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  1. Gheelle.T;979427 wrote:
    Dadka qaar mar mar waa is yeel yeelaan baa is dhahaa. If Kenya is so bad, why do Somalis(from Somalia) still invest and call it home? And to top it all, they wants us to believe the largest economy in East Africa with $75 Bill GDP relies on Somali businesses (drop in a ocean) and some hand outs to Somalia. Waryaada, ka shaqaysiiya bahashan yar madaxa ku jirta.

    :D :D

  2. nuune, you are more mature than getting lured into this nonsense of blaming Kenya for the economic and security pitfalls of Somalia's two decade civil war.


    Kenya has helped Somali people when they needed the most. Kenya has become the second if not the first home for millions of Somalis since 1991. If we go by donor money math, Jabbuuti would be as guilty in misappropriating Somali aid money and so would be Yemen and Ethiopia.


    What happened in Westgate was a clear terrorism intended to inflict maximum pain. It is Alshabaan doing what they do best kill and maim with no assessable purpose. Lets leave it at that awoowe

  3. Erigavo, Somalia Sep. 20, 2013 (Garowe Online) –Somaliland police forces clashed with unarmed civilians after hundreds of people in Erigavo town of Sanaag region protested on Thursday evening against the ban of Somalia's official currency by Somaliland authorities, Garowe Online reports.


    According to Erigavo resident who identified himself as Mohamed Abdi Jama, Somaliland security forces fired live ammunition at peaceful protesters when angry crowds set tyres on fire and chanted anti-government slogans.


    "Demonstrators marched on the city centre to protest against Somaliland government's decision on the usage of Somali shilling. Police opened fire on the people but crowds defiantly continued their march," said the resident. " A few moments later, peaceful protests suddenly turned violent after other armed protesters in support of Somaliland government opened fire on anti-government crowds".


    Witnesses confirmed that at least 10 wounded people were brought at Erigavo general hospital for treatment but details about the killing were unavailable.


    Two weeks ago, militiamen clashed with Somaliland forces in Erigavo town after security forces deliberately demolished kiosks and market stalls .


    Somalia's official currency still remains preferred means of exchange for many traders and ordinary citizens in Sanaag region.


    Thick bundles of 100 notes are usually used in business centers and markets.


    Though violence has been increasing, the region remains volatile due to tribal conflicts.Somaliland and Puntland claim ownership over Sool and Sanaag regions, home to ***** communities who share kinship with Puntland clans.


    Somaliland and Puntland regions have enjoyed relative stability since the 1990s, but the threat of instability has lingered over the region since Somaliland forces militarily seized control of Las Anod in October 2007.

  4. I love the fact that Somalia is on a international stage, the fact Sect. Kerry is welcoming the Somali president. It obviously a step in the right direction.


    However, clearly the thrill is gone with president Hassan ...he lost his touch even in articulating the basic issues. Even on a international stage, his effort to fight local issues is palpable i.e. equating Puntland with Ahulsunnah :D

  5. Ceerigaabo oo looga dibad baxay Shilinka Soomaaliga oo la manuucay

    Shacabka Magaalada Ceerigaabo ayaa si caroku jirto ugasoo hor jeestey go’aan uu Maamulka Soomaaliland ku manuucay isticmaalka Shilin Soomaaliga.


    Shacab fara badan oo Nudaharaad ay ku muujinayaan sida ay uga soo hor jeedaan manuucida lacagta Soomaaliya ayaa wadooyinka isugu soo baxay.


    Maamulka ayaa sheegay in deegaankaas laga usticmaalo oo qura lacagta Hargeysa tasoo shacabku ay si xoogan uga soo horjeesteen.

    “Dadweynaha Reer Sanaag waxay arintaan u arkaan ka bad badis iyo siyaasad dano kale laga leeyahay oo ay ka muuqato Soomaali ka carar balse arintaani waxay curyaamineysaa nolosha iyo Ganacsiga Gobolka” ayuu yiri Cilmi Xaaji Axmed oo ganacsade ka ah Ceerigaabo.

  6. tedrossomaliland.jpg




    Somaliland oo Ethiopia ka codsatay in duulimaadyadii diyaarada Ethiopia Airline dib loo furo iyo Ethiopia oo….

    September 20, 2013 // admin1 // News


    Wafdi reer Somaliland ah oo uu horkacayo wasiirka arimaha dibada ee maamulka Somaliland Maxamed biixi yuunis ayaa saaka magaalada Addis Ababa kulan kula yeeshay wasiirka arimaha dibada ee Ethiopia Dr.Tedros Adhanom.


    Wasiirka arimaha dibada ee Somaliland Maxamed Biixi ayaa wasiirka arimaha dibada ee Ethiopia ka codsaday in dowlada Ethiopia ay dib ufurto duulimaadyadii shirkada diyaaradaha ee Ethiopia airline ku tagi jirtay deegaanada somaliland.


    Wasiirka arimaha dibada ee Ethiopia Dr Tedros Adhanom oo codsiga somaliland ka jawaabaya ayaa sheegay in arintan ay kala xaajoon doonaan jihooyinka ku shuqul leh iyagoo kala hadli doona suurtagalnimada in duulimaadyadii shirkada Ethiopia ee Somaliland dib loo furo.


    Shirkada Ethiopia Airline ayaa ogaysiin la’aan halmar joojisay duulimaadyadii ay ku tagi jirtay deegaanada Somaliland.


    Inkastoo shirkada Ethiopia Airline aysan sheegin sababta ay u joojisay duulimaadyadii deegaanka Somaliland ayaa hadana waxaa soo baxay warar aan rasmi ahayn oo sheegaya in sababta shirkadu duulimaadyada ujoojisay ay la xidhiidho arimo nabadgelyo.


    Dhanaan Media

  7. Hobbesian_Brute,


    What is your angle ? The beauty of Islam is that it does not compel. It affords the right to reject Allah with the promise of accountability and sever punishment. Keeping that in mind, it is one thing to argue that you do not believe in Allah. Totally another to argue that Allah does not exist, or the Quran is riddled with inaccuracies.


    So which one is it?


    The first is fine with me. The second is a wanton breach.

  8. Tallaabo;978382 wrote:
    You either have zero knowledge about Somaliland or you are sadly blinded by tribalism and hatred. What is happening in Buuhoodle (not Laascaanood) is not about Siyaad Barre's war, not about clan animosity, not even about clans, not about water wells and geel, not about marfish politics of the kind you indulge in,
    but it is about nation building, national politics, secession vs union, power sharing, and other worthwhile disputes.

    Care to remind me what Siyad Barre's war against SNM rebel was all about?


    And you have the audacity to talk about knowledge about Somaliland region