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  1. Most of the people received non of these tax revenues and were already desperately poor before this unnecessary conflict, so if anyone is getting affected it is the fat cats in government and their financial woes is not anyone's concern.
  2. More signs of utter incompetence or widespread corruption or both. Even the young boy understands what the authorities are trying to hide but cannot be hidden.
  3. Could be a sign of corruption.
  4. In any normal society, the people who delibrately cause chaos and bloodshed are removed from any position of authority and persecuted in the courts of law, but sadly it seems that warlord Muuse Biixi and his evil gang have neither the opposition to stop them nor any intention of ever taking responsibility for this mess. Instead they want to pretend it is business as usual !! Ilaahay Somaliland ha u naxariisto.
  5. The remains of the victims of the f@qash genocide whose foot soldiers were your uncles and cousins refused to remain buried. Those bones want to shout from the rooftops to inform the world that behind the blue flag and the fake Soomaalinimo, there is clan hatred and munaafaqnimo.
  6. Kibirku ma fiicna, awoodood oo dhanna ilaahay ayaa iska leh. Waxba durbaanka ha u tumin koox xagjir ah oo isleh wixii ay caqli iyo wanaag ku keeni waayeen ayay awood aanay lahayn ku keeni karaan.
  7. Xaaji do you really think Mr Biixi and the ignorant gang around him can keep bullying the civilian population? They had already killed enough people in Hargaysa, Burco, Ceergaabo before doing the same in Laascaanood. I don't think any sane person in Somaliland would accept the continuation of their murderous campaign. If the people of Laascaanood want to go their separate way, why hold them hostage? And who can hold them hostage? The durriyadda subclans are themselves barely together anymore. Today it is Laascaanood, tomorrow it might as well be Burco or Ceergaabo. What will the failed Biixi and his fellow failed Kulmiye politicians do then? Some like the senile Saleebaan Gaal have already washed their hands off the country's problems. In fact, today there is barely any government worth its name in Somaliland. If you become ill, you would either have to go abroad for a basic medical treatment or you get killed by the so called "doctors" in the country. It seems the Horn of Africa's busiest route is the one between Hargeisa and Addis Ababa. And if you asked anyone travelling that route as to why they are going to Addis with their live savings, the only answer you would get is - "hospital". Moreover, if diseases and ill-health don't kill you, starvation will do the job for most people in the country. And yet the warlord president instead of resigning from office in disgrace, has the audacity to demand even more time to mismanage what little Somaliland has. And guess who gave him that unconstitutional extra time? Yes the same senile Saleebaan Gaal who refused even to be reminded of the issues in Laascaanood. Xaajiyoow if you are wondering as to why we still have a "government", the answer is the man and woman on the streets believe that- " dawlad la'aan dawlad xumo ayaa dhaanta". So please stop being delusional.
  8. This article is clearly a propaganda piece written on behalf of those folks who demonstrated in front of the UK Foreign and Commonwealth Office. The international community are not that gullible to fall for this ludicrous bs. Beesha Lixaad have many eyes and ears on the ground and so don't rely on MMA and captain Che's online crusade.
  9. Waaryaa you are getting over-excited over nothing. Most countries in the world have their share of rebellious villages and the Republic of Somaliland is not different in that regard. Somaliland will keep moving forward whether Laascaanood is on board or not.
  10. Mr BX, Somaliland is not a city state called Berbera. Somaliland as we know it is going down the drain under the watch of ina Biixi, ina Kaahin, and Saleebaan Gaal.
  11. If I was president Muuse Biixi (God forbid), I would be like "yeah call me Somalia all day long if you want, just as long as you keep training and arming my troops". Sometimes the semantics used matter less than the material benefits gained.
  12. Qiyaamaha ayaa dhacaya iyagoo wali tuulooyinkan ku murmayya.
  13. Waaryaa Baalaxoofto, I don't like this thread and its tone. You know very well that there are nasty people in every Somali clan who are far removed from Allah's way. Highlighting the evil deeds of such people and passing it as representative of the whole clan is very disingenuous of you. The reality is that the vast majority of the community you are referring to is no different than the common man and woman in your hometown in terms of what their priorities are.
  14. Wow!! I think we should give him the benefit of the doubt until he is proven to be guilty of such mischief.
  15. I didn't know that you were a big fan of generalisation.
  16. That is a possibility but then the authorities in Hargeisa are as usual busy watching people's social media accounts and harassing the innocent law abiding public. You can't expect useless people to be of any use. If the culprits are alshabaab, then I am afraid they have already gained a valuable lesson of how to operate also in the cities of Somaliland.
  17. Che, Its true some residents of Laascaanood don't want to be part of Somaliland but its equally true that others want to be part of it. This is the case everywhere in the world. Some Scots want independence yet others cherish the United Kingdom, same with Québec, Catalonia, and other politically divided places. Personality I am a big supporter of people's will, freedom, and democratic voices. So if it was up to me, I would let go anyone who was not willingly on my side. However, it is not as simple as that and there are so many other factors to consider in these kind of issues. If Somaliland is supposed to let go parts of its population, why is the federal government in Mogadishu required to hold on to its claim of representing Somaliland? Do you really expect Somaliland to give up its rights unilaterally as it once so foolishly did? Ok, lets say Somaliland decides that it wants to let go of its Eastern regions. Would the federal government in Mogadishu sit down with the government of Somaliland to decide where our new border would be and would they recognise it as our international border? Would they recognise the rest of Somaliland as a separate independent state?
  18. The violence in Laascaanood is the result of Somaliland being led by useless people especially ina kaahin, he should be sacked as soon as possible.
  19. If they ever take a legal action against any investor in the Western courts, Somaliland will have a huge opportunity to challenge Mogadishu's claims to sovereignty and expose the whole fraud the illegal "union" was built on.
  20. It is not going to happen mate. Nationalism isn't going to and cannot solve Somalia's problems. The Somali problem is a faith in Allah problem, and only a kacdoon of the heart and mind coupled with a complete surrender to Him will there be any chance of change.