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"Rhyme Or Reason...Lyrics off da dome"

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get it, got it, good....

let's go...


I'll beat you in milliseconds using endless suppression/

with out making reference tah mills and weapons/

just ah message tah kill tha session/

feel tha essence of this ill invention/

I'm building sketches and etching them intah yah grill if yah still testing/

literally, making ah real impression/

your pitifully faking on tha skills destined/

got you trapped like I sealed tha exits/

there's no escape from these intentions/

breath this death in till tha end hits/

every line is spitten eccentric/

so you know it hasn't been written ever before in ah sentence/

never before has there existed ah presence/

battling distant contestants/

who use simplistic attempts in trying tah make me quit and end this/

but my fits are endless when I spit stupendous/

if you want more I can always go get tha HenchmenZ/

we're ah bit pretentious, but still can grit and clench fists/

or spit tha best shit, get cha chick's wet lips/

ManO... I'm only one hundredth of this collective/

so either get tah steppin' or get split in sections/

I don't really care if your big and your rep is tremendous/

it was already over tha moment you stepped in tha entrance/

so why even try tah flex and stress it/

just let this be ah lesson....



--------->i'M WHERE TAH DAY ENDZ<-----------





I'm where it endz...

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Wuzz up


Check this one out!!!!!


Oh my goodness is exactly right/thats what y'all gonna think after tonight/

you never heard lyrics that flows so tight/

i spit hot shit in this day and era/

make you go hide your face in mascara/

I don't pull cards /i hold the aces/

And MY rhymes only attack lame rappaz so i call them racist/i'm steppin on the board to claim whats mine/so do both me and you a favor and don't respond/couse this first bullet was calm and suddle/but the next one will be so deep i will suply the shovel/

Coz i confuse rappers like you i defy all your logics/

I make weak kids like you blair witchin in the projects/

Niggaz aim for the top but always miss there target/

coz i make them crash like the stock market/




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Starlight i thought we could battle since nobody else it batteling here it goes...!!!


Young girl stop while you are a head/

Your rhyme ain't sick girl its dead/

i would say your garbage but it is allready been said/

You say you are superwoman/ well you know what happend to superman/

I'm the horse that broke his spine/

Quadrapledic with 4 nines/

Now what???



DOn't take it serious





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Your the horse that broke his spine

i like that!!!

AIght check this one out!!


Damn girl someone else should write your

rhyme/They ain't even worth my time/

It makes me want to send a couple to your spine/but not with the 9/

Coz i wanna make you suffer/

And you Rhymes are too weak they need to get Tuffer/

Send them to the Gym so they can get Buffer/

But even after that your still a weak mother f#¤/

Baby who are you but a match held up to the flamethrower/

Your typhoon feels to me more like a leafblower/

Stop trying to come up on those you´can't see/

your the amateur and i'm the seasoned emcee/

i know you researched my style and peeped how i flow/

Girl you must be one of the chicks i see dancing go-go/

with no doe/ slapped like a broke hoe/

I'm putting harm city on the map and your not worth competition/

i'm about to give you radiation treatments like you were in a remission/

watch out you might end up on unsolved mysteries/

Trieded to be an updated fact and ended up history.........................


how about that honey!!!!!



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dameer is a dameer is a dameer.

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i gotta give props to you girl you are good!!!


Are you a dummy/

Girl you better stop calling me honey/

I'm laughing coz i find you funny/

All i do is get money/

Hop you a$$ out of here like the easter bunny/

Ya flows are weak and crummy/

I see you didn't learn a shyt from me/

You must be a special Ed dummy/

Or a crash practice one/

Your flows are dry like a cactus in the sun/

Starlight is slow/ i'm the fastest one/

How many came close to me/ none/

And i just begun/

You say you are too much for me to handle/

shyt you better light a candle for that scandal and be gone/

Your wrong coz i'll have you looking like Randall(cunningham) on the field in a thong/

You gotta be strong minded to handle the things i can do/

Been known to take a safety so give me those two/

Before ya can get ya ass on the ground for a touch back/

I'll attack and have ya wishing you never smoke that smack/

I'll let you tie the game shorty to go in a sudden death/

Dont be stupid and blink or even take a breath coz it will be the end/

as i pretend /that you could defend/

But rather intend/ to extend/

The wrath of ya lack of attention/

Did i forget to mention/

Ya body will be in traction/ from the fraction/

Since you couldn't take the tension/

Ya lame in the game/

I blew ya name to shame with flame/

and now you better lay ya head in shame/



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hahaha Hana....i like that!!!

i don't got time to write right now but just chill and wait for the upcome i will personaly guarentee you'll love it!!!

Check back for tonight!!!

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Wuzz up Hana


That Shit just made me sick/

I need some pepto bismol to ease my stomach/

I don't spit on tracks i down right vomit/

You need to clean your Rhymes up with a little bit of comet/

Or some Mr clean it don't matter to me/

But i bet i melt your ice when you get with this heat/

I'll make your brain collapse if you try it with me/

Put you in misery/

Your rhymes are kind of sick put them in the infirmary/

I know you wanna murder me/

But it just won't happen/

And you won't hear me comming coz i'm the silent assasin/

And u can't f##k with me/

Please stay of the exctasy/

and don't say shit coz your pestering me/

Out of shape with no flexibility/

My mobility/

Leave you f@cked up in fertility/

Knock ya lights out like PS&G utility/

U understand coz u feeling me/

Come on what you thought that i would back down/

I know how to use this verbs and pronouns/

I grab everything you got like re-bounds/

u just made me unleash the hounds/

come up missing in the lost and founds/

i can fight toss you to the ground/

i'm the boss there no kidding around/

Like barry bond hitting everything at the mound/

Knock u out park/

U ain't got no heart/

Just by the way you rap/

i can tell all the shits you lack/

I'm a machete your a thumb tack/

Please hang you skills back on the rack/

u can't **** with me coz i'm stacked/

i know chick like u i did away/

u order your flows out of the eastbay/

Talking shit You must don't want your teeth to stay/

Numb u up with this novaccain/

give you some skills coz you got a weak brain/

spitting those raps that lame/

Probally can't handle my knowledge/

**** around having MIGRAINE/



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