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    another one!!

    Thanx ismahan....lolo MMA: what can i say i am just slow...but that was cheap shot bro..
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    another one!!

    He is in what? I still didn't get it......me too slow...
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    another one!!

    OK, I didn't get this one.....skuuus me.
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    Funny Pics

    Thanx sister they are really off the hook, very funny.
  5. Info System....booooooring! and this indian teacher with a broken english and indian accient made it worse...wasting money and time...
  6. yo they are off the hook.......real funny..I think the toilet paper got the worst of all.
  7. Lol @ Raw meat eater......How about they do research on your gums! You guys have the ugliest gums on the earht, like when you guys open your mouth there is always this white stuff on your gum, it makes sick just thinking about it. I bet you the most somali people are fit and healthy so stop hating b$$$$...
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    The Police Guy

    There was lady at a gas station, she was pumping a gas in her car while she was smoking(stupid) her arm got on fire, and she started panicking and runing around, there was a police guy cross the street she runs to him pleading for help and the police man shot her. When he was asked why he did that he said because she had a firearm....
  9. Did that dude ever heard about basketball, he could've been making some seriuos money here in the state, well he might gets dunked on from time to time,but who cares he will still get his money and be the first somali NBA player......
  10. Mine goes to MMA as well, that was so embarassing, thanx for sharing....
  11. Ok now i have no respect for that b**** . [This message has been edited by A+ (edited 02-15-2002).]
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    what is true love?

    LF: I can not beleive you! now you are in denial, I thought we had some special going on lolo.....
  13. MR jabrill: If you can't figure out my gender yet, how about you bring down your fiance down here and she will figure it out..lolo...
  14. MJ:...I see why you can't get somali woman to date you because you keep riding those buses..lolo..How you gonna take your girl out? give her free pass bus hahaaa...... [This message has been edited by A+ (edited 02-11-2002).]
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    Beware Baked Beans

    lolo....that was funny bro...