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  1. Isn’t Galmudug 1.5 State which is less than the 2 gobols needed for mamul goboled. But it is still a state despite what the constitution says. Same thing with the new senators of banadir.
  2. What about UAE or EU type of arrangement?
  3. Muse bixi is the winner here. Independence is closer today than ever.
  4. Wow. Everyone calm down and why is the moderator not enforcing the forum rules to stop the back and forth personal attacks?
  5. Don’t forget they also planted trees.
  6. They are learning propaganda can only take you so far.
  7. Mr X


    Jubbaland leader rejects “recognition” deal. Round and round we go.
  8. So what you are saying is Somali politicians could not solve problems in Somalia for the last 30 years but somehow adding another de facto independent State into the equation will magically bring everyone together and somehow solve the problems of both entities. Think harder my friend. You don’t solve a problem by adding a much harder problem on top.
  9. When they start planting trees for photo-op you know the whole thing is a publicity stunt.
  10. I wish they did not put music over it. May have missed hot mic opportunities.
  11. A just question. The idea of moving the capital to Hargeysa will solve any problem is laughable. It is just gifting the problems in Somalia to Hargeysa and for what benefit for Hargeysa, beside the title of “capital”. And wouldn’t the other FMS have a say on this? I don’t see it.
  12. Why is the police commissioner part of the delegation? Is he meant to be a token rep for reer Khatumo?
  13. Mr X


    Somalis have been trying to solve their problems using politics believing this to be the root cause of the country’s problem. I hope one day a leaders comes who focuses on the economy fully as a means out of the quagmire and where working for the government is not necceserily the best job available.