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  1. So I just logged in to browse the forumsonly to see a big banner add for the Church of Scientology!!! Cajiib. So let´s hear it akhyaareey, yaa bal meesha kubiiray oo noo turjimaayo waxa la iska bari kanisadaas bal? Agah
  2. good god. Its been good two weeks and no response!!!! see camal tolka, ma sidaanaa la isku ogaana?
  3. Hi all. Which apps, be it free of paid ones do Iphone users have on their respective phones? Please do list your favorites and if you rely on them all the time, basically cannot live without it? Same goes for Android users, Blackberry etc. Its all about app world people so what application would you like to see coming next in your Iphone or any other smartphone? Can be anything from app directed to niche ethnic market to mass volume, game. Demographic locations are irrelevant. Lets hear it somalis. Mahadsanidiin
  4. I don´t see facebook surviving in the next two to three yrs
  5. Enjoy all & pleasant weekend
  6. Let me tell you about the rich like me. We are different from you. We possess and enjoy early, and it does something to us, makes us soft where your likes are hard, and cynical where you are trustful, in a way that, unless you were born rich, it is very difficult to understand*. We think, deep in our hearts, that we are better than your likes because you had to discover the compensati*ons and refuges of life for yourselves. Even when we enter deep into your world or sink below you, we still think we are better than you. We are different.* Will this offend someone dearly with questionable past but trying to sort themselves out.
  7. Salams all, Any ideas on how to get through borderline paranoid executive secretary so she can let you speak to the MD, partner or even CFO? How about merely giving you their emails so you can follow up with a cold email to the proper person up the chain. Any innovative ideas, tips? Much appreciated all. Cheers
  8. So my little cousin is visiting me for two weeks oo run ahaantii labadaan bari danbe waanka shakiyay wiilka. Markahore asagoo sifiican u faraxsan unbuu soo laabtaa habeenadaan oo waxuu ku faraxsanyahay, kuna isla qoslayo waan fahmiwaayey. Xalay ayaan xoogaa shakiyey markaan arkay a wife beater uu watey ku qorantahay The liver is evil. It must be punished. Run ahaantii markii hore maba aan fahmin oo xoogaa waan waayeeloobay. Gadaal danbe unbay sheekadu igu soo qacday. As an ex myself ninka mala hadlaa oo ma iska dhigaaa xoogaa reer magaal oo biyaha kulul maka hadlaa kadibna waaniyaa oo ramadan ku kheyreestaa mise marka hore wax concrete ayaan usoo raadsadaa. Its been a while aniga markaan balwad iska dhaafay alhamdulilah, laakiin waxa cajiib ah ninka wax barafuuna ah maka soo urayo wax kalena mabo laha ee ma bahalo cusub ayaa suuqa soo galay. BAL Cafwan akhyaarey ramadankan inaan dhibkani idinkula imid ee maxaad iigula talin laheedeen. Wabilahi towfiq.
  9. I know I will probably get flamed for this post so here it goes. There comes a time in everyone´s life when we are faced with acute decisions. Decisions which may even determine our character and who we are. Me being always inherently safe and risk averse had to find out the hard shameful way inaan Cigaal shiidaad ahay. Anyone else here faced with a situation where he could not process his thoughts and fear took him over. I am talking about oohin and downright breaking down. Not knowing what to do and how to calmly assess the situation and take the most reasonable course of action at the time. All my life I thought I was a raw guy, a true bred rag only to find out all the was a facade and bravado. Now knowing that I am a certified fuleey, I would like to change my situation and do something about it? It is never too later to correct your ways so waryaada maxaad iigula talin laheedeen? How should I go about achieving that geel jire rag rag dhalay head. Someone who is calm under every situation be it real or hypothetical. After all ilaahay unbaa og dhimasho iyo nolol oo waan inaan adkeestaa. How do aan caloosha adkeestaa.
  10. lol. Cajiib iyo nus dheh.
  11. Salamu Alaikum all, Last I remember in 2007, Somali passport holders could not visit Dubai and travelling to or through Dubai with out baloog passport was quite the hassle. Anyone know of any chances since than. I have an ailing family friend who needs to be transported to Dubai ASAP but can only get Somali sharci. Are is there a way to do get sharci, tourism visa for him. For those in the know how, please let me know. Much appreciated.