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  1. lol@Kenya taking sides :D


    If you behave like anarchists you will be treated like one. AMISOM in Mogadishu takes sides too. These folks come to help Somalia, not to be neutral with respect to roadblock profiteers

  2. “Acknowledging that Madobe is the de facto leader in charge of an interim Jubaland administration would be pragmatic,” said Matt Bryden, a director of Sahan Research think-tank who previously coordinated a U.N. monitoring report on Somalia.


    “The government can’t afford to become embroiled in this,” he said. “It doesn’t have the time, the resources or sufficient influence in Jubaland.”


    The European Union’s top Africa official, Nicholas Westcott, said it was vital for a deal to improve security in Jubaland, a region which some analysts fear could otherwise break away.




    a one year or two year interim JUBALAND administration (not lower jubba, which was the Hassan and Shirdon government proposed) is a good compromise. After that the parliament of Jubbaland will elect another president , but the state's form and composition will not change.

  3. Somalia may accept former islamist warlord in port city: diplomats

    June 28, 2013




    By Drazen Jorgic

    MOGADISHU (Reuters) – Somalia’s government is expected to recognise a former Islamist warlord it had opposed as interim leader of a strategic port city, diplomats said, defusing a crisis over rival claims to the post that had raised fears of a return to clan warfare.


    The threat of the kind of clan fighting that over two decades tore Somalia apart has hung over Kismayu since Ahmed Madobe, leader of the Ras Kamboni militia, was chosen by a regional assembly to lead Jubaland and its port in May.


    The fate of Kismayu and the surrounding region in southern Somalia has been seen as a litmus test of whether the government can manage a federal state and cement a fragile peace in place since African peacekeeping troops drove out Islamist militants.


    Western and regional diplomats, all with a close knowledge of Somalia and the workings of its government, told Reuters that Mogadishu had changed tack and was resigned to having the Ras Kamboni leader stay in charge, but on an interim basis.


    “They recognise that they have to deal with Madobe,” said one senior Western diplomat.


    Regional capitals and Western donors are nervous about any reversal of delicate security gains made in Somalia by African troops fighting against the al Qaeda-linked militants, seen as a threat to stability in the region and beyond.


    Central government spokesman Abdirahman Omar Osman said Mogadishu, which had widely been seen to back another candidate, was ready for a deal but it had not decided on who it would be.


    “We are willing to compromise provided that the legality, the constitution, and the federal institution and mandate is protected,” he said, adding senior government officials were in Kismayu for negotiations with the rival parties.


    Even with the regional leader title, Madobe will only really control Kismayu and its immediate surrounds because al Shabaab Islamist militants still control much of Jubaland’s countryside.




    Dozens of people have been killed in Kismayu since May in sporadic clashes between Madobe’s Ras Kamboni militia, opposed by the central government, and fighters loyal to Barre Hirale, another former warlord seen as having Mogadishu’s backing.


    Rival clans want control of port taxes, valuable charcoal exports and levies on arms and other illegal imports.


    If a deal is struck, one government source said the interim administration would be in place for up to a year before a vote.


    The situation has been complicated because of ambiguity over how Somalia, including its break-away regions, will be governed as a federation and because Mogadishu has little leverage as its poorly paid and trained security forces cannot impose control.


    “Acknowledging that Madobe is the de facto leader in charge of an interim Jubaland administration would be pragmatic,” said Matt Bryden, a director of Sahan Research think-tank who previously coordinated a U.N. monitoring report on Somalia.


    “The government can’t afford to become embroiled in this,” he said. “It doesn’t have the time, the resources or sufficient influence in Jubaland.”


    Madobe was a governor of Kismayu during an administration that was routed by Ethiopian forces sent into Somalia between 2006-2009 with tacit U.S. backing.


    The European Union’s top Africa official, Nicholas Westcott, said it was vital for a deal to improve security in Jubaland, a region which some analysts fear could otherwise break away.


    “If Somalia is fragmented it will never be in position to develop or resolve all the conflicts,” Westcott said.


    Source: Reuters

  4. ^^Understood the conflict in Kismayo might have confused few kids. But it shouldn't have you confused awoowe.


    Kismayo conflict is a play in the park compared to what Somalia has gone through. Yet we always maintained our views on Somalia's unity even as we shot down those with anarchist tendencies in the South. And further more, this Kismayo issue has nothing to do with dismembering Somalia however rough its politics may seem.

  5. NGONGE;964717 wrote:
    Not sure why Xiin is getting all worked up there! If this happend in Saudi Arabia or Somalia, I would understand. But in America, GAAL gaal guursaday maaha in oo matag kaa keeno, saaxib. Waaba gaal, he follows different rules.



    NGONGE sometimes is NGONGE. worked up? Matag? Ma afsoomaaligaad igu baranaysaa waryaa ?:D




    You still did not tell me what YOU believe. Why are you so timid awoowe? Homo is a universal thing, it could be found anywhere in the world, it is not a unique western experience. So where do you stand on it?

  6. NN,


    It is homosexuality. You are still dodging my question: what does NN believe with respect to two men marrying to establish a family?


    As far as constitutionality goes, I only brought today's rulings for its obvious political value. it sat a precedent, and it will be very hard to challenge homosexuals on a legal basis; the highest court of this land ruled in their favor.


    When you write "there is a convergence between popular sentiment and logical understanding of the personal freedoms and equality that is inshrined in the constitution", you are speaking like a freshman excited about the liberal arts lectures , if not so I am hard pressed to come up with any convergence between popular sentiment that kept my fellow African Americans captive for hundreds of years and the most elementary understanding of American constitution, personal freedoms and equality. We are talking about a country where segregation was the law of the land as recent as my fathers generation. We are talking about a country which with overwhelming majority viewed black folks as creators that are only good at hard labor and entertainment (read: lack capacity to think)...


    Indeed che is right which history books are you reading ?

  7. Marksman;964651 wrote:
    About 8-10% of the world population is homosexual. I still fail to hear what exactly makes homosexuals a danger to humanity. Because I know a few, both feminine and some even manlier than most straights I know.


    Can someone list why they're a danger to humanity or marriage based on logic and not use religion, sentiments or homophobia?

    Here is a man who knows how to frame an argument. Challenge me along those lines but do not come here with timid responses :D




    I would be honest with you: I cannot DIVORCE my objections/reasoning against institutionalizing homosexual relationships and equating to the traditional family units FROM my beliefs/religious teachings. My values are informed by Islamic religion.

  8. Naxar Nugaaleed;964625 wrote:
    One you confused me, I thought you were saying that you believed in personal freedom of gays like all other people but that you had issue with the institution marriage blah blah. lol, that would have made more sense, but what read now makes less sense. Gay rights is a train that has left the building a long time ago.


    am really not seeing the conflict between individual rights and bedrock values, perhaps am not grasping what you mean by bedrock values. as I take it to mean, individual rights ARE the bedrock values of this country, that none sense in the constitution about inalienable rights! as for the masses and their demands, we live in a country, a democracy where the will of those masses is above all, except where it does not conflict with individual rights. So if the majority of the country decides tomorrow they want mothers and sons (completely wrong analogy btw, relation, no relation.) to marry, you dam* straight you will accept it because that is what people in the country live in want. No about what grown adults do in their homes is no ones business but them and their maker. I have no right to invade your privacy Xiin, because I think eating with your hands morally repugnant. Whats more offensive is the idea that you believe you are entitled to impose your ideas of morality and your own values. FYI I stay clear of words gaalo and calling people ajnabi in their own country lol

    Abviouisly you are playing to the gallery . Man up , and tell me if you believe in the concept of man marrying another man. What DO YOU believe baba? Because if I go by your logic of 'I accept because that is what people in the country believe', then by logical extension if the majority of Americans oppose gay rights tomorrow and the Supreme Courts reservs its rullilngs , you would go along :D :D.


    Majority fo Americans believed at one point that Blacks have no right to vote and whole host of other stuff that defies logic and common sense. Heck, majority of Americans at the hieght of Iraq war believed that Sadam was behind 9/11...come on waryaa and for a moment use your head.


    As for Gaalo, gaalo means in Islamic lingo those who do not believe Allah the way Muslims believe. There is nothing deragotory about the word. Now before you get yourself confused again there is a world of difference between voicing your objections against things you deem contradictory to your values and principles AND impossing your views on others who do not believe in it. So there you have it, good NN. My opposition to gay marriage and homo promotion falls in the first category, not in the 2nd. there are millions of Americans who oppose this gay stuff for various reasons. fulaynima iska daa oo si saani u hadal for gods sake :D

  9. The Zack;964617 wrote:
    Gaaroodi is a coward. He couldn't challenge and debate Xiin on his old nick so he sets up a new one.


    Proof: this nick was created this June of this year but Gaaroodi seems to every SOLers stance on the Somali politics.

    Zack, they come and go :D . It does not surprises me though.


    Kismayo has produced one of the best political plays in contemporary Somali politics; the King is sheltered, the queen is on the move crashing the pawns as she moves but eying the Knights behind Kabsuma bridge :D. That is what got GAROODI script to be abrobtly created.

  10. Tallaabo;964596 wrote:
    It is a proven fact that the biggest homophobes are usually closeted homosexuals themselves:eek:

    Callin xiinfaniin a gay now, are we?


    I think you took discussions in the politics section too far, just like a sister I know in these boards did. That is not healthy waryaa :D

  11. Apophis, thanks for your timely support --today I am in short of support :D . And this of course will solidify our political alliance against the scofflaws of this forum.


    NN, In my few posts (if you are an intent reader) are profound questions: if we go by mere individual rights or the sentiment of the masses how could we ever exist as a society with bedrock values? If tomorrow one million mothers and sons come out demanding the right to marry how could one object their demands on the basis of individual rights, equality and fairness? Better yet , if these mothers and their sons form a powerful political lobby group and use democratic means to achieve their aspirations , would that make it right?


    It is one thing to say : hey xiin these are gaaloos, if you don't like what they do , go and live somewhere else. It is another to intellectualize a clear nonsense and argue the abhorrent acts of grown men F*ng each other and want to get a legal certificate for the sodomy.


    So quoting the GALLUP poll is the stuff a conformist does