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  1. Don't waste your time looking for it, it's not on the map. Dararwayne is a small but nice village on the southern fringes of Sanaag. I didn't know grazing grounds had a mayor!!
  2. Dee marka hore yaa raaligalinta aad sheegayso dalbaday?? I am sure the people of koonfuria have nothing to apologise for. And as for the war criminals, they can stick their "apology" in their @ss.
  3. Who really wants to hear an "apology" from a man who never misses an opportunity to entertain the kacaan era's war criminals?
  4. Wasn't this the case as long as we can remember? Albert Einstein once said: the definition of madness is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result. Somalia is one big madhouse.
  5. They would be the worst hit due to their larger population and total reliance on hydrocarbons. The UAE and Qatar will be least affected because they have already developed their countries very well and have built up vast investment portfolio across the world. They also have smaller and more educated(especially UAE) citizens.
  6. It seems the young prince is being advised in person by sultan Satan himself.
  7. When Pete Buttigieg Was One of McKinsey’s ‘Whiz Kids’ - The New York Times WWW.NYTIMES.COM The candidate, citing a nondisclosure agreement, has been largely mum about his stint at “the firm.” Former McKinsey... Normally I don't follow what goes on in the US and frankly never heard of this guy before Galbeedi brought him to SOL. So after Googling his somewhat hard to spell name, came across this NY times piece and was impressed by his intellect.
  8. The American electoral process unlike the ones we have in Africa is backed by a well functioning legal system and secured by the most powerful security and intelligence agencies in the world, so stop being ridiculous. Pete Buttigieg's chances of freely and fairly winning not only the democratic party's vote but also the presidential election is just as good as Bernie Sanders' if not better. Remember the millions of LBGTQ Americans who are eligible to vote have also got many more millions of family members and friends who might be voting to support LBGTQ rights. On top of that there are millions of American LBGTQ children who are not eligible to vote but have got very supportive and protective parents and relatives. So Mr Galbeedi don't ever underestimate the vote, it is powerful. That said, I just can't help but wonder what Mr Pete Buttigieg's policy would be for the Somali peninsula if he is elected the president of the United States.
  9. In the 1990s it was unfortunately deemed "normal" to utter blasphemy against everything sacred. But by the limitless glory of Allah, this despicable satanic culture was brought to an end and nowadays it is rare to hear such blasphemy. The fool in question who looks like a worthless alcoholic should not only be stripped of all official responsibilities but should be locked up for years.
  10. Who "they"? Are you talking about the hordes of mindless terrorists in Bay and Bakool who have been transgressing against Islam in word and deed for over a decade or the few alcoholics left in Somaliland? You should be more specific than that to merit a proper reply.
  11. Of course the Somali is a sub-saharan creature, a fact which is not lost to all the societies who are blighted by our un-invited presence. So what is the issue?
  12. I thought the whole argument about the exams was about quality and who has the right to give certification- state or federal. It seems Somalia's dirty politics found children's education to be an ideal tool for point-scoring.
  13. I understand what a state means to a Westerner, to a Russian, to a Chinese, to an Indian, to a Kurdish, even to a freaking sub-Saharan African. However, what does a "state" mean to a Somali?
  14. My first thought when I heard the news was Alshabaab kidnapped him and Villa Somalia is too embarrassed to admit it.
  15. I do believe that the bullet works in some cases but its proven beyond doubt that your tireless keyboard crusade here in SOL turned out to be a total waste of time. Afterall, you didn't get even a cup of tea from those $4 million.
  16. Mudane Oodweyne, given that I am almost allergic to listening to man's undesirable social and personal problems, I would rather sign up for the DWP's welfare cheque and be called a benefits scrounger then drown in your client's ocean of emotional sewage. Thanks for the job offer, but no I'm not taking it.
  17. Maakhiri saaxiib your allegations have no basis at all. It is a well known fact that the SNM neither harmed any civilians of any clan nor pursued Siyaad Barre's henchmen. On the contrary, when they liberated what was then the Northern states of the Somali Republic, they just gave a blanket amnesty to everyone and concentrated their efforts on reconciliation and rebuilding of our shattered lives. They neither had the will nor the time for indulging in counterproductive revenge taking mashruuc.
  18. I have known a lot of good people from the late tyrant's clan so the "doofaar worshippers" don't represent the whole clan but themselves.
  19. I once watched the former UK prime minister David Cameron say in parliament that the UK will never allow Alshabab to take root or harm Somaliland. There are many countries out there who would not tolerate instability in Somaliland. Maybe even the money which was given to Caare came from some of our "invisible" wealthier friends.
  20. It seems hypocrisy is an essential part of today's international relations especially when it comes to inter-Islamic/ Islamic "vs non-Islamic countries. Nations sing songs about the alleged "alliances" they have with other nations but at the same time never waste an opportunity to stab their "ally" in the back and sell its corpse cheaply in the open market.
  21. Mudane Oodweyne waan u jeedaa in uu udaygani xanuun hayya dartii oo hinaase iyo ciil sababay kula hor dhacay kamaradda. Iska daa ha iska yara nafisee. This kind of interview is a sort of psychological counselling for the likes of him and I think the great people of Somaliland are charitable enough to allow him a bit of treatment for his debilitating mental condition.
  22. Odaygan guulwade lagu sheegayaa beenta kamaba xishoonayo. Kuwa dhiigyo cabka waraysanaya ayaana ka daran. In la waraystaba ma istaahilo ee waxa ka haboon in noloshiisa inta ka hadhay uu maxkamad uu isku difaacaya iyo xabsi ku dhamaysto.
  23. The sad and embarrassing fact is how quickly the shameless Somali politicians were mentally colonised by the Xabashi starting with Siyaad Barre who signed away the entire Somali Galbeed just to get handed over the SNM militia of that time. Probably no nation besides ours ever voluntarily surrendered to its neighbour and rival.
  24. Do you think if politicians are confronted like this everywhere doing politics would be the hugely profitable business it is today? If all our nabaddoons and fellow citizens were like this gentleman, we would be putting billboards everywhere advertising a growing number of vacant xildhibaan positions.