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  1. Dalmaroow, this is a genuine question to you. How can you be a "Somali nationalist" if you don't like the D block?
  2. I hate to agree with you but this is not that far from the truth.
  3. That is right, Hargeisa is absolutely a filthy place. It has no local government and the tribal council which pretends to run the place is only there to get rich quickly. Moreover, the city would not be this dirty and almost uninhabitable by normal humans if its residents were civilised.
  4. This an Ethiopian Airlines plane from Congo to Addis Ababa. When the plane encountered heavy turbulence due to bad weather over that region, the Congolese who are mostly Christians got terrified because of the recent crash of a plane from the same airline. As can be seen from the video, the terrified passengers turned to their idol (Jesus Christ). But instead of silently praying they turned the aircraft into a flying version of one of those crazy churches.
  5. I agree that was a terrible policy made by ignorant folks. Personally I am against anything which makes people's lives anymore difficult whatever the reason. Anyway, free movement of people within the Somali territories in the Horn of Africa should be guaranteed without the unnecessary requirement of passports, visas, etc. Somali people can hardly travel outside the Horn of Africa, so it is ridiculous to make travel within their territory another hurdle which consumes, money time, and energy.
  6. Holac What is a Somalilander according to you? In my opinion the Somaliland "project" is as mudane Oodweyne said a "social contract between the clans of Somaliland". So according to this contract which states that any member of the clans of Somaliland is eligible for Somaliland citizenship, madaxwayne Ismaciil Cumar Geele can also be considered a Somalilander since a large part of his clan are in Somaliland.
  7. Who is invading who? If the presence of a gadhcas chieftain in a non native territory is considered an invasion then the maakhiris have basically colonised beesha dhexe. Please recheck your comments for logic before pressing the "post" key.
  8. Hi, just a friendly reminder that we do have enough trolls here in SOL so unfortunately there is no room for your comments in our trash bin. Please go back to your Facebook page and leave this place for the grown ups.
  9. He is follow by people who would not listen to your niic even if they were paid tons of dollar bills.
  10. This so called "Dr" is a disgrace. Why post the photos and school report cards of children online for cheap point scoring? This fool should be condemned by all for his disgraceful behaviour.
  11. Maxaa wiilkan yar ee xanuunsanaya iyo odayga Soomaaliga ah ee masiixinimada doortay wakhtiga la iskaga luminayaa. Miyaanaydun ogay inay kuwan aynu muuqaalkan ku aragno iyo kuwa tirada badan ee nabi maxamad caabuda ay isku mid yihiin oo intooduba mushrikiin yihiin?
  12. Why can't there be a proper democratic vote in this region? Let the people decide who governs them.
  13. The best option is to urge all maryoolay to marry from other races. In two to three generations all our genetic characteristics will be gone.
  14. 10 questions Somalia’s prime minister should answer in Washington WWW.WASHINGTONEXAMINER.COM Somali Prime Minister Hassan Ali Khaire begins a visit to Washington on Monday. Meetings are tentatively scheduled at the World Bank and either at or with senior officials from the State Department, Treasury Department...
  15. Villa AMISOM baryaddii iyo calaacalkii ayaa ka dhamaaday. The only thing any foreign government which wants to exploit koonfuria has to do is visit Hargeisa and soon enough all their demands will be accepted by Mr Cheese. The government of Somaliland should just continue to welcome any and every entity with ill intentions against koonfuria. Simple as that😊
  16. He is now our mole in Qardho and I am his handler 😎
  17. Alphoow what do you think of our extended BLESSED family? 😊
  18. 😁 It looks like you have read my mind!! As you have noticed, I couldn't be bothered to challenge such a ridiculous argument.
  19. The stoning of people is the tradition of polytheists and has nothing to do with Islam. If the accused is killed for this crime, then those who sentenced him to death will have blood on their hands.
  20. @MMA I remember the international partners welcoming such "reforms" and "progress" five years ago, ten years ago, fifteen years ago, and so on. I guess the more things change in Koonfuria, the more they remain the same.
  21. Xaajiyoow those being educated are not the brainwashed Puntlanders but educated, open-minded, eager-to-learn, not-easily-duped Hargeisa millennials. Prof. Galaydh is indeed a wise great public speaker but the only sin he committed in that conference hall was to make a mockery of the recently concluded D!r wayn gathering in Addis Ababa. I guess the good professor forgot his attendance of Boqor Burhaan's caleemosaar🤔