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    Mr Khadafi my views about the points you mentioned were always made public here in this forum. I supported the garaad community or atleast their elite when they were with Somaliland and would occasionally cheer them when they chased away the trouble making Puntlanders from one dusty village to another. That was when they were willing partners in the state building project. However, now it just doesn't make any sense to force them against their will. My values and views are not random or driven by mere emotions. Rather they are carefully crafted with one simple aim in mind: that on the Day of Recompense, I shall be absolutely free from any guilt when it comes to the blood, property, and honour of the believers. When I would not enjoy standing in a high court in this world for trial after being accused of a serious crime like murder, why would I risk standing in the court of Allah carrying a heavy burden on my shoulders? Allah already made it clear to us that whoever participates in an evil deed shall share its evil outcome and whoever participates in a good deed shall reap its rewards. Fighting unjust wars, or supporting it financially, or encouraging the waging of such a war online or offline is quite simply booking a ticket to hell. Another way you could be shedding Muslim blood is by supporting politicians who are known wrongdoers or known for not fearing Allah. Voting for them or financing their campaign is aiding them in their transgressions.
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    SSC leader Firdhiye appointed him to take over the overall command. The man seems measured, un-boastful (in a military aspect), and calculating. He gave reer SSC a piece of good advice. I hope they take it and also seek peace with their cousins on either side of the border.
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    Another 'fact' on the ground, Mr. Butus Baanjar: Cabdibilaha dabajeex lama saari jirinee ee qoryihii weynaa ee dhashiikaha la saari jiray ma laga wada qabsaday? Hub la'aan ayaa meesha ka dhacday.
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    I agree. Be careful of the elders going back and forth to the house of Morgan.
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    Geele and HSM mislead Muse Bihi and this is the result. Somaliland is not tiny Djibouti there is too many competing interests.
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    The fact is Biixi can't help Geelle and vice versa. For the three gangs of the Somali peninsula, one weak link from Hageisa is down. Geelle could be next, and HSM will finish his term chasing his tails. Hal dhegdheer is done more to flow.
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    I have to disagree with you here mudane. Having the H@rti clans in Somaliland is preferable but Somaliland without them is still going to be independent and thriving. Sudan is still Sudan without its South, Serbia is the same without Kosovo, Indonesia is without East Tomor, and so Somalia can still be great without Somaliland while Somaliland will be just fine without troubling it's h@rti brothers. The Somali civil war caused a lot of mistrust among the clans which proved difficult to overcome and Muuse Biixi's narrow mindedness made the situation worse. And now after this ongoing open conflict, its going to be impossible to convince the h@rti that Somaliland is anything but a trustworthy partner. With this unfortunate reality on the ground, it is now more logical to respect our h@rti brother's choice to leave, redraw the border along the clan lines, and reform Somaliland's political structures.
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    They are acting jiljileec iyo walaaloow ayee wali wadaan. Start calling them Muuse Muqayil regime for a start. Maxee tahay 'Soomaalilaan adminstration' ee leeyihiin. Dadkaan waa like our own renowned self-proclaimed jaahil with arrogance - marka sharci aanan shantaada ahayn kaama qabto. If they send hanjabaad, send double hanjabaad. Meelahee Oog ee ciidamo isku aruursanaayaan madaafiic ku garaac including kuwii Laaska lagu duqeyn jiray ee la qabsaday and call it pre-emptive.
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    Saalax, You guys don't get. THese East Burco guys haven't resolved anything. This is nothing but a move to keep Muuse Biixi. You can't keep the failed leader another 15 months. You should never accept an election managed by Muuse. Here are the main counter points or what the East Burco elders supposed to say: 1- Muuse Biixi must resign and transfer power since he doesn't have any moral ground to continue. 2- Since SSC left the system a conference must be held to renegotiate a new deal 3- Abolish the election commission and the new commission must be appointed by independent body. clan elders must appoint the new commission. 4- Since the Guurti and parliament became useless and unable to find any solutions elders must write the rules and replace them. 5- It isn't even Islamic to demand 120 camels for compensation of the dead. finally, the East Burco elders doesn't represent Somaliland. They are probably trying to save Muuse and their ill gotten money. If one Habar is speaking for all , we have a Habar in Awdal( Habar C...n) and they should talk. Saalax, your folks are greedy who are double talking. Finish off Muuse, then talk later. Or just wait for us in a few months.
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    I think any alternative to the colonial border which is responsible for the insane policy of forcing an entire clan against their will by engaging in endless conflict and rampant corruption is a viable option. I am not saying such an option is ideal but if it can remove the need for the unnecessary bloodshed and animosity between our brotherly communities then it should be given a serious consideration.
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