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  1. Dowladda Federaalka ee Soomaaliya iyo maamulka Jubbaland ayaa goor-dhow heshiis dhowr qodob ka kooban ku kala saxiixday magaalada Addis Ababa ee xarunta Itoobiya, halkaasoo oo ay goob joog ka ahaayeen IGAD, UNSOM iyo diblomaasiyiin kale.


    Heshiiskan ayaa wuxuu dhigayaa in maanta wixii ka danbeeya ay Dowladda Federaalka si rasmi ah u aqoonsatay maamulka Jubbaland iyadoo tixgelinayso dastuurka federaalka.


    Madaxweynaha maamulka Juba Axmed Madoobe oo ka hadlay heshiiska ayaa sheegay in heshiikani uu saldhig u yahay Soomaaliyaa oo yeelata Nidaam Federaal ah oo awood leh iyo in shabaabku yahay cadow umadda soomaaliyeed ah oo u baahan in si wadajir ah loola dagaalamo.


    Heshiiska ayaa waxaa saxiixay Axmed Madoobe iyo Faarax Sheekh C/qaadir waxayna u mahad celiyeen IGAD iyo dhamaan dadkii ka soo qeybqaatay in heshiiskani dhaco.


    Saxiixa heshiiskan ayaa waxaa goobjoog ka ahaa ergayga gaarka ah ee UN-ka u qaabilsan arrimaha Soomaaliya Ambassador Nicholas Kay, xubno ka socda beesha caalamka, wasiirka arrimaha dibadda Itoobiya iyo mas’uuliyiinta IGAD.


    Wakiilka Qaramada Midoobay ee Somalia Nicholasa Kay ayaa sheegay in Qaramada Midoobay ay gacan ka gaysan doonto hirgelinta heshiiskan.

  2. SRSG Nicholas Kay on the agreement on Jubba signed in Addis


    Addis Ababa, 28 August 2013 – SRSG Nicholas Kay welcomed today the agreement signed in Addis Ababa by Minister of State Farah Sheikh Abdulkadir and Sheikh Ahmed Mohamed Islaan “Madobe” on behalf of the Federal Government of Somalia and the Interim Jubba Administration respectively. Ethiopia as chair of IGAD signed as guarantor. The agreement establishes the modalities of administration and governance in the Lower Jubba, Middle Jubba and Gedo for the coming period.


    “This is a significant step towards restoring peace in Somalia, building a strong Federal Somalia and contributing to regional and international security” said SRSG Kay. “This agreement unlocks the door to a better future for Somalia.”


    He praised the role of IGAD and in particular Ethiopia and Foreign Minister Dr. Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus as Chair of the IGAD Council of Ministers. “Their tireless efforts helped the parties to reach an agreement. President Hassan Sheikh Mohamud’s statesmanship and leadership and Ahmed Madobe’s courage and commitment to the political process were vital.”


    SRSG Kay also applauded the supportive role of Prime Minister Abdi Farah Shirdon.


    Congratulating Ahmed Madobe on becoming the Leader of the Interim Jubba Administration, SRSG Kay said: “Leadership comes with responsibilities. The people of Jubba and of all Somalia will be looking to the new interim administration to deliver peace, security and public services. This is an interim agreement and gives the administration an opportunity to govern in the interests of all, including creating the conditions for the safe return of those displaced by the recent fighting in Kismaayo and ending the illegal export on charcoal.”


    “All parties gain from this agreement. I urge all to implement it in good faith. Any action to undermine it will have a negative impact on the people of Somalia and on the international community’s efforts to support peace and stability. I shall follow closely the implementation of the agreement” added SRSG Kay. “I wish Ahmed Madobe and the new administration every success.”


    UNSOM is mandated to support peace-building and state-building as well as the Federal Government’s peace and reconciliation process. The Federal Government and IGAD have called for a reconciliation conference to follow this agreement, which UNSOM stands ready to assist. UNSOM will establish a presence in Kismaayo to support the new administration with its efforts.


    “This agreement allows the people and authorities of Somalia to focus on what matters: peace and security; creating jobs, schools and clinics; and building a new Somalia based on mutual respect, rule of law and reconciliation” SRSG Kay said.

  3. Addis Ababa: (pp)- Waxaa hadda lagu guda jiraa sidda aan ku helayno Wararka qaban qaabada Saxiixa Nuqulkii heshiiska Kooban ee lagu gaaray magaalada Addis Ababa, heshiiskaas oo noqon doona mid isku soo dhawaasho labada dhinac ah ee dhanka wada shaqaynta.


    Maamulka Jubbaland State ayaa yeelanaya xuquuda ugu muhiimsan Maamulida deegaanada jubbooyinka , arrinkaas oo ay dowladu Federaalka ay ku dheganayd in iyada loogu danbeeyo, laakiin xarig jiid dheer iyo dastuurkii oo dalka la raacay waxay Jubbaland Xaq u yeelatay in ay arrimaheeda siyaasadeed ay maamusho.


    Ciidamada Qaranka jubbaland ayaa la sheegayaa in lagu xiriirinayo ama la qaramaynayo inkasta oo aan weli laga warqabin habka loo qaramaynayo.


    Dekeda iyo Airporka oo ay dowladu ku dheganayd in faraha looga qaado ayeysan u suuroobin, waxaana maamulka Jubbland ku doodeen siyaasada dalka oo aan deganayn darteed in iyagu ay xaq u leeyihiin in iyagu ay maamushaan resource-kooda, kaddibna wada hadal danbe la isla furo.


    Sikasta, DF ee Soomaaliya oo doonaysay in Shirkaan uu Bur buro ayaa lagu qasbay in aysan ka bixin doodin goobta shirka, jeer ay heshiis muuqda ama Caqli shaqaynaya ay la yimaadaan, taas oo suurta gelisay in Xal kale la yimaadaan, heshiis bilow ahna la gaaraan Maamulka Jubbaland.

  4. Thanks Jacfar for the update. I friend of mine called me saying he had to walk to the cemetery because of the heavy traffic coming to pay tribute to the passing of Hussein Samatar.


    Although, I did not know him personally in live, I was one of the last few people who was able to visit him before the life support was pulled off. His wife and his four children, losing a husban and father at 45, it was a devastating moment; nothing prepares you a loss like this. May Allah forgive his sins, and reward him handsomely for the many beneficial projects he led to benefit his young community in Minnesota.


    He was indeed a pioneer.


    PS: for those Somalis eligible to vote, this is another reason why you need to vote for Abdi Warsame for Minneapolis City Counsel. Today this community lost a great champion, we need to have a voice at the table.



    To many of us you represent the pulse of SNM (an important groupings represented by the secessionist madness that is Hargeysa) , but you are overdoing it really, almost losing your marbles (if you have any to begin with).


    Relax boowe; the Jubbaland political marvel is a notch higher than your 21-year status of political stagnation and dashed hopes of recognition.

  6. It appears Hassan like GAROODi predicted could not decide against his USC base , hence the deal failed and the president left for Mogadishu.


    Ahmed Madoobe and his delegation, with momentum on their back , remain in Adis Ababa meeting with Somali region leadership.


    The Jubbaland die is cast already , and there is no point of return. This was an opportunity for Hassan to stop his political bleeding. Alas, he could not transcend beyond clannish boundaries surrounding him.

  7. I thought his assessment of Somaliland's political hand with respecting to its negotiation with SGF was most interesting.



    Somaliland’s fortunes are also at a low ebb. More than 22 years after its unilateral declaration of in dependence, Somaliland has yet to be recognized by a single foreign government. The widespread international recognition of the SFG, irrespective of its em-

    pirical weakness, pushes the likelihood of third-party recognition even further out of reach. Moreover, international sympathy for Somaliland’s cause has been closely tied to the territory’s track record in democratization and human rights. But Somaliland’s electoral

    cycle is currently in disarray: local elections in November 2012 were less orderly than past polls and the results fiercely contested, leading for the first time to several deaths and damaging public confidence in the electoral process. Parliamentary elections, originally

    scheduled for 2010, are already three years overdue, and elections to the legislature’s upper house, known as the Guurti, have never taken place: no electoral law governing the Guurti even exists because of resistance from its incumbent members. A bitter internal feud over the question of voter registration may result in further postponement of the next parlia-mentary and presidential elections (currently scheduled for 2015), imperiling Somaliland’s entire democratic process.


    Equally problematic, in the context of political dialogue, is the diminishing credibility of the Somaliland government’s claim that it represents a cross-section of the territory’s clans. Vocal minorities have long opposed Somaliland’s quest for independence, arguing

    that it is an agenda associated solely with the dominant ***** clan. Previous administrations could refute this claim by pointing to the genuine participation of members of all clans at all levels, across the government. Somaliland’s last president, Dahir Rayale Kahin,who governed from 2002 until 2010, was a member of the Gadabursi clan; Parliament and the Supreme Court, National Electoral Commission, and police force have also generally been headed by non-***** officials. Today, however, all of these institutions are headed by members of the *****, tarnishing Somaliland’s past credentials as a genuinely pluralistic, democratic polity.

  8. Finally! Carafaat and Garoodi, not to mention our USC pals who thought the legacy of 1991 clan wars can be solidified have finally accepted, or rather forced to accept, the reality that is federal Somalia where communities and regional blocks will form the basis for inclusive national ownership of the country.


    Kismayo was a test case for whether Somalis can move forward or whether the likes of Odey Xaad, and USC remnants continue to plunge the country into further disarray and disunity.


    This agreement is very simple: accept the political manifestation of the provincial constitution and move the country forward.


    It goes without saying if Hassan manages to stick to the agreement (he has bad record of sweat talking to his opponents while failing to offer any tangible concessions), he will have managed to stop his political bleeding.

  9. Xasan Sheekh iyo Axmed Madoobe oo la filayo in caawa isugu yimaadaan kulan casho sharaf ah


    Wararka laga helayo magaalada Addis Ababa ayaa waxay sheegayaan in caawo ay jirto casha sharaf oo soo qaban qaabiyay Wasiirka Arimaha Dibada ee Ethiopia Dr.Tedros Adhanom.Wararku waxay sheegayaan inay suurtagal tahay in Xasan Sheekh iyo Axmed Madoobe ay isku arki doonaan kulankan casha sharafta ah iyadoo lagu wado inay ka wadaxaajoodaan khilaafka dhexyaala.


    Wasiirka Arimaha Dibada Dr.Tedros.ayaa xalay casha sharaf soo dhaweyn iyo isbarasho ah u qabtay labadii ee ka akala socday Jubaland.


    Dr.Tedros ayaa ah shir gudoonka kulanka ay ku wadahadli doonaan labada wafdi.


    Dhanaan Media ayaa loo xaqiijiyay in xildhibaanada 8 ah ee xamar kayimid aysan ka qeyb qaadan doonin wadahadalka, waxaa dhanka dowlada federaalka ah matali doona wasiiru dowlaha madaxtooyada Faarax Sheekh Cabdiqaadir iyo 2 xubnood oo Muqdisho kasoo raacay oo aanan wali magacyadooda helin.


    Xildhibaanada 8 ah ayaa Addis Ababa uyimid si ay uga qeyb qaataan kulan kale oo looga hadli doono khilaafaadka udhaxeeya beelaha wada daga Jubaland iyo sidii looga wada xaajoon lahaa wixii khaladaad ahaa ee dhacay.


    Dhanaan Media ayaa hadii Alle idmo mar aan fogayn idin soo gudbin doonta muuqaalada wafdiyada kusugan Addis Ababa.