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  1. That was back in early 2018-2017. He was in Somali region of Ethiopia in late 2018 and then recently came back to Burco where he continued his work.
  2. He has been in Burco for a while now and actively criticizes the Sland region government.
  3. "Anagu Waxaanu La Midoobeynaa Eriteria " Xildhibaan Nacnac
  4. One of the reasons Coldoon became untouchable is Somaliland region was warned by higher powers not to interfere with his work.
  5. It is interesting he has been in Burco for a while and they can't touch him. Coldoon is more influential now.
  6. The Gabiley/West Hargeisa community will pay dearly if they look Coldoon with the wrong eye. and there will be no more visits to Sanaag.
  7. "Ictiraafka Somaliland Waxaa Hortaagan Dawladda Ingiriiska"Xil, Cabdiraxmaan Dheere
  8. The difference is the southerners are not begging for the return of Italy nor do I see them looking up to Italians were's a lot of the Jeegaan community literally worship the British.
  9. A lot of Somaliland region businessmen are based in Djibouti, if Somaliland region tries any tricks against Djibouti Ismaacil Cumar Geele will punish their business elites severely in Djibouti and they will lose hundreds of millions of dollars.
  10. They even prostituted themselves to Kenya regarding the recent sea dispute. That is secessionist caqli for you.
  11. They think Engriiska is their father who didn't pay child support whom they can take to court.
  12. "Dahabshiil Group strongly refutes the false allegations made against it by Al Jazeera Arabic television. The broadcast consisted of a number of false allegations, which have been comprehensively discredited, as well as other accusations of political involvement which appear to have been invented for geopolitical reasons. Dahabshiil is a private, global business and is not in any way affiliated with any political groupings or governments. Our only purpose is to offer good service to customers and make returns for our shareholders.Dahabshiil was not given a right of reply before Al Jazeera’s report and a simple call to us would have enabled the numerous errors in the broadcast to have been avoided. We call on Al Jazeera to retract their baseless claims and remove this information from the public domain. For complete information on Dahabshiil Group, visit Follow #DahabshillGroup on Facebook and Twitter."
  13. sporadic, below average rains and persistent drought since 2016 sees an estimated 1.7 million people in critical need of humanitarian assistance in Somaliland, 20.03.2019 sporadic, below average rains and persistent drought since 2016 sees an estimated 1.7 million people in critical need of humanitarian assistance in Somaliland, a figure ballooning by hundreds of thousands in recent months. Communal water resources are drying up at an alarming rate, forcing communities to truck in water that they can’t afford, and triggering appeals by Somaliland and Puntland authorities. "The warning signs are all negative. Famine was averted in 2016 because of a rapid, large-scale response. Resources and action must again be forthcoming, prioritised for women and children, who are the most vulnerable,” explains Amjad Ali, Oxfam’s Country Director in Somalia and Somaliland. Below average rainfall in late 2018 provided scant relief, as most communities remain unable to rebuild livestock herds to utilise the very limited new pasture. Vulnerabilities were further exacerbated by the devastation of Cyclone Sagar in mid-2018 that killed an estimated 80% of livestock in affected areas and decimated the few agricultural crops Somaliland grows. Coastal areas, Togdheer, Sool and Sanaag are the regions hardest hit. Through an existing response in these regions, Oxfam has been closely monitoring the situation, deciding it is now time to raise the alarm. "The decision to declare an emerging crisis is not taken lightly, as we are wary of donor fatigue, but the situation is bleak. As existing humanitarian support was scheduled to scale down, we are seeing a humanitarian cliff before our eyes. We must not walk blindly over the edge,” said Ali. Water and food availability are not the only concerns, as fears are growing of communicable diseases spreading due to deteriorating water quality, where weary communities have little resilience for cholera and other outbreaks that can quickly become a death warrant. Across Somaliland and other parts of Somalia, an estimated 4.9 million people are food insecure and 2.6 million internally displaced, of a population estimated at 14- 15 million. The 2019 Humanitarian Response Plan is only 6.4% funded, leaving a gaping hole. Resources are urgently needed to avert catastrophe. In 2018, Oxfam reached over 375,000 people with humanitarian assistance in Sool, Sanaag, Toghdeer, Awdal and Nugal, regions at the centre of the emerging crisis. This included rehabilitation of water points, emergency water trucking, latrine construction and multi-purpose cash grants. Oxfam’s response continues today, but is unable to meet the rapidly growing needs. Contact: Dustin Barter, Senior Campaigns and Policy Manager. (252) 636707643. Location: Hargeisa.
  14. Even his wife was involved in it and son in law.
  15. mashruucii dhismaha wadada berbera coridor oo qabyoobay"WARBIXIN"
  16. He facilitated the transfer of Berbera port to DP World and a lot of other corruptions.
  17. Abaayo stay on topic I know it is a emotional topic for you.
  18. Are you saying Somaliland region media is lying?