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  1. Dude spends his time in office being extorted by the Ethiopian goons. I would've just tooken the money and kept my mouth shut. This cold case!
  2. Good! They can take the rest of his pictures down too. The next bastard they put in office better have a full hairline old shiny headed motherfucker. What a waste of money for Somali's hope. Hoe shit! Bitch ass nigga got some bad coming.
  3. Waxaa jarre filahiida gabuug tahay
  4. I plan on having an East African Wife. Indeed women from that region are very most bareeda. Though just when I do find the love of my life I hope by God's Good Grace that I'm able to provide for her substantially with nourishing care and financial success. Let's keep the Hope Alive here fellas.
  5. Just know I say my post from a well meaning place intended with no hate.
  6. Lol @Oodweyne If you truly think only one clan has political power over another than you are just criticizing the issue you are against, not addressing the root of the complaint. You think "Oh One Clan Makes More Money So They Own More" If that truly the case than do you think anyone would get along? Doubted. I understand you critique the troll post but not everyone feels so strongly about Puntland nationalism because their Senate has failed to gain official support more than once. It's true!
  7. Walaal kulaha , that sounds weird. And Huuno sounds something you say to a long time female friend. I could never say it to a female stranger or she would think you are interested in something more from her. Most older women don't mind being auntie so it's proper to call them "Eedo"
  8. As usual, this deals with money and the tribal elders. Whoever can pay the most money is the man with the money to give in the first place for he can only give what he has! He is in charge, technically yes is he not?