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  1. What a filthy place!! They are complaining about the mountains of garbage on their streets but haven't given a thought about who is responsible for it. If they what a clean environment they should first stop dumping their waste everywhere. Then they should organise themselves and clean the city with their own hands. Then they should ban fly-tipping and persecute anyone caught doing it. Its simple as that really.
  2. What is the point of arguing about allocations for each subclan when the whole matter could easily be settled by conducting a one man one vote election? The FGS should have demanded a more democratic vote than this backward system.
  3. It does not matter what insults you guys throw at president Deni, he is for sure doing the right thing. I think you guys prefer warlords to peacemakers.
  4. Dee soo hore looma odhan doofaar ma daahiro.
  5. Of course it is fake news of the most amateurish type. Does the "fire" in the video clip look even remotely real to anyone? This amateur video was probably made by Saalax himself
  6. He is a clever businessman indeed. I don't see why those who talk about nothing but clans can't wear these jerseys. If they are embarrassed to wear their clan logo then why talk about it nonstop or be proud of it? He should sell these jerseys in front of every damn makhaayad.
  7. I can't believe these flying qoroqo planes still exist as businesses. The most respectable one I found is African Express which uses an old Mcdonald Douglas former Alitalia plane.
  8. I think you are too optimistic about the shithole we call Somaliland. It would be better managed if the Emiratis colonise it. Its so called "politicians" can't even manage a corner shop properly.
  9. It resembles the British Isles.
  10. Caqli xumo ayaa hadalkaa ka muuqata. Dhulka uu dagaalku ka socdo ma aha Gedo iyo dhul kale oo labada beelood aad sheegtay dani kaga jirin. Odayaashan sharafta leh waxa ay ka hadlayaan oo ay u dadaalayaan sidii xasilooni ugusoo noqon lahayd deegaankooda iyo jaarkooda. Waxa ay ka talinayaan waa dantooda.
  11. No wonder why a lot of people say you are delusional. If the occupants of villa AMISOM had any strength they have protected the tormented people of Mogadishu from being constantly slaughtered by the terrorists.
  12. All I can see is mindless rebels running through a village while excited kids are having a bit of fun. As you can clearly see in the video, the adults are either bemused or feeling sorry for the crazy guys on the speeding vehicles. Afterall, those angry nutters are still our boys.
  13. Dee bal haddaba adigu khasab kaga hadalsii It would be the best option if Mr Muuse stops all communications with villa AMISOM until the current administration vacates it.
  14. It looks like Farmaaajo failed in his first duty which is to protect the public. He must go indeed. The good thing about the Koonfurian politics is that no president comes back for a second term. This should be enshrined in any future constitution.
  15. No one should believe a word these folks say. Somaliland should just demand that before any news talks are held, FGS must honour all the agreements from the previous meetings.
  16. I think Muuse is already doing that. XOG: Muuse Biixi oo wadahadal kula jira sarkaal horey uga baxsadey maamulkiisa WWW.GAROWEONLINE.COM
  17. So will your benign dictator live for ever? Or have you got guarantees that when he dies his successors will not be tyrants who would take society back to square one?
  18. The Somali people are not faithless Marxists so religion will have a central role in their affairs whether you like it or not.
  19. Without any shadow of doubt, truth and justice will be established on the Day of Judgement and every criminal and saint will receive the recompense of their evil and good deeds. So those who believe in the Last Day should not worry about their tormentors getting away with murder and oppression for non can get away from the Creator. Now what we need is not yet another talk show conference for we have had plenty of them; we need social transformation where the fear of Allah is instilled in people's hearts. We need to follow the Qur'an and give no space and opportunity to evil people. Do you think a corrupt tyrant can stand before a group of his fellow clansmen who fear Allah and hope to receive their political or financial support? Today the reason we have the worst politicians on the planet is because of the easy support any evil man can get from his clan.
  20. Kurdistan cannot be realistically compared to Somaliland. For a start, Kurdistan is landlocked and is surrounded by powerful countries who are determined to keep Kurdistan in Iraq. Secondly, Daalo airlines is its own worst enemy because its treats its customers terribly. They have actually gotten away with so many crimes against the travelling public. Dahabshiil on the other hand is facing stiff competition even in Somaliland and that is only good for all of us. Non of us want to deal with a monopoly.
  21. There is a lot of truth in what Jamaal said. Mogadishu couldn't overpower Somaliland but Somaliland defeated itself. The country is barely functioning, united, peaceful, or even normal. The atmosphere there is toxic.
  22. Somalia will neither be a proper Federal Republic nor a centralised unitary State until a proper constitution ratified by all the stakeholders is in place. This madness will just continue wasting everyone's time and resources.