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  1. ^^Awoowe is fahannay :D


    But understand one thing: current IC thinking, AMISOM objectives, and neighboring countries needs and interests in Somalia are favoring the very objectives of the folks you are so adamant to write off. That is to say, federalism, a political insurance product developed by Puntland to mitigate the lost trust, enjoys support among the stakeholders I mentioned.


    You need to think why instead of reading the last rites to a man who is strong in health and power :D

  2. Baashi,


    Without exaggeration, Jubbaland has made significant political and security progress. Unlike few months ago when it faced real internal security issues and political instability, today her primary challenge is how to balance local expectations with the demands of national and international engagements.


    Today Jubbaland is two apolitical conferences(technically everything in Somali politics is political in nature, but these conferences are symbolic) away from completing the organs of full fledged federal state.


    Here is the timeline:


    Hassan Sheekh visit signifies that SFG is working with Jubbaland administration at the highest level.

    Jubbaland traditional elders will participate a Mogadishu conference to complete reconciliation process (conference 1)

    Jubbaland will host one last conference in which SFG leaders are expected to participate (conference 2)


    Both conferences will be funded and facilitated by IC.


    The most important thing is Jubbaland will get its cut from the donor support for Somalia as the visit by IC two weeks ago indicated. That means if corruption is minimized, schools, hospitals and water and electricity services will be vastly improved. Awoowe, I live in a city as you know that is akin to ceelgaab in 19980s :D, marka Kismayo warkeedu asagoo first hand baan helaynaa. Nairobi flights to Kismayo take only 1:10 minutes!!!


    Haddaan belaayo kale kusoo bixin, Kismayo is out of the woods. Waa meeshaan Oodweyne kula shixi lahaa, kolba naf malehee

  3. Speaking of Uncle Sam and how it views Somalia's political reality, a fact check is in order :D



    Please remind the gallery why Puntland features quite prominently in US Secretary's remarks :D. In you parallel universe, Puntland has been long eliminated from the political game in Somalia :D. Here you may want to consult with Mintid Farayar (aka Macno Yare) for he has a knack for all things Puntland :D


    On election, I say again lets see and watch. I am sure you will be disappointed again.

  4. Malistar2012, if I were you I would leave Oodweyne and his SNM gang to defend the SFG for they seem to be articulating it in a way that is credible, at least intellectually. The only problem with thier argument is that they are so desperate to see the defeat of one group that they discount fact rather aggressively :D


    But you are akin to the proverbial fool who rode two donkeys at the same time --the scares on his sorry behind were quite the ever apparent

    Duburka ilaasho waryaa :D

  5. Oodweyne;983521 wrote:


    My argument:-


    1- Regardless of whether Baashi believes that there is no one who had won the civil-war in Somalia; t
    he "elites-of-Mugadishu" believes that they have won - decisively- the civil-war. And to ice the cake,
    they have convinced the IC to "accept" that verdict,
    if the IC wants Somalia to be at peace with itself and "terrorists-free-state".


    his is exactly the argument the Shia-of-Iraq made to the West; namely "accept" us to be the "real victors" of the Iraqi's civil-war and work with us on that basis; and then Iraq will be your friend and we will not be harbouring any terrorists ahgainst you in our country.

    Any evidence that the International Community (and Neighboring Countries) have been convinced that the civil war in Somalia has been won by one side ?


    It appears to me just like it did to Baashi this is an outcome you and your SNM folks have had wished to come about, and not something that can be supported by the reality on the ground. Surely the international community acts like it is a managing a deeply broken country with desperate political stakeholders with divergent objectives. So go ahead and back your argument with some evidence ya Oodweyne. If not accept the charge that you are so clannish, and a disappointment one at that, to the core that cannot manage to see facts as they are.

  6. ^^OOdweyne :D


    Baashi said two things:


    1. No side has won the civil war

    2. Reconciliation however slow remains to be the only alternative to achieve peace in Somalia


    You and the other SNM goons said:


    1. The civil war has been won by one side

    2. No reconciliation is needed for there is no conflict


    When Baashi read your ridiculous assertion, he concluded that you have gone mad :D


    I could not but agree with him on this ...

  7. Oodweyne,


    One would not like the scene of a grown up man embarrassing himself by lecturing about a subject he does not know. For me though it is amusing to see the ignorance at work in you :D


    The reason Faroole is despised in Mogadishu and Hargeysa is not a reflection of good will from those corners to Puntland community. It is precisely because Faroole, the federalist from the East, has taken your queen and gunning for your king in the chess parlance where shaping Somalia's future is concern. Seldom does irrelevant man (as you claim Faroole is) get the courtesy Mr. Faroole gets in world arenas. The reason is simple , and can be summarized in three :


    1. He is the push behind the federalism arrangement, and has the leverage

    2. He leads a significant region that holds Somalia together symbolically

    3. National seat at this time does not appeal to him, hence others have few, if any, leverage on him



    About the election, we shall watch and see. Suffice to say, so far, Faroole has no worthy contender in the ring.

  8. After Barre Hiiraale and other Jubbaland 'Presidents' have been roundly defeated and expelled from the city, the Jubbaland federal state trajectory become clearly inevitable. There is a single political leadership in the region, that of Ahmed Madoobe and his deputy General Fartaag. IC and neighboring countries are in agreement. AMISOM and UNISOM has accepted what Hassan Sheekh long opposed.


    Under pressure, and with no political capital to spend, Hassan Sheekh will do what Saacid was invited to do but failed to carry on. Come to Kismayo and speak to the five hundred delegates that midwifed the Jubbaland agreement.


    It will be great day for the Jubbaland , and its future. For Hassan, this is not a a trip he would have liked to take had the decision was left to him.

  9. Baashi;983349 wrote:


    Just as Oodweyne and other biased secessionists out there, the clan activists in Benadir who paid precious blood and treasure for the singular reason that they want to alter Somalia’s political power scale, are at loss in how things are shaping up.


    If the current course is left unchecked or unimpeded all the blood spilled and properties destroyed in order to defeat a large segment of the population would be in vain. To them, Somali civil war and all the destruction it had brought was necessary price to get rid of the clan dictatorship that dominated the political discourse of the nation before and after independence.


    There is a reason why Oodweyne is living in parallel universe where the conflict has already been settled and one party has emerged victorious and is now calling the shots in the South. Oodweyne’s
    is a text book e
    xample of folks who exhibit schizophrenia over a desired outcome



    Well said Baashi.


    Our brothers in the north are giving the game away by coming out so strongly against Faroole, Puntland, and Jubbaland. Even Xiinfaniin posts frustrates them.


    I will come back to the Lander's, and Macno Yare's 'cantrabaqash' insha Allaah when the time permits.

  10. Oodweyne,


    I didn't think it would require me to break it down to you, but obviously we must do so in order to keep the discussion in its original context.


    A quick recap of the current Somali situation is in order:


    1. A failing government in Mogadishu. Failing because since it came into being it failed to make any significant political and security progress on the ground. And based on the Brussels road map, all indications are that it will fail to meet most of the important mile stones.


    2. An strengthened Alshabaab in the South. Strengthened because the only forces keeping them at bay are foreign forces. Since 2012 after they lost Kismayo, Baydhabo, and Marka Alshabaab managed to not only survive but to also continue to be on the offense, succeeding to pull off impressive attacks on important targets, mainly in Mogadishu. If anything this shows that this organization is far from defeat. And according to the AMISOM leadership, defeating Alshabaab through military means is not a practical objective that can be achieved in their current capacity.


    3. A deepening loss of trust among important stakeholders in the country. Puntland (I know you would lough it off) is dangerously serious in its position on the question of federalism. Mogadishu leadership are absolutely ill-equipped to move a needle on this important question partly because they themselves are deeply divided on how to move forward, and partly because they perceive a potential political backlash from President's own base. It is fair to say another reason they are sluggish on this front is the fact they are still entertaining to bring Hargeysa on-board with some sort of South-North confederation.


    4. On the deepening mistrust, Jubbaland is slowly moving to attain a full federal state. The President and his team threw everything at it to no avail. In few months time, there will be a decisive move on this front. Though many of us welcome the emergence of another federal state especially in the South-Central Somalia, the political environment in which this will materialize signifies that this will not be a wholesome development the same way SL and PL are not. This is an important miss in our Caravan's promise.


    5. Somaliland is still busy butting its poor head against Somalia's territorial integrity if we take what the leadership are saying on face value. In other words, there is no movement on that front.



    In summary, a poor leadership in Mogadishu coupled with undefeated Alshabaab, and a predatory , opportunistic African forces that sees Somalia as a project spells a deadly combination. If this continues (signs are it will continue), our negative appraisal of the situation is sadly accurate.


    This does not mean we are hopeless. It just means our Caravan's destination has been blocked. In Oodweyne village tradition, this means "ha dhakhlayso" for we have Puntland and Jubbaland ...:D