Deni Yoga sends SOS to Djibouti

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The story behind this is that, late last year Puntland's business community approached Somaliland's Berbera Port authority to give them a tax-free Container handling service. The Port will handle the container upto Tukaraq area where Puntland Businesses will then take over.

This caused  a lot of brouhaha about the deal which had the potential to close down Bosaso Port or at least make a significant dent in its operations. 

This prompted Deni to go to Djibouti to propose for Djibouti to take this opportunity. The Djibouti gov't accepted it and went on to purchase a small vessel big enough to shuttle about one or two dozen containers between Djibouti and Bosaso Port. 

The new vessel recently made its madden trip from Djibouti to Bosaso Port and almost ran aground. 

Two weeks later another ship carrying cement from Oman arrived in Bosaso Port and it too ran aground. 

Bosaso Port is not able to support even a small vessel larger than a boat to dock on its berths. The Port has not seen any maintenance since it was built and has accumulated so much sand.

So now this SOS call for Djibouti to help dig the port is one of desperation. With Djibouti already unable to recoup the cost of purchasing the new vessel, I am not too sure how much more it can offer. Time will tell. 

But it seems, in the meantime, Caws jilaal waa lama huraan, it is back to Berbera. :D 

This lead us to question, whatever happened to P&O Ports deal? :D Anyone got any updates.

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The problem with these leaders are their personal interests do not align with the people's interest. I am sure the likes Gaas and Deni have financial interests in Dubai.

They should learn from Somaliland leaders. Don't invest all your loot in one a place. Diversify!

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That a Somali politician, his relatives, and cronies steal from the public is a guarantee. Some are obviously smarter than others, in the case of Somaliland, at least they pay government employees and security forces. But there is a no the men you mentioned didn't steal.


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As I said before the whole point of dpworld taking over boosaaso was to keep competition away from Berbera port and shut down bosaaso.

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UAE is nothing but a business vulture and money laundering outfit that makes money on conflict and instability. If there was anybody who made money on human suffering and war on terror is it Abu Dhabi. The billions of dollars Americans spend in Afghanistan ended  up in Dubai banks. Both the American private contractors and Afghan warlords deposit the looted money on UAE.

When a huge nation collapses its upper class, the wealthy and the well connected take their nations resources and deposit in Dubai, no questions asked. It will be hard to take cash or wire transfer to New York, London or Toronto. Dubai had swallowed the wealth of Iraq, Syria, Somalia, Yemen, Libya, Afghanistan and Yemen.

THen they embarked a campaign to buy ports in strategic trade routes in the Red Sea, Mediterranean, Atlantic and the Indian Ocean. Which ever port they couldn't control they have destroyed through civil war. Aden, the most famous port in the middle east was destroyed by UAE. WE Somalis, especially those of us who hail from the north grew up hearing songs about Aden.

Kursiga Cadan yaal 

Cabaadhka dul yaal

ayaan caashaqay.


Ma anigaa waalan 

mise cadan baa

laga heesaya.

Yemen and Aden were the cradle of Arab civilization. Today Aden is a war torn back water where different militia backed by UAE and others clash for power. 

Tripoli just survived A UAE paid mercenaries who shelled both civilians and airports. THeir plan was to make Libya a frozen conflict just like Syria, Somalia and Yemen. Last year, they couldn't get the Beirut port after a Chinese company made a deal to expand the Beirut port which is the main engine of Lebanon.

Now they are telling us an Ammonium nitrate left in one of the hungers was exploded after a fire cracker exploded and then detonated the ammonium Nitrate that was left six years ago after it was inbounded by the port authority. I do not buy that explanation. Cargo left unattended in any port would be auctioned after one year. It is the rule. Even if there was corruption, who in their right mind will leave behind a freight worth millions, never look back and still sitting the same place. 

Even Trump said in his first statement that it was an attack. I can understand the motivations of the Lebanese leadership to say it was an accident in order to keep the moral of the nation intact. If this was an attack and Lebanon could not do anything to respond , that would devastate the moral of the nation. So goes the narrative of being an accident.

UAE and Saudis have been destabilizing Lebanon since the collapse of the government of their sponsor the Hariri family. They have withdrawn  millions of deposits to weaken  the Lebanese Pound. Gulf countries stopped their deposits and flow of foreign currency to the banks which  prompted the Lebanese banks to go under. Citizens hit the banks to withdraw their foreign currency after local currency lost 60% of their value. Just as these chaos hit the streets of Lebanon, their main economic engine is attacked.

By the way, Lebanon is the best case study of 4.5 Somali system with steroid. Members of parliament are inherited from father to son just like the top leadership. The presidency belongs to the Christians, the premier to Sunnis and the speaker to Shia Muslims. The same clan families propped by France and Saudi Arabia have been ruling the country for the last 30 years. It is a connected oligarchy from politics to business.

If things don't change in Somalia, we could end up the same corrupt clans alternating the power while nurturing business monopoly. We could end up Unaka boys, with weak and corrupt Puntland lieutenants while the speaker-ship is wholly owned by Reer Baydhabo.

UAE had gotten the most strategic port in the country, the Berbera port,  for $5 million dollars a year. The Siilaanyo family exchanged for pennies and according to Sacad Cali Shire, the finance minister of Somaliland, they even took advance the next five million installment of 2018. Hore ayey u sii qaateen kiradii sanadka soo socday.

These evil Bin Zayed Family had devastated many Arab and Muslim nations. Yet, I can assure you their time is probably up. Turkish defense minister general Halusi Akar said that, the UAE will pay their crimes the right time and place. I even heard that the other Emirates in the union are not happy the way the Bin Zayed clan is managing things. The time will come to depose the Bin Zayed clan in Abu Dhabi. When Turkish and others talk about UAE, the specifically talk about Abu Dhabi controlled by Bin Zayed, not the other entities.

Furthermore, the butcher of Riyaad Mohamed Bin Salmaan is in great pressure to depose his father before Joe Biden takes over the American leadership. THe democratic party and others are not happy the way these boys had abused and undermined the American government system. Biden will force the king to get rid of this crazy and greedy kid. It is given.

I am sure that when Kulmiye is defeated in the next election, they will be evicted from Berbera, and just like Omar Gheelle did , these treacherous gulf boys can not do anything about it.

I hope Mr. C/laahi Deni to come to his senses and evict the gulf boys from Boosaaso.






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UAE is indeed making its marks but it is not the only one. Qatar is a known state sponsor of terror groups, so is Iran, Saudi Arabia and others. 

Obviously each country will advance its own interests. It is hardly anything new.

That said, I don't you can blame the UAE for the collapse of Yemen and Libya. Yemen was a failed state for yonks, it just exploded after the Arab Spring. There was hardly a state in Yemen. The tribes and religious groups were dominant for the past 20 years since the War on Terror started. 

So your analysis is that of a man who has a chip on his shoulder vis-a-vis UAE. I do understand. :D

As far as Berbera is concerned, that is a done deal. Waddani Party is/was not opposed. They just wanted to bargain harder and get more for Berbera Port. Which is what we expected from the main opposition party. 


12 hours ago, cadnaan1 said:

As I said before the whole point of dpworld taking over boosaaso was to keep competition away from Berbera port and shut down bosaaso.

That is not true. It was Garowe Administration (or people connected to Dr. Gaas to be specific) that approached DP World. This was when DP World's interest in Berbera was in the news around early 2016. DP World was not interested. But when Dr. Gaas bent-over backwards for a signature by almost giving all the ownership away, then that swayed them. They took their chances by delegating it to P&O Ports, the cheap offshoot subsidiary.  

Up to this day they cannot reveal the ownership structure. Some people say it is like 90% P&O Ports and 10% Garoowe. 


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14 hours ago, Oodweyne said:

apart from Col. Yusuf Yey who was never really corrupt for money but was power-hungry and who also genuine build a political state from nothing

Indeed Cabdillaahi Yusuf and Siyaad Barre were of the same rare kind. They were ambitious, capable, and corruption free. If only they had no qabyaalad in their hearts and didn't transgress against Islam in the case of Siyaad, I would have no problem making them presidents for life. 

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😂😂😂 Sultan and his sidekick seccessionists are irked by Puntland development😂😂

He is worried that from now on that little container deal is coming to an end like used condom thanks for a pact made by Puntland and it's sisterly country Djibouti.

This is the sight he does not like:


Djibouti oo rabta suuqa Somalia sida Itoopiya ula wareegto?? Dekadda Djibouti waxaan u xidhan suuqa Itoopiya 90% oo wax kala soo dagta dekada Djibouti...

Djibouti want to close Berbera for good. The Qaatland are worried about this new agreement between Bosaso and Djibouti hence that's why this little puppet is always following Puntland port news 😂. Soon he he will be dazzled when Garacad port is open and Turdibi custom and Free Zone become operational.

Puntland infrastructure development such as ports are affecting Qaatland and hurting their pockets. Since state of the art Garowe and Bosaso international airports have opened for international flights, Puntland and South Central passengers that used to go through Hargaysa's crippling airport now use Garowe and Bosaso airports. That is 50% loss of income and business for Qaatland. So it is understandable the hate and envy that is shown here.

Sxbyaal la isma gaarin. Just watch this space while we take your business bit by bit. Already your people are leaving the big prison in their droves to the South. They might all leave now since the only business you might have is supplying to the Qaat induced jobless masses in Qaatland.

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52 minutes ago, Timacaddeh said:


I thought delusion was a word reserved for your Qaadland. 30 years of delusion and still going 😂😂😂 That is a record.

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7 hours ago, Oodweyne said:


Well, my friend, I beg to differ with you slightly, there. You see with Gen. Afweyne wasn't a money-hungry dictator, but he definitely and in a most outrageous way allowed his low born Ilkayar brigade from Gedo, to loot the state coffers, made millionaires of some country boy straight from the bush call Mr. Xoosh. And when he was about to chase away from Mogadishu on January 26th of 1991, his daughter literally looted the central bank of Somalia.

An uncle of mine called Mr. M. M. Nuur from Sanaag region was even at that time the chairman of Somalia central bank. He told me this "story" about how when he was was told to give the keys of the vault of the central bank to a lady call Canab Siyad Barre, who was then married to Gen. Morgan. She was a high official of the ministry of finance of Somalia, working under her uncle Cabdiraxmaan Jamac Barre, who was the Finance Minister of the regime.

Of course, M. M. Nuur tried to say no, but the "red berets", who were told to get keys of the vault of the bank from him, told him that he either give them the keys, or they will kill you on the spot. And that was 23th of January, when the war was raging inside Xamar, and the USC insurgents were surrounding Villa Somalia, and Gen. Afweyne and his soon to be his "defeated lot" brigade and their political elites, were cowering in there in Villa Somalia before they had to flee to Kismayo on their way to Kenya.

He, of course, handed over the keys of the vault of the central bank to the soldiers sent to his house by Afweyne's daughter.

Apparently, there were less than 5 millions of dollars all together at that time in which the whole nation had it as a "liquid assets". And that only a few days before Siyad Barre was chased away from the country. And that was as much money the central bank had it in its vaults.

Consequently, you can say that Siyad Barre and his state-fed clan did that last act of looting, in a literal sense, in the sense basically proceeding to actually empty the vault of the central bank as they sped away to run from Mogadishu on the 26th of January in 1991.

So, of course, Siyad Barre may not be personally corrupt, but his children were. His closest cousins and teeming relatives were by any measure you could use to define those who are "corrupt and rent-seeking" from the state. And they even would do a last act of looting the bare bones of soon to collapse state of the Somali Republic and its discredited government, in the form of robbing the central bank of the country from its last dollar.

As for Col. Yey, I agree he was that rare of a politician, free of financial corruption, but highly and murderously ambitious for power, regardless of what route he takes to achieve that power. Even if it means, literally arriving in Mogadishu dangling on top of an Ethiopian's tank, as he did in 2006 when Zenawi's forces captured Mogadishu for him from the then ICU's forces, who were running their show there for their benefit.

You made a good case against Siyaad. 

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