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Are We Animals???

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Originally posted by Nazra:

I am simply suggesting, Three nights a week.

I don't care about how many kids u want to have,but that part about three times a week is too little.Obviously u don't know anything about men and sex,so i just u ask u'r girlfriends, i mean the married ones.What ever they tell u just add seveen to it.


Three times a week is basically an endorsement for me two go for a second wife,can't deliver the services,then let another woman deliver it.

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Proudsis i do not waste my time with sad somali i have a life unlike u . You internet freak get a life girl Sorry get a life a nd chill icon_razz.gificon_razz.gificon_razz.gificon_razz.gificon_razz.gificon_razz.gificon_razz.gif

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Asalaamu Aleikum Wr Wb

What's the point of having eight to ten kids...wasting your energy,time and your financial resources on kids whom you will be running away from judgement day, kids who will be putting you on the poverty line, kids who majority will be caasi waaladiin,kids whom most you won't benefit from and kids who will only put you behind.

Subhaana laah, Istaqfurulaah.

Indeed u one lost sis. Reproduction is sunatul xayaah. Somalis r muslims, we have faith in Allah & we accept what Allah gives us no matter our fanincial condition. No one can feed themselves or others without the will of Allah. All living things Allah feeds them. Little do we think about how powerless we r. We r in mordernised time now. Back in the days when food was limited people still had 10 & above kids. Can u tell me who feed them? Or did they even worried about it. No, why? They believe in Allah, accept whatever Allah gives them whether is enough or not. We don’t think like nonbelievers who don’t have faith in Allah, saying I will only have 2 kids coz I can’t feed them. Subhaana laah that is haram, let the matter to Allah as he is qafuuru raxiim.


Kids are gift from Allah only whom Allah wants to give it to will be blessed with kids. some without kids. No 1 can decide how many can they have, only Allah can. But what is required from us is patience & iman. Besides the Prophet S.C.W encorouged us to have more kids so the nation could increase.


Stop acting like nonbelievers & start having faith in Allah. Don't just see the fake life that nonbelievers have, don't think is all good. They live in worst life, thinking every minute how much can they spend & save. Subhaana laah that is why we Muslims are different from them, we not tight on money, we just go by the flood leaving the matter to Allah.


P.s occording to our religion women are encouraged to stay home feed & raise their kids, as well as giving birth if Allah gives them. There is alot of reason behind this. not the way u Interpreted it.

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Walahi this is ridiculous what a baseless tastless and nonsense topic is this .


***Every kid they have, every door of opportunity is closed.***

Istaqfurulah i feel sorry for U walahi, No wonder as u r a victim of western theories and Ideologies.



Though somali is not me it would have....if that civil war had never happen. War does decrease the population!

Subxalanallah, r u suggesting that we/you should be happy because of the civil war and the fact that a lot of people died in the war. My goodness


Im speechless all i can say is alaha kuhanuuniyo.


It will not be a suprise to me if I will c here at SOL any1 who is promoting and fighting for the rights of gayz/lesbians of Somalis as u witness such thing.


The whole thing is just experience but there is much more to come hope we can overpower the wrong and couldn't agree with them anymore.



Peace Ilahay hakaa qabta galada

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BuuBto said it all.. jazaak allahuma kheyran jazaa.


childern is a blessing from ALLAH when is a blessing somthing BAD..


N what the is wrong with a housewife..??


This Hadith is somthing muslims should have in their mind 24/7..





Hadith - Al-Tirmidhi 4649, Narrated Abdullah ibn Amr ibn al-'As


(((Allah's Messenger csw said, "He does not belong to us who imitates other people. Do not imitate the Jews or the Christians..)))


FI Amaan ALLAh

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That was well said Mam! May Allah reward you for lightening up the truth.




I don't have my claws ready for you. I'm just saying it like it is. I'm not the one who has a problem with the way others wanna live their lives. Big up's to all the mothers, who Increase our lovely Ummah. The more we are the better.


NaZra ur not looking at the Bigger picture here. & I'm not going to argue with you! Like I said before u are a complete fitna, You always try to find mistakes! When it's u who is Most WRONG & is lacking the MOST Best thing of all " and that is ur Islamic values"! I suggest you put alittle more time into that. Perhaps Then you'll learn what to argue against or what to support in the Future. ;)



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Y'all are LIKE rapist. Trying to rape me with ur words...easy ppl.

I feel so weak and vunerable, no need to go hard out here. :confused:


Simple Women, Kibir!!! (women like you seem to have there nails long and sharpened)

First of all, i have never critized anyone about there grammer, nor there spelling.

And i do happen to make "margin of errors" myself and i am not saying that i don't.

Would you like to RE-READ and spot my "accusations" of ppl's english skills. (a way to start a cat fight, huh)

one word sista: KIBIR


You need to cut that diatribe of urs. As for "RE-solved" i choose to have that hyphen in there. Though i am clearly aware of it. Just like "RE-read". Chill will ya. No need for tantrum here. "FAIL"... margin of error. :rolleyes:


To me it seems, that you were quick to pick my LIL errors here, i am sure that anyone could have, but i am shocked and outraged that you were correcting some "fake mistake" of mine. No need to jump to conclusion, though you are good at doing that. However your tone is bitter, outrages and yet rational.

Why are you so vindictive here? And stop displaying agreat animosity.


Learn: PPL's tone can be picked up from any piece of writings.


lol@Ruba... my career, and lifestyle is more important then killing myself with kids. I am the most important person in this whole wide world, my health, my health style.

Me me and me is imporatnt.


Mujaid, spare a hand.



"Three times a week is basically an endorsement for me two go for a second wife,can't deliver the services,then let another woman deliver it". hmmm! get ready for the kal! i'll watch for that head of urs. Though this is put in to consideration. Agreement can do. i would Hate to be married to someone like you.


Buubto, i am not lost. And if there's anyone lost. Its these females who's rights have been abused by man, to reproduce and be nothing but a housewife.

Let's get to the islamic side of this issue. Something i forgot to cover.


Yes, that the phrophet encouraged us to have as many kids as we can. I don't remember hearing the word "compulsory" or "must".

Get it right!

About feeding ten kids, you remind.Buubto, u made me realise something that was so simple yet tricky. You asked how Somali ppl have tenkids yet maintain to feed them. I remember when one of my class mates in health classes asked the teacher "Miz, how come that somali ppl have great tropical food growing and drinking pure milk and meats for those who live in the villages, How come they are still skinny?" i was so embrassed. All the teacher can say was "somali's are skinny it's in there generation" many expected an answer from me. Trust me, i was shocked...but today i can really answer that question.

Ten Kids + less food + no money = skinny's



My postings were not to offend anyone. But to address an issue that manny somali's face. But i am shocked and outraged at those ppl who called me a "non-Beliver".

Do u have any idea what a non-beleiver is, define "non-beleiver in the islamic definition way"

***You don't have to use the word "non-beleiver" to support ur arguments, there other ways"***


Walahi, in the name of Allah....i swear that the real non-beilvers here are those that accused me or anyone else of being a non-beliver

A sheik whose devoted yet going to heaven is still unsure, whether he would make it or not. And he wouldn't dare to call anyone that carriers the islamic religion a non-beleiver.

It's sad to see ppl like buubto and many saying that "i don't beleive in Allah".....after that is a non-beliver.


I don't thing i address what islam says about this matter, where are these diatribe coming from ppl?

Let me address, For the first time. The prophet has Encouraged to increase the population of islam. is it me or do u hear the words "must or even compulsory" huh

Jeez, it's not like you gonna be punished for not reproducing as many kids as possible.

Some ppl seem to miss the simplest yet most important part of preaching.


Allah gave a soul to that kid you had. But Allah did not make you choose to get married and reproduce in that conditions. You took the honours to make love day and night to have ten kids. But Allah know's ur decision and it's already recorded. Get it right, Allah let's you decide but yet knows ur decision way before u were born.



Ammenah, i think i'll keep a low profile on that one. ;)

Ilhaan, trust me it makes sense and it's hard to beleive. About time you stop lying to ur self.


Well ruba, things can change women have no choice to get out once they started to breed. I think they rights have been abused by men.

Miz Huurican thanks for letting us know the truth.

Proud sista, chill will ya!

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NAZRA KIBIR? lol is dat suppose to offend me... My kibir is none of your concern you should worry about **********EDITED********. Every paragraph that you write contradicts the other. You made mistakes and I corrected you.. you're supposed to thank me instead of making excuses. Don't worry about how sharp my nails are. You need to realize that your Muslim first and foremost and Somali second. Stop immitating the kuffar. I wouldn't be surprised if i saw you on MBC a couple of years from now relating the event of the mutilation of your kintir. Your f****** confused... and i feel like im wasting my time even replying to you... so don't holla back at me seeeeeeeeen





[ May 02, 2003, 06:18 AM: Message edited by: Admin ]

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as Simom will say! u are pathetic! just kidding where is your sense of humor! lol. anyway, my 2c are! sa la ve! i just got married last month & both of us would like on kid in about 5 yrs... but if you want to have an african village! who am i to make a fuss about it! its a free country correct!!


many nabad!

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gal friend i have 1 question for u? u have a faith ..diin? ... am sure they r alot of people out there who would agree with what u saying but not anyone who practices the religion ISLAM.


if God has planned for u to have 10 kids...u will have 10 kids regardless of protection... u can use all the pills ,condoms etc in the world.


u r entitled to ur not accusing u..iam for freedom of speech..i jsut disagree with what u saying...why do i disagree? coz i believe in ISLAM.



LOL@simple ,u had me rolling walahi... smile.gif .



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jeez woman!!!

I am not here to insult you or to offend you. Though it seems that i have.

That's not my intentions. No need to be immodest here.

Though our acquaintance have not been a long one, but i have already summed up your character, you are ill-tempered and impetuous.

I do not need to thank you for my "margin of errors" that you seem to pick up and correct. What are u trying to prove here??? not to metion you have gone off the topic and verbally attacking ppl. Get with the topic or leave.

No one asked for ur diatribe and no need to be trantrum here.

Ps; don't correct "so called mistakes" double check what you know and what you don't. Before you end like now, correcting right info.



malika, do i look like an agnostic to u?

what a lame question. :rolleyes:

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