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Somaliland Flag in Mogadishu - Delivering Aid in Pictures

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Jacaylbaro;748364 wrote:
The whole world is about politics sxb ,,,,,, U think countries are bringing aid without politics ??

We can all understand when you come here and claim to be a different country for we know what qhat can do to you.But when you pretend not to know how a somali looks like,,thats annoying.

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Somalina;748187 wrote:

No sticker needed at all. Real stuff is what that is.

your "Real stuff " is paid with 100% international community donated money and stickers are from poor SL ppl with weak hart for needed ppl in Somalia

Remember one year ago about Old women in togdheer




We are not talking same way as u talked that time

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Che -Guevara;748179 wrote:
This is not dismembering Somalia.


p.s. What's with secessionists and their propensity for asking obvious questions? Do you really hope people will get up one day and support your goal of slicing Somalia into two?

I don't need your support I'm supporting you; wake up!! Do n;t you understand what is going on.

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