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Yeey and Gheedi have bigger plans

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^^ Ouch.


Samurai, welcome back.


I sense many of the supporters of this government are weary of "warlord hounds" and "nationalist hacks" who in the ends are winning the media war. The frustrating one is that the hearsay and the tabloid news from warlord outlets such as Dayniile are far more superior in feeding the frenzy. The gullible fall pray to such half truths rather easily.


This government must “focus†as Mobb_Deep said earlier. It is time to build the basic institutions for the nation. In the end, all will spot the positive upshot.

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You guys are being unrealistic


Liibaax you are right the government needs to “focusâ€, but it isn’t in building the infrastructure that the basic should be in, but the reconciliation of men.

Ants cannot build empires whilst they are in disagreement with grass hoppers, because you know why the grass hoppers will destroy the empire.

The man was elected President now his biggest obstacle is Xamar he needs to triumph there before we embark in the next step.


You say why or why are the warlords and merchants being stubborn, because they believe they have a lot to loose under a state, the Premier needs to reassure them that it is not the case.



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kkkkkkkkkk.....You are so predictable in your assessment of people, but I guess that's in your very nature, unable to give any real answer to any critisms,simply resorts to mockery. I have no desire in shaping opinions or formulating policies.Iam gonna that to you along with your adeer Yeey who Iam sure have great track in shaping opinions/policies. As for my aunts, They have better things to do than tell stories to middle aged man whose obsession with pyschotic man dominates most of his day.

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Don’t make it seem like it is a revelation when you point out that the likes of HA, Juma, Wind and I do not like the old man-shidh I don’t think many do aside from perhaps you -but we have all acknowledged boqol jeer (which you conveniently want to overlook) this is not about good old adeer, rather the Somali nation. When you make claims (and I do believe I have said this to you before) that one is anti-government in essence you are equating them to nothing but pure evil (at least that is how I see it).

Nicely put raula, but I think Juma doesn't like the old hag for the same reason Duke likes the hag, QABIL.



Good to see ya back Samurai. I thought ya went to WidhWidh and Buuhoodle for a spring trip na'mean.


I am in Garoowe visiting Puntland na'mean. Will report back soon na'mean.


Good to see an old warrior back na'mean.

Walal mobb deep, do you say NA'MEAN to annoy people?

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Originally posted by Samurai Warrior:

My dear lad Xoogsade - dear o dear and a big one at that - what contribution do you speak of – you reckon the perpetual filth you splash on to the screens qualifies as contribution? You could not point to it should the concept itself were to find a landing space on your brow!


Judging from your response, you do not seem to have it together, do you mate? Perhaps you’d rather stayed off the radar for you are making a mockery of yourself. Do not you ever grow out of the “…you belong to his tribe rubbish…you hate that tribe crub…†Why o why do you have to explain everything away in such retarded manner in lieu of trying to dig deeper to evoke some thinking.


A government, any that is, has policies, strategies and plans to do what it set out to accomplish. This one is no different in that sense – unfortunately rogue personalities and roadblocks are the hurdles it has to step over in lieu of economic, trans-governmental, geopolitical issues amongst many state worries. It is an insult to the intellect for you to dip in and out of the murky smut with the sole intent of marring anyone that comes in close proximity with that filth that has become of your contribution. Level it to the ground, not spew it outwards, dare you possess the cerebral faculty.


Now my dear lad, I shall be gentle , and I shall refer you to the last piece of my earlier post should you ever desire to debate real issues, until then dig deeper and clean yer mess!


“…If any wishes to engage on either issue …do challenge the intellect as indulged you shall be with pleasure.â€


Tata ..

Samurai, You have wasted your time nin yohow writing that much to me. The invectives should have sufficed and got your point across. Your captious mannerism, the desultory piece you wrote, the marked irascibility obvious in your tone, all point to one fact, your sacred cow, your lord have been picked on, as such, perhaps I should apologize for ignoring the wisdom of keeping my distance from what people like you hold sacred. Oh man! how sacrilegious of me by saying what I think of A/Y. Besides, contradicting yourself by condemning everyone else who disagrees with you as less bright then go on write to them a whole page of much ado about nothing can actually qualify as, yes, you guessed it right, real ineptness. You should have figured that You are better off not saying a word to them than waste away your precious minutes writing to them. And there is a good example for you in Che and Wind.Talker.

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Its you three who defend the occupation of private property solely for clan reasons.

Really :rolleyes: ? When and more precisely where (quote dear, quote, be a man). I have never justified the occupation of private property, to do so would be to go against my Islamic beliefs. If there is a deficiency in your understanding (which there clearly is) then the fault lies with you, not I. I questioned the extent of the problem and challenged those who play tune to the “Xamar is a looted city†rhetoric. What you would love for us to believe (as it seems from your bringing up of this issue), is that over 50% of the people fled Xamar never to return and ALL of them have had their properties stolen :rolleyes: . Absurd dude! At least when I say few I am stating that it is the minority case-which is the bloody truth and case. And for someone to ask for proof, again it is only logic. Proof doesn’t have to be just written, but in no court in the world can you lay claim to anything and not provide some sort of proof of ownership. When Somalia is up on its feet and we have a functioning legal system, then this issue will no doubt be resolved, but one must not expect anything based on what they say.


Also, I don’t defend things rotten in Mogadishu or anywhere else for that matter. My views on these are very clear (again your deficiency of understanding perhaps), all I detest is when people make it seem like a ghost city with no good. This is offensive to all the good hard working people of the city.


Mogadishu condition must be improved, that includes addressing issues such as property rights, the removal of checkpoints, Police and so on. To ignore this situation is not doing Mogadishu or its inhabitants any justice.

And I disagree with this how so? (it's a rhetorical question, i know it kills it, but i thought i might explain it before you waste your time replying to it)


to make Jowhar temporary capital, to create a millitary presence across the country. To create a national army and police force in order to improve the security situation. This is a noble task which I support 100%

So do most people, so cut the self-righteous attitude. I don’t even care where they make the temporary capital, nor what plans are written on paper (coz I’m sure they will generally be appealing). All I ask (as an average Somali) is that this government takes gradual steps to do as they have said-even if baby steps. So far, and I say this with great regret it seems to be heading down the same sad way of the last attempt and contrary to the beliefs of some, I don’t base this on the bias written/aired by the Somali media because I don’t read or listen to it, but rather what I know to be factual-our government is disunited, they have rightly or wrongly being involved in clan warfare and have yet to settle home. Our government has no unity, how can they develop a military presence to control the security and unite the Somali people, when they are clobbering each other and are disunited? It seems almost hypocritical of them wouldn’t you say. I don’t get pleasure out of being pessimistic, but I think we have a right to be cautious-so many promises, so many hopes yet thus far nothing. I realize early days yet, but I wouldn’t not be surprised if this time next year we have progressed almost nothing.


And I haven’t lost my calm (or whatever you wanna call it). Trust me; you’ll know when I do :D ! The word which had Mobb_deep gasping like an old prudish woman is also synonymous with courage (usually seen as a characteristic of men), so don’t take it to heart. Anyway I’m sure you see the point I was making, stop acting so silly!




The Xamar speech-making is just boring and you are preaching to the converted. No one in their right mind would support any of these warlords, so what is your point? Looking at it from a different perspective, these walords are part of the government, YEP and all with significant positions.


It now seems like it is a crime to speak your mind about CY or the government. We have opinions, we have a right to be cautious and if this doesn’t please you mate, then tough. The old days where the likes of you would clobber people with the stick every time they said things which were out of line (according to you) are long gone.


I will say what I wish, for as long as I want because as a Somali citizen I have the right to expect the best from my government. If they are underperforming I have the damn right to say so. If you don’t like it tough! Swallow it dude, it ain’t gonna change smile.gif .


Ha i cunin ok icon_razz.gif . I can see you are in an angry mood.

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Originally posted by Samurai Warrior:

You speak of him as if you are either his biographer or

Excellent! If you, as the oldest man on the SOL Forum, express your opinions with such a childish flavor, what is to be expected of the rest? :confused:


Anyhow, I think CHE-GUEVARA said it all. Can you deny or challenge any of his claims? Read on...


Originally posted by Che-Guevara:

My uncle served with him in the kulmis days. It is common knowledge
he was entirely responsible dismantling SSDF
. All that was left of
the organization was his sub-clan
. All other Planders abondoned it coz Yeey can't share the stage with anyone.
Yeey ordered hits on any man that disagreed with him
....Yeey is a tryannt
whose interests supersede that of the Somali nation
. The only reason many Planders tolerated him coz it was
no better alternative
, and quite frankly nobody wanted another civil war...[/QB]

Col Yeey biography, pre-Oct 10, 2004:


- Internally destroyed SSDF rebel movement

- Filled its ranks with his sub-sub-clan

- Assasinated all opposition within the SSDF ranks

- After Gen. Max'd Abshir was elected SSDF chairman in the '90s, Col Yeey is the only major SSDF member who denied Gen. Abshir's chairmanship (thereby crowning himself as "another" SSDF chairman)

- In Puntland, after loosing an election, he used military force to squash all opposition (meaning: my way or your dead)


Adeer, you can dress Col Yeey is the sexiest gown around. But one thing remains true: the dreadful scars on his skin will always be visible. I'm not gonna say you support Col Yeey because of some tribal shit, but don't do a dis-service to yourself and lie about the man's character.

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And that my dear lads, proves my point…none of you wish to engage in debating the issues. As usual, you just steer to what you know best …girl-talk or is it tot-talk to be more politically correct “…he said this, she said that…I, this, I, that…, I like this…I hate that… it's pink, not it ain't, it's crimson; not it ain't, it’s cherry… †bugger the lot, springs the command.


So, now, go and get back to your usual mantra, as indeed you are a rare breed.


And at that I rest my case …

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Samurai dadka inay isbartaan way fiicantahay. You'll find out why we will never get a dawlad and why we will never reconcile. smile.gif

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