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  1. ^That's nice picture lol@Amin Amir. But in reality this image is just nothing and Faisal just showed up at the party of Culusow. Faisal is a little individual and insignificant, he's the Muse Yalaxow of Hargeisa and even carries less weight in the small triangle itself let alone within the larger Somali people.
  2. Xx, you are just wasting time Awoowe. Why do you think what you believe is more accurate, valuable, precious than what I believe? Anigu waxaan aaminsanahay in Hargeisa dalka Somalia ay tahay, waxaan aaminsanahay Xx iyo aniga inuu dalka inaka dhaxeeyo.
  3. And what about Sex? since most of you disapprove marrying young or at least not encourage it, what are we suppose to do because unlike Gaalo's we cannot play or sleep around as Muslims we are strictly not allowed to have sex outside marriage. You either fast few days every week and completely shut off your mind from the manhood/womanhood thing for many years during your prime age which is very hard to do given all the temptations around you day in day out. Also it can be unhealthy and a burden for the individual just think about all the mental issues and sexual frustration it builds up on the person. Also getting married is not only about having kids or getting into a stable (not with a new person after every while) life - that's for Gaalo's who want kids in their mid or late 30's or finally decided to settle down with one person. But Muslims do it for many other reasons and one does not necessarily need to have kids immediately as they can delay it. The most important thing is to have an opposite partner that completes and balances your life and health in every sense - and if that can happen from a young age and its possible I encourage it.
  4. ^Lool, you almost convinced me there, that was too powerful Xx, marka laga tago sheeka marqaanka aad isugu sheekaysaan, dal ba inaka dhexeya iyo caasimad iyo dawlad aan wada leenahay marka waan is khilaafi karnaa ee sida ula soco.
  5. ^Waryaa stop hitting the bushes and the Kees-iska-waal, no need for that you know. I told you I have a problem with Culusow's opposition of Jubbaland but I have even a bigger problem against dismembering Somalia. Its a simple as that. And you don't tell me who I should or shouldn't have a problem with, you keep telling me to only have a problem with Culusow.
  6. ^Little do you understand that I have the greatest disagreement with you. Jubbaland is a non-issue compared to dismembering Somalia. HAG and Culosow's opposition against Jubbaland is not of a big deal compared to you secessionist dismantling Somalia's territorial integrity. Even HAG have little disagreement with me when it comes to you and your dismembering Somalia. HAG and I are on the same page on this. Markaa, reerku runta ha isu sheego.
  7. ^The guy was very clever and I liked how he used 'I have a question' to take the platform and lecture Siilaanyo kkkk It was just hilarious to watch Siilaanyo's utter discomfort Odagi dhidid buu kaga keenay
  8. ^You run around with any disagreement and conflict in the south as in Janadi laguugu bishaareeyey.
  9. ~As for this incident I think its right to do it and put a question mark on Mogadishu's almost 'for granted' right to visit Kismayo at will while millions of the peoples in Kismayo, Gedo, Puntland and the larger community's houses in Mogadishu are occupied. The right to visit Kismayo should be earned and not be for granted.
  10. oba hiloowlow;948951 wrote: so If somaliland does that y'all will do it too miyaa? Ceeb calayk, NO but he was just demonstrating how the secessionists dramatize differences in the south and wish to prolong the clan rivalry in South Somalia but little do you understand.
  11. ^Well one can make a point (of course we live in a free world) and should make a point without using fake evidence as clearly the case is in this thread.
  12. Loooooooool @ Siilaanyo's face, that was really funny and his FM kulahaa there is no question here lolz, as if the Khatuumo guy wanted to ask any question. He just wanted to make a point and he did. Xx, stop being naive, you know the Khaatumo guy's intention was never to ask a question. And why would he ask Siilaanyo anything, he knows who Siilaanyo is and; Nimaad taqaan yaa tahay lama yiraahdo.
  13. Baashi thanks. I actually wanted to look for the entire documentary to see it, thanks for sharing it.
  14. The title fits the psyche of Culusow, and he's simply a President for HAG only and the leader of Beelaha USC.
  15. This is not even Kismayo but Mogadishu, if you watch the video clearly at the end the man even says 'Iskaashadata Kalluunka Xamar haguulaysato'... This is a complete lie from Kaydmedia again. Giving a youtube title of 'Kismayo in 1978' does not really make it in Kismayo 1978. Kaydmedia waa layaqaanaa what they do best, to aggregate and cut here and there from old clips to fit their own wicked purpose and this short 4 minute clip that's cut from a long Italian documentary which is given that title is no different.
  16. Bosaso is not guarded by Uganda or AMISOM yaa Oba. Its protected by men from Puntland and it will remain so, you shouldn't worry much as its not as a big deal as Mogadisho being open for Alshabaab takeover If AMISOM funding run out. However, the little issue will be solved soon. Its not the first time such a small issue occurred in Puntland. They certainly know how to deal with it and have successfully dealt with it a dozen times in the past.
  17. The men who burned the Somali flag, all the secessionists have lined up here, the irony of the secessionists is mind boggling. Nuf said, no more comment
  18. Well first of all 50 million is not a lot, secondly very minimal percentage of it goes to the rebuilding of the army as most of the money will go to humanitarian, IDPs, development, building proper judiciary systems and reconstruction. Thirdly , it will not go to the hands of SFG but will be managed by the joint financial management group.
  19. The reporter is out of touch with the reality on the ground in Kismayo. He's talking about a non existent threat and looming conflict in Kismayo and also visits Baidoa and Mogadishu to find more about it. If there is any threat or a looming conflict in Kismayo then it would be within the -block hence it would've made more sense had he visited Gedo or Dhoobley or even Kismayo.
  20. We know who Tarzan is and his words do not carry weight outside of the HAG territory. Case closed! Also he's of the same sub clan as Adan Adde I believe or as I heard of which are part of M who are Unuka. So he's Unuka.
  21. Very powerful words. Such eloquence and presentation of each individual's point of view. Like Odwayne said this depicts the reality of Somali politics in a fantastic literary format and that everyone has somewhat reasonable but diverging points.
  22. ^Thank you for the update. All is good and; a lasting peace, a booming Jubbaland and peaceful coexistence is beneficial to all the people.
  23. ^And that's the narrative of Maadeey Abu-alkabaab wahum ahlul Ceyri , warawaahu min Sheikh Al-indhacade fi sanadin saciifin wa saxaxahu Sheekhul Al-galaalu. Maadeey's dream of the Walaalaha Galgaduud is on, alive and kicking
  24. ^Indeed most the naysayers are from Galgaduud, however, don't believe the lies of Hiiraan online, its another side of Axmed Diiriye with a web portal. Reer Gedo are on board and part and parcel of the conference in Kismayo, all their elders, politicians and business community are in Kismayo even Barre Hiiraale is there. The Shir is doing well and made great progress thus far. Kismayo is peaceful and the people of Jubbaland are making their decisions and sorting out their differences peacefully. On the other hand, Hiiraanonline, Culusow and Ina Xaad are bitter that reer Jubbaland waa heshiiyeen maamul ayayna sameesanayaan oo kulligood uwada fadhiyaan. Instead they wanted to see war, bloodshed and sub-clan claim and counter claim of Kismayo.
  25. Somalis were and still are hard people, violent and camel herders - that's not a trait a predator/slave master is looking for in a human commodity. The Somalis historically have organized themselves in groups of clans and tribes and everyone knew the ancestors and the names of the members of the clan or sub group. If any one of them disappeared or is killed by another clan/sub-group or anyone else they had always sought a way to avenge for their loss, its called Aano and it still exists. Given these camel herder Waranle, always ready for combat, mentality of Somalis I doubt the earlier Arab/Western slave masters would have easy target in Somalia to abduct slaves.