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I just had to show my city off to all of those

none Minnesotans, Take your time this is a way

for you all to enjoy a lil' tour to my favorite

city in the world, besides "Xamar". ;)

You can View many of the city Places

By "Catogory"

There is a somali Lady's picture in the peoples section of the catogory---ENJOY--


And Please Let me know what you think of my city after the TOur.....Holla Back*



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Whoa! :eek:

I wish I lived in Minnesota its really beautiful compared to the shithole of a place i live in (known as London).

I just love the way your city looks at night!

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It's Marvelious,It's Muraclious, It's MinneFabulous.

There wasn't any better way to say it......

I had a glimse of the Towers that all the somalis

Live in , Cedar Riverside>>Check it out.

Click it on on West Bank, you can view the buildings and a somali restaurants...

Also, try and see the public schools,

I've seen pictures of Rooselvelt H.S,were thousands Of somalis have graduted from. Many of you from the Forums as well have graduated from



Take Advantage---

You Londonians-- smile.gif

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I seen minneapolis yaqeee!!


Maxay saan Leamante..they showed the best!.but its beautiful during the SUMMER note i said summer!

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lol, What you mean night time.

Minnepolis is Exquisite day and night.


MN is the Only state you really experience all

Four seasons, Bet you didn't knew that..

Don't believe me?Go take a look, or ask Experts ;)

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EYooooow' checkin out those pics gave me a whole lotta memoriez poppin back in my mind from highschool an sh*t na mean! an also there is couple of spotz where i know somali people be alway at. check dis fo tha da peeps dat havent been to this city, let me tell u...this is HOME fo us, allow me to give u a LiL better close up tour! an fo da peepz dat live here ya'all can follow too

First of all...this is Minnefabulous ..

meel kale ha u raacin! this is the best most realistic picture of our downtown. ( 94 west is one of the freeways that gets you there..4 da peeps that dont know)

This is cedar!


the most somali populated hood, ya'all have heard of it. well from this pic you are standing on riverside and cedar. the big building on the left is M-building, then C building, then E building to the right..which is the most right. infront of that building is the cole center...where the Basketball gym is at.

and if you go to the street on your back..u will be heading to the University of Minnesota , which is couple of blocks away.


this here is one of the buildings...Carlson school of management.

also from this neighborhood, you can see the metrodome where Vikings play not far away.


Ok enuff about cedar, Another famous streets are franklin an lake street.


This is the bridge on Lake street & haiwatha, target and cub foods are located at. where somali maryooley usually shops at.


an this is franklin, when you are on your way to University The place where most somali parties take place


an Yeah..How can i forget da velt, Roosevelt Class of '99 repin skyhigh na mean. Let me take u inside...All my Teddiez follow up..ya heard


dis is where u gettin, an also where u will be knockin if u in trouble..lol

tha principal office..Mr smith..i member u fool!.lol


daamn..out of all placez they had to take a pic of my sophomore locker,

dis here is the first floor, one more floor down and u in the cafeteria. alot of us walked in this hallway. speaking of halways my homeroom,

this sh*t takes me baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaack, damn this is where i walked fo four years! pimpin aint eazy! lol..


Sky high picnics.. since highschool we been havin picnics and gathering out here in Minnehaha park..every year, summa time. my s.k.y peeps know that.the dj corner and benches. Mo' flippin those burgerz an chicken wingz. Dont worry, juz like dis summa it is on next summa too. so bring ya hungry assez

and the seating area where peepz chitchat near tha fountain,

yeah, alot storiez, never ending storiez. behind the fountain is the falls,

nice spot, for those romeo'z an julietz

(shshsh. if you come here around 12am , You gonna see thingz u neva imagined. juzt between us). Anyways...I guess, i should get this tour to an end since there was the only pics i could find, besides ya'all seen toooo much. One luv...take care...holla


*ps, if you got photoz of our other spotz, feel free to add +

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oh plssssssssss...this place is too damn cold, it's streets **** , if i c another pale skinned red haired scandinavian..well...., oh yeah did you know the police here take target practice lessons at anything black that moves...BUT...downtown is breathtaking at night, you can visit MALL OF AMERICA for years and never go from one end to another...AND the lakes are EXQUISITE.

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I love MINNEAPOLIS For two reasons........

1-- i really, really liked the picture of the Somali woman with the big Hijab crossing the street...a good sign of the remaining decent Somali women in North America.


2-The second reason is EM-P-L-S is the second cleanest city in north america and may i add the cleanest city in continental USA.


Bonus point .............mPLs has world famous parks and lakes, not to mention the longest skyway to skyway connections in the world.

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Can't believe Only petite mentioned the Mall Of America--Even though She Ain't In MPLS>lol, ;)



The The Mall Of America is the biggest

mall in the World.

Is the largest. it has 1,257 stores in it And one

huge Amusement park inside of it, It's four

floors, each floor is 5mile stretch. Did I

mention it's all Indoors???yepp,

And this just One more favorite's!!!!


Here are some Pictures you can veiw even though

it won't show the whole mall, it's enough to get an idea..


Click Here>>View Some Pictures Of the Mall Of America

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U GUYS ARE forgettng what we most love in the city of bliss that is minnefabliss<


the somali population.. the coolest peeps you'll ever meet all the folks that you prolly knew back in somalia if they were yo freinds or relatives they out here<<


another thing is the growing muslim population here in the twin cities ... new muslims converting in friday mosque prayers frequently it's amazing alhamdullilaah.. you won't find a city with this much diverse attributes or whatever ... a home gently dubbed minniefab* what else is there to say..?

the number of somali students in colleges and universities growing << education is a key thing in the somali community here< and every other 20 or 22 yr old is in college getting they eduma'kation on..ONE.


contact the nearest travel agent in yo block< and ask for the some of the somali travel agents located here:AND COME GIVE US A HOLLAA!!! :D

P.S EDMONTON MALL while maybe the largest doesn't quite have as many stores 800stores and services compared to over a 1000 stores and serivices at the mall of america..QUCIcK fuNfact< :D

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what is this minnifab love or what lol.... good to know.. i'll start posting my city soon too lol.... it is the best in the west yo'll :D;)

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