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  1. This is the best month to be alive. Because every good deed that you do is multiplied a lot of times. The prophet and many people used to pray to reach this month. This month is the month the Quran came down. It has the night on Lailatur Qadr which is in the last ten Days. If you Stay up all night and pray and read quran in the Masque if your a man or at home if your a woman you can get enough good deeds for living 83 years. That's the reason why it's the best time of the year. And besides All the big devils are chained up so you see even the worst of muslims in their best behavior. I hope we all enjoy This month and may Allah make us reach the next month of Ramaddan.
  2. We muslims knew they would come back but what sucks is what they do to the palestinians.
  3. Hey if you were in the class did the teacher kick the student out or somethingg and did any people in the class become muslims?
  4. Sorry the picturs dont work follow this link http://images.google.com/imgres?imgurl=www.soccerage.com/en/00/39832a.jpg&imgrefurl=http://www.soccerage.com/fr/46/00557.html&h=455&w=400&prev=/images%3Fq%3D cameroon%2Bfoe%2B%26svnum%3D10%26hl%3Den
  5. Hey everyone 23 days till the cup and 24 until Ireland vs cameroon. I think This year that Asian and african teams will do very well. I think Japan will go to the final along with cameroon if they don't meet them in the playoofs. I think either Japan or cameroon is going to win the cup. Check out these pictures of the game last year between Cameroon and France which ended 1-1 But Cameroon should have won. if it were not for song missing a wide open header. Tell me about who will win the cup I know it's not argentina and england believe me.
  6. Hey O have been reading a book that contains many of the Hadiths. And I haave to tell you Things don't look good for muslims right now. There were many hadiths that told about things that are happening now to the muslims that the prophet said about 1500 years ago. prophet "PBUH" said that The Muslims be like meat thrown into a pack of dogs. The pack of dogs would be the non-muslims just killing us. Then one of the sahabi's said is this because they are few. And the prophet said no there's many muslims it's just that they're like the foam in a river. What he meant here is that they're widespread and not united dispersed throughout the world. There fore lacking unity and power. He also added that the muslims would go in the muslims loved the love of this world and therefore they're weak in faith and they wont fight even though they're getting slaughtered. example of this is Palestine without a dought. There's another hadith that told of how the muslims would be victorious and prosper in their early years and then there will be catastrophies that will fall on them one after the other and one when we experience one and then we see the next one we would say this is much worse than the last. This hadith is excelent because it tells how we enjoyed our first 1000 years in islam and we were prospering and then these events happened. First the Fall of the Moors in spain. Then The Crusades capruring Jerusalem. The defeat of the Ottomans by the British and the allies. The Occupation of the muslim world in the early 1900's by Eropean powers in the early 20th century. The Land of Palestine taken by the the british as a territory and then handed over to the Children of Israel. And then the taking over of Jerusalem by Israel. The bombing of Iraq. Then the massacre of the Bosnians and Kosovans. And now all muslims being called terrorists. I'll continue later i have to go now.
  7. The prophet said to not weep and cry over people. The reason is that Allah owns everything he gives and he takes back. WE have to remember that this world is only temporary. This world is just like a mirage Bro. We shouldn't weep over things that don't belong to us everything is Allahs and what he gives he will take away in this world. We will have to be patient in this world Bro. Allah likes those who are patient. We'll have our families for eternity in Paradise If we are patient and obey Allah. so there's no need to weep because allah own's all and remember this world nothing but a breese that passes you by just once.
  8. All I have to say is that 99% of the women in this planet are horrible. somalis or Non-Somalis. The true women are in Pradise People. If you spend your time trying to find the right one you'l proably die before that happens. MY advice is that We have to live with our somali sisters Mr.Jibriil. My Reason being they're our Queens bro. I mean who can cook better who can talk Better and who has better hips. I would marry a somali woman for just the Bariis. I see that your blinded by the Cadaan world bro. The truth Is If you dont like your somali sisters be like Micheal Jackson. That's my last Word I'm out.
  9. No dought Addie. We have to rebuild the somalia.
  10. Hey I get sick of him refering to muslims as "evil doers". But your right about his repetition. What he said on that speech he said a hundred times before in other speeches. Like this line. "Economic Stimilus package" how many times has he said that before. And the Economy is still going down. I think greenspan should be the prez because as of now he has more control than bush in his words.
  11. I'm happy that the sister found the true riligion. Congrats sister you have the biggest gift of them all and thats Islam the true path. As for the child that She lost. She grieved her because she was a mother. But I would like to remind us all that we should not grieve and cry over the people that we lose. The reason being this is a temporary place that is Earth. And remember if any of you lose a child or a close person that they are Allah's property and not yours. everything that we have comes from Allah. He gives and he takes away. People seem to think that money and children and things of that sort are their property when they realy arent. We must know that everything comes from allah and whatever os on this Earth we are going to leave it on Earth. i heard a speech by a shiekh about the fear of death. 1400 years ago the prophet Muhammad "SAW" said that the whole world is going to take part in the destruction of the muslims. He gave the example of a piece of meat being thrown into a pack of dogs. The companions said. Is this because they are few. he said no. There's many of them. He said that they are like foam of a river. And They have a love for this life and fear death so they are weak. this means that we dont want to die in defending their our religion and our people. This is the state of Muslims today. The whole world wants to destroy us and we are more than a Billion people and like one of every three or four peopleis a muslim. and we are weak because we love this life and we dont want to leave it and love the women the cars the $$$. We have to increase our Imam to the point that we dont love life like we do these days my brothers and sisters. Shaytaan wants us to love this life and those who follow him and his soulsdesires will be misled. We have a better life that is waiting for us and we should love that more. Because everything on this earth is just temporary. May Allah save our souls from desiring the things in this world that will lead us asstray. Assalamu Alaykum.
  12. True Dude shouldn't even be alive because he killed someone and only got eight years in jail. What Justice is that. Now people listen to him as a religious man. LOL
  13. It's all about the Benjamins.
  14. Xiirey get the cuote right first. I said one of the best quotes i heard in sports. Get the facts right first. Dont offend me by calling me shaytaan alright. I'm craeted from clay and then Nudhfah. I'm of the children of Adam "RA". But what about you? I have the internet name of randy moss and it's not my real name. don't let shaytaan influence your comments. Think before you reply because you were just talking last time from anger and ii suppose shaytaan was controling you when you were writing your comments.
  15. A+ I had to add it on there bro. You know what Rick Patino the Boston Celtics coach said. "All this negatitivity in this town sucks. Larry Bird is not walking through this door. Robert parish is not walking through that door." That was one of the best lines I ever heard in sports.