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In The Name Of Islam!?!?!---This is NOT RIGHT........

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Saaxiib worry about your own kind Somalis who are suffering at the hands of few old farts hallucinating in Nairobi Kenya. Gaal dhintay iyo basal cuno carab mean nothing to me bro. Call me heartless xayawaan, laakiin ninyahow aduunka saan ah. Ninwalboo naftaa nabiyoo umadaa

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Okeeeeeeey I give up..I have to say something here...


people the world is ending so you better be ready for aakhira..walaahi..ilaaheey hana soo hanuuniyo...


America and who ever is in Iraq for business or politics, are their to take something that belongs to others. They are thieves...


I was reading some article and it was talking about the officers at the prison (the gourds) that abused the Iraqi prisoner. It said that the gourds were mostly Jewish officers from America. I don't know weather it is true..


The Muslim are sitting down like punch of ducks and waiting to be shot at..


The Zionist organization has no mercy for Muslim and we are their # one enemy. They are coming after every Muslim country that stands to day. Look around people, there is blood in every Muslim country in the world. The ones that have no blood are the ones that are the American B.I.T.C.H.


Let’s look at little economic reasons why America is in Iraq.

Iraq holds the second largest Oil reserves only next to Saudi Arabia.

As the availability of this non-renewable source of energy to decline (it has been estimated that the world has about fifty years worth of oil left).

The U.S will be in a position to decide, almost unilaterally witch countries will grow and develop and which will not. looool..


Well you know it will not be a Muslim country with Islamic shariica.

It is only a Muslim country that will kiss the American A.S.S. Countries like Khatar, Dubai, Jordan, and Egypt..extra.


So if our enemy is planning to take us back to old days which we will one day iinsha allah, why should we feel mercy to him and see him as our friends.


They have an agenda and we don’t and all we could do right now is fight and run around before they say “checkmate”


It said the day of the Mahdi people will be fighting with surds and their will be electricity. Which I think “don’t quote me” their goal to make us un developed will work.


Now for the topic at hand, I don’t feel mercy for the got that had his head cut off because he is a casualty of war as they always say it. It doesn’t matter weather he was innocent which I don’t believe. And if he was WHY was he in Iraq? Because iimaanka ayuu la’aa wuxuuna rabay in uu ka qaraabto wadan aanan wadankiisa aheen.


Lakkad I didn’t like the fact they said Allahu Akbar before they killed the guy and I didn’t like the head cutting part, but as Mranbo said “ you are not in their shoes” so you can’t understand their pain. Yes this is not right and is not good to kill someone like a goat, but war has some awful measures and people don’t think when they do things.


I don’t know if you remember 1993 in Somalia, some Belgium soldier BBQ a somalian kid. They tied him on stick and put him on top of fire. subxaanalah. they even raped him before they did that. It was Belgium and Canadian soldiers that did that. And bro Things that are much worse than that are being done to the rest of the Muslim community.

We are Muslim and we are not barbaric, but most of us can’t bare the pain anymore. So we are forced to be barbaric. Ilahey hau danbi dhaafo.


The world is black and white people, this might be a debate laakiin is serious and that’s why I took my time to express my knowledge and feelings. loool.


Waa naloo tashaday ee dantiina ka adkaada.

Iska daaya waxa kasocda aduunka

Iska daaya fikirka

Wax barta because that’s the only way aa free ku noqon kartaan aduunkaan.

Nin wax bartay waxaa la dhahay raad kiisa lama arko.lool..


I like politics so sorry if wrote too much..and man I wrote lots of English


Lakkad sxb waan kugu raacsanahay fool xumada diinta lasiiyay laakiin dhinaca kale ka fakir iyo galada shaqa ee nagu haayaan..


Waraa ii baashala..muranka oo waxaan oo kalana yareeya..Hadii meeshaan la iga soo raadshona waxaa dhahdaan, muskhusha uu xaqeeda siinooyaa..looooooool..


Anigoo ah ina baqti lagde waxaan idin lee yahay jaaaaaaaaw…

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Like I've already said brother, this issue is not black and white. The judgement of these scholars seems to be somewhat premature for the simple reason that they are going on what has been told in the media (that this man was just an opportunist looking to make some quick money in Iraq). It would be different if they had said assuming that he is as we have been told then the judgement would be…..


However, as you can see from LSK points, there is undoubtedly some cloud surrounding this man.


Sure enough in Islam there are general rules, nonetheless we must also understand that there are differing circumstances which need to be addressed as such. What most are saying here is the general shariica law, and yes we all agree that generally prisoners of war must be dealt with in the best of manners, BUT this is not always the case. There were many a times where Rasuallah killed POWs for the reason that their release could prove to be very dangerous for the Muslims &/or their crimes were incredibly inexcusable.


Examples in the seerah are many, one that comes to mind is the incident of the Jewish tribe of Bani Qurayda which committed treachery and Rasuallah put their fate in the hands of the companion Sacad, who judged that their men be slain (along with other judgements). A trench was dug; they were all beheaded and buried. You can find this in Raxiiqul Makhtuum (if memory serves me correctly). Furthermore, Allah says:


"O Prophet! Say to those who are captives in your hands: 'If Allah findeth any good in your hearts, He will Give you something better than what has been taken from you, and He will Forgive you: for Allah is Oft-Forgiving, Most Merciful. But if they have treacherous designs against thee, (O Messenger!), they have already been in treason against Allah, and so hath He given (thee) power over them. And Allah is He who hath (Full) knowledge and wisdom. (The Noble Quran, 8:70-71)"


Anyway as I've said, I can't really see how anyone can answer this question for we don't really know much about this incident, however the scholars can speak about different possibilities, in that if he was truly a POW without treacherous views then a conclusion similar to that given would be in accordance with the established Sunnah, but the point here is could it possibly be that this man was not as innocent as some claim him to be- which would of course undoubtedly lead to a different Fatwa.

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