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Somali girls and the naked truth

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All I have to say is that 99% of the women in this planet are horrible. somalis or Non-Somalis. The true women are in Pradise People. If you spend your time trying to find the right one you'l proably die before that happens. MY advice is that We have to live with our somali sisters Mr.Jibriil. My Reason being they're our Queens bro. I mean who can cook better who can talk Better and who has better hips. I would marry a somali woman for just the Bariis. I see that your blinded by the Cadaan world bro. The truth Is If you dont like your somali sisters be like Micheal Jackson.


That's my last Word I'm out.

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Guys thank you for answering to me, But what i was trying to say here was that Somali ladies should stop the arrogance and the complications. They are pain in the ass, and before giving up hope i have to express myself to them and state why i am distressed with them. My mother is somali, my sister is Somali and my friends are Somali too (if that changes your thoughts towards me). It doesn't mean that i am less Somali than any of you here, but it shows how concerned i am as a Somali man who wants to see the correct behaviours applied in our day-to-day lives. Mostly people's reaction to someone like me would br insults for speaking out or to call a brother despondent or even a sorry a**, which is ubserd.


When i address a question to the ladies, i need their answers and when i do address my questions to the men vis vasa.




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I'm amazed the way you disuss this topic..why all this animosity!!


Can't you debate without showin ur emotions??!!If the bro got it wrong, you could correct him instead you pushed him too far, he had to defend his point.

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mrjibriil :


i dont know any one in the world who changed some pple arogance or wrong attitude, however, an education is better than angery outbursts.. Afxumo cidna waa kugu dirtaa, cadowna waxba kaagama tarto ( a somali proverb)..

any way you are right for one thing:


steroe typing exists among genders, however, it is well established that somali women have some kind of reluctance syndrome..

MUKUR ... THEY MAY REJECT WHAT THEY REALY WANT, and they may want what they really dont want..

so may friend this is long established observation ..

look this song of mooge:

haween u samir ama ka samir sidaa waxay ku dhaaman loomama samaynin

soo jirey aqoon liyo

siduu sheegay waayeel


adigoo u samafalay oo wacan

sida u roon oo soo dhoweeyoo

mukurka kuugu saydhee..

anuun baa sahwiyayoo

doonaya sida wacan inay igula socotee


suuba salaaxiyo inaad saami gooniya wax ku siiso mooyee waa sabi allahayow si xun wax u yaqaana..


haween u samir ama ka samir sidaa waxay ku dhamaan loomama samaynin..

heestu madhama ..

however, remember the women are the ones who get pregnent. so they should always take a decition that men dont have to take.. I mean they are the one who have to think about the live that are growing inside them...

so guys rememer, despite the so called arogance or the hubris we accuse them, they are the one who we always strive to get them ..


truely when we are courting them they dont treat us well ( somepple say the south somali women are less fierce than their somaliland countraparts) and it takes us more time, and they really exhoust our energy..really you may catch her up when you almost lost your love and may realy hated her. i guess this is one of the reasons that men lost the interest of women over time .. timacada once remarked .. that pain is lost when you really play with her in the bed ..


so personaly i dont have a woman in my live right now, just because the arogance you mentioned as well as my rejection to be abused and play with lika yo- yo .. however, i never felt any desire, or even tried to look and seduce a non somali women .. i think even if i do i will not get erection . on the other hand, when i look a somaliwomen in the streets, or in the bus i got so pulled by force to talk to her and seduce her... i mean, I know those pitfalls but it never put me in the situation you are in ..

no one is saying you are less somali or bad somali or what ever, but your anger is really tooo much .........


however, it is natural thing i guess and we cannot change it .. so we have to live with it and do as our fathers, great great grandfather amd mothers play the game hide and seek.........

mohamed jama

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This reminds of the old girls = evil thing...




First we state that girls require time and money.


Girls = Time * Money


And as we all know "time is money."


Time = Money




Girls = Money * Money = (Money)²


And because "money is the root of all evil."


Money = sqrt(Evil)




Girls = (sqrt(Evil))²


And we are forced to conclude that


Girls = Evil


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Oh,another guy with a bleeding heart pouring it on the girls-n-blue,in case u r wondering who r the girls-n-blue it's a terminology I exclusively came up with 4 somali chicks.


Brother Jibriil,at first you came across as an a-hole(excuse moi) only if u slammed on the brakes 4 a while,waited untill u properly healed and ur anger freezes to post this,then,put it in a form of a debatable question,it would have been an entirely different story.You ruined it waryaa.


Women everywhere are all the same take it from a knower,u might think other women r better than what u have at home,but it aint that green on the otherside my brothah,they too *****,whine and complain no matter what u do and on top of that u don't get to eat laxoox or kimis.And what makes u think somali folks don't go 4 other chick? I know alot of guys who did and they all regret it,as a matter of fact,my 68 year old seaman uncle who's been married to an english lady for three decades,finally,two years ago decided to break ties with his old lady and tie the knot with a canbarro,man oh man u should see the smile on the face of that old man,he even looks younger and younger by the day.


Anyway,if you still feel like jumping over the fence,feel free bro,as for me and alot of other Cabdis,Faaraxs and Jamacs,we gonna have a hell of a party with canbaro,xaliimo and hibo,feasting on an unlimited supply of bariis,hilib,pasta,xalwo shaah maca xawaash and some pretty darn good home-made laxooxs smile.gif

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you go boy,all you said is nothing but the truth,no wonder they are all mad at you for exposing the weakness of the somali ladies.

frustration is the key word brother, when it comes to dating somali girls,they don't act like a good muslim girl neither do they act like an all american girl who will gave you in the parking lot.


it's really hard to figure 'em out,i guess FGM has left 'em with a bitter memory when it comes to SEX.


may i suggest the blonds with nice pink VW passat.



critically analysed

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mr. what u need to do is move on if u don't like somali women, i mean y ask us all this questions as if we represent all the s-women in the world.

i mean u r saying u wanna get wit 'good muslims' aboowe go ahead n see if any s-women goes after ur a..


u (guys) whine too much. if u think other "normal" women r better than somali women, maybe u should try to get wit them.


i don't know what u expect somali women to be, but just remember no-facking women is gonna meet ur requirements as long as u don't accept s-women 4 who they r.


no one is perfect, but do u see s-women whining about how "somali men r this or that"

Don't ever judge some1 else when u know u ain't better than them.


a'lil' advice, be urself.


another ninxun wannabe on the way.

wow.n talk about being stupid, so u r telling us somali women r stupid n that indludes ur female relatives. maybe u should stop generalizing all of them. i would've understood u if u would've said "some" not all of them. thats sad, lol.



am out.

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Salam my all sistas and brothas....

First of all Welcome to the Nomad area Mr.Jibrill..... second let me tell ya this bro....

IF i didn't like a certain type of food, I won't say this food is bad or disgusts..

I would just say i don't like it ....

So having a bad end relationship ( as u seemed had ) doesn't mean saying those unfair words about somali girls.... Keep in mind bro that anywhere in da world there is the good and there is the bad ... and since ur saying ALL somali girls are bad that means u must know all of us to judge us that way...

I am not saying that all somali girls are angles and pure, but what i didnot liked is judging us with no evidence ....

Just try to compare between somali girls and WEST girls and then just tell me the result of this equation......

and please don't let me talk about the types of somali guys that i saw in my life ( relatives, co-workers) cuz i know those sample that i met arenot a good example of somali guys .......... and ofcourse there are many good guys somewhere... so judging people without knowing them is something bad in your personality.....

By the way there are better ways to express ur feelings about us ......... and also there is a better language that u can express ur self with it wink.gif

I will be back... gatta go now ....



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Wat I was going to say LF said it all, well said may God bless u sis.


To the author:- yeah take ur anger on us. We know a brother like u so plz don’t bad mouth us. Say wat ever u want the reality is “waxaad tahay ayaa tahay hadal ku badalmi meysi”. If somali girls reject u cuz of ur……………..go 4 the other girls u want we will see wat they do 4 u. in the mean time shut ur mouth. Af daboolan waa dahab. & dat is the truth.


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Unix guru and Loser4life,


Guys thank you, you somehow understand what i meant with all these postings.


It is a shame that the capacity of understanding of some of us so low that they can't even differentiate between "likes" and "Oposition".


I don't like Somali girl but hell yeah i love'em and thats why i ask all these questions. Those guys who like to answer for the girls, i wonna ask you one question, are u females? coz i wonna marry a Somali girl not a Somali guy. If you are a guy, please don't be the mouth piece of the girls, all my question and suggestion are directed to them.


I have opposed the recent way of life our girls, and i have all the proves to back that up. If you are a girl and you think you can hold a discussion or debate(with motion) then be specific with your appraches. Dont just call a brother all those names out of anger please, God forbid i have nothing against Somali girls but i am only after the good here.


I have a girl-friend right now and had many non-Somali girl friends, the difference between them is what set me to ask questions.


PS: Most of those whp protect women with no reason are those who can't get enough of them




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Talking about not having enough of them, i think that is you and it explains your frustration. I am not taking sides but i am talking from expereince, i'll stay with my somali ladies, but if i wanna get head i know where to go!lolo(just kidding). Ok let's talk reality not all the som ladies are all perfect but the majories are good, and for that i will stay with them. About all the guys who defend their girls, they have right to stand for their fellow nomads so don't try to bad mouth them or call them females just to get your point accrossed!

However express your feelings in the right way if we gonna have a debate it must be clean!!!


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why every body is so compative and even angery for a simple issue.. i think what jibriil meant is not the somali girls are bad, but what does he meant is that when it comes to shukaansi or courting, most girsl are shollow.. i think girls could be shallow and sensentive, however, it is true there is mukur ( not trying to play straight to the piont).. however, i dont think he meant to call them stupid all of somaliwomen.. i think that is wrong but what he is trying to say is that, somali courtship is not honest, and hussle free, i dont know other cultures except what i read or watched about , I mean i didnt date a non somali women.. I dont want it either..


I dont know why somalis those who are not peots dont know how to debate or disagree or really explore how issues and political, social, and culture attitudes became the way they are .. it is true unlike somalinomadic women ( i only know the somaliland nomads) and men , when shukaansi or haasaawe comes the urbanite somalis are very slow , and not honest about thier feelings. you have to hide, talk about nonsense, bees donkeys, u fiirso bal heestan.


forexample this song singed by mohamed ahmed and qamar harawo, the poets explored to sides between man and woman the man want quik resolution and she wants little bit games but really want to know what he realy want ,... marriage or some thing else. by the way the song is also satire about siyaad barre's plocies.



inkastoo oo ay haweenkiyo

raggu haatan siman yihiin ,

haddana waysku doogno

way iska hiida raacdaan

hal adayga dumarkiyo

howraarta dheeriyo

hadal u wedkii galay

haynagu harraadina

soo haabo hobbo oo kac

waxaan kuu hayaa

haduub caashaqeee

hooyoo dhan hooyo dhan


the women answered::


inkastoo aa markii hore

hoosnoo dhigayseen

haddana ways ways

hundo ognoo wayska hidda raacdaan harra fudaydkuyee. ( the men)

hubsiimaa nin haldhan siistee

waxaan loo helayn haan lagu

shubee hayso oo dhan!!!

the women here in this song want caution, the man want quick end and he accusing her that she wants only rhetoric (hawraar dheer oo harrrad wadata)


it is this lines that i remember. although jibriil talked angerily , i think he is talking these themes. more over Jibriil got mixed but total rebuke both from the male and the women sides with different reasons. the reaction ho got is mixed and most women are offended, and rightly so. calling all women are shalow is wrong and really lie, however, jibriil is right if he says that women practice MUKUR..that is well established facts, by poets, men, schoolers, and the women them selves.. is this smart or stupid,? that is the debatable issue..

through out the somali peoms and songs, you can heard the word mukur alot of times. and he mukur topic or debate was with us till down of tmes as somali songs and poems show.


the above song is a satire and it also a theme that really show the misguided policies of siyaad barre and the same time talking that there is a nature we cannot alter,, the men and the women except we can devalope and educate pple. it is also shows the fiminist pulshit and the injury it causes the relation ship between men and women and how the imposig of fouring culture on somalis created this kind of mess . ( scientific socialism of siyaad barre)..


however, the song is also shows the theme of courting ( shukaansi) how it practised by early nomadics, and how it practised in the cities.

this is what jibriiil is talking. however, jibriil did not address the issue probably.. he really insulted his uadience.


however, the theme of why and how somali women respond their male countraparts is a reall and important issue.. and it is healthy that we talk about with great delcacy, decency, and sensentivity.. not with name calling an insulting and the misguided un ethic and unsomali ( i never hear a somali male who are bragging about marrying non somali women , except condmentation) recomandation let us runt to other pple women.

generalazation wont help ,, but general question why things are the way they are is healthy thing to talk ..


there are issues that really disturbing alot and jibriil either show in his writing or concealed with his views... is it right to marry non somali? isnot fiminism in the west a thing somali men face and fight against it.

is some somaliwomen immitate with stupidity of fiminism. is certian somali males immitate stupidity of west, and middle east culture and thinking. how this affected before and will affect our culture and lifes.. howe we fight assimilation, how we improve our relation ships and accept or reject things that we can accepte or can rejecte.

is somali shukaansi perfect or bad or more complecated, or really more relaxed or accepted as thing we all follow,, what happened the issue of consulting adults??

how we accept one an other, politically, socially,and understand our differences, concerning our politacal, and social difference, gender, generation, clans, states, regions, wars .. those are the issues we have to ponder..


jibriil raised important issues but he reallly messed up and he became out of line..


men dont defend women just because they want thier sex even if they want that is normal and healthy nothin g wrong with that.


in somaliland nomadic culture you have to defend and fight for women .. remember this saying that somaliland nomads say to the man who marries thier daughter,


gabadhaa dhigeeda ma lihid

ee dhaqankeedaad leedahay .. in oder words, you cannot beat her or abuse her....

however, some pple say ..

seedigaa haysa seegina

walaashaa iskuma hubtida..

what happens is that even practically every day.. you fight for a woman try to deffend her, however, that you may encounter, she loves the man and you are the loser..

remember, also this nomadic proverb,,/


awr awr waddo iyo nin naagi waddo midna kaama baydho..


men defend women because women and chidren are the noble thing to defend. you may never get reward, or even seek reward at all ...



in conclusion, hadraawi once remarked ..

hadaa gaalo ama gabadh shisheeya ah ( wheather muslim or non muslim) keentan dhulkiina gabadhiinu gun weeeye...


jibriil , althought you raised an important issue you missed the point, and it is up to you if you date non somali or not.. however, I and others noted the hussle of our women.. but believe me i never ever, dreamed non somali women ( muslim or non muslim).

I dont know and i dont want to know other women except our own ......




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