesman’s status. I like his British security detail holding the umbrella for him. He was able to for the first time meet the Prime Minister of the UK for a private meeting. This is the first time a sitting Somaliland President has been given this opportunity. He also met the Minister of Foreign Affairs & Minister for International Development. 4. The profile of Somaliland was enhanced as he was seated next to other world leaders. He was also given an opportunity to speak in the closed section of the meeting. Further, he got the opportunity for the first time in Somaliland’s history to have the opportunity to speak to so many world leaders at the margins of an international conference. One such meeting was the bilateral accord between Somaliland & Seychelles regarding prisoner transfers. February 23 2012 -- Seychelles President James Michel and President Ahmed Mohamed Silanyo of the Republic of Somaliland have discussed, in a meeting in London today, the transfer of convicted Somali pirates currently in prison in Seychelles, to Somaliland to service their sentences. Read More Here 5. Somaliland will receive 105 Million Pounds from the UK over the next 3 years. Also, the Somaliland Development Corporation was launched with the backing of the British Government. All in all, Silanyo managed to keep the quest to gain de jure recognition for Somaliland going strong, collect increased funding for his country, get some R&R and creating a buzz around the world where even Canada’s globe and mail wrote the following: Some observers point to the breakaway Somali regions of Somaliland and Puntland, which have become semi-independent entities governed by distinct clans; Somaliland is now recognized by some organizations as an independent state. Some analysts argue that a loose federation of tribal regions is the only workable model, and are pleased to see Somaliland attending the summit, for the first time, perhaps to offer advice. Evaluation: Funding – Check Publicity – Check Continuing to assert your Sovereignty – Double Check Considering the only thing that came out of this conference is the need for security i.e. containing terrorism & fighting piracy I’d say this was a smashing success for Somaliland.
  21. Chimera, If you don't mind could you elaborate on this "peace in the South will mean war in the North"? Are you insinuating if Somalia become peacefully Somaliland will be in turmoil as a result? What would necessitate such a situation if you don't mind me asking? Would it even be practical considering the last government of the Somali Republic disintegrated due to its militaristic adventures in Somaliland.
  22. Baashi, Let me first agree with you that for some what is said in the video is not a secret nor a new revelation; however, I believe for a large number of people it is one thing to have heard about rumors or innuendos about members of the former regime and another to watch on video how they operated. To this day, Somalis tend to sweep many events under the rug either by denying in ever occurred or down playing its ferocity. Many people heard Hargeisa was bombed, but to actually witness the grainy footages on Youtube of one of the former regime’s commanders ordering “Lama xabo oo deg deg ah rid” nonchalantly puts some context to what has been transmitted through word of mouth. You see, human beings will only believe what their eyes ears can witness. To dismiss such evidence as passé, old news, nothing worth being gob smacked about is in line with how Somalis have dealt with the situation in Somalia; to stick one’s head in the sand hoping it will get better. You’re quite right the famine in Baidoa was all over the news. So much so that some Somalis in the west decided not to mention they were from Somalia. Nevertheless, all that was in the airwaves was that the natives in Baidoa were starving. What up until now was a mystery is who looted the barns that caused the famine when the drought hit? On these very pages we’ve had nomads accuse one another for who was responsible. Now maybe to you it is not worthy to pinpoint who was responsible since this occurred during the unfortunate civil war between Somalis, where a lot of wrong was being committed but I beg to disagree. This famine was unique and has not occured anywhere else in the former Somali Republic! It was manmade and I’d think the confession of remnants of the former regime goes along way of appropriating blame and giving us another example of what they were capable of doing. Now if I was to consume your definition of Somali culture as being synonymous with competition and confrontation, then how does one ever form a nation? From the empirical evidence of the last 42 years, it appears Somalia cannot and will not move beyond clan nor learn to share anything without vying for the lions share. If your thread about 2012 and what is to come for Somalia was any indication, this visceral competition of winners and losers is still alive and well. This does not bode well for Somalia and is precisely why the countless conferences have been a total failure because of the inability for Somalia to put some meat on the hollow bones of “Somalinimo” and “Muslinimo”. I don’t see how any other generation can overcome this obstacle without rejecting that it is inherent in them to embrace a culture of winner takes all, of one that fosters us vs. them instead of one that looks out for the greater good. In stark contrast to Somalia and your definition of the very nature of Somalis to be unruly and not co-operative, we’re confronted with the success of Somaliland to bring together the numerous clans that live there. To hammer this point home, let’s compare the trajectory of Somalia and Somaliland from 1991 onwards. While in the video in question the remnants of the former regime were continuing to divide & conquer by whipping up clannish sentiment in Somalia, Somaliland was reconciling neighboring clans and building consensus. Somalia drifted into the abyss and Somaliland has been clawing back from dark hole it entered in 1960. Did clans in Somaliland slip into chaos? Yes. However, as I stated in my previous post, regardless of the bumps along the way, Somaliland managed to traverse the minefields and won the day because of true Somalinimo and Muslinimo. Somalinimo and Muslinimo are alive and well in Somaliland, because it is practiced and not just preached. Unfortunately it is dead in Somalia. The proof is in the pudding. In 1960, Somaliland gave up its sovereignty for Somalinimo and in 2012, Ceerigaabo with 4 different clans has been at peace for nearly 20 years despite minor clashes due to Somalinimo practiced by Somaliland. Borama is flourishing because of the Somalinimo practiced by Somaliland. Lascanood no longer has clan revenge killings because of the Somalinimo practiced by Somaliland. It is because of the Somalinimo that is practiced in Hargeisa that the refugees from Somalia live in peace without fear or favor. It is because of Somalinimo that the residents of Buroa have reached into their pockets to help those in Somalia during the recent drought. Excuse me if I and the citizens of Somaliland are tired with the blanket statements and value deeds more than empty words. Just by listening to you, it seems Somalinimo is an ideal, and something never really attained. I think this is the thinking that has handicaped Somalia from unleashing its shackles to serve the interest of the nation as opposed that of the clan. In short, the video has shown that the emperor had no clothes and has exposed the modus operandi of the former regime. If it was no secret Xaliimo Soofe would not have lamented that she is being recorded and would have preferred it not to be recorded so she may have a chance to deny it ever happened. Oodweyne, I believe you’re quite right about this: In other words, when you stripped all of the fancy double-talk about "Somalinimo" and "Brotherhood" to their naked core, and you get down to the brass-tack of the nitty-gritty things, such as to how to build nation out of the disparate "self-contained-clan-community" of Somalia, what you will left with, it seems to me, is immovable object in the form of unwilling to compromise "clannish calculation" coming up, hard, against empty rhetoric of "Somali Brotherhood". Our friend Baashi has side stepped how Somalia will overcome this, other than one line about learning from mistakes.
  23. Baashi, This video has displayed valuable information. In brief here are my reasons: a)The famine that was caused in Baidoba has been a point of contentions for some time. It appears Morgan seems to point the finger on the SNF when he says they live on the stored food in the barns of the natives of Baidoba. This is valuable information in the search of who was responsible for this tragedy. b)The reason detere of those who held power in the Facist regime of Afweyne can best be epitomized by Xaliimo Soofe’s core beliefs. It is one based on clannish superiority and hierarchy. The call to dehumanize certain clans and view them as wild animals seems to be long held beliefs institutionalized over 21 years. c)The members of this gathering, namely Morgan, Gebyow, Maxamed Cabdi Yuusuf call for Somalinimo as of late is obliterated by this video. If I remember correctly Geybow himself cried during the Impigathi conference. Now, if you shrug this all off and say it is normal since the very nature of Somalis is to be clannish then that means Somalis cannot transcend clans and form a nation. This is an interesting point since Somalinimo essentially means to look at the collective good rather than that of the individual/clan. Perhaps the clans that live in Somaliland did not think it through when they abdicated their new found sovereignty by giving it up to further “Somalinimo”. Unfortunately, in hindsight once the calculus is done their sacrifice was to their misfortune and only furthered the interest of the clans from Somalia Proper. This may very well be the reason Somalia Proper is finding it difficult to come together as a nation today because of the lack of will to look beyond the clan. It may also explain why Somaliland has despite the bumps along the road has managed to unify the different clans in its country. For Somaliland, it appears the common Somali can go beyond his better nature to reach for something greater.
  24. Nice Pictures, I'm wondering how long that tree has been there. It looks really old. Good thing the charcoal exporters did not get to it.