Dedicated to Somaliland's 4th President - H.E. AMM (Silaanyo)

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niyoow siilaanyo is depending on the JS clan from Adhicadeeye to rule the city for him. if that clan changes its mind, somaliland's presence in LA is over. thats the reality. 

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Suggestion to name Dilla - Borama Road after President AMM Silaanyo


As a critic of then presidential candidate Ahmed Mohamed Mohamoud (Silanyo) during the run up to the 2010 presidential election, I took note when few months after assuming the Presidency in July 2010, President Silanyo told the nation that he would pave the 20-mile Dila- Borama road in Awdal Region of Somaliland.   


The Hargeisa- Borama road, which is 78 miles long, was paved by the Chinese except for the Dila-Borama portion. This unpaved segment was a festering wound in the body and psyche of the residents of Awdal region. The rutted, bumpy portion, though only 20 miles long, was dreaded by the travelers as it took a toll on them and their vehicles: the time was unnecessarily longer due to the time it took negotiating with the pot holes; cost was more since more gas burned due to the longer time; and the tear and wear on the vehicles was greater than if the road was paved.


President Silanyo fulfilled his promise and paved the road. The impressive thing was it was not built by a foreign power but with local resources and talent. Its impact on the lives of the people was dramatic. The travel time between Borama and Hargeisa was shortened. People and goods move faster.  A doctor who lives with his family in Borama, for example, can commute to Hargeisa, see his patients the whole day and still come back in the evening to his family in Borama. Buses were imported to transport travelers between the two cities. Additionally, those who can afford bought smaller cars or sedans. For the first time, the streets of Borama are congested with all kinds of vehicles!


The successful paving of the DIla-Borama road ushered a new era in infrastructure improvement in Somaliland. It inspired road constructions elsewhere in the country, the most ambitious being the 400-mile Erigave- Burao road, which is now partially completed.


Few weeks ago I watched images of the ribbon cutting ceremony for the just constructed Presidential Residence in Borama. Vice President Abdurrahman Saylici was there for the ceremony. We were shown the two-floor house, fully furnished, with marble floors and stairway and a huge parking lot. This is the first time a government built such a house in Borama.  And this is part of the boon in the construction of government buildings under this president. 


It is appropriate to honor leaders when they improve the lives of their citizens. Since President Silanyo was responsible for paving the Dila-Borama road with local resources and talent, and without foreign assistance, I’m suggesting that this roadway be named after him. This idea came to my mind a while ago, but I decided to wait till his time office is over. He taught us a lot about how much we can achieve by ourselves.


I’m sure the residents of Awdal understand fully what he has done for them. I’m confident they will return that favor by naming the Dila-Borama Road, the Ahmed Mohamed Mohamoud (Silanyo) Road. He has earned that recognition.


Adan H Iman
Los Angeles, CA


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Is Dila a city? never seen any pictures of it or heard about it. 


In a tribal society, it is better to name things after locals. Riyaale comes to mind. 


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Nin dhalinyara ah oo hawl weyn haya ayaad tahay, laakiin waa in aynu saxnaa qaladaadka ku jira qoraalkan aad soo dhigtay .


First of all,  the writer is one of the old guards or lackeys who might be educated but always acted as illiterate tribal elder.  He was probably some of those who said thirty years ago, " Subeer Ha lnaloo dalacsiiyo" This kind of propaganda might be intended to mislead and undermine the accomplishment of the localsin order to get some favors from the dear leader , and we must clarify  the half truths and lies in this story by this old man.

First, the Hargeisa -Dilla section of the road was paved by the Italians not the Chinese. The Chinese did the main Highway from Mogadishu to Berbera, some 40 years ago, yet it is still being used without been maintained, and the best highway Somalia ever had. Did you see the winding roads at the top of the Sheikh mountain?. . The Italians stopped the paving in early eighties after both the SSDF and SNM insurgents targeted the crew and those who were working on the project. So, It was Siilaanyo and company who thwarted a project that could have been done 35 years ago.
If you travel the Italian built road from Hargeysa to Gabiley , there are no bridges when crossing major creeks. Just after you pass Arabsiyo city there is huge hundred meter creek with no bridges. It is one of the crappy jobs done by the Italians throughout Somalia. In Mogadishu university there is two lane road that goes to Afgooye  that crosses  the Gahayr university. It divides the dormitory and the main compass, and we used to run to cross the road. I wonder now , why in the world did not these Italian engineers build a padway or fifty meter bridges so the students could cross safely. The EU spent 300 million dollars on that project. The Somali engineers did know about padways or just followed the Italians who are masters of corruption. By the way they are the ones who introduced this dysfunctional  ceremonial president and prime minister  system that hindered progress in Somalia.
Back to the story. First, The Dilla Borama road was started by the locals  which was  the first road project ever started by citizens without a government input in Somaliland. SEcond , after we built the first 10 km , they said Ahmed Siilaanyo contributed 4km and latter another 4. Madaxweynaha ayaa ku deeqay sideed km ayay yidhaahden. The fools were presnting like Ahmed Siilaanyo was gining his own money to help the locals.  InIn Fact,  there  were more than 60 million dollars for Somaliland development fund donated by foreign donors to enhance local infrastructure like roads, hospitals, water wells and other sustainable projects,  yet we got few dollars toward a project started by locals. . UAE  gave  19 million dollars for road developments,  and we did not have seen one penny from that money. They spend millions to buy equipment , and all that equipment was allocated for the Burco-Sanaag road.
Maxa la yidhi nin aan waxa ogayn, " Hal Geella ayaa Waxar lagaga bedesha". 
They stole our money that supposed to build Zaylac-Borama highway and build Lughaya port and water projects that is badly needed in the coastal area, yet they want Siilaanyo to take the credit. If there is any credit it should go to the man who started the project Proff.  Hassan. C. Cusmaan. The road should be named after him since he  was the  man who started the Dilla- Borama road project without government input. 
Mr. Hassan Iman , please stay away from these issues, and stop the useless propaganda for the old man who destroyed the institutions built by Cigaal fro 1997 -2002. 
Xoolaheeni intay dhaceen oo booli qaran ku dhisteen, ayey doonayaan in aan amaanu.
Waxaan maqlay guulwadeyntu Soomaalia waxay uga timid Hargeisa iyo malaha Awdal.

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Suldaanka, although Silanyo's administration has not accomplished many of the things we as a nation were promised, we can at the very least say that his term and a half has moved Somaliland in the right direction.  The presidents who come after him will need to step up their game or they will only have one term. 

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Nabadgelyo waanad ku mahadsanid tihiin shaqadaad noo soo qabateen .

Intaa  yaan midi ka soo noqon. Dad cusub oo karti iyo aqoon  leh baan doonaynaa. Horaa loo soconayaa.

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I see only one woman in the photo.  


Barwaaqo, meesha haweenkii maxaa u diiday. Mise mar haddii qabiil laga hadlayo Haweenku reer ma mataaan?

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Taasi ragga Somaliyeed oo dhan baa dambi ku leh ma aha wax Jamhuuriyadda Barakaysan u gaar ah. Nimanka Somalidu  horta khalad badanaa Galbeedi?

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