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  1. It is all over social media. Meeshana wa Burco the recent protests.
  2. Sheekadan hebel ba goostay waba shactiiro. Somaliland iyo Puntland way isku daydaan 1.Berbera ayaa Carab la siiyay, Puntland baa iyana markiiba Bosaso siisay 2.Ciidamo ayaa la yidhi Hargeisa ayay u goosteen, markiiba Puntlandna waa tidhi sido kale
  3. Meeshu comedy ayeyba noqotay. Ramadan kareem reer SOL.
  4. Somaliland: Military official sentenced to two years for calling Mogadishu Hargeisa (SD) – Somaliland Armed Forces Court has today sentenced Colonel Jama Mohamud Aden Dolaal, a member of the Somaliland military, to two years in prison, according to released court documents. The court found the officer guilty of kooky charge of making contact with unidentified person in Somalia, and discussed tribal matters, which the court described as a crime, as Somalia opposes Somaliland’s sovereignty. On the other hand, the Court acquitted Colonel Dolaal of treason and military uprising, after a secret recording presented by the military prosecutor could not prove that it was Colonel Dolaal’s voice on the tape.
  5. Wa yaab maanta Canfar ayaaba Somali so hawaysanaysa
  6. AUN Sareeye Gaas/Major General Ismaaciil Axmed Ismaaciil the founding commander of Somali Custodial Corps from West Burco, Somaliland.
  7. They should first vaccinate over 40s only due to the limited amount. Under 40 no reason to vaccinate at this point wa low risk.
  8. Markay daadkii ictiraafka amiinsana kula yaaban u know wa waali dhaaftay.
  9. Ain't Kakuma and Dadaab in NFD. Why they acting like those people are in Kikuyu lands.
  10. Ceerigaabo elders hand over prisoners captured from Badhan community at Shidan to Somaliland administration of Sanaag.